Wilson's Heart | House M.D.

House and his team find ways to stall Amber's death but it seems their best efforts were futile. Wilson uses his final moments with Amber to say good bye, but House continues to have hallucinations of her for the last time.
Season 4 Episode 16 "Wilsons Heart"
As the team rushes to find the underlying cause of Amber's injuries, clues inside House's head may hold the key and House's friendship with Wilson is tested as memories from the bus accident the night before threatens their relationship. Meanwhile, Thirteen struggles to cope with her own personal health problems whilst treating Amber.
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  1. Nicolas Broszky

    Nicolas Broszky16 uur geleden

    Most don't know this but there are plenty of people at the bus stop. We wait for our bus to arrive and when it does we will give you a smile and get on board.

  2. Nestor N

    Nestor N22 uur geleden

    todos lloramos por la muerte de amber, la mejor actuación de toda la serie...

  3. Baka Biru

    Baka BiruDag geleden

    I went from the funny clips, to the intense ones, and now it's this dreck. I'd say "fire the writers" but I think that's how we got here.

  4. 0Jean Screen0

    0Jean Screen0Dag geleden

    Awww Wilson❤️ It breaks my heart to see him cry.

  5. NatsuPicchu

    NatsuPicchu4 dagen geleden

    i cried so much holy shit

  6. Joe Sorrentino

    Joe Sorrentino6 dagen geleden

    What is the ending song?

  7. Jonathan Sims

    Jonathan Sims7 dagen geleden

    Wilson = Knowing that its coming and fighting to let go. House = Phew boys! Just pushed 2 CCs of morphine and the gel tabs are kickin' in!

  8. flemaster12

    flemaster127 dagen geleden

    Personally, I would not want to be woken up. Let me die. Anyone else?

  9. Salemchevy Gaming

    Salemchevy GamingUur geleden

    flemaster12 I personally would want the chance to say goodbye

  10. Sara Manch

    Sara Manch8 dagen geleden

    never liked amber.....never

  11. The King's Channel

    The King's Channel7 dagen geleden

    Sara Manch and no liked you.....ever

  12. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special8 dagen geleden

    This is top 5 most sad with that episode where the dad kills himself for his kid and the guy who calles his daughter before he died to tell her he loved her :(((

  13. Aria Yi

    Aria Yi8 dagen geleden

    It's all super sad but... awhhh cuddy holding houses hand at the end. LOL 😭😭

  14. Lynn B

    Lynn B9 dagen geleden

    Of all the episodes of House that I had watched over the years, this one blindsided me. When he discovered that it was Amber on the bus with him, from the color of the necklace, I sat straight up and hollered at the tv.

  15. Rose Varilek

    Rose Varilek9 dagen geleden

    honestly, if House had chose to stay with Amber or not to get off the bus(like stay in his coma or not come back), especially after Amber's death, it would have DESTROYED Wilson. like first losing your love and then your best friend? i wouldnt want to meet the person who looks goood after that. House probably knew that and even if it hurt him to go back, even if Wilson hated him he needed to go back for him.

  16. Kat Trump

    Kat Trump9 dagen geleden

    wait can you actually wake a dead person like that?

  17. Gael Time

    Gael TimeUur geleden

    Are you talking about amber? They stopped her heart and put in a state of protective hypothermia to by some time. All they did was unfreeze her and restart her heart


    PRODUCT OF HUMANITY9 dagen geleden

    This shit made me cry so hard yo

  19. Daniel Braga

    Daniel Braga10 dagen geleden

    I think no one really understood how much House was suffering inside

  20. Gael Time

    Gael TimeUur geleden

    I'm pretty sure Stacey and Wilson and maybe even Cuddy and 13 had an idea of what he was going through

  21. Lady Dyke Vader

    Lady Dyke Vader10 dagen geleden

    When a character you don't really like dies and it becomes the saddest moment by far in a series where people are sick and tragic every episode... man, that's some good story that was built.

  22. Lori Wolfcat

    Lori Wolfcat10 dagen geleden

    It tore me apart that Wilson was done with House. 😿 House sacrificed everything to save Cutthroat! House hated Amber and yet tried to save her for Wilson. It made me hate Wilson. Heck, Amber would trade Wilson in that instant when she tried to solve a case for House!

  23. Sir. Charles S.

    Sir. Charles S.12 dagen geleden

    Don't worry guys, she is still alive, she is an actress.

  24. Miss Spaz

    Miss Spaz13 dagen geleden

    I'm on amantadine, long term and this episode makes me nervous af

  25. Gael Time

    Gael TimeUur geleden

    Talk to your doctor to clear up any concerns you have then 🍻

  26. Cupitor Veritatis

    Cupitor Veritatis15 dagen geleden

    The best part of House...was the complicated relationship between him and Wilson...it was messy...it was both healthy and enabling...it was sad...it was happy...it was a journey they chose to go together...it was real...in the end both of them were willing to spend a person's greatest commodity...their time...together for 1 last ride...very poetic...in a way we all long for a real relationship that can withstand each other's follies and faults...

  27. charlie bates

    charlie bates15 dagen geleden

    I never ever cry and this.. this touched my cold black heart... What amazing acting ❤

  28. Robbey-J Productions

    Robbey-J Productions16 dagen geleden


  29. Fabian Galasel

    Fabian Galasel16 dagen geleden

    Omg i love this series

  30. Supergirl10

    Supergirl1017 dagen geleden


  31. Torque

    Torque17 dagen geleden

    I fucking lost it when Wilson started crying...

  32. Aldon Smith

    Aldon Smith19 dagen geleden

    It feels so real, I forgot it was acting. That shows it’s good acting.

  33. Salemchevy Gaming

    Salemchevy GamingUur geleden

    Aldon Smith it never got a Emmy for it though that is what is sad

  34. Michał Augustynowicz

    Michał Augustynowicz19 dagen geleden

    3:39 - Technically . . . we all are. We just got a small pass.

  35. Gael Time

    Gael TimeUur geleden

    Except the majority of us have more than a few hours to live....

  36. touristguy87

    touristguy8719 dagen geleden


  37. Claud

    Claud20 dagen geleden

    It really hurts when your best friend caused your wife's death, but you can't blame him for it. You hate him, but you don't want to, because you're hating him for something you already know it wasn't his fault, like your subconscious attempts to find someone to blame for that.

  38. ratboy genius

    ratboy genius20 dagen geleden

    ouch oof my feelings

  39. GSAV-o153

    GSAV-o15320 dagen geleden

    "I love you" "I love you too" *AD PLAYS*

  40. GenderLess Go0n

    GenderLess Go0n20 dagen geleden

    "It doesn't here" Stop makin me cry bruh

  41. Buhklao

    Buhklao21 dag geleden

    When you hear Damien Rice start playing, you knows it gonna be sad

  42. Daniel Ziegler

    Daniel Ziegler22 dagen geleden

    Anyone know the song at 5:49 ?

  43. Gamefreak

    Gamefreak22 dagen geleden

    1:24 when that happened when I actually was watching house it broke my heart. I cried and had to pause it to try and calm down. Incredible actor and amazing scene

  44. KattenDK La Cour Madsen

    KattenDK La Cour Madsen22 dagen geleden

    My man Wilson kissed a corpse lmao

  45. grey eyed Brit

    grey eyed Brit22 dagen geleden

    This is probably the only episode I cried at

  46. OmniOnyx Deoaus Heixou

    OmniOnyx Deoaus Heixou23 dagen geleden

    What happened on the bus? Poor girl. I like this show, but some episodes are sad.

  47. Tanika Long

    Tanika Long23 dagen geleden

    My poor precious bby...🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  48. Tanika Long

    Tanika Long23 dagen geleden

    I’m crying so hard rn

  49. Fenrier Mud Winter

    Fenrier Mud Winter23 dagen geleden

    its just amassing i was on middle school when i see this serie and i remember i cry when wilson cry i was a weak but now im a 28 years old man and i cry like a baby see this scene again

  50. Siphy

    Siphy23 dagen geleden

    Robert Leonard breaks my heart with his damn acting 😭

  51. A. Dykeman

    A. Dykeman23 dagen geleden

    Wtf is the song that plays during the zoom in on House at 5:50 It's gonna be stuck in my head for ages anyway, might as well listen to the actual thing

  52. A. Dykeman

    A. Dykeman13 dagen geleden

    @Evan Lin How dare you, sir

  53. Evan Lin

    Evan Lin16 dagen geleden

    i think its this nlgo.info/video/yYWtl6tsusy-nIc.html

  54. SkoczMiNaPukiel

    SkoczMiNaPukiel24 dagen geleden

    why did Wilson turn off the machine? I know there was no chance of her surviving but she was living, talking, why didn't they let her live a bit longer? is it normal to just kill people if you know they have a disease that can't be cured?

  55. Gael Time

    Gael TimeUur geleden

    Because Amber literally said "Its time" as in it's time to let me go

  56. TheCancerousLoli

    TheCancerousLoli24 dagen geleden

    It must be hard turning off the machine keeping his wife alive.

  57. Kmbella XD

    Kmbella XD17 dagen geleden

    I was thinking the same thing. He did do it fast as if he knew that if he hesitated he wouldn’t go through with it. One after the other: like ripping a bandaid off

  58. Leo Rogstad

    Leo Rogstad24 dagen geleden

    For Me This Is The Most Gut-Wrenching Episode....Always Makes Me Tear-Up !!! They Made A Mistake In Canceling HOUSE

  59. Cameron Mclain

    Cameron Mclain24 dagen geleden

    I feel so bad for Wilson. losing someone you love deeply like that would kill you from the inside out. i imagined if i lost my Girlfriend like that and just started crying from both this and the idea of losing my gf like that i had to get up and hug my Gf telling her if you ever meet a guy named house be careful driving with him.

  60. MineWit

    MineWit25 dagen geleden

    more like amber's kidneys

  61. Rose •

    Rose •25 dagen geleden

    They adapted the Hekimoğlu series from this series.

  62. Rose •

    Rose •25 dagen geleden

    Hekimoğlu nu bu diziden uyarlamışlar

  63. Mike Young

    Mike Young25 dagen geleden

    Cruel yt. Ad right in the middle of the most emotional part.

  64. Michael White

    Michael White25 dagen geleden

    The best episode of the entire series. Anne Dudek is very talented and stunningly beautiful.

  65. ThisisRubbishlo

    ThisisRubbishlo26 dagen geleden


  66. Wikimedia XD

    Wikimedia XD26 dagen geleden

    I'm always crying on that, really.. it's so heartbreaking, so good acting, damn, I almost feel like it was for real Love the actors and story

  67. Peter Jeffery

    Peter Jeffery26 dagen geleden

    There's the school of acting typified by folks like Brando who when it suits them do things like stuff cotton in their mouths and mumble dialogue behind latex and face powder and careful lighting. It turns the performance into a spectacle and gets oooos and ahhhs from people who really should know better. The character he plays turns into a lifeless unreal caricature and NOTHING ABOUT what your seeing makes you forget this is Brando ACTING! Then there are the people like Danial Day Lewis who disappear when they work and all you get is the character and it isn't til AFTER the show that you realize how potent and artful he's been. Lewis did this again and again. Robert Sean Leonard is from the latter school. He delivers beautifully crafted relatable performances that keep "the play the thing". House would never have been House without RSL playing the straight laced foil Sancho Panza to Hugh Laurie's (brilliant) Don Quixote.

  68. Juan Fontana

    Juan Fontana26 dagen geleden

    Bon Iver's voice add so much into this scene, this House showed me so many good musicians

  69. xTheSweetyMan

    xTheSweetyMan26 dagen geleden

    "Why arent you angry?" "That's not the last feeling I want to experience" *DONT DO IT DONT DO IT DONT DO IT OH SHIT HERE IT COMES*

  70. Tatsuya Himuro

    Tatsuya Himuro27 dagen geleden

    6:30 i thought House was gonna say..... GODAMMMIT

  71. Sunset

    Sunset27 dagen geleden

    Oh wow did I cry 😂 I was swimming in my tears when she said it was time to go I lost it and wouldn’t stop crying 😭