UFC: Overeem vs. Harris Highlight

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    FULL RETARD2 dagen geleden

    Ik hoop dat Overeem die Rico Verhoeven ook even uitdaagt. Lijkt me mooi. Of Reem Badr 3 is ook knallen.

  2. khalid Ismail

    khalid Ismail4 dagen geleden

    Harris spent alot of energy and force didn't connect, u can clearly see overseen experience in his finish tho, nice to see respect and sportsmanship

  3. Pieter Laan

    Pieter Laan5 dagen geleden

    Wat is het begin bassliedje in de video

  4. René Wetzelaer

    René Wetzelaer6 dagen geleden

    YEAH LIKE vision of JDM voor Nederland en wereld, maar nu nog zijn UBER TV media merging into the new MEDIA... UFC, GLORY etc will grow and more people watching!

  5. Mr. H.

    Mr. H.9 dagen geleden

    Unexpected comeback

  6. Robert Overbeeke

    Robert Overbeeke9 dagen geleden

    Give this man one more shot at the title. He earned it!

  7. Mo from YT

    Mo from YT11 dagen geleden

    ~10 years ago -on my way to school- a saw Overeem at the train station in Breda (the Netherlands).. someone you dont f*ck with.

  8. Ultimate Man

    Ultimate Man12 dagen geleden


  9. piet er

    piet er12 dagen geleden

    Everyone would be KO after so many beats, except the natural warrior Overeem.

  10. kappotje plof

    kappotje plof12 dagen geleden

    Wtf is er gebeurt met het fysiek van Overeem... Hij is een klein smal jongentje geworden...

  11. Mixed YT

    Mixed YT11 dagen geleden

    Nog steeds gespierde HW na Francis

  12. shangolkhanian nian

    shangolkhanian nian13 dagen geleden

    the way alister showed respect was an act to be on the highlight reels of UFC, great sportsmanship and mutual respect, props to both of those guys

  13. Croati Rdam

    Croati Rdam13 dagen geleden

    I think he saw some stars when that right high kick landes on his chin 🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️ Overeem is a stand-up killer with experience👌🏽

  14. Wrestlelesson

    Wrestlelesson14 dagen geleden

    Overeem The Redeemer 😎👍🏽he is like a Megatron he transforms into a Redeemer and then shot fire you BooMMMM!!!

  15. martijnvkk

    martijnvkk14 dagen geleden

    Overeem not on his cycle anymore

  16. Carlos Brazao

    Carlos Brazao14 dagen geleden

    the ladies fight was rigged!!!

  17. john sun

    john sun14 dagen geleden

    GJ to ref Big Dan Mirgliotta for allowing Overeem to fight out of the bad situation.

  18. Tariq Mahmood

    Tariq Mahmood14 dagen geleden

    Always been a huge fan of Mr. Overeem. Good to see him winning again. If he continues with the same mindset, not over-train but according to his body's capacity taking into consideration his physical age and over the years fight punishment or toll then with the correct game-plan using his kicking prowess then I can't see why he can't win against Mr. Ngannou or any one else. Don't get me wrong Mr. Ngannou is a natural striking beast..especially in the last fight..but if Mr. Overeem can get a kick to his chin or temporal region then it will be lights out!!

  19. Tariq Mahmood

    Tariq Mahmood11 dagen geleden

    @Hendrik Heemels everyone has his/her weak spot in MMA

  20. Hendrik Heemels

    Hendrik Heemels11 dagen geleden

    And he isn't good on the ground.

  21. sheed izi

    sheed izi14 dagen geleden

    when you see overreem taking some huge shots from harris and still fighting, you understand how ngannou is a beast

  22. John Simons

    John Simons14 dagen geleden

    Great recovery from The Reem! Love the respect from both fighters. Good match osu

  23. Gliese 581c

    Gliese 581c14 dagen geleden

    Overeem = Veteran and Experience

  24. Home Kitchen

    Home Kitchen14 dagen geleden

    Overeem/Harris had me thinking I was watching Kimbo/Dadda again. Do these guys not train? My weedwacker has a larger gas tank.

  25. khalid Ismail

    khalid Ismail4 dagen geleden

    Harris used up alot of force and spent it, but didn't get any clean connects and force costs energy

  26. med lemin ahmed

    med lemin ahmed14 dagen geleden

    Barboza got robbed 😂😂😂

  27. Loony Jack

    Loony Jack14 dagen geleden

    Everyone know starting to like alistair and saying he’s a true champion, have you forgotten all the steroids he took?

  28. Borko Borko

    Borko Borko14 dagen geleden

    Overeem got lucky tho from Harris's stumble

  29. Victoria Relámpago

    Victoria Relámpago14 dagen geleden

    If you show ONLY the back of the head, that should be an automatic TKO, because then you "cannot" hit anywhere else. You are not going to ground and pound the shoulder blande or the tricep. UFc has shit rules and is retarded.

  30. Deidade Kalondjo

    Deidade Kalondjo14 dagen geleden

    thanks for the highlights

  31. Leroy Ligtvoet

    Leroy Ligtvoet14 dagen geleden

    I’m happy for Overeem! He deserved the win against Rozenstruik as well. Fortunately for Overeem in this fight he took those bombs early in the fight while he was still fresh. Convincing and strong performance!👍🏽

  32. Ari Vogle

    Ari Vogle14 dagen geleden

    Ja ga naar kijk.nl waar je vervolgens niks kan kijken

  33. fobos y deimos

    fobos y deimos14 dagen geleden

    Grande Overeem ..... corazón de guerrero!!!👍✌👍✌👍🤕

  34. Yayo Marley

    Yayo Marley14 dagen geleden

    Hill got robbed she definitely won that fight

  35. CAP'N FTB

    CAP'N FTB14 dagen geleden

    For a second I had to check if mario yamasaki was in there after seeing 30 unanswered shots to overeem.

  36. Gu Go

    Gu Go14 dagen geleden

    why they would she let her get up??? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a>

  37. Chow Ski

    Chow Ski14 dagen geleden

    Barboza n hill robbed..barboza been robbed a few times..feel for him!

  38. Mesut Temiz

    Mesut Temiz14 dagen geleden

    Happy to see Overeem victorious again.... Sorry for Harris' loss...

  39. Sleap

    Sleap14 dagen geleden

    What the fuck were those highlights for Ige vs Barboza, biased as hell

  40. Jonathan Montaño

    Jonathan Montaño14 dagen geleden

    ES el mejor

  41. Cripple Reflexes

    Cripple Reflexes14 dagen geleden

    So happy overeem won . Such a humble dude

  42. F W

    F W14 dagen geleden

    Seems like initial knockdown pissed overeem off and “woke him up” and he was running on straight rage there after.

  43. BoneStorm187

    BoneStorm18714 dagen geleden

    Im a big overeem fan, glad he won and with this ascended chin he might get the title lol

  44. Janaka

    Janaka14 dagen geleden

    Don’t like those highlights shown for Barboza. He was much more dominant then that...

  45. DC

    DC14 dagen geleden

    2 words: DUTCH KICKBOXING. Alright? You gotta understand this. Kickbox seems a light version of combat sports. Untill you enter a Dutch K-box gym and see our sparring game. NO JOKE. We don’t do normal sparring. Everyting is up-tempo, chin testinf and press forward all day. Chin game strong af. Don’t you think we’re lacking 💯

  46. SiLo Mixing and Mastering

    SiLo Mixing and Mastering14 dagen geleden

    The sound of that kick is still echoing in the arena

  47. Rick van Hal

    Rick van Hal14 dagen geleden

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  48. Football Time

    Football Time14 dagen geleden


  49. Luis Vaillard

    Luis Vaillard14 dagen geleden

    Cuando hay mucho respeto son chingonsisimas las peleas de ufc.

  50. Danny Ayala

    Danny Ayala14 dagen geleden

    Por que no po es el del chito vero con el chino lo que pasa que eso demuestra que este deporte esta lleno de ladrones corrupto como se daño un bonito deporte la mafia china esta metido en todo

  51. pedrocols

    pedrocols14 dagen geleden

    Pretty good fights!

  52. mike who cheese hairy

    mike who cheese hairy14 dagen geleden

    Nice comeback from uber reeem

  53. Vaurice Lee

    Vaurice Lee14 dagen geleden

    That hill lady got cheated..wtf

  54. Ham Big

    Ham Big14 dagen geleden

    the sound of the headkick reminded me of gonzaga vs cro cop my goodness

  55. Chris Staff

    Chris Staff15 dagen geleden

    what an awesome come back

  56. Killatunga

    Killatunga15 dagen geleden

    This was honestly really nice to see. Two respectful fighters in a respectable fight. Bravo to them both 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  57. musicPMA

    musicPMA15 dagen geleden

    How did Claudia Win? She obviously got beat.....

  58. Moises Alves

    Moises Alves15 dagen geleden

    so colocam a parte que Edson Barbosa toma a queda e leva umas porradas... pq nao colocaram a parte que ele estrupou o americano... Hipocritas....

  59. Harald Haram

    Harald Haram15 dagen geleden

    How did Hill loose?

  60. Nate Gomes

    Nate Gomes15 dagen geleden

    Overseem with no steroids it’s looking good but when he was on em he was huge.

  61. MadBros

    MadBros14 dagen geleden

    In hindsight its hilarious that he claimed natural before, he has 40lbs less muscle now, looks like he could do light heavyweight.

  62. Lucas Bello

    Lucas Bello15 dagen geleden

    Funny you put only Ige's highlights when Edson clearly won the bout, but puts Angela Hill's highlights even though she was robbed just like Edson...

  63. Luis Suarez Cr7

    Luis Suarez Cr715 dagen geleden

    Bravo Overeem ! 40 years is in

  64. Yoni K

    Yoni K15 dagen geleden

    Why would you try to make it look like Ige won? We all know Edson shoulda got that decision

  65. Yoni K

    Yoni K15 dagen geleden

    Lucas Bello facts 😂

  66. Lucas Bello

    Lucas Bello15 dagen geleden

    Funny cause the video still showed Hill's highlights, even though she was robbed like Edson...But still no Edson highlights

  67. Lil Smoke

    Lil Smoke15 dagen geleden

    Amazing highlights. Main event will be a match to be remembered 🔥🔥

  68. La belle époque

    La belle époque15 dagen geleden

    Francis ngannou 💪🏆

  69. i will run and run

    i will run and run15 dagen geleden

    Curtis "razor" blades will easily knockout or out work stipe, can't wait, U.F.C that's the match to make after Cormier and ngannou beat that hiding "chump"

  70. thomas jusinski

    thomas jusinski15 dagen geleden

    Hill got robbed!!👊🏻👊🏻

  71. Tushar benke

    Tushar benke15 dagen geleden

    Referee also done great job by giving chance to each fighter to comeback.

  72. Evander Holyfield

    Evander Holyfield15 dagen geleden

    Yo that fight made my heart beat go 0 to 100

  73. Odinson Allfather

    Odinson Allfather15 dagen geleden

    Harris was very dissapoiting .... gassed so bad for a ufc fighter....

  74. Aidan Mccoy

    Aidan Mccoy15 dagen geleden

    This was a good fight

  75. GJNA

    GJNA15 dagen geleden

    Overeem moet stoppen. Niet snel genoeg meer. Ziet ze niet meer aankomen.

  76. Marko Lumovic

    Marko Lumovic15 dagen geleden

    Overeem bought a new chin i guess it's true money can buy everything.

  77. Adam Castro

    Adam Castro15 dagen geleden

    That wim hof method must've helped alistar a little bit

  78. DBO Mac2

    DBO Mac215 dagen geleden

    Good content

  79. Hurdygurdy man

    Hurdygurdy man15 dagen geleden

    Overeem is hard as fuck

  80. MetalizedButt

    MetalizedButt15 dagen geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> that kick was a mistake. turning point

  81. aam voor

    aam voor12 dagen geleden

    Livershot after did the trick

  82. Lucas Bello

    Lucas Bello15 dagen geleden

    That's exactly when he fucked up

  83. champagnemami

    champagnemami15 dagen geleden

    I feel sad for Harris’s loss. But there is levels to this. He gassed out in the first minute and Overeem exposed the mistakes

  84. champagnemami

    champagnemami15 dagen geleden

    Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put Women on the co-main instead of barboza vs ige

  85. champagnemami

    champagnemami15 dagen geleden

    Still can’t get over the Barboza loss

  86. E-yes Tacos

    E-yes Tacos15 dagen geleden

    Overeem is got to be one of the UFC’s greatest

  87. TheMenaceNoob

    TheMenaceNoob15 dagen geleden

    Good job to alistair , I was so happy when he won. Also very proud of Walt , an extreme pleasure to witness every fight this week , ufc is the best sport on the planet . As we get better at living, fighters’ bodies will naturally deflect all CTE, many other sports your body gets worn down , to the point you can no longer do sports , in old age where exercise is necessary this leads to quicker deaths. In combat sports you see more ppl talk about brain damage because they don’t have anything better to talk about . Within our lifetimes we will start to see fighters grow and not fall to these MYTHS because they will talk , live happy lives , and stay living better than ever into 100+ years . Anyone who thinks otherwise will be proven so incredibly wrong , thank god

  88. Paulo H86

    Paulo H8615 dagen geleden

    Gadelha was a robbery

  89. Marcos tan gamer player

    Marcos tan gamer player15 dagen geleden

    Quem via a luta do Edson Barbosa, vendo esse vídeo acha que ele só apanhou😔😔😔😔🤢😔😔

  90. Lucas Bello

    Lucas Bello15 dagen geleden

    Né, tendencioso pra caralho, não botou um momento do Edson...Aí quando é pra mostrar a luta da Claudinha que ganhou roubado, mostra os lances da Hill