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Fly High Duluth - SNL
Barry's Bootcamp - SNL

Barry's Bootcamp - SNL

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Wisconsin Women - SNL

Wisconsin Women - SNL

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DaBaby: BOP (Live) - SNL
DaBaby: Suge (Live) - SNL
Hip-Hop Carolers - SNL

Hip-Hop Carolers - SNL

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Chad & JLo - SNL

Chad & JLo - SNL

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Surprise Home Makeover - SNL
PottyPM - SNL

PottyPM - SNL

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The Corporal - SNL

The Corporal - SNL

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Hoops - SNL

Hoops - SNL

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Them Trumps: Rally - SNL
SNL Goes Home for the Holidays
SNL’s Holiday Gift Guide
Pizza Ad - SNL

Pizza Ad - SNL

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2020 Democratic Debate - SNL
Cut for Time: Cast List - SNL
Ventriloquist - SNL

Ventriloquist - SNL

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First Thanksgiving - SNL

First Thanksgiving - SNL

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Party Song - SNL

Party Song - SNL

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Heinz - SNL

Heinz - SNL

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Best of Will Ferrell on SNL
Cut for Time: Jason - SNL
Funeral DJs - SNL

Funeral DJs - SNL

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Sara Lee - SNL

Sara Lee - SNL

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Childbirth Class - SNL

Childbirth Class - SNL

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Airline Pilots - SNL

Airline Pilots - SNL

25 dagen geleden

Lunch Run - SNL

Lunch Run - SNL

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Harry Styles Monologue - SNL
That's the Game - SNL

That's the Game - SNL

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Joan Song - SNL

Joan Song - SNL

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A Proposition - SNL

A Proposition - SNL

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Hungry Jury - SNL

Hungry Jury - SNL

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New Paint - SNL

New Paint - SNL

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Rosie the Riveter - SNL
  1. Avenger

    Avenger13 seconden geleden

    My mild racism is I went to a sushi restaurant and stared at the white guy in the kitchen the whole time

  2. Sener

    Sener48 seconden geleden


  3. __________

    __________57 seconden geleden

    This is a disgrace to Mr.Rogers legacy and an insult to his memory

  4. Gabriel Saad

    Gabriel SaadMinuut geleden

    Saturday Night use to be funny, now it sucks.

  5. MaximMate

    MaximMateMinuut geleden

    Maybe this was for an older demographic - but this was the least funny sketch ive evver seen with the funniest legends

  6. punisherthunder

    punisherthunder2 minuten geleden

    Remember when he passed in December 97. My high school buddies and I were absolutely devastated.

  7. Jonah White

    Jonah White2 minuten geleden

    I know Who drake is he is actually good

  8. Slik Rick

    Slik Rick2 minuten geleden

    Tracy Morgan is the greatest person who has ever lived

  9. fr0x

    fr0x2 minuten geleden

    I think we all know that they are Superior transplants

  10. Junhai Yang

    Junhai Yang3 minuten geleden

    0:43 how can he say that with a straight face? 😂

  11. Angelina padilla

    Angelina padilla3 minuten geleden

    "Champagne taste and an ass face"

  12. CD

    CD3 minuten geleden

    Kinda looks like Screech. Kyle and Beck need to write and star in a movie. These guys have talent.

  13. Brady Combs

    Brady Combs4 minuten geleden

    *I like to leave Santa water and rice*

  14. Douglas Engelbrecht

    Douglas Engelbrecht4 minuten geleden

    What a crappy actor.

  15. Louis Leung

    Louis Leung4 minuten geleden

    That's some really good acting!

  16. jage

    jage4 minuten geleden

    Whenever I get disgusted with this world I turn daily to this episode to hear Bill and the audience laugh....

  17. Jim M.

    Jim M.5 minuten geleden

    "If a guy takes it out, sit on it" 😂🤣🤣🤣🍆🍆🥒🥒🥑🥑😂😂🤣🤣

  18. Vikinggirl

    Vikinggirl6 minuten geleden

    Aren’t you just a sweet piece of ham 😂😂😂

  19. greg unnamed

    greg unnamed6 minuten geleden

    shes so beautiful and hot! : P

  20. Andrew Weisbrodt

    Andrew Weisbrodt6 minuten geleden

    I love this so much I want to download the song on Apple Music. He should’ve been musical guest!

  21. Jose Angel

    Jose Angel6 minuten geleden

    This women is amazing....fdt

  22. Edward Rivera

    Edward Rivera7 minuten geleden

    Every comment before mine..trash..just like another Dookie rapper with no actual talent. Just shows you that dumb down people will like dumb down music. SNL you shoulda done better than that.

  23. Jayflexnnn333 Springs

    Jayflexnnn333 Springs7 minuten geleden

    They should’ve let Keegan play the judge

  24. Tammy Powell

    Tammy Powell7 minuten geleden


  25. Jeff Upton

    Jeff Upton7 minuten geleden

    As stupid as it gets.

  26. Ashley R

    Ashley R8 minuten geleden

    OMG CITY HIGH 😂😂 i still listen to that album, i just assumed no one else remembered them 😂

  27. DJ ROACH

    DJ ROACH8 minuten geleden

    God bless! J-Lo is a straight up sexpot!!! She's such a goddess!

  28. Kheina Denis

    Kheina Denis9 minuten geleden

    I watched the music video like everyday 😂

  29. whitney denise

    whitney denise9 minuten geleden

    It’s the Whoopi raspy voice for me lol 😂

  30. Zan Manur

    Zan Manur9 minuten geleden

    You are really stupid, you don't really know who he is. You do this for money that you already have tons. But still making yourself a clown of yourselfs to make more.... He's is the Julius Caesar of the Time And everybody's trying to bring him down. Of course all of the corrupted people make fun of him. Especially people in Hollywood that they live in la la Land and don't want to know the reality and the truth. I mean they can't see it. They have lost that ability long time ago. I am with Trump all the way to the End. I Love Trump 💙. He's the rell president of the United States of America. I already see one of his image on one of our dollar bills. Only time and history can recognize who he is.. I'm with you Brother 💯%

  31. seerpou

    seerpou9 minuten geleden

    "i've got double A batteries right here, I'll take them out of my taser"

  32. Matthew Koslow

    Matthew Koslow9 minuten geleden


  33. Dean C.

    Dean C.10 minuten geleden

    A little mean, not to funny, needs some work.

  34. Adam Bletcher

    Adam Bletcher10 minuten geleden

    Champaign taste ass forr a face!

  35. __________

    __________10 minuten geleden

    This is a disgrace to Mr.Rogers memory

  36. Lvu24

    Lvu2411 minuten geleden

    Chad kinda looks like Marc Anthony in his young adolescent years....LOL

  37. Seth Baker

    Seth Baker11 minuten geleden

    Is that the woman who voices missy on big mouth

  38. D Krom

    D Krom11 minuten geleden

    One of my favorite Will Forte sketches. The drinking the Jack Daniels is my favorite part.


    MR DISTRAUGHT12 minuten geleden

    Not gay enough

  40. Sushant Thapa

    Sushant Thapa13 minuten geleden

    “Hes soooo dumb, but i love him “ 😂😂

  41. Emily B.

    Emily B.13 minuten geleden

    They sound more Minnesotan to me

  42. StratoScopes

    StratoScopes13 minuten geleden

    If only Putin were there to dish out wedgies

  43. P Walsh

    P Walsh13 minuten geleden

    This was pretty funny but I dont think this was a good Patti stanger impression at all.

  44. N A

    N A14 minuten geleden

    Again this is funny y...Chad id's dating someone better than shriveled vagina jlo

  45. Boo Boo Boo

    Boo Boo Boo14 minuten geleden


  46. Mark Rojas

    Mark Rojas14 minuten geleden

    SNL's humor isn't the same as it used to be. I used to look forward to SNL every Saturday night to have a good laugh, now it's just the same content and lacking in originality.

  47. Mr. Panda

    Mr. Panda15 minuten geleden

    The host of the show reminds me of Scarlett Johansson.

  48. A Izzy

    A Izzy15 minuten geleden

    The dude keeps looking down at his shlong. And Chad just chilling without a care in the world, thinking OKAY!

  49. Tam Bam

    Tam Bam15 minuten geleden

    Aidy is hilarious af this will forever be 1 of my fav skits !!🔥🤣🤣

  50. Endtimelion !

    Endtimelion !15 minuten geleden

    Hot towel, hot towel, hot towel, hot towel. Lol!

  51. Jacobeson 4

    Jacobeson 416 minuten geleden

    Wish I was there

  52. Albert Blue

    Albert Blue16 minuten geleden

    I haven’t had dairy in 12 years now and I can’t believe I ever did. Shit’s gross.

  53. Marilyn Yajaira Hernandez

    Marilyn Yajaira Hernandez16 minuten geleden

    This is hilarious

  54. William Haisch

    William Haisch16 minuten geleden

    They ask him his age. He holds up 5 fingers on one hand and 2 fingers on the other hand at 2:14 . Will is actually 52 years old. The girls misinterpret this as 17. Hiding the truth in plain sight. A perfectly executed example of subtle humor!

  55. Ms W

    Ms W16 minuten geleden

    still hilarious 🤣🤣

  56. EchoRhythm.TV

    EchoRhythm.TV16 minuten geleden

    She just might be the female Jim Carrey

  57. Erick Castro

    Erick Castro16 minuten geleden

    o k...enough internet for today......

  58. Leon Lai

    Leon Lai17 minuten geleden

    dawn sounds like she's having a stroke

  59. easyrider rider

    easyrider rider17 minuten geleden

    Idk Seth Myers appeared on SNL this early, either. I think, we kind of forget how people like, Seth Myers and Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon started so early on SNL back then. I also didn't realize how old all of them are, too. They had us all fooled, I thought that they were actually in their early 20s when they premiered, because of their young faces and they liked rap music. But, they were actually in their late 20s,early thirties maybe, when they premiered, because they're all in their late forties, now. They must've been 5he geek's and dorks in their class' in the 80's, because they like rap music, so much.

  60. CheshireCatz 2319

    CheshireCatz 231917 minuten geleden

    I didn’t know Stefon’s lawyer was an Asian-American woman

  61. Toothoftime30

    Toothoftime3017 minuten geleden

    I like how they used the Pacer test music during her intro clip


    ME TURKEY HI17 minuten geleden

    Why is the copilot moving the yoke so much?

  63. PapaGeorg10

    PapaGeorg1018 minuten geleden

    This was a terrible performance. God Awful. He's rapping with the lyrics on the track? He can't even get the instrumental?

  64. Gal friday

    Gal friday18 minuten geleden

    This Minnesotan totally Loved it!👍 Ya sure you betcha! Also, Lutefisk is on sale at Ole and Lena's fish mart this week only $4.99/lb.. just fyi....

  65. OBREY _

    OBREY _18 minuten geleden

    I think this song sounds better sung by an imperfect voice. You really feel the flaws and root for the singer.

  66. ChaChi

    ChaChi18 minuten geleden

    Let me guess Trump is rayciss? Zzz

  67. Heyho Hohey

    Heyho Hohey18 minuten geleden

    i just came back from watching the other fake black widow trailrr

  68. Daniel Raphael

    Daniel Raphael18 minuten geleden

    This sketch is so mean.

  69. Anna R

    Anna R19 minuten geleden

    Who was Pete dating when this was filmed?


    ARIEL CHAVEZ19 minuten geleden

    Muy buena Saludos desde Bolivia

  71. Hello you there

    Hello you there19 minuten geleden


  72. Penny Proud

    Penny Proud19 minuten geleden

    This show still exists?

  73. Kartik Aman Saraf

    Kartik Aman Saraf19 minuten geleden

    I legit thought this said “Vinyl Flight” I don’t know why I thought THAT was a more clickable title than “Virgin Flight”.

  74. Mr. Mango

    Mr. Mango19 minuten geleden

    Kanye is a genius he just keep building his career by acting out how many rappers gets to meet the president?

  75. Nathan G.C

    Nathan G.C20 minuten geleden

    Why are they trying to get with a E-4 not even sgt.

  76. My Journee

    My Journee21 minuut geleden

    I have looked for this clip forever!... lol

  77. Independent Voter

    Independent Voter21 minuut geleden

    The funniest part was the selfie with the bear.

  78. CanYouKeepUp2K7

    CanYouKeepUp2K722 minuten geleden

    Well this just set us back a few years.... Time & a place people...dont bring this nonsense to SNL.

  79. Fitz Fire

    Fitz Fire22 minuten geleden

    "I can't believe this is happening to me, I never get lucky like this!"

  80. Jay Bennett

    Jay Bennett22 minuten geleden

    Yeah that's fucked.

  81. Zyxro

    Zyxro22 minuten geleden

    All these years and gold plated diapers is still the most inexplicably funny phrase of all time

  82. Evelyn Cruz

    Evelyn Cruz22 minuten geleden

    They should’ve said “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe” lol

  83. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown23 minuten geleden


  84. Nate Wilsey

    Nate Wilsey23 minuten geleden

    I’ve now lost respect for Jimmy Fallon and his agenda push through media

  85. Michael Quenneville

    Michael Quenneville23 minuten geleden

    That was horrible

  86. Funny Bunny

    Funny Bunny24 minuten geleden

    Leslie acting like she wasn’t laughing at Kate’s part when the camera turned to her. 😂

  87. Scranton Dunder-Mifflin

    Scranton Dunder-Mifflin24 minuten geleden

    This is the BEST sketch I've ever seen I'm crying

  88. Sahil P

    Sahil P24 minuten geleden

    This is it, we just need really hot teachers and no child will ever be left behind

  89. Brian Landon

    Brian Landon24 minuten geleden

    Matt is hot and has nice thick hair! He reminds me of Milo James Thatch from the Disney movie Atlantis.

  90. Robert Emerson

    Robert Emerson25 minuten geleden

    I love her!!

  91. Come show Off

    Come show Off25 minuten geleden

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  92. Alvin Short

    Alvin Short25 minuten geleden

    They let Henry Lee Lucas out as an excuse to build more prisons. We have to let a homicidal maniac out for we have no room. When they could have released an lesser offender!

  93. Daniel Preafericitul

    Daniel Preafericitul25 minuten geleden

    Bill and Kristen are the best.... and together....<3<3

  94. hg2

    hg225 minuten geleden

    This is funny?

  95. Vincent Cain

    Vincent Cain26 minuten geleden

    Like dude he hip hop

  96. Mark s

    Mark s26 minuten geleden

    He has made AMERICA GREAT.....and he will make it better yet.....

  97. Definitely Not Dingse!

    Definitely Not Dingse!27 minuten geleden

    As a Dane, I wouldn’t mind having Heidi as our prime

  98. Lawrance Carrero Rodriguez

    Lawrance Carrero Rodriguez27 minuten geleden

    Like the legend of Johnny appleseed who planted apple trees all over the state of Ohio.

  99. Box Cat

    Box Cat27 minuten geleden

    Black bear would not do that they would run away

  100. Daniel Raphael

    Daniel Raphael27 minuten geleden

    This sketch is so painful because it’s all too real!!!