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The $1.7 Million Lie

The $1.7 Million Lie

9 maanden geleden

They stole $1.7 million

They stole $1.7 million

10 maanden geleden

  1. Dievier

    Dievier15 seconden geleden

    how it is possible that fnaf 1 were before then fnaf 2? in the phone call the phone guy says the bite of 1987 in fnaf 1

  2. Theodor Hugo

    Theodor Hugo24 seconden geleden

    Can we get a Transcript for this it is hard to tell what is going on.

  3. Micahel -Paul Awunor

    Micahel -Paul Awunor37 seconden geleden

    Susan: "Mortal Kombat is the lowest in demonetization" Me: *NOW I KNOW YOU LYING*

  4. The blue Eyes

    The blue Eyes37 seconden geleden

    When are the illergers and villagers theory coming

  5. Shayne Auld

    Shayne Auld48 seconden geleden

    Can you do a charity stream for the JDRF ( juvenile diabetes research foundation ) to help kids with type 1 diabetes

  6. Ryan the sav

    Ryan the sav56 seconden geleden

    when we finish the minecraft timeline, we just need a summary video

  7. Allison Sim

    Allison Sim58 seconden geleden

    *hears Susan say that advertisers want to advertise on gaming content but not sensitive subjects* Sooooooo they don’t want to advertise on games like Life is Strange and many of the indie games on this channel? (Franbow, Love Sara, etc.)

  8. iiozzyii

    iiozzyii59 seconden geleden

    If the government cared about us they use all their money to cure “cancer”

  9. Patrick Star

    Patrick StarMinuut geleden

    Week 21 of asking matpat to make another destiny or a breath of the wild 2 theory

  10. Maverick Bishop

    Maverick BishopMinuut geleden

    Death Stranding theories pls

  11. VoodVig

    VoodVigMinuut geleden

    So Which one is Michael Afton the Kid or the Older Brother?

  12. Brent T

    Brent TMinuut geleden

    I don’t see how a fisherman/pirate civilization would be destroyed in such a way by rising water levels. If you have ability to send out fisherman on boats to seek out treasure, why not move your people and colonize other areas? The only way the drowned make sense is if the crisis was sudden or unknown enough to prevent this. Maybe they knew of an impending malestorm but not sure when and where it would hit? Thus the quest was to prevent the catastrophe?

  13. Dracothe Great35

    Dracothe Great35Minuut geleden

    I thought the heart of the sea would've been used for an transition of them becoming water dwelling instead of them trying to fight the water. It allows water breathing for breathing under water, night vision for allowing them to *see* better under water, and haste to negate the slowed down mining effect of being in water.

  14. DolphFUN YT

    DolphFUN YTMinuut geleden

    Mining fatigue would be same evidence so they cant break the temple

  15. Xander Ellem

    Xander EllemMinuut geleden

    Ah, but you said last episode that because the guardians can see through invisibility that they likely see heat signatures ths drowed who are dead and thus have no body heat would be invisible to the guardians so the guardians not attacking them might not mean anything.

  16. Jurassic Jaw

    Jurassic Jaw2 minuten geleden

    Fossils next????

  17. Just Call Me Headphones

    Just Call Me Headphones2 minuten geleden

    Mat: The end Oh darling. It doesn't work that way

  18. I Has 10k subs with no videos

    I Has 10k subs with no videos2 minuten geleden

    I bought a snow globe from St judes. It's a good snow globe and it is going to one of the best causes on the internet

  19. Ben Evans

    Ben Evans2 minuten geleden

    Just a theory: maybe the snow/iron golems and the endermen are connected, based on the fact that pumpkins can be used as a helmet to calm down endermen and are needed to make snow/iron golems?

  20. TheEpicEbin

    TheEpicEbin2 minuten geleden

    “So thank you for making thus the single PROUDEST day of my youtube career. . . And now lets talk about PIRATES!!!! YAAAAARRRR!!!!!!”

  21. Epic

    Epic2 minuten geleden

    An interesting thing is that the golden helmets could possibly be diving gear. I dont know but it's the first thing I thought of so.

  22. Marta Bronshvayg

    Marta Bronshvayg2 minuten geleden

    About 136 times 10:05

  23. Armadillo nation J

    Armadillo nation J2 minuten geleden

    Do one about magama cubes and slimes

  24. Jack Chase

    Jack Chase2 minuten geleden

    This video feels like it belongs in game theories "golden years". I really hope more of this gets made.

  25. Gemacatic

    Gemacatic2 minuten geleden

    I have such a small iq after the video I need to process what’s happening

  26. MemeLordMFN

    MemeLordMFN2 minuten geleden

    hey you forgot that when a drowned is nearby the conduit the drowned will take damage .-.

  27. MasterWalt

    MasterWalt3 minuten geleden

    One issue, doesn't the Conduit hurt the Guardians?

  28. andyyy wu

    andyyy wu3 minuten geleden

    And that's what happens to your civilization if you forget your pool noodle.

  29. A Name

    A Name3 minuten geleden

    Where's his complete lack of hair? It's been a week.

  30. lucky sans

    lucky sans3 minuten geleden

    but that about the sabers that are designed for defense much like the duel action sabers, I mean we most likely haven't seen it being used but it has to exist exactly for that purpose jedi are the equivalent to very advanced samurai there fighting is almost the same, be quick and harm the enemy

  31. kappueki neko

    kappueki neko3 minuten geleden

    4:54 nugget killed me ahh i miss steph's nugget impression

  32. art and music fangirl

    art and music fangirl3 minuten geleden

    Anyone else getting One Piece vibes from this episode?

  33. Lauren Anderson

    Lauren Anderson3 minuten geleden

    If I drop a cow? 😂

  34. dragonsfury02

    dragonsfury023 minuten geleden

    Mmmm darks souls 2 commonfruit. Commonfruit best fruit fight me

  35. Adriel Stout

    Adriel Stout3 minuten geleden

    Just to let everyone know that we wouldn't need to donate to these stupid charities if we had Medicare for all just like the rest of the world. It's really sad that we prioritize money over human lives.

  36. Levente Domonkos

    Levente Domonkos3 minuten geleden

    i loved the bioshock games, but i love the dark souls series maybe even more, i think if a game is difficult and doesnt let you make it easier it is fine, one of my first great loves in gaming was Mafia, that game was freakishly hard for me back then, I had to try a lot of missions a lot of times, but when i have finally succeded my victory was so sweet.

  37. That1Weeb

    That1Weeb3 minuten geleden

    Matpat: thank you so much for the donations to a actual good cause! Also matpat: PIRRRAATTTEESSSS :)

  38. martin nguyen

    martin nguyen3 minuten geleden

    + ships

  39. Madelynn Fallat

    Madelynn Fallat3 minuten geleden

    In one of my favorite book series there is a character named Tsunami

  40. Namgyal Chughar

    Namgyal Chughar3 minuten geleden

    The name theory makes even more sense because of where the super tide and where botch is from

  41. Animated Moomoo

    Animated Moomoo4 minuten geleden

    Plot hole why didn’t they just move away or swim

  42. Silver Shirt

    Silver Shirt4 minuten geleden

    Why isn't the sea still rising though then did it just stop?

  43. Ayden Toth

    Ayden Toth4 minuten geleden

    Well that got dark and depressing very quickly. I'm seriously not so sure Minecraft is a children's game any more.

  44. Shape Shifter

    Shape Shifter4 minuten geleden

    What if the rising sea levels and violent waves were because of the destruction caused by the Wither? Everything is linked!

  45. Eddie Betty

    Eddie Betty4 minuten geleden

    Bruh it’s just minecraft

  46. Adamz Swan

    Adamz Swan4 minuten geleden

    When people say youtubers and gamers are the demons....they are totally wrong...because youtubers are ending cancer

  47. Gabriel Castanon

    Gabriel Castanon4 minuten geleden

    Noah get the boat

  48. Soulless_ Hunter

    Soulless_ Hunter4 minuten geleden

    Can you take a look at Terraria?

  49. Landen Dewey

    Landen Dewey4 minuten geleden

    What if the heart of the sea caused storms on its location, causing the ships to sink.

  50. shyguygamer turtle

    shyguygamer turtle4 minuten geleden

    it is atlantis

  51. MYnaMEisDANK 01

    MYnaMEisDANK 015 minuten geleden

    Pillage and Village, Are they connected to Minecraft dungeons!!😰

  52. Eric Y

    Eric Y5 minuten geleden

    My only question after this theory is: if the temples weren't meant to be underwater and the guardians were meant to protect them, why are the guardians made to be underwater?

  53. ken ng

    ken ng5 minuten geleden

    this is like the lore of raft lol

  54. Crushkai

    Crushkai5 minuten geleden

    Interviewing Susan is like interviewing a NPC.

  55. AccelGamer

    AccelGamer5 minuten geleden

    Wouldn’t they use the sponge at the bottom of the fortress, not the ceiling?

  56. Gamer Lucario 6432

    Gamer Lucario 64325 minuten geleden

    Greetings from the future. So far we are all doing ok. Just gotta keep going.

  57. Namgyal Chughar

    Namgyal Chughar5 minuten geleden

    Why didn’t they just build up?

  58. blar 75

    blar 755 minuten geleden

    When matpat said that the drowned were seafaring, raiding, religious people that's what the Vikings were because they stole from villages traveled by boat and worshiped the Norse gods or the drowned are monks throw out windows by the Vikings and that could be a reason why there can be more than 1 ocean monument

  59. Wing King / Myth Co Team

    Wing King / Myth Co Team5 minuten geleden

    Matt... Glitchtrap isn't William Afton... It is someone who we already know of... There's even proof of it If you mess with the pitch of Glitchtraps voice you hear a rather particular Feminine voice... "Hello..?" "Can you hear me..?" All I'll say is that the method of *Stopping Glitchtrap* is a lie... It wasn't the way you stop him, it was how you brought her in Edit: I know I said him instead of her because well... I did find out who Glitchtrap really is but just really adding to the drama for funsies. Gotta keep things interesting after all

  60. A

    A5 minuten geleden

    Making me cry about minecraft mobs

  61. Electa Dragon

    Electa Dragon5 minuten geleden

    Ehh Ehh Hemm WITCH?

  62. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name5 minuten geleden

    Just drink the water.

  63. Asylum Rain

    Asylum Rain5 minuten geleden

    I know this seems random but at 4:13 I was picking a lock in payday 2 and as soon as the door got lock picked the siren went off. What perfect timing

  64. Devilish Charms

    Devilish Charms6 minuten geleden

    You forgot to mention the pirate ships you can find

  65. Blu and Ash 010

    Blu and Ash 0106 minuten geleden

    MATPAT CURSED!!!! Jk he’s good

  66. Saul Trejo

    Saul Trejo6 minuten geleden

    I just thought of something if we can respond why didn't the civilization respond

  67. Alondra Coralf

    Alondra Coralf6 minuten geleden

    They were pillagers not pirates.

  68. Prudence Hurley

    Prudence Hurley6 minuten geleden

    i agree with ALL of this

  69. Rory Boorman

    Rory Boorman6 minuten geleden


  70. Iron tiger

    Iron tiger6 minuten geleden

    This is a good speech. We need to protest to the tfc before we get terminated

  71. Kazuki The 16-bit Jolteon

    Kazuki The 16-bit Jolteon6 minuten geleden

    You should make a theory of the player character

  72. Gaming Blogs

    Gaming Blogs6 minuten geleden


  73. Shadow Cosmos314

    Shadow Cosmos3146 minuten geleden


  74. Mike Yao

    Mike Yao6 minuten geleden

    For games that are single player, I think difficulty adjustment is fine. But competitive (or even non-competitive) multiplayer games shouldn’t have anything like that beyond putting players in a match with people of the same skill level.

  75. Tanooki Andrew

    Tanooki Andrew7 minuten geleden

    Also, since when did ocean monuments have chests?

  76. Illegal Meme Dealer

    Illegal Meme Dealer7 minuten geleden

    Wait, so how does the guardians being damaged by the conduit fit in? Unless the guardians (being made of prismarine) react with the conduit until their motors fail, or something

  77. Kenton Gacha

    Kenton Gacha7 minuten geleden

    What about villagers and pillagers?

  78. Lilith Rose

    Lilith Rose7 minuten geleden

    that was a horrible, inhumane, abusive thing those people did, and i wish they had gotten a much worse punishment.. but, aside from that.. what did they think that would do? A birth-ready fetus does nothing in the birthing process, it's all the contractions of the womb.

  79. Alexis HI

    Alexis HI7 minuten geleden

    Minecraft is depressing...thanks matpat😂👍

  80. Animated Moomoo

    Animated Moomoo7 minuten geleden

    Nah they zambies

  81. zer0

    zer07 minuten geleden

    can u do a theory about ghasts next?

  82. BlueSpot Films

    BlueSpot Films7 minuten geleden

    Nice work you really shocked me with this theory 👍

  83. Juriasu the random

    Juriasu the random7 minuten geleden

    Let's finish this before 2020 pls

  84. Sj Munshi

    Sj Munshi8 minuten geleden

    No one's going to mention how, when you force slow, only the target slows down, not everything? If you speed up, everything appears to slow down. But that isn't how it works in-game.

  85. StarDestroyerX

    StarDestroyerX8 minuten geleden

    Thanks for helping kids with cancer, me myself I had cancer when I was 8, now I'm 14 living healthy

  86. SørenVA

    SørenVA8 minuten geleden

    Seeing Steph break down like that made me cry on the livestream and in the clip ngl

  87. 8BitWar _

    8BitWar _8 minuten geleden

    Waiting for him to do a theory about herobrine

  88. FallonFireblade

    FallonFireblade8 minuten geleden

    Just got home and I am SOOOO thrilled to see this notif

  89. Juan The gengar

    Juan The gengar8 minuten geleden

    15 or 16

  90. Tanooki Andrew

    Tanooki Andrew8 minuten geleden

    Umm, I am pretty sure the reason why the drowned are hostile towards villagers and wandering traders because they are drowned zombies.

  91. Matthew Simeone

    Matthew Simeone8 minuten geleden

    Wait, but why when force slowing an object, other objects in front of you that are going as fast as the object you are force slowing still go fast? Wouln't they also be slowed down? In fact, why wouldn't the world around you also be slowed down?

  92. ink bendy

    ink bendy8 minuten geleden

    These theories are giving minecraft such an interesting lore. A lore I didn't know it had. This one...I'll be honest, kinda depressing. Still liked the theory.

  93. Pedal Princess

    Pedal Princess8 minuten geleden

    That gave me goosebumps

  94. derpy penguin

    derpy penguin8 minuten geleden

    Hey Matpat, it's also possible that the guardians can't see the drowned because they don't give off heat.

  95. spider man

    spider man8 minuten geleden

    One simple solution to the extinction of the Builders: Step 1 Make steve and Alex frick 100 times a year

  96. Cheese

    Cheese9 minuten geleden

    my pepe cut

  97. Santi Boligoma

    Santi Boligoma9 minuten geleden

    Why didnt they just move where there wasnt water tho

  98. Sean Kock

    Sean Kock9 minuten geleden

    Matpat your lore videos are my favorite man :)

  99. Some Guy

    Some Guy9 minuten geleden

    matt, the drowned are hostile toward villagers because theyre zombies, not because they were pirates