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Hi everyone! Im Olivia Jade and my channel is nlgo.info ! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally ill do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on youtube. Please subscribe if you haven't already and I hope you love my channel!

hi again

hi again

9 dagen geleden

GRWM for a date ...

GRWM for a date ...

10 maanden geleden

im sorry

im sorry

Jaar geleden

grwm FOR A DATE ...
my transformation

my transformation

Jaar geleden

sorry mom & dad...

sorry mom & dad...

Jaar geleden

sorry for this...

sorry for this...

Jaar geleden

  1. princesa ً

    princesa ً7 minuten geleden

    *Olivia Jade be like* It’s not my fault I’m richhh, bitch 😖

  2. Fidel Sandoval

    Fidel Sandoval8 minuten geleden

    "Hi again..my mom got busted trying to do gangsta shit..but im just looking for acceptance on NLgo "

  3. Dubz

    Dubz10 minuten geleden

    Learn to code, brah!

  4. goodbookin

    goodbookin27 minuten geleden

    “Hi guys, legally I can’t talk about anything but the moral of the story is I missed NLgo and I’m so glad to be back, but I don’t want this to be about ME you know? ugh it’s so tough, anyway gEt ReAdY wItH mE”

  5. Sammy Paige

    Sammy PaigeUur geleden

    I feel like she's trying to be as genuine as possible in this video and people are just tearing her down again. Like yes it was a fucked thing to do but its been 9 months, get tf over it, chill w the hate, and let her do her. k byee :)))

  6. JJ's World

    JJ's WorldUur geleden

    Two Words: Robert Shapiro

  7. Cansu Dilek

    Cansu DilekUur geleden

    welcome back

  8. Samantha

    SamanthaUur geleden

    There are still people who love you, Olivia!! ignore all the mean comments! I think you are a good person with a big heart, and that is the most important thing! <3

  9. Pedro Claudio

    Pedro ClaudioUur geleden

    We love you Olivia, keep goin' mate! you are a very good person! be humble, be strong, be patient!

  10. Vin#S#RACE

    Vin#S#RACEUur geleden

    Who cares go back where you came from and get a face lift or something u need one

  11. Salty Sag

    Salty Sag2 uur geleden

    Miss your tutorials so much

  12. Laura Lott

    Laura Lott2 uur geleden

    Proud of you! Keep going. People are being rude and trying to drag you and your family in the mud for something they would have done, if given the chance. I’m still here.

  13. Fairy Circle

    Fairy Circle2 uur geleden

    Just get off the internet.

  14. ali Deasy

    ali Deasy2 uur geleden

    BRAVO young LADY ,,,,, BRAVO

  15. Margaret Davis

    Margaret Davis3 uur geleden

    you honestly deserve to be in jail just as much as your parents. you knew damn well what you were doing, but apparently you feel too good for real life consequences such as shame and regret. you expressed literally 0 remorse in this video. maybe you should have used those 7 months to HUMBLE yourself instead of wondering if people still want to watch your shitty videos

  16. Margaret Davis

    Margaret Davis3 uur geleden

    you just want to stay relevant because your fame (that you did not earn) is your only shot at anything. pick up a real skill that real people have to learn. mommy isn't handing you money anymore

  17. Margaret Davis

    Margaret Davis3 uur geleden

    you ... didn't... apologize... once....

  18. Jsuhn Mahrkiz

    Jsuhn Mahrkiz3 uur geleden

    So how’s this video workout out for you?

  19. lily

    lily3 uur geleden

    why she sound like that

  20. She_is_She_

    She_is_She_3 uur geleden

    so did she move all her good furniture to the other side of the room? you dont live like us. stop with these bullshit optics 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. She_is_She_

    She_is_She_3 uur geleden

    and stop with the face fillers girl. youre gonna look like jigsaw

  22. Brad Hardisty

    Brad Hardisty3 uur geleden


  23. Marissa Zato

    Marissa Zato3 uur geleden

    Leave her alone. Good god. She is obviously probably extremely overwhelmed.

  24. Amalal

    Amalal4 uur geleden



    STORM AMBER KUHN4 uur geleden

    Glad she's back, I still like her :) Everybody commenting about how shit she is MUST BE completely perfect, and have gotten some sort of judging pass. Everybody here saying that they would never have done what her parents did, but you've never been in that position so how do you know. There are also more pressing matters in the world to worry about than a Olivia Jade scandal. It happened, get over it, they're paying their price.

  26. Orange Joe

    Orange Joe4 uur geleden

    No one likes you.

  27. Marco Piccoli

    Marco Piccoli4 uur geleden

    Bella and Olivia Giannulli ❤️ From Verona ( the city of Romeo and Juliet) Italy

  28. ClearSpeed

    ClearSpeed4 uur geleden

    She looks like she could play a cop on Law & Order

  29. Emily Blair

    Emily Blair4 uur geleden

    omg wow your gorgeous

  30. lioness808 ###

    lioness808 ###4 uur geleden

    Honey sit down. 5 million ppl dont like you. Open a book

  31. Aisha Perez

    Aisha Perez4 uur geleden

    The moral of the story is you didn't learn shit, you're still a spoiled little brat and this video was s waste. Your parents failed you, but you are old enough to know better. How dare you think you're better than people less fortunate. Pick up a book for once and get smarter. 500 , 000 to get your ass in a school -_- girl....pick up a couple of books please.

  32. rdclous

    rdclous4 uur geleden

    You are nothing than an entitled rich brat and you haven't thought a second about what you did wrong! As someone who needs to work her ass off to pay for university and staying alive, I honestly wish you nothing positive in your life

  33. Timothy John-Luke Smith, PSA

    Timothy John-Luke Smith, PSA4 uur geleden

    Hi Olivia, you have my support and I am so happy to see you posting again. Keep your chin up and keep posting, baby steps. You have my support and that of many others. ~God Bless

  34. Nabila Blaibel

    Nabila Blaibel4 uur geleden

    Y’all are ripping her apart in the comments. CHILL she’s so young let her live and maybe dont ridicule her with something that was out of her control. Maybe she is privileged but ridiculing someone for that makes you no better. Her privileged life is all she knows it’s not her fault. I feel like her family has gone through enough opinions from the whole world. Let her be a young adult and learn life the way we all do, even if it’s slightly different then all our broke asses. Damn people really out here in comments hating so hard on one person who just wants to make a video. How about taking that energy and writing hate comments on the shit that’s going on in CHINA, LEBANON, SYRIA to ppl who don’t have a voice. This is why ppl think the younger generation is so dumb and wrapped up with unimportant news, that literally doesn’t effect any of us other then ppl who are actually going through it around the world. yes I went off sis✌🏽


    BROKELYN4 uur geleden

    I searched for „shanghai school vlog“ and that’s what came out

  36. Zara Fatima

    Zara Fatima5 uur geleden

    The amount of hate in the comment section is so horrifying

  37. Oscar Rondon

    Oscar Rondon5 uur geleden

    I'm with you! Welcome back

  38. Decade Defector

    Decade Defector5 uur geleden

    You knew and I hope you get prison time as well.

  39. Hillsdale

    Hillsdale5 uur geleden

    TLDR; Hey guys, i cant talk about what happened but I still want to be rich and famous. See you soon.

  40. Curious Mutation

    Curious Mutation5 uur geleden

    She seems to have the intelligence level of a 7 year old kid.

  41. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 uur geleden

    There’s always University of Phoenix. Oh wait. Their motto is “Built for working adults”. ... working... adults. Sorry, never mind.

  42. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 uur geleden

    Olivia Jade: hi again Everyone: Bye Felicia

  43. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 uur geleden

    Duping Delight

  44. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 uur geleden

    Begone TH0T

  45. Yara Diab

    Yara Diab5 uur geleden

    Guys can someone please tell me why she’s hated by everyone?

  46. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 uur geleden

    Bye Felicia

  47. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 uur geleden

    🖕🖕 does this look familiar?

  48. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes5 uur geleden

    It’s always about you. That’s why you’re here

  49. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes6 uur geleden


  50. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes6 uur geleden

    Don’t come back

  51. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes6 uur geleden

    Looks like you bought a bunch of Likes for this video

  52. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes6 uur geleden


  53. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes6 uur geleden

    Entitled much?

  54. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes6 uur geleden

    Don’t come back

  55. Shyianne Hodge

    Shyianne Hodge6 uur geleden

    All the comments are so hateful it really makes me sad... I can't believe the cruel things everyone has said.. I know Im not fully enlightened on the entire thing. I'm not fully aware of what happened. I know the main line. If it really came down to it and your parent could pay under the table for you to attend a great school do you think your parent would? I think every parent chooses for their children to be even more successful than themselves.. I loved her videos. She was always really happy and all of of us can be selfish. The underlying reason we even go on youtube is to imagine lives better than ourselves. I don't think the thousands of hateful comments were necessary. She's been quiet and probably struggling harder than any of us see. She's a single person who's well known. Everyday she goes through it. It doesn't matter "how easy her life's been". How in any way does this effect you? Jealousy? Is she tearing down your town and killing your family?? I think only her family and close friends get to have a TRUE opinion. We don't know everything and how is she supposed to act. Be kind or be quiet.

  56. Gina Guerra

    Gina Guerra6 uur geleden

    girl i think you should upload your content like whatever you want and turn comments off.

  57. Tish Rourke

    Tish Rourke6 uur geleden

    OH MY GOD, YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE SO MEAN, THIS IS NOT HER FAULT??? So many people are so quick to jump on the bandwagon tearing her down and it’s not right, Olivia, welcome back and you do you, don’t let what stupid people say effect you. Much love Tish

  58. Bum Chucket

    Bum Chucket6 uur geleden

    What's she dying of again?

  59. Cody Levinson

    Cody Levinson6 uur geleden

    Hardworking students didn't get a chance to attend University that they earned because of people like this. Their lives are now on a different path as a direct result and the college admission scandal is not a case of a victimless crimes taking place.

  60. Nikster Goldie

    Nikster Goldie6 uur geleden

    "The moral of the story", as you put it, is that you, Olivia Jade, posed for the rowing photos AND signed the application stating everything on it was true. I wonder if you will give make up lessons in prison.

  61. Malaakiyah Speller

    Malaakiyah Speller7 uur geleden

    Imma play devils advocate. Most kids her age haven’t had a makeup pallet backed Sephora, millions of subscribers, endorsements and a WHOLE app for her brand. Not negating the situation but she is a business woman. USC Marshall can’t teach you that type of savvy nor do most of the graduates get that kind of business opportunities. let the girl rebrand herself

  62. Toilet Baby

    Toilet Baby7 uur geleden


  63. ella emad

    ella emad7 uur geleden

    god shut the fuck up lol

  64. Krisha Batheja

    Krisha Batheja8 uur geleden

    hold up .... help out a girl here ... im new to this channel... whats the scandal????

  65. Brendan

    Brendan8 uur geleden

    She needs the ad revenue for the legal bills lol

  66. Bianca Jolyn

    Bianca Jolyn8 uur geleden

    This comment section is so pathetic. Having pleasure in seeing people fail, no matter rich or poor, is the worst. Olivia is a young girl. And it isn’t Olivia’s fault she grew up rich. Just because most of us didn’t grow up rich and she can’t relate to our problems doesn’t mean we have to shit in someone who never got to any different. I’m tired of these CANCELED parties: it tears our community as a society down. We need to be there for one another as guide. Everybody is doing a shitty job in trying to make her realize the bigger picture. She’s in the middle of healing. Have some empathy pls.

  67. roouit patan

    roouit patan8 uur geleden

    Like her parents, this girl has NO shame. They are passionate about buying their way through life. Privileged scammers!

  68. Ash Mindrup

    Ash Mindrup8 uur geleden

    Everyone makes mistakes sweetie. You're under a microscope so your mistakes sadly are magnified. I will be watching regardless. Your videos always made me smile. I hope you're doing well. Smile honey. Things will get better ❤

  69. Melad Esha

    Melad Esha8 uur geleden

    i don’t get it, what happened ? she scammed her way into college?


    ALF WIDERSEIN8 uur geleden

    I understand her mother will be starring in a new sitcom... "The Big House"

  71. Panetrain12

    Panetrain129 uur geleden

    No wonder she had to pay to get in.

  72. sachabuttet

    sachabuttet9 uur geleden

    hey the comments will be harsh but don't let that discourage you from piking yourself up and trying to do sth great

  73. Darlene Ortega

    Darlene Ortega9 uur geleden

    You go Olivia, just keep doing ur thing and dont pay attention to haters. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to urself! All this stuff that happened is not ur fault. Keep ur head high! 🌝

  74. Maddie Dillabough

    Maddie Dillabough9 uur geleden

    waiting for the vlog need it asap ily so much

  75. Lars Tanctum

    Lars Tanctum10 uur geleden

    To everyone who is wondering why she hasn't deleted comments - She may be functionally illiterate and is waiting to have someone read them to her. P.S Come back in 5 years when a new crop of munchkins is available to entertain.

  76. alexis triplett

    alexis triplett10 uur geleden

    Please don’t come back we were better without ur silver spoon baby drama

  77. Renee Wright

    Renee Wright10 uur geleden

    You are all horrible in the comments. I've watched many of her vids, I became curious, like a lot of people, after what happened. I saw nothing in vid after vid except a polite, humble, sweet, beautiful young woman. She didn't flaunt wealth, I think she genuinely loved YT, and just wanted to make everybody happy, including her parents. Wealthy people have been giving their children a leg up thru donations to colleges since the inception of college. Her parents are to blame, not her. Everyone deserves a second chance... If you see this Olivia, you hang in there. This too shall pass. ❤


    ALF WIDERSEIN10 uur geleden

    Some of her earlier videos are really cringe worthy. Full of self ... Sorry honey, you ain't anyone's ideal .

  79. Lars Tanctum

    Lars Tanctum10 uur geleden

    USC ??? I'm still wondering how she graduated high school...

  80. bananapie

    bananapie10 uur geleden

    You are cancelled Felicia

  81. bananapie

    bananapie10 uur geleden

    Why hasn’t she shot herself yet

  82. T C

    T C11 uur geleden

    umm.. girl so are you gonna actually apologise or..?

  83. Richie Ricky

    Richie Ricky11 uur geleden

    This popped up on my feed ... who is she ??? Never seen this lady b4

  84. TheReady500

    TheReady50011 uur geleden


  85. Azzan Khan

    Azzan Khan11 uur geleden

    To everyone disliking her video the reality is she didn't even know her mum was doing this and y'all are most. Likely hating on someone innocent

  86. Chas

    Chas11 uur geleden

    I was pissed when the college admissions scandal was brought to the publics attention and I voiced my opinion and I still stand by what I said but I also think that everyone deserves a second chance even the rich and over privileged. maybe now's not the time to try and make a comeback. allot of people are still pretty pissed over the whole situation because it shows that no matter how hard you work it's not always enough when you have the 1% of the world buying there seat at the table instead of getting it based on their own merit. I think you need to take this time to reflect. If people can forgive a NLgor for posting a video of a man who committed suicide then maybe they can forgive you for a mistake that was made by your mom. because bullying you isn't rite either I hope you realize that opinions are like assholes everyone has one including me. eventually everything will get better it will just take time.I hope you have a happy holiday and that it is spent with those who mean the most to you. AND FOR THOSE IN THE COMMENTS THAT ARE READING THIS AND ARE ABOUT TO @ ME UNLESS YOU ARE PERFECT DONT....

  87. Frechelle Jules

    Frechelle Jules12 uur geleden

    Why is no one mad at USC though? They were aware and they were willing. yall wanna point fingers soooo bad

  88. Tyce Abbott

    Tyce Abbott12 uur geleden

    Nobody likes you spoiled ho

  89. Salena S

    Salena S13 uur geleden

    You’re already a rich snobby person get tf off NLgo no one was waiting for you to come back 😂🙄

  90. Nicole Vardaro

    Nicole Vardaro13 uur geleden

    Mommy's going to jail. How could u even show your face after this?? NO SHAME. Smfh!!

  91. Arenita Turiaco

    Arenita Turiaco13 uur geleden

    How about rowing lessons? I always wondered how celebrities looking practically illiterate obtained their university degrees, here you have the answer, happy falsehood

  92. m3lm m9ry

    m3lm m9ry13 uur geleden

    Wow you are finally back. I am so happy. I can't wait to see more of your videos as I used to before yay..

  93. Jana Sou

    Jana Sou14 uur geleden

    Honestly what‘s your problem? If you don‘t like her, go ahead and unfollow her! It‘s disgusting to see how many people are lurking around the corner just to see her fall. You are sick. Sorry but how is it possible to be so hateful while being happy? You are even more embarrassing than her actions. Be kind or go home.

  94. Melissa Skillens

    Melissa Skillens14 uur geleden

    Hi everybody! It’s me! A spoiled rich girl whose mother won’t see a minute of jail time because of white privilege.

  95. Beatrice Ho

    Beatrice Ho14 uur geleden

    Cant believe how many people here actually thinks being rich and famous makes your life easy and happy. How many people here that are vomiting hate on a human being. I am wondering what you are teaching your children or how you are treating people around you. I think they made a mistake, yes, but thats their karma. And what I say or do, is mine. Her or her family’s actions doesn’t make what you are saying any less okey. Spreading hate and bullying is one of the ugliest things I know. This comment section is so contradictory.

  96. Zama Dlamini

    Zama Dlamini14 uur geleden

    You guys know she paid for these "thumbs up" right, no way she got that many likes.

  97. Lona O

    Lona O14 uur geleden

    Waiting for you?????? No one cares child no one cares

  98. flamedancer44

    flamedancer4415 uur geleden

    Too soon

  99. PeachFlame

    PeachFlame15 uur geleden

    *insert guillotine gif*

  100. PeachFlame

    PeachFlame15 uur geleden

    The French had the right idea of beheading the bourgeois