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  1. Fabio Fox Music

    Fabio Fox Music5 seconden geleden

    The Hawks ALWAYS lose to the Rams, it never fails......

  2. nesseiht gnay

    nesseiht gnay8 seconden geleden

    Now that tom brady is 42 years old and he's getting old. Max crawls out saying "see he does suck, i can blame him now." 😆

  3. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia29 seconden geleden

    SAS is never wrong and he will never give Jimmy G credit

  4. Blobfish Boi

    Blobfish Boi45 seconden geleden

    Winning 2 games would be nice for me and the UMass fans

  5. Vince 1987

    Vince 198749 seconden geleden

    They all forgetting that when Jimmy first came into town they had winless team and with that dude they finished with 5 wins in a row.

  6. Brandon Daniel

    Brandon Daniel52 seconden geleden

    when there was barely ANY unanimous decision boxing fights. BULLSHIT buster never got worldwide coverage but tyson did. tyson souled his soul that's why they celebrate a loser

  7. KINGTO101

    KINGTO10155 seconden geleden

    Patriots dont have the weapons for Tom Brady???so explain the superbowl loss against the Eagles with Edelman, Hogan, and Gronk still getting it done and Dion and all...which ppl said the Eagles were gone be DESTROYED that superbowl

  8. Dj A1SD1

    Dj A1SD159 seconden geleden

    Beginning of the season ESPN - This is one of the best Patriots teams in recent years Patriots loose a few games ESPN - This is the worst Patriots team I ever seen. PLEASE GIVE BRADY MORE HELP!

  9. Jamie Jackson

    Jamie JacksonMinuut geleden

    this swear jar bit is getting OLD fast

  10. Jacob Bond

    Jacob BondMinuut geleden


  11. FIU Student

    FIU StudentMinuut geleden

    The Big 10 & Big 12 are Bad conferences too not just the ACC. Only the SEC conference has competition.

  12. Daniel Riddick

    Daniel RiddickMinuut geleden

    Patriots got what they deserved, Period. Nobody feel sorry for the patriots but the patriots. Go get lost somewhere.

  13. Iam MarvinKing

    Iam MarvinKingMinuut geleden

    Did max just said what I think he just said

  14. Anjohn Davis

    Anjohn DavisMinuut geleden

    SAS your forgot to mention that Lamar keeps throwing TD’s

  15. Feelz

    FeelzMinuut geleden

    Max is worthless to sports

  16. Rafael De La Nuez

    Rafael De La NuezMinuut geleden

    Tough luck for the Rams. Vikings are not blowing this.

  17. MrBear2073

    MrBear20732 minuten geleden

    Tartt would've been a huge factor VS the saints. Hes a big missing piece in the secondary.

  18. MrEnglewood78

    MrEnglewood782 minuten geleden

    Molly please!

  19. Curtis Warren

    Curtis Warren2 minuten geleden

    Jimmy G!!!

  20. Nicholas Huynh

    Nicholas Huynh2 minuten geleden

    4:40 the mic was geeking😂

  21. Kahuna21

    Kahuna212 minuten geleden

    Molly, no one is talking to you lol. Let the analysts, analyze. Moderators, moderate

  22. Charisma313

    Charisma3132 minuten geleden

    They won 6 championships we don't care!!!!!!

  23. showtime951

    showtime9512 minuten geleden

    If Kawhi keeps this up, he'll be a real killer. Sorry, I don't mean a REAL KILLER, like his sister who very recently killed an elderly woman in a Southern California casino bathroom to steal her cash, I meant a good ballplayer.

  24. Duncan Pinderhughes

    Duncan Pinderhughes3 minuten geleden

    When you play an away game and the fans are chanting MVP you should be getting that MVP award.

  25. Regularly Scheduled Deprogramming

    Regularly Scheduled Deprogramming3 minuten geleden

    Yall bouta make everyone hate him like yall did with steph

  26. Jay_ 12

    Jay_ 123 minuten geleden

    Nah I need them to beat the cowboys then they can give up

  27. Jeffrey Rosemond

    Jeffrey Rosemond3 minuten geleden

    Tom Brady lost #3 games to #3 black QB why? Black QB has low football IQ in the NFL. L J MVP Superbowl 2020. LJ is rewriting the history books in the NFL.

  28. Preston Flowers

    Preston Flowers3 minuten geleden


  29. TdubZ

    TdubZ3 minuten geleden

    Molly shut up.

  30. Me First

    Me First3 minuten geleden

    how about the late hits on mahomes?

  31. TellTha Truth

    TellTha Truth3 minuten geleden

    Love Ryan on this show get up anywhere anytime dude is so knowledgeable n just a great talker to get his points across.

  32. Erwin Torres

    Erwin Torres3 minuten geleden

    Both defenses have issues when you see that many touchdowns both teams got problems to fix but fun game madden on Rookie mode 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne Jones3 minuten geleden

    Everybody: 'Agree to disagree'. SAS: 'Disagree to agree'.

  34. Brando

    Brando3 minuten geleden

    Max has been so disrespectful to the greatest QB of all time. He gets joy out of belittling Brady. It's actually unprofessional. It's bad for the show.

  35. Clay Pearson

    Clay Pearson4 minuten geleden

    But but but I thought everything, I mean I thought everything was all Hue’s fault?!?!?🤔

  36. Andrew Gorrie

    Andrew Gorrie4 minuten geleden

    When Stephen A. sounds sane compared to Max, it's a sign.

  37. Bud Fox

    Bud Fox4 minuten geleden

    Rex said he loves that the Refs screwed the Patriots. Very unprofessional, complete moron. He said the only reason they won in the playoffs last year was because of home field advantage. Wrong, They beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead.

  38. Dub fun

    Dub fun4 minuten geleden

    Just want to say if Ohio st doesn’t come out motivated their soft after going 13-0 their ranked second even though they dominated opponents each game except one half of football but the most disrespectful part is that their not favored to win the Clemson game Clemson is favored -2

  39. brandon love

    brandon love4 minuten geleden

    How can Stephen A make such a well worded argument for a idiotic premise. Like everyone knows, let a known Clemson that if you win out your in, if your that big a school.

  40. Jayhawks 588

    Jayhawks 5884 minuten geleden

    I am not doubting Melo’s scoring ability but he was a selfish player for years. Chauncey even said that “scoring 30 meant too much to him”. The only time that Melo was good was when he was with the Nuggets and even then his unwillingness to play defense made him a slight net positive impact on the team. He was mostly utter garbage on the Knicks, Thunder and Rockets because he refused to play the spot up shooter role and took many bad shots and to top it all off he was even worse on defense because he no longer had his athleticism. If you watch his film, you will see that Melo is a ball-stopper and doesn’t get his teammates involved. I am glad Melo finally found his role and doesn’t care about Individual awards and cares more about team awards. If he would’ve embraced this mentality years ago he might’ve had a ring right now.

  41. Justin Christopher

    Justin Christopher4 minuten geleden


  42. Jordan Powell

    Jordan Powell4 minuten geleden

    To all you rams fans let the title of this video sink in.💯

  43. hollister lowe

    hollister lowe4 minuten geleden

    Even with a mediocre offense the Patriots should have won the game with three blown calls! TD, fumble recovery/whistled dead & the terrible pass interference on the 12 yd. line. We most likely will see the Chiefs again in FoxB and it will be a different result!

  44. Mamba Out

    Mamba Out4 minuten geleden

    With 7'1 heights and 300 pounds weight with vertical of 48. mj and Zach vertical are 46 and this two is most high jumper dunker in history imagine in this era that's size and vertical jump I think he will dominant more with new trainings and techniques now he will be undefeated in finals with a all star pg.

  45. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson5 minuten geleden

    Tom won't be appreciated by non Patriots fan's until he retires.

  46. Knickson Thomas

    Knickson Thomas5 minuten geleden

    I'm a fan of melo but he(melo) Justify no team picking him but with 9 points.


    VENOMRAGE5 minuten geleden

    Anyone else confused at 0:38 when they bring up the career accomplishments on screen. I was like when did Marcus Spears ever play for the colts and when did he ever get his leg that high in the air😂😂. That's for Pat Macafee

  48. Joseph Toombs

    Joseph Toombs5 minuten geleden

    You mean the Patriots got some KARMA? Ahhhh. Pooor Pat's.

  49. Ray Cash

    Ray Cash5 minuten geleden

    On behalf of all the NFL fans, it is karma for all the years Brady and Bill cheated our teams! Lol

  50. Brandon Thomas

    Brandon Thomas5 minuten geleden

    What people need to be talkin bout is how both Trae and Luka weren't the top 2 picks at least top 3

  51. Ben Mangrum

    Ben Mangrum5 minuten geleden

    Sean Payton complains about every call

  52. Darlens Leveque

    Darlens Leveque5 minuten geleden

    Bro I'm sorry but Jared Goff is garbage man. I don't care if they won last night this season he has been awful.

  53. Connor DeJong

    Connor DeJong6 minuten geleden

    Rex Ryan is my spirit animal

  54. Connor Darrigo

    Connor Darrigo6 minuten geleden

    6:56 who made the play-doh

  55. khush singh

    khush singh6 minuten geleden

    Rex ryan will ALWAYS be a hater cause he could never get past them

  56. nesseiht gnay

    nesseiht gnay6 minuten geleden

    Max is all over the blown call, the Patriots game got a blown call and he's all like i don't call ummm duh that's because you hate tom brady duh 😆

  57. SKST Games

    SKST Games6 minuten geleden

    Imagine putting an NFC west team into the NFC east my god

  58. William Crowley II

    William Crowley II6 minuten geleden

    Trying to say to be MVP you have to lead in passing yards is the new way of hating on BLCK QBs. He's the best this season period. He beat all the best. Pats, Seahawks, Texans, 49ers, Bills all of them lost to Lamar Jackson's team and he went ham on them. Counting passing yards and trying to belittle his already 1000 yards and 7 tds rushing. It's over Russell Wilson isn't even close to him this year.

  59. Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson6 minuten geleden

    It use to be Tom Brady can grab 3 guys out the stands to catch the ball ....Now its he doesn't have the the weapons😂😂...Father Time Always Win!...

  60. Distrxct *

    Distrxct *6 minuten geleden

    People sleep on chiefs..jus wait

  61. Mila RaceQueen

    Mila RaceQueen6 minuten geleden

    i know cowboys fans got sooo happy when the pats got robbed at home. not just cowboys fans, but almost every other fanbase lol

  62. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas6 minuten geleden

    The Aints remind me of the early 90s Oilers. Great regular season team but always find a way to lose in playoffs. That Superbowl win was 10 years ago already. It's no longer relevant

  63. OGMillyMillz

    OGMillyMillz6 minuten geleden


  64. Lorinda Baljoe

    Lorinda Baljoe7 minuten geleden

    Of all the questions u can ask but Mike made it awkward .....stupid fucks

  65. Hundo Cuh

    Hundo Cuh7 minuten geleden

    Bro kyrie & kd would have been the coach & players on the Knicks they should’ve went to the Knicks

  66. Christopher Felton

    Christopher Felton7 minuten geleden

    Just another day of Stephen hating A Smith

  67. Joseph Leon

    Joseph Leon7 minuten geleden

    As a Seahawks fan I don't want Wilson to get the MVP. Lamar can take that Madden Curse.

  68. Nehemiah Howard

    Nehemiah Howard7 minuten geleden

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that kaps workout receiver got signed before he did

  69. alicantino11

    alicantino117 minuten geleden

    As far as I'm concerned, Brady gets no excuses.

  70. Charisma313

    Charisma3137 minuten geleden


  71. Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson7 minuten geleden

    What Murcus said to SAS at 6:32. Is what somebody should've said to Pac in Vegas.

  72. RavensNation 4 Life

    RavensNation 4 Life7 minuten geleden


  73. Sports 311

    Sports 3117 minuten geleden

    I still don’t see the rams getting to the playoffs. They’re just too inconsistent

  74. Dylan Stoltz

    Dylan Stoltz7 minuten geleden

    molly is annoying af

  75. Jake Jortles

    Jake Jortles8 minuten geleden

    *Aaron Rodgers takes the trash out* “This is a baaaaaaad man” -Stephen A *anyone else does anything spectacular at all* “Im not acknowledging anybody is good at anything” -Stephen A

  76. God pigeon

    God pigeon8 minuten geleden

    Just a friendly reminder that Tom Brady has six Super Bowl rings

  77. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam8 minuten geleden

    Molly is annoying af but I don't feel sorry for Max getting interrupted and emasculated by her every single second of the show.. Not even a little bit 🤣🤣🤣🤣It's actually hilarious af.

  78. Yasha Dj

    Yasha Dj8 minuten geleden

    Stephen A the goat

  79. KomodoDojo

    KomodoDojo8 minuten geleden

    What about that BS pass interference call against the 49ers that gave the saints a 1st down and a touchdown that gave them the lead in the 4th. The fake punt was a proper call Max is a moron

  80. Brenn K

    Brenn K8 minuten geleden

    Can't wait for SAS to say every body likes Luka because hes white.

  81. Bryce Bailey

    Bryce Bailey8 minuten geleden

    I said the same thing. If that’s the case if you can’t call anything you mines well push the guy out the way Every fake punt

  82. *C[]\/\/B[]Y NOiR*

    *C[]\/\/B[]Y NOiR*8 minuten geleden

    Everybody use to praise the patriots for putting a team together with bubble gum and duct tape to save a budget. But now Brady isn't doing well enough that same type of team is holding them back??

  83. biggie redd

    biggie redd8 minuten geleden

    So jimmy record is 20-3 but he as zero playoffs wins lol 😂

  84. Darnell Tobar

    Darnell Tobar8 minuten geleden

    Shut up Max!🤦🏾‍♂️

  85. Sullay BJ

    Sullay BJ9 minuten geleden

    Why throw the 🏈 run the ball against chiefs, we seen they can't stop it 😭🤦

  86. bird718

    bird7189 minuten geleden

    colin kapernick si so good that he should be quarterbacking for the New England patriots if racist bill belicheck and robert kraft cared about people of color

  87. slackerofhell

    slackerofhell9 minuten geleden

    Max “Broken Record” Kellerman strikes again.

  88. Jerome Marshall

    Jerome Marshall9 minuten geleden

    They gotta stop with this "sec beat up on each other" narrative. Every conference beats up on each other

  89. DB Garage

    DB Garage9 minuten geleden

    People are so sensitive these days

  90. Banger Plug

    Banger Plug9 minuten geleden

    Joe Burrows a stud but he’s no Trevor Lawerence

  91. Rich Harrow

    Rich Harrow9 minuten geleden

    67-4????... Clemson has played 71 games in 4 years!?.. Check your stats SAS...

  92. ximus tha great

    ximus tha great10 minuten geleden

    And that's why you'll never win ANYTHING rex.. your attitude is filled with hatred for greatness.. something ull never possess.. the pats aren't doing well at the moment and that's life.. 3 straight superbowls ppl.. guess that's over looked as well..

  93. William Crowley II

    William Crowley II10 minuten geleden

    It's MVP not the passing yards awards. His rushing yards are EQUALLY valuable and MORE impressive.

  94. Lonnie Sloan

    Lonnie Sloan10 minuten geleden

    Is Steven A, looking at tee shirts on his laptop during the show at 5:19 in the video.

  95. Achim Witcoustic

    Achim Witcoustic10 minuten geleden

    His real breakout season

  96. Ben Mangrum

    Ben Mangrum10 minuten geleden

    Clemson isn’t that good

  97. alex Aem

    alex Aem10 minuten geleden

    Brady has had no name wrs for evere but elevated the team and made them look great , but now thats a problem , Brady cant do anything bad in the eyes of the media.

  98. ラッパーPUNPEE

    ラッパーPUNPEE10 minuten geleden

    As a Patriots fan I will speak for all of us. WE Don't need anyone's dam sympathy as far as I'm concerned were still the champs till someone tells us any different. We'll see your asses in the playoffs. Thanks

  99. Jerome Marshall

    Jerome Marshall10 minuten geleden

    Either Clemson is going to roll Ohio state or get embarrassed

  100. Darnell Lyons

    Darnell Lyons10 minuten geleden

    "Pornstar Jimmy 😈"