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Hello everyone and welcome to MLT Magic Tricks!
I created my channel on March 13th, 2017, and my content focuses on performing and teaching a variety of card and magic tricks. I give performances and tutorials for many types of card tricks for all levels of magicians. Whether you are a beginner or advanced magician, the content on my channel will certainly provide value for you! This channel also features in-depth tutorials on important card magic fundamentals such as card forces and shuffles. I post high quality, frequent videos. If you are new to my channel, SUBSCRIBE!
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  1. Joe Joeker

    Joe JoekerUur geleden

    Mlt magic got a sub. Thanks for the videos

  2. AterLux

    AterLuxUur geleden

    My suggestion: the secret is in mysterious eyes movement (5:46). Of course Penn does not see that, but someone in the audience does, someone who is seen by Penn.

  3. Vithu Shan

    Vithu ShanUur geleden

    Awsm bro......superb....coolest😎😎😎😎

  4. Griffin Gaming

    Griffin GamingUur geleden

    seen all of it and instantly know how he did it, he takes pea out of shell puts it back in another shell which they knew which is what they were talking about they knew the tricks, the pea inside the walnut, did no one notice he never asked pen and teller to check the shell for any holes or cracks, he went straight to smashing it as fast as possible so yes the pea was in the nutshell but it was a simple make a whole in the shell put the pea inside and then put a sticker over it or hide the hole and with youre finger or thumb and cover it up for "safety" reasons so you can take hand off the shell to smash it and no one will see a hole because it is smashed to pieces, so he was honest in his answers I just don't know how 2 people that have been in magic never asked this question or even thought about it while me who literally only watches these things and know how to perform about 2 magic tricks would have known or at least had a guess of how he done it.

  5. Timothy Halvorson

    Timothy Halvorson2 uur geleden

    Has to be his breathing

  6. FMphoto Office

    FMphoto Office2 uur geleden

    No, they don't give away professional secrets. The first two are magis book standards. For the third, the 5:11 sneak peek is a real possibility. P&T, some of my favorite entertainers. I like the way Teller openly enjoys the FU acts. They might be experts, but enjoyment without ego is wonderful.

  7. PRO GAMER 416

    PRO GAMER 4162 uur geleden

    What's MLT

  8. Prashanth Singaravel

    Prashanth Singaravel3 uur geleden

    52-44=8 is the secret of this trick

  9. Nestly Nes

    Nestly Nes5 uur geleden

    I just lost The Game

  10. lasersbee

    lasersbee7 uur geleden

    Would be great if you increased the Audio Volume level of the videos...;-)

  11. Michael Chester

    Michael Chester7 uur geleden

    It’s really obvious what he is doing unless you are an idiot, my 8 year old younger brother figured it out immediately 🤦‍♂️

  12. Ilham Ibisi

    Ilham Ibisi8 uur geleden

    Eyo MLT next time u try to dropship with ur site remove the powered by shopify at the bottom of the page, makes it look a lil bit less skechy.

  13. Uptalk1

    Uptalk18 uur geleden

    I give credit to his quick hands and his ability to make you pay attention to something else while he makes his slick move. The wallet gimmick is his way to quickly put the pea into the shell that's in his pocket, take it out, place it on his lap, subliminally reach back down in his lap and slip the shell under the metal cup. The shell is already pre-glued just enough to break under lite force.

  14. Fenasi Kerim

    Fenasi Kerim8 uur geleden

    He forced it the first time he picked a cart

  15. Super Sophisticated

    Super Sophisticated9 uur geleden

    24:30 when he screamed yes i thought he was sr pelo for a minute

  16. khelifi ahmed redha

    khelifi ahmed redha9 uur geleden

    *SPOILER ALERT* the impossible code they deck arranged in a specific order (it wasn't shuffled like Penn said) Penn knew what the card is even before the guy had a look... 5:10 look at their body language Teller looked at Penn before he squared the card and waited for him to turn so he can flash the card that was on top of the selected card. You can clearly see Penn sneaking a peak at 5:11

  17. woke.tre253

    woke.tre25310 uur geleden

    He didn't fool ya he lied to ya 😂

  18. Jake Russell

    Jake Russell10 uur geleden

    the 10 of diamonds was either an ordered deck that teller has memorized and penn had in his pocket or marked cards that penn pulled out of his pocket, the code is the 3 fingers on the green at 5:25 and something with his hand placement at 5:30 (my guess is he touches his left pinky on one of 3 parts of his right pinky(knuckle, middle, nail) or one of 3 parts of his right ring finer and vice-versa to get the 12, a king and his hands are in his lap or his arms are crossed) They buy 5 tins 9:14 and you'll only see it at .25 speed cause damn teller is amazing. the nuts in the 5th tin are solid in there and that's how teller pulls off that kicker at the end.

  19. Bailey Birt

    Bailey Birt10 uur geleden

    What is the deck?

  20. Joe Schmo

    Joe Schmo11 uur geleden

    Has anybody ever heard teller talk??

  21. andy nixon

    andy nixon11 uur geleden

    He should of let them open the shell at the end

  22. NoMoreUsersAvailible

    NoMoreUsersAvailible12 uur geleden

    I think I've got it. Penn switches the deck when they're putting the green table back over the grid. You can see at 4:33 the deck was NOT on the table at all, then Penn moves his right hand towards the front left corner, after having been either by his lap or his pocket. The camera cuts away, but as it cuts back, the deck is back on the table where his hand had just been, so he'd almost certainly been palming it for the switch. Then from 5:08 to 5:11, when Teller collects the cards, he does them in two batches, resetting his collection at the point where the chosen card was, so that the card that was immediately before the chosen card was on the bottom. They're going to be using an ordered deck, like a Si Stebbens Stack which means that if Teller got a peek at the card while the camera was on Penn at 5:13, he can tell exactly what the chosen card was at this point. That means that when he assumes his frozen position, he already knows exactly what the card is, and can make his position the signal.

  23. Jessica Radford

    Jessica Radford12 uur geleden

    I seen what he did lol watch his hands close

  24. Aidan s

    Aidan s12 uur geleden

    I finally got it, after about a week of practice, now all I gotta is find friends

  25. Josh Noland

    Josh Noland12 uur geleden

    Ur channels awesome, ivr laerned so many tricks from you

  26. Hunter_Red_N_Black

    Hunter_Red_N_Black13 uur geleden

    Nice slight of hand

  27. jandkyards

    jandkyards13 uur geleden

    You edit footage of a show to which you do not own and you upload it to NLgo. Nobody is here for your garbage store. Shh... This little hidden section here explains that I only made the above comment so that the idiot who runs this channel can say he has "haters". In reality nobody hates this guy. Hating this scumbag Isn't even worth the effort.

  28. Bassinman200

    Bassinman20013 uur geleden

    Used to do one (and only one) card trick back in the 70s when I was in High School. It was so similar to this one that it's scary. Major difference was that the reveal after letting the person do multiple shuffles and cuts and three stacks over and over as you did, was only a one card turn over after their final cut, which they turned up. I only handled the cards once at the beginning to shuffle twice and cut twice, then handed them the deck. Wish I could remember the routine, but it is almost 50 years after the fact, so......

  29. Austin Tra

    Austin Tra13 uur geleden

    they didnt shuffle the deck

  30. BenXVariety

    BenXVariety14 uur geleden

    4:13 so what if he had thought of a king? there's no king on the grid nvm. spoke too soon

  31. Brian Flowers

    Brian Flowers14 uur geleden

    Teller found out the card the person chose by looking at the bottom card of the deck at 5:15. Teller sent pen the code at 5:18 = 5:31 off the screen. My "guess" is that when teller touched his nose that told pen the suit, and the position of tellers hands on top/next to each other showed pen the card number. The rest is completely for show. 👍

  32. Cyn Hicks

    Cyn Hicks14 uur geleden

    Tellers sitting position tells him. Hands, feet possibly even posture. His feet close together, possibly meaning hearts, and all fingers were crossed, possibly meaning 10. Could be feet separated means diamonds while left or right foot angled means the other two. I would think that A2 through 10 would be a simple facial gesture immediately after seeing the card meaning look for hands while the fewer high cards would require a more obvious gesture. Of course the chances of pulling ace through 10, ace being 0 or hands separated, is much higher than the other 3.

  33. thestorch

    thestorch14 uur geleden

    I think they got the color of the card by which of his hands is on top. Maybe the suit of the cards from his feet. I have no clue about the number, but it could have been fingers/fingertips shown/hidden. Idk man its all a wild guess

  34. thestorch

    thestorch14 uur geleden

    that piano music in the background is nice

  35. seve snape

    seve snape15 uur geleden

    I think i got how they did 10 of diamonds

  36. SpiderSparta56

    SpiderSparta5615 uur geleden

    MLT Magic Tricks thanks for the awesome VIDEO. Now can I get a heart?

  37. Webing

    Webing16 uur geleden

    I got the first one right

  38. Barbara Brooks

    Barbara Brooks16 uur geleden


  39. hard rode

    hard rode17 uur geleden

    Bluetooth ext ... Would be handy... In so many places. 😉

  40. Bob Down

    Bob Down17 uur geleden

    A true Aussie would have used beer instead of milk.

  41. Lloyd Fantham

    Lloyd Fantham18 uur geleden

    showed my wife this one and as i was removing piles at the end she was sayin ur never gonna get it ur gonna fail and boom i flipped her card at the end and she was mind blown

  42. Kpax Bros

    Kpax Bros18 uur geleden


  43. Joseph Bloe

    Joseph Bloe18 uur geleden

    4:51 15 card is a bust

  44. Apple

    Apple21 uur geleden

    I figured out the mint trick before they revealed it. No idea how they did the motionless, speechless card communication the third time though. Perhaps related to the angle of Teller's hands and/or the way he's sitting? Maybe some blinking?

  45. will migs

    will migs21 uur geleden

    Is that rashaad jennings?

  46. flyingchimp12

    flyingchimp1221 uur geleden

    They were prob mad when they learned how it worked lmao

  47. flyingchimp12

    flyingchimp1221 uur geleden

    Did you just steal someone’s else’s material and then run an ad for a store at the beginning of the video...

  48. Tarcisius Macharia

    Tarcisius Macharia21 uur geleden

    The mind reading chicken is controversial now

  49. Jeffrey Oligny

    Jeffrey Oligny21 uur geleden

    Four containers and some nuts? I see two nuts on stage in two containers.

  50. belfortpennmachida

    belfortpennmachida21 uur geleden

    10:23 those cards are worth $500 each. Thanks Chris Ramsey

  51. Mohammed Zayed

    Mohammed Zayed21 uur geleden

    ur trash at fortnite

  52. Wes James

    Wes James22 uur geleden

    I cant believe the show keeps Allison as the host she's painfully awkward that intro was brutal

  53. m c

    m c22 uur geleden

    If she tried to trick with Apple watch, how far is she planning to go? It is so stupid because there is no skill...

  54. Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best

    Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best22 uur geleden

    Ye olde matchbox trick 🤣🤣

  55. Gaming Master Anthony

    Gaming Master Anthony22 uur geleden

    Ok I get the code act when it comes to humans. But what about the mind reading chicken?

  56. joshua Medina

    joshua Medina23 uur geleden

    Help me out here teller Teller eye twitches

  57. Karen Patton

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  59. Bass Town Ncs

    Bass Town Ncs23 uur geleden

    epic video

  60. Lucky Luke

    Lucky LukeDag geleden

    You have only 8 products on your website? I expected more from a website called infinite magic tricks 😂 Will there be more products soon?


    STUDDS PRAVEENDag geleden

    Your great brother

  62. Daniel Blake

    Daniel BlakeDag geleden


  63. Mercury Curry

    Mercury CurryDag geleden

    that was so cool! fast enough and tricky!

  64. Bradley B.

    Bradley B.Dag geleden

    I was following along at the beginning and I accidentally stopped at the 5 of clubs wtf

  65. William Crownin

    William CrowninDag geleden


  66. Trap tracks And beats

    Trap tracks And beatsDag geleden

    Can I get pinned

  67. Dutchman

    DutchmanDag geleden

    Wow crazy

  68. EvilDrago 12

    EvilDrago 12Dag geleden

    OK I liked the video SUB to MLT Magic tricks can I get pinned?

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    Hope 360!Dag geleden


  71. Trap tracks And beats

    Trap tracks And beatsDag geleden


  72. Trap tracks And beats

    Trap tracks And beatsDag geleden


  73. a24396

    a24396Dag geleden

    So... Maybe it was actual magic? Right now that makes the most sense...

  74. Joe Walsh

    Joe WalshDag geleden

    When he was dealing the cards on the last card he pulled it out of the bottom of the deck

  75. tone knee

    tone kneeDag geleden

    Great show thank u

  76. Matthew Bibby

    Matthew BibbyDag geleden

    Spoilers if you care about the magic I guess, I don't know myself so this is just a theory bear in mind. My guess is he drilled a hole in the shell, kept his finger over the hole while he presented it and smashed it under the cloth to cover up what had been done before anyone could get a hold of it, as opposed to their theory that he swapped the Pea post smashing the shell. The rest is sleight of hand.

  77. SuperGirl1970 Carver

    SuperGirl1970 CarverDag geleden


  78. cke wavs

    cke wavsDag geleden

    He probably wrote on the pea and superglued the shells back together before the trick.

  79. Cameron Ward

    Cameron WardDag geleden

    I flag every video as spam that makes me watch ads


    THE AVERAGE BEARDag geleden

    I agree with many of the comments regarding this card trick. This trick is pretty cool, and has an awesome ending. I also agree that the way you deal the cards from the deck to the table looked very awkward and suspicious to me too. The other problem that i personally have with this trick is that once you count the few cards on to the table, then you put them BACK on top of the deck, and immediately count them again by dealing them BACK on the table. In my opinion, it makes the trick to long, boring, and not as effective because the cards are handled to much. I dont know if anyone agrees or not, its just my opinion. I wasnt interested in the result anymore after putting the few cards back on top of the deck, just to recount them again, on to the table. Bear.

  81. Caleb Suderman

    Caleb SudermanDag geleden

    It’s a cool trick, but not as impressive as when my dad vanished from our lives 🤷🏻‍♂️

  82. Pampi Opto

    Pampi OptoDag geleden

    It has been a while men

  83. Nume Trịnh

    Nume TrịnhDag geleden

    nice deck :)))!

  84. sriram ganesan

    sriram ganesanDag geleden

    4:52 before removing the wallet he placed it inside a shell box made of real shell. And 4:57 places it inside the glass. Good thinking good presentation ... But didn't think penn and teller accepted this a fooler ..

  85. merickful

    merickfulDag geleden

    "No difference in playing for Washington big wigs or people on the street".... Shows a picture of children....LOL.


    TRICKSTADag geleden

    He did not allow us to see the "Whole walnut" but shook it so we can hear something was inside because he just put the pea inside a hole at the bottom. Holding the nut the way he is holding it covers the hole at the bottom so the pea dosen't fall back out, and he quickly crushed it to hide that it already had a hole.


    TRICKSTADag geleden

    5:00 he stuck the pea in his pocket when he fetched his wallet.


    TRICKSTADag geleden

    3:58 I can see the pea under his middle finger.


    SHAMAD KHADAFFIDag geleden

    The instrumental at the end tho ?? Beat bangz harder then the twin towers 🔥🎵🎶

  90. Samuel Hobbs

    Samuel HobbsDag geleden

    Everybody complaining about ads, and here I am enjoying my NLgo Premium.

  91. Aidan McGrory

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    Yeah definitely smart watch that’s how she did it

  97. jqbtube

    jqbtubeDag geleden

    4:50 he slips a card while misdirecting with "you said 15?" And he sets up the royal flush while he's straightening out the cards as he's talking about Amarillo Slim. Note at 7:01 that the royal flush cards all have a black shadow at the bottom ... that's because they are bent, having been palmed.

  98. ytgibbo

    ytgibboDag geleden

    4:24 you can see her Apple Watch staring straight face up at her on her wrist. Blatant. But hey, fooled ‘em.

  99. COLT LE6920

    COLT LE6920Dag geleden

    This could be my favorite, he is funny , likable, and quite good to say the least.

  100. Techno Mo

    Techno MoDag geleden

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