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Date Mike - The Office US

7 maanden geleden

  1. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    Slyguy threeonetwonine14 uur geleden

    Me: This is so heartwarming!!! Also me: (BELCH!!!) Oh, it was just heartburn...

  2. Fox Banry

    Fox Banry14 uur geleden

    The Cinematographers that worked on this show couldn’t make this movie look bad even if they tried

  3. Erin Potts

    Erin Potts14 uur geleden

    The show was irredeemably bad after Michael left.

  4. TheChaosOfTheShadows

    TheChaosOfTheShadows14 uur geleden

    Toby: “Until a mysterious letter arrives” Me: Super Smash Bros Invite?????????

  5. Mangekyo Sharingan

    Mangekyo Sharingan14 uur geleden

    The Pontiac Bandit.

  6. Chris Moore

    Chris Moore14 uur geleden

    All schools in schools America should watch this instead of going outside.

  7. Heather Quintana

    Heather Quintana14 uur geleden

    Dwight, You were a brother to me, I loved you.

  8. Miss Ghostygamer

    Miss Ghostygamer14 uur geleden

    Did they just confirm the theory that Toby is the Scranton Strangler?

  9. Heath Ledger’s Joker

    Heath Ledger’s Joker14 uur geleden

    I’m surprised no one made a meme over the last part at 16:10.

  10. A D'Costa

    A D'Costa14 uur geleden

    Darryl is such an underrated character

  11. MuricaMottoRider

    MuricaMottoRider14 uur geleden

    I bet he could make some killer prison food. Lol

  12. Music Islife

    Music Islife14 uur geleden

    That went well 😂

  13. Jean980

    Jean98014 uur geleden

    I can never watch that opening of Jim biting his lip, have to fast forward it lol. Empathy pains

  14. Jay Kilkenny

    Jay Kilkenny14 uur geleden

    I said that's what she said at school the teacher laughed it was because of this There was this kid he had sausage and chips he said "This sausage is hard" Me: That's what she said That moment the teacher passed by she gave me a stir look but slowly became a face of laughter

  15. Miriam Gonzalez

    Miriam Gonzalez15 uur geleden

    why was she crying i do not saying that wrold

  16. MT Red

    MT Red15 uur geleden

    Michael looking at the camera while saying "are you okay" is an underrated moment.

  17. sneakymia1

    sneakymia115 uur geleden

    pam and jim are the worst people sometimes, poor Dwight, but the vending machine prank is incredible

  18. VEGAN

    VEGAN15 uur geleden

    My favourite part is when he pretends to he Darrel “fine I’m not Darrel, and thank god i’m not Darrel” 😂

  19. Nova does stuff.

    Nova does stuff.15 uur geleden

    Jim's hair changing is like Link cutting off his wings.

  20. Ryan fiore

    Ryan fiore15 uur geleden

    Can we please change the name of this video to “Michael the magic”

  21. Andromeda Studios

    Andromeda Studios15 uur geleden


  22. B R I C K.

    B R I C K.15 uur geleden

    That moment when Andy was acting too gay for a gay bar

  23. Vikkor Heel

    Vikkor Heel15 uur geleden

    SEX 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  24. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    Slyguy threeonetwonine15 uur geleden

    *You know the old saying with friends like that you don't need enemies. In their case the saying is with enemies like that you don't need friends.*

  25. Vikkor Heel

    Vikkor Heel15 uur geleden

    just upload some full episodes come on!!

  26. Jeremy Zumwalt

    Jeremy Zumwalt15 uur geleden

    *holds up nerds* "Jim, look im eating you-" "Shut up"

  27. Sour_Cream_Daisy 101

    Sour_Cream_Daisy 10115 uur geleden

    This is for me :p- 7:10

  28. MindofaMadMan69

    MindofaMadMan6915 uur geleden

    I love the karate kid reference

  29. Gr4nt3rrr

    Gr4nt3rrr15 uur geleden

    This show is like 85% of my yt use

  30. Zebro

    Zebro15 uur geleden

    This is the worst! You're the worst, I hate looking at your face, I wanna smash it!

  31. James Francis Harken

    James Francis Harken15 uur geleden

    Nice to meet me.

  32. Lazar Bukumirovic

    Lazar Bukumirovic15 uur geleden

    Is this included in the show, I can't remember it

  33. Sour_Cream_Daisy 101

    Sour_Cream_Daisy 10115 uur geleden

    0:48 Seeing ‘Dwight’ laugh feels strange...Cause showing ones teeth is a sign of submission in primates

  34. Chris Anders

    Chris Anders15 uur geleden

    That scene like the rest of the show will never get old!

  35. jim halpert

    jim halpert15 uur geleden

    im so hansom Pam is ok to guess

  36. 22oz of Reeses Puffs

    22oz of Reeses Puffs15 uur geleden

    I love the part about kevin saying he got 16,000$ in credit. It would've showed that his gambling addiction worked out after all lol

  37. Zebro

    Zebro15 uur geleden

    It should be illegal to see the "No God" scene without seeing all the episodes before that one. Seriously this scene is so much funnier when you know the context of it.

  38. zoro cozzz

    zoro cozzz16 uur geleden

    I'm at season 8 and miss Michael! He was the heart of the show!!!

  39. Sour_Cream_Daisy 101

    Sour_Cream_Daisy 10116 uur geleden

    This is for me :p- 5:57

  40. Patrick J

    Patrick J16 uur geleden

    "Even if I didn't love every minute of it, everything I have I owe to this job. This stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job! " Best tv show ever!

  41. Jackson Yollin

    Jackson Yollin16 uur geleden

    fun fact. this was improvised

  42. Samantha Anderson

    Samantha Anderson16 uur geleden

    I hate so much about the things you choose to be.

  43. Biiitch Panda

    Biiitch Panda16 uur geleden

    You can see micheal yelling out of the window before he breaks it 😉

  44. Lucas Correia

    Lucas Correia16 uur geleden

    wich episode is this ?

  45. wildsmiley

    wildsmiley16 uur geleden

    When I watch Pam applauding Kevin winning his Dundee, trying and succeeding at stirring up enthusiasm for Michael, I just smile. The Take in their look at Pam nailed it: she is the human glue that holds the office together.

  46. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson16 uur geleden

    Slow it down to .25x and thank me later

  47. Ianchiam

    Ianchiam16 uur geleden

    What happened to jim and Angela in 6:27? What season and episode is that??

  48. Biggie Cheesie

    Biggie Cheesie16 uur geleden

    Michael: Do you want a cookie cookie? Angela: *No cookie*

  49. enjoyitbro

    enjoyitbro16 uur geleden

    Donna the one woman trampier than Meredith

  50. Sophie Stegelitz

    Sophie Stegelitz16 uur geleden

    I wanted to smack Ryan repeatedly throughout this whole episode. With a chair.

  51. Eris C

    Eris C16 uur geleden

    H-E-L-L double hockey sticks

  52. Erik Cedillo

    Erik Cedillo16 uur geleden

    3:30 angela in the background looks creepy as hell lol

  53. Lilli Wright

    Lilli Wright16 uur geleden

    Bring The Office Back!!!!!

  54. Arno Sinclair

    Arno Sinclair16 uur geleden

    really love that jim didnt get the capt america part! but pray that he and he's wife mary poppins gets the fantastic four part!!!

  55. jonca 209

    jonca 20917 uur geleden

    The last 'that's what she said" that I've really admired

  56. Δέσποινα Κωστούλα

    Δέσποινα Κωστούλα17 uur geleden

    2:30 what movie is he talking about? Eyes without a face?

  57. Linwizz

    Linwizz17 uur geleden

    Jack Ryan saves the day again.

  58. Van Thuan Luong

    Van Thuan Luong17 uur geleden

    If there's any person who can stand up after falling like this character, that person can do anything.

  59. Rey Bat

    Rey Bat17 uur geleden

    Rashida Jones is hot though

  60. sketchy.chickk

    sketchy.chickk17 uur geleden

    Me: I ain't gonna cry, I'm STRONG *Pam watches Michaels plane leave* Also me: 😭😭god damn it

  61. Master Menace

    Master Menace17 uur geleden


  62. wildsmiley

    wildsmiley17 uur geleden

    I just love when she wins the Dundee for whitest sneakers, she's so absolutely overjoyed like someone winning an Academy Award (she's drunk but still). And I really love the look on Jim's face, watching her there. Like he's thinking "this is the greatest girl and her heart is so big and I love absolutely everything about her." So great.

  63. DylanK25 _

    DylanK25 _17 uur geleden

    I hope I get shot by cupid's sparrow


    LEGIT SAM 6IX17 uur geleden

    Where's my Jim? Even Michael found his Pam 😭

  65. wright vcx

    wright vcx17 uur geleden

    0:27 Jim breaks the character

  66. levbosock

    levbosock17 uur geleden

    I wish this video had more advertising..........

  67. Drake Manos

    Drake Manos17 uur geleden

    This makes literally no sense

  68. TheAmandaShow

    TheAmandaShow17 uur geleden


  69. Christopher Weaver

    Christopher Weaver17 uur geleden

    I really kind of didn’t like Pam for Jim . I know she had her reasons but they really didn’t set them up well . Jim was always patient for her , and the minute she’s single and jims with someone else , she had the nerve to say “you can give her your extension “ she doesn’t deserve him

  70. Kartik Deshpande

    Kartik Deshpande17 uur geleden

    If you keep watching all the videos from this NLgo channel, I'm almost sure that it will cover the entire series. Now you don't have to worry about the show being taken off from Netflix soon.

  71. Sam Lacquer

    Sam Lacquer17 uur geleden

    This is a hard video to comprehend after some good edibles.

  72. Hitfilm Academy

    Hitfilm Academy17 uur geleden

    What episode?

  73. Sophie Stegelitz

    Sophie Stegelitz18 uur geleden

    “Butter. Newborns are slippery!” 😂

  74. ur mom stinks

    ur mom stinks18 uur geleden

    *Oh god Ryan crying made me wanna cry and damn Michael being so loyal to Ryan and nice made me wanna cry too*

  75. Matt Riley

    Matt Riley18 uur geleden

    It’s great to see the big, bad, tough guy Jim freak out and lose his demeanor. Fucking coward.

  76. Matheus Barros

    Matheus Barros18 uur geleden

    Anything with James Spader is a solid no for me, I can't stand the guy's voice

  77. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. Schrute18 uur geleden


  78. Brendan Morrison

    Brendan Morrison18 uur geleden

    Ur missing three big ones: Him skating to Dave Matthews Band, His quote in the final episode, and his rendition of “I Will Remember You”

  79. Gabe

    Gabe18 uur geleden

    “You don’t even know who I am; I’m the f***ing lizard king”

  80. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. Schrute18 uur geleden

    My recorder was always the best part.

  81. Perry The Platypus

    Perry The Platypus18 uur geleden


  82. Alec Bain

    Alec Bain18 uur geleden

    Jesus Christ, Erin has zero chill

  83. DaFro3713

    DaFro371318 uur geleden

    They’re getting the song wrong. It’s BOBODDY! BOBODDY!!!

  84. Me gusta YouTube

    Me gusta YouTube18 uur geleden

    1:03 phyllis appears out of nowhere and disappears

  85. Blaise Dahl

    Blaise Dahl18 uur geleden

    Let’s do a new spinoff show about the Stanford Branch

  86. Brendito27

    Brendito2718 uur geleden


  87. Sunil Permaul

    Sunil Permaul18 uur geleden

    Well at least the sprinklers get fixed. Probably because Dwight buys the building.

  88. maggie

    maggie18 uur geleden

    1:49 this scene is actually so well shot the zooming in and out really allows viewers to see gabe’s uncontrollable hate and anger for andy lol

  89. maggie

    maggie19 uur geleden

    at 0:31 does anyone else watch the reflection of gabe in the mirror instead of his actual face, it just makes it way funnier lmao

  90. Capsicle

    Capsicle19 uur geleden

    Can you imagine if Krasinki got the role of Captain America then in age of Ultron. Ultron would become good

  91. Capsicle

    Capsicle19 uur geleden

    Robert is actually one of my favourites

  92. plaidchuck

    plaidchuck19 uur geleden

    Best thing about Michael in the US Office is the American sense of optimism. Anything is possible.

  93. Erika Alumno Secutec 1

    Erika Alumno Secutec 119 uur geleden

    Todos los que si hablamos español como "qué pedo qué pedo"

  94. Hole in Dans Sock

    Hole in Dans Sock19 uur geleden

    The misseltoe in his crotch area.... .................

  95. BAI Ryu

    BAI Ryu19 uur geleden

    This reminds me of my high school teacher, we always forget to lock the classroom door on P.E so she stole things to tell us the importance.

  96. Addison Evans

    Addison Evans19 uur geleden

    Do a compilation of all the “violent” moments. Like Dwight fighting Michael, the Duel episode, Pam slapping Michael etc. It would be amazing!

  97. Grace Moonbeam

    Grace Moonbeam19 uur geleden

    This makes Michael and Dwight look like a couple

  98. Mario Rosales

    Mario Rosales19 uur geleden

    I actually liked this guy

  99. Perfect Sense

    Perfect Sense19 uur geleden

    The noise he lets out at 2:14. Too good

  100. SWeMX

    SWeMX19 uur geleden

    And this right here is the problem most guys have.. even me sometimes. We overshoot things. Just be yourself. And if she likes you, boy you just passed 80% of the night.