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A Monster in the Media?

A Monster in the Media?

11 dagen geleden

A House of Addicts

A House of Addicts

18 dagen geleden

  1. flymaya_123

    flymaya_12314 uur geleden

    He sitting more still than the shampoo bottle in my shower.

  2. Shmacked Muffins

    Shmacked Muffins14 uur geleden

    I’m surprise his kids haven’t killed him in his sleep.

  3. Cutie Lala

    Cutie Lala14 uur geleden

    Disgusting I mean come on lady you knew what you were doing... I hope she gets help cause wow...

  4. Rob Brenton

    Rob Brenton14 uur geleden

    Stupid daughter. Stay quiet!

  5. Savanna 1396

    Savanna 139614 uur geleden

    Bleep bloop bleep I am a 🤖 bleep bloop

  6. BrickHouse

    BrickHouse14 uur geleden

    Why does this seem staged

  7. Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan14 uur geleden

    Damn. 13? 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  8. Storm Gazer

    Storm Gazer14 uur geleden

    Solution just shot him in the the head see if he bleeds real blood.🤗

  9. Saaduddin Ansari

    Saaduddin Ansari14 uur geleden

    Racists lie when they say "I have friends of different Races".. No they don't..

  10. Tanasha McCray

    Tanasha McCray14 uur geleden

    The family has waaaaay too many problems. They need to separate 100% this is toxic and negative environment.

  11. lil k r

    lil k r14 uur geleden

    My god the blame shifting and deflection is mind-blowing

  12. MG andM

    MG andM14 uur geleden

    These episodes have to be fake

  13. C. F.

    C. F.14 uur geleden

    God, he's *so* annoying!!!

  14. Lisa Symanski

    Lisa Symanski14 uur geleden

    Breed her!!! Breed her!! She isn’t a freaking animal or your property. Eeeewww

  15. Laura Martian

    Laura Martian14 uur geleden

    They should give him a dna test. I bet he would be surprised that no one is pure anything.

  16. Emperor Sheev

    Emperor Sheev14 uur geleden

    This dude looks like a muffin

  17. Jade O 'Hara

    Jade O 'Hara14 uur geleden

    Damn Right l want to meet him / know what he's about ,,, and l want to KNOW his parents ( or what , where absentee parent is) and I WANT TO KNOW WHERE HE LIVES cause my MOST BELOVED DAUGHTER doesn't come home or comes home hurt lm coming to his house with her 5 brothers , my dog and my husband( whom is a Long Shore Man) This is MY Daughter / the other 1/2 of my heart we are talking about

  18. Micah Larson

    Micah Larson14 uur geleden

    Is it weird that I slightly understand what hes saying 🤣

  19. Bubbly Chubbly

    Bubbly Chubbly14 uur geleden

    Why is this kid practically the same person as my brother?

  20. alois hermida

    alois hermida14 uur geleden

    Work ..

  21. Angelica Manzano

    Angelica Manzano14 uur geleden

    the ad that came up before this was abt a kid who was homeless .

  22. Jelly Bob

    Jelly Bob14 uur geleden

    0:37 and 1:15 lmao

  23. IEatPoopForALiving

    IEatPoopForALiving14 uur geleden

    Kid: I WANT MY ALLOWANCE RAISED Me:Tf is an Allowance???🤔🤔

  24. meeka bunnie

    meeka bunnie14 uur geleden

    she a bhad bhabie wanna be 🤣🙄

  25. lil k r

    lil k r14 uur geleden

    Wow epic fail at gaslighting

  26. Gina Kirkland

    Gina Kirkland14 uur geleden

    He’s a narcissistic nut job

  27. Jane and John Doe

    Jane and John Doe14 uur geleden

    He’s just upset because he feels cornered and powerless and he’s leaving his comfort zone. Joseph was so awesome to him

  28. A W

    A W14 uur geleden

    Narcissist loser

  29. Riley Ware

    Riley Ware14 uur geleden

    Uh oh, they sent in the British guy

  30. Lakota ww

    Lakota ww14 uur geleden

    No one else talking about the fact that the comment section for this video is not disabled like the rest of Dr Phil's videos.

  31. BryceSeton VandergriftMoM

    BryceSeton VandergriftMoM14 uur geleden

    Dr. Phil is AWESOME!!!

  32. Almamy Diaby

    Almamy Diaby14 uur geleden

    Cyborg: gets up and starts blasting everyone with laser beams out of his arms.

  33. Mary Maunsell

    Mary Maunsell14 uur geleden

    Shes just as bad

  34. Řəýñïî_ Ďāïš

    Řəýñïî_ Ďāïš14 uur geleden

    ok but shes pretty lol

  35. Lakota ww

    Lakota ww14 uur geleden

    This is rare.. the commet section is not disabled.... wonder if the hacker made this possible

  36. lil k r

    lil k r14 uur geleden

    Total malignant narc

  37. Ally B

    Ally B14 uur geleden

    As a mixed child of mixed parents this guy can go die.

  38. Sunshine Dreaxxmer

    Sunshine Dreaxxmer14 uur geleden

    It made me really happy how you turned around 3 peoples life’s

  39. John Wood

    John Wood14 uur geleden

    I hope this loser goes to jail

  40. Rob Brenton

    Rob Brenton14 uur geleden

    Him and his are just not a match. He's a good guy, but they are not a match. That's what needs to be addressed. It will never work them them.

  41. Keith Fleming

    Keith Fleming14 uur geleden

    Ok so now dr.phil is into dmx?wtf thought he was a therapist lmao

  42. Tnuc taf

    Tnuc taf14 uur geleden

    He can hack into my camera. Dr. Phil “ I don’t think he can drive 1500 miles” that just shows you how dumb Dr. Phil is

  43. Deaner P

    Deaner P14 uur geleden

    So why are these two idiots still married??

  44. Calista Danielle

    Calista Danielle14 uur geleden

    i’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard, than to hear him blabber on. my goodness, Dr. Phil has a lot of patience lol.

  45. 2m 8o

    2m 8o14 uur geleden

    This man is just one big pathetic ball of agonizing cowardice.

  46. Lindeau

    Lindeau14 uur geleden

    I mean, he’s probably dead now sooo

  47. addy bishop

    addy bishop14 uur geleden

    I kindve hope he needs a super risky surgery and the only person who can do it is a black woman.

  48. Bigdawg 1

    Bigdawg 114 uur geleden

    Why does she care?

  49. Janae NoTAbUm

    Janae NoTAbUm14 uur geleden

    he’s gonna be a virgin for the rest of his life

  50. moon clescheo

    moon clescheo14 uur geleden

    He’s gonna be single FOREVER. He seems to only care about money and somehow very materialistic.

  51. Vanessa Llontop

    Vanessa Llontop14 uur geleden

    Ahh isnt life better when you don’t have social media :)) gets u out of trouble

  52. Samuel Rivera

    Samuel Rivera14 uur geleden

    She looks so ridiculous😭

  53. James Robert

    James Robert14 uur geleden

    Part of the problem is you lady, you think it's funny!? You must have let him run the house growing up! Spoiled rotten! And the liberals want you to think that black people have it worse today than back in the 50's and 60's!

  54. joseplayz fam

    joseplayz fam14 uur geleden

    What if he's right, he's probably on to something

  55. Richard K

    Richard K14 uur geleden

    Phil came out so strong, I’m heading back to grade 3 to repeat that math exam I cheated on.

  56. Almamy Diaby

    Almamy Diaby14 uur geleden

    Just imagine if all this is true.

  57. Nico Originals

    Nico Originals14 uur geleden

    This sounds like a fire movie 🎥

  58. Rob Brenton

    Rob Brenton14 uur geleden

    He needs a better wife

  59. Laura Cortez

    Laura Cortez14 uur geleden

    I think most people are racist

  60. Ethan Constantinescu

    Ethan Constantinescu14 uur geleden

    For a second I thought the grandmother was a babysitter (for some reason)

  61. Boss man

    Boss man14 uur geleden

    What if he is lowkey a cyborg

  62. Melissa D

    Melissa D14 uur geleden

    So childish what a pathetic excuse for a “da”

  63. Zasty

    Zasty14 uur geleden

    Look at the mother. No wonder she's normalised this. Shame on that parent.

  64. Rob Brenton

    Rob Brenton14 uur geleden

    And he has less than ideal wife !!

  65. Ellie DaSilva

    Ellie DaSilva15 uur geleden

    He reminds me of my fri nde

  66. Lul Tooka

    Lul Tooka15 uur geleden

    The problem here is the mom she bout dumb

  67. Parisrose Jones

    Parisrose Jones15 uur geleden

    Have you tried turning it off then on again?

  68. Ricky Parmar

    Ricky Parmar15 uur geleden

    Dr Phil Rules

  69. Ray Cyst

    Ray Cyst15 uur geleden

    Dude has a whole lotta ANGER inside. He needs help or I feel like this family could be in trouble.

  70. Bonnie

    Bonnie15 uur geleden

    Disgusting. This woman is poor excuse for a mother. She should have took the children and ran long time ago. As a mother I can never ever in my life accept someone to treat my child in this awful manner. This man is just gross he needs to be dropped in middle of the sea with bunch of shark's. Disgusting rat.

  71. Sarah Kratky

    Sarah Kratky15 uur geleden

    Man " why do you keep coming back?" Woman "I don't know"

  72. Rob Brenton

    Rob Brenton15 uur geleden

    He is lying !!!!!

  73. _rozes_ :3

    _rozes_ :315 uur geleden

    Just get a knife and put a little cut and boom blood , he’s not a robot

  74. Shawnnell S

    Shawnnell S15 uur geleden

    One tour of Scared Straight I guarantee he would fold and change his act immediately

  75. YeBoyNoahG A V

    YeBoyNoahG A V15 uur geleden

    Mini Juice Wrld

  76. Corey Brown

    Corey Brown15 uur geleden

    DMX speaks from the heart! The man is gifted. Where my dogs at!!!!

  77. Devology !

    Devology !15 uur geleden

    Always be sober

  78. Support AnimalRights

    Support AnimalRights15 uur geleden

    I think his favorite movies are Terminator, Robocop, and X Machina.

  79. samana1fromsomalia

    samana1fromsomalia15 uur geleden

    Racist deplorable.

  80. Clovairgyrl

    Clovairgyrl15 uur geleden

    Yooo, when I started listening to him rap about God, I all of a sudden bursted into tongues without even thinking! hahaha I love it. Praise the Lord! There is so much truth in that rap!

  81. matt K

    matt K15 uur geleden

    They're really that oblivious

  82. Canyoupleaseb

    Canyoupleaseb15 uur geleden

    This man is a A1 actor

  83. Carl Snell

    Carl Snell15 uur geleden

    This is learned behavior.

  84. Alexis Cruz

    Alexis Cruz15 uur geleden

    honestly one day when the robots come to destroy us all cyborg man is gonna save us all

  85. David the worst

    David the worst15 uur geleden

    Stand back you unholy 15 year old

  86. Troy Kruse

    Troy Kruse15 uur geleden

    I know Mexican people who feel same way about whites. Never hear any of that because that’s not good tv

  87. Erin McCarthy

    Erin McCarthy15 uur geleden

    I love Robin.

  88. Eberjo M

    Eberjo M15 uur geleden

    The girl on stage is the same girl in the pics?🤔 Can we focus on the fact that dudes name is Brickland

  89. Longlive Nutter

    Longlive Nutter15 uur geleden

    Seems like they both or horrible as individuals and for each other... definitely shouldn’t have had kids together

  90. Richard K

    Richard K15 uur geleden

    This conversation would be a challenge. I’m amazed how Phil carried his game.

  91. Qrit 1cant

    Qrit 1cant15 uur geleden

    AWEsome it’s like she’s from New Jersey

  92. Joseph Avery

    Joseph Avery15 uur geleden

    Social media should be illegal

  93. Emoquent

    Emoquent15 uur geleden

    Is that a fact? *YES THAT IS A FACT!!!* ok.

  94. IamHollywood

    IamHollywood15 uur geleden

    ...bet he didn't forget his phone... Let that sink in..

  95. Vada Minot

    Vada Minot15 uur geleden

    You're both pathetic!

  96. Rozilyn noneyabusiness

    Rozilyn noneyabusiness15 uur geleden

    No race on this Earth is totally pure pure what what does that mean. Idiots, pure reprobates pure morons

  97. Sarah

    Sarah15 uur geleden

    If she would beat her fat daughter they wouldn’t need to go on Dr.Phil

  98. Tihanie McBroom

    Tihanie McBroom15 uur geleden

    Wow this mama just threaten a bunch of kids this monster be arrested for threatening

  99. Janell J

    Janell J15 uur geleden

    3.04 💀💀💀

  100. Janell J

    Janell J15 uur geleden

    😭💀jhit funny