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$900 Ryzen Gaming Build Guide
This PC is breathtaking!

This PC is breathtaking!

14 dagen geleden

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  1. Noa Sundsfjord

    Noa SundsfjordMinuut geleden

    Or just buy a mac

  2. cxociety

    cxocietyMinuut geleden

    How about a tablet (ipad, Samsung, Huawei, etc)? Thank you.

  3. Miquel Roura Batlle

    Miquel Roura BatlleMinuut geleden

    I just stopped the video when you said it doesn't have a jack. Goodbye surface X, see you in the next version if you are decent enough to add one

  4. Dilusha Madusanka

    Dilusha MadusankaMinuut geleden

    but the human eyes can only hear 30fps

  5. Zaamil Mohammed

    Zaamil MohammedMinuut geleden

    very easy

  6. hintofinsanity

    hintofinsanity2 minuten geleden

    How should i turn my computer off after checking to see if it posts outside the case? Do I need to plug a keyboard in as well?


    DGMUSICisGOOD3 minuten geleden

    $3899 now thats funny as fuck. You can REALLY buy 3 used cars for that price.

  8. RaspyStatus

    RaspyStatus3 minuten geleden

    i still wouldnt pay more for a PC than my RENT lol

  9. Anthony Donov

    Anthony Donov4 minuten geleden

    Arctic f12s are some of the best and live the longest !! <3

  10. Shield S.

    Shield S.5 minuten geleden

    Finally a video that actually has mean comments

  11. theandren85

    theandren855 minuten geleden

    So fuck me right? Now I need a 240 hz monitor...

  12. Nicholas Brooks

    Nicholas Brooks5 minuten geleden

    Critical mistake Linus, you forgot you anti static live strong wrist band

  13. ShiNOOBi

    ShiNOOBi5 minuten geleden

    Who play’s csgo with motion blur?

  14. Khinh Phu

    Khinh Phu6 minuten geleden

    linus trying to catch a rat :)

  15. Cosmoflips

    Cosmoflips7 minuten geleden

    please put linus on the thumbnail

  16. Komrade Kraken

    Komrade Kraken8 minuten geleden

    Linus: “I’m not a fan.” My dumbass self making bad jokes: “Good, because you’re human.”

  17. superchibiwings

    superchibiwings8 minuten geleden

    i wouldnt mind staying on a 16 core PC for the next.5 years

  18. Aleksandar Spasojevic

    Aleksandar Spasojevic9 minuten geleden

    How much you are paid from Apple to saying good for this crap of Apple product?

  19. Nick Hobbs

    Nick Hobbs9 minuten geleden

    I’m here for the giveaway.

  20. Skeppy's Grandpa

    Skeppy's Grandpa9 minuten geleden

    Does more Costs less... Maybe not -Apple 2015

  21. Nick slik T. Leep

    Nick slik T. Leep10 minuten geleden

    the verge guy is in the basement, someone go cheer him up

  22. Stephen Becker

    Stephen Becker10 minuten geleden

    This is super cute. I still think the 8K standard from LTT is totally pointless, but hey, nothing wrong with doing it if you have the money. :-)

  23. Robert Neve

    Robert Neve11 minuten geleden

    would have been cool if you'd also got the power draw of the same pc out of the box and overclocked. For comparison.

  24. Komrade Kraken

    Komrade Kraken12 minuten geleden

    People should really start reviewing something’s performance with Star Citizen. I mean I’ve see that game chew through 1080s or 2070s.

  25. Bill Garrison

    Bill Garrison13 minuten geleden

    please please please remove the mustache. Kthxbye

  26. Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus13 minuten geleden

    That moment when your main pc has a Q6600

  27. Khinh Phu

    Khinh Phu14 minuten geleden

    linus took the red pill and go to wonderland :)

  28. Rune Holmgren

    Rune Holmgren14 minuten geleden

    A gaming computer guide sponsored by Nvidia invalidates the whole thing...

  29. Team PAKYAZ

    Team PAKYAZ15 minuten geleden

    nice build, fans here from Philippines

  30. Peter69North

    Peter69North16 minuten geleden

    surface pro is such a piece of crap. stop recommending this crap

  31. Firekey

    Firekey19 minuten geleden

    4000 Burst now 12692 USD. Hmm still not millionare

  32. RedRay88 YT

    RedRay88 YT19 minuten geleden

    @linus what about ASRock motherboards?

  33. Very Loki

    Very Loki19 minuten geleden

    the last episode was so boring.

  34. Joshua Yuen

    Joshua Yuen20 minuten geleden

    “It’s amazing the difference an Inch makes” best advice u can ever receive from Linus

  35. alpha shock

    alpha shock21 minuut geleden

    Please gift me a powerful gaming pc with accessories like moniter chair headphone mouse etc If you agree Mail me at [email protected]

  36. jatin Potter

    jatin Potter23 minuten geleden

    😂😂😂😂😂 30k dislikes

  37. TheChargingCow

    TheChargingCow24 minuten geleden

    "Ryzen Gaming Build" *sponsored by Nvidia and Intel* Nice one, Linus.

  38. AtotehZ

    AtotehZ24 minuten geleden

    Maybe use som TG Conductonaut if you're having issues with contact.

  39. Mohammad yusuf

    Mohammad yusuf25 minuten geleden

    You can do video with playing rdr2 on different builds and different monitors

  40. Joseph Dunbar

    Joseph Dunbar25 minuten geleden

    OMGOSH, so many things wrong, lol. What is her acting? and what the hell is up with Linus? He acts like he likes her or something gay like that, so awkward. And Bitch Please, why could we not have someone intelligent use windows? I mean she is female, so she has to act dumb, plus she is . . . double loss 🤣 Is that offensive, sexist or true? *Googling* Oh its all three 🤣😂🤣

  41. VirtualFunction

    VirtualFunction27 minuten geleden

    no point in recommending or buying an rtx card when the consoles will adopt amd's version of ray tracing effectively turning rtx into dead silicon and wasted money

  42. JaredSVX

    JaredSVX27 minuten geleden

    Those plugs are so predictable yet so satisfying

  43. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Ser Garlan Tyrell28 minuten geleden

    I f***ing hate half-height up and down arrows! Give me a short shift key any day.

  44. irvin ching

    irvin ching29 minuten geleden

    gotta love the Ryzen porns.

  45. Jason Kessler

    Jason Kessler29 minuten geleden

    The entire reason I love my previous surface products is that they run my existing software and run it well.. this is a big no from me.

  46. ollieth3gam3r

    ollieth3gam3r29 minuten geleden

    *N O T H A N K S*

  47. Offgridd

    Offgridd30 minuten geleden

    Mine!, mine!, mine! 👏👏👏👏👏

  48. Julio Rodriguez

    Julio Rodriguez30 minuten geleden

    Can this piece of "tech" run any flavor of arm linux distro?

  49. Aldrig

    Aldrig30 minuten geleden

    Mmm i buy this with the basic version, i5 and 1660ti - 16GB ram, for me this configurations is awesome

  50. UnLucky Catfish

    UnLucky Catfish30 minuten geleden

    I have no idea whats they are talking about but I see that they have like 9 fans

  51. Vince The Prince

    Vince The Prince32 minuten geleden

    *And I thought Apple was the best at that game.*

  52. ALI editor

    ALI editor34 minuten geleden

    man i wish i was that much lucky using 2 years of laptop really is boring, well ik it never would happens XD ,cant do anything for it but i wish u all the best Linus Tech Tips >o< .

  53. Romans Pokrovskis

    Romans Pokrovskis37 minuten geleden

    Is it just me or this video would benefit from the smaller amount of "here, here, here" instructions?

  54. comedyflu

    comedyflu37 minuten geleden

    Undercover Blows at MSI **wink**

  55. Ryan W

    Ryan W38 minuten geleden

    Should I do the Canada question so I can get the extra point?

  56. Nexodus ZeroX

    Nexodus ZeroX40 minuten geleden

    22:23 Is it ironic that when he was unimpressed with Origin PC, the login/sign out panel came up, and then i was disappointing in Origin too?

  57. Luca B

    Luca B40 minuten geleden

    Something you never seem to take into account when talking about keyboard layouts like this is that full-size arrow keys are often much more pleasant to use than those with squashed up and down arrow keys, especially when playing games which heavily utilise arrow keys. Smaller up and down arrow keys, compared to full-size ones, are much harder to reliably and quickly press, which can be problematic when playing games like The Binding of Isaac where reliably making quick key-presses is important - the fact that this is a gaming computer makes this even more pertinent. I understand that the small right shift key is annoying, but I think a lot of people would consider this a reasonable compromise to make.

  58. intel i9 9900k

    intel i9 9900k41 minuut geleden

    Cool video

  59. Joao Marcelo De Mendonca Guerra Estevam

    Joao Marcelo De Mendonca Guerra Estevam41 minuut geleden

    Just watched Linus teaches how to build a PC. I've been building PC's for 15 years or so.

  60. Darnell Hannett

    Darnell Hannett42 minuten geleden

    You can you use Google translator to talk to people that talk different languages

  61. Quico Gil

    Quico Gil43 minuten geleden

    You mispelled RX 5700 8GB

  62. Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

    Dmitriy Chaikovskiy44 minuten geleden

    Never had any issues with notifications appearing on my note

  63. Manny Ambotz

    Manny Ambotz44 minuten geleden

    da best wew that was huge pc wew water cooling oyeah


    JL BREMER44 minuten geleden

    Hoping to get the Nitro 5 Intel for video editing soon!!! Need to edit these NLgo videos on the go!!!

  65. Werner Barnard

    Werner Barnard44 minuten geleden

    Your hands gained some weight. :-P

  66. Philip Smith

    Philip Smith45 minuten geleden

    You should mention that it's best to remove the pre-applied thermal paste from the cooler if you want to apply your own.

  67. Omar Riaz

    Omar Riaz46 minuten geleden

    I feel dumb now because I didn't understand almost 60% of the stuff shown in the video I've been watching Linus for 5-6 years (I think) but I still don't understand it. :(

  68. Reon John

    Reon John47 minuten geleden

    Moral of the story: Good hardware don't make you a good gamer

  69. Com Shepard

    Com Shepard50 minuten geleden

    Is Linus preparing for tech youtuber wife's build off?

  70. Attila Mézes

    Attila Mézes51 minuut geleden


  71. Joshua Saavedra

    Joshua Saavedra51 minuut geleden

    Come on man put a cpu cooler at least

  72. Fury XL

    Fury XL51 minuut geleden

    Where do you find a ryzen 5 3600 at this price? Oo I've searched a lot and didn't find it at 194$, neither under 220 :(

  73. HarmInTrying

    HarmInTrying52 minuten geleden

    Just checked out displate for metallic photo printing; they require that you make a purchase of some of their pre-made prints before they'll allow you to print your own work. :/ I guess this is LTT, not Brandon's Photo Tips.

  74. Nichita Octavian

    Nichita Octavian52 minuten geleden

    sell out

  75. ScytherRaid

    ScytherRaid53 minuten geleden

    Cant wait for someone to get scammed thinking its the best money for the buck.

  76. Blindcattan

    Blindcattan53 minuten geleden

    Unless you bought OEM licences that aren't transferrable

  77. PartiallyNumb

    PartiallyNumb55 minuten geleden

    Let’s get an updated video on this please.

  78. Sentiqus1

    Sentiqus155 minuten geleden

    How loud is that box CPU fan?

  79. my name is Jeff

    my name is Jeff56 minuten geleden

    I want your trash bag👽

  80. Joy of Lego

    Joy of Lego56 minuten geleden

    Once you go Mac, you never go back.

  81. RedWolf Gamer

    RedWolf Gamer57 minuten geleden

    Watching your videos for 2 yrs and the creator is saying its boring

  82. noobesity

    noobesity58 minuten geleden

    In the name of Jesus you don't deserve to peel the plastic off until you're done with the build!!!!!

  83. Blindcattan

    Blindcattan58 minuten geleden

    It's just motherboard usually. I think it's 15 activations.

  84. Scott Godfrey

    Scott Godfrey59 minuten geleden

    You pronounced "tweezers" wrong.

  85. Kratos Hero

    Kratos Hero59 minuten geleden

    Can you give it me for free...

  86. Gan X

    Gan XUur geleden

    Can I use Vodka Cooling in that build and play with SLI?

  87. RandomNooby

    RandomNoobyUur geleden

    Wow, I had never considered the possibility that people would actually take time out there lives to hate this dude, surely there are better targets out there, unless I am missing something, and he is actually Satan incarnate in a convincingly nerdy disguise...

  88. heephstan

    heephstanUur geleden

    How are you making a recommendation "guide" while the video is sponsored by MSI and Nvidia? How can this ever be an honest opinion...?

  89. Alex Marks

    Alex MarksUur geleden

    Used is the best. $150 1660ti? Yes please!

  90. CybrosisEvolved

    CybrosisEvolvedUur geleden

    Why Graphics Cars is he installing?

  91. omar ayman

    omar aymanUur geleden

    linus pls dont use mouse like this in rocket league... and open fuckin ball camera

  92. FaithfulMC

    FaithfulMCUur geleden

    Nobody uses the right shift, get that trash off my keyboard

  93. Alamsyah desu

    Alamsyah desuUur geleden

    2:30 wut? Anthony is anime fan?

  94. Aaron O'Brien

    Aaron O'BrienUur geleden

    I just wanna punch you. That voice and acting reminds me of my 4 yo kazzoo looking cousin. It's not funny how you talk, it's plain depressing. Stop. Get help.