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  1. Christine Tarbet

    Christine Tarbet11 uur geleden

    While this was t a good episode, you’re forgetting The Office did a clips show, which I always skip.

  2. Gigas Law

    Gigas Law11 uur geleden

    Some of my favorite episodes were after Steve Corel left. Not saying I didn’t miss him or that the show got better when he was gone, I just think the show remained solid without him

  3. Claire Carter

    Claire Carter11 uur geleden

    On my 3rd ever acid trip I decided to turn on gravity falls because it's a goofy lighthearted show but weird and deep enough to be interesting to someone on drugs. Well I didnt realize I was at the finale and that became my whole trip as I grappled with the same not wanting to face reality issues as Mabel. It was a wild time and is one of the many reasons that gravity falls is one of my favorite cartoons. Its smart, well written, well planned, and made me think about myself in a critical way. It holds a special place in my heart because I watched the end in such a vulnerable state. Dont do drugs kids, itll make you way too invested in children's television.

  4. Jacob Manthe

    Jacob Manthe11 uur geleden

    I like Ledger more because he was more unpredictable and he was always in charge. Even when Batman had the upper hand, Joker still had him where he wanted, and he arguably had more control when Batman was in a position of power. Other than the ending scene, we all knew the path Phoenix’s character was gonna take.

  5. Daniel Stephens

    Daniel Stephens11 uur geleden

    This episode was funny as fuck, whats wrong with you

  6. Walnut Sucker

    Walnut Sucker11 uur geleden

    There is 104 days of summer vacation but school comes along just to end it, but the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it, like maybe: building a rocket or fighting a mummy, or climbing up the Eiffel Tower banubanuh, discovering something that doesn’t exist or giving a monkey a shower. Surfing tidal waves , creating nano bots or locating Frankenstein’s brain ( it’s over here).

  7. HerrKrieg

    HerrKrieg11 uur geleden

    After leaving the theatre for the first time having watched Joker, I wanted Joaquin to be the role in more films. The second and third time I saw the movie I wanted that less and less. After analyzing the film, I think it would simply be awful. Joaquin's Joker is such a beautifully composed, written, and performed character that it would be a disservice to use him as the typical onscreen villain. After *this* performance, having him be a character in the story of Batman, being foiled and beaten by Batman, it just wouldn't carry the gravity which is appropriate. Joker was art, made to be enjoyed and discussed and analyzed, and a comic book movie would ruin that.

  8. Galvonetta

    Galvonetta11 uur geleden

    I hate the idea of the show ending when Michael leaves. The show becomes different, and there were DEFINITELY some stories that didn't land, but the last couple seasons also had a lot of really excellent material as well. I mean come on, if we didn't get the post-Michael era then we never would've gotten Robert California! And that's just not a world I want to live in, ya know?

  9. Theslypandagaming

    Theslypandagaming11 uur geleden

    I just wish they just made their own characters instead of using the teen titans

  10. David Berger

    David Berger11 uur geleden

    I hated that episode. Didn’t realize it was a pilot.

  11. Annabelle

    Annabelle11 uur geleden

    Why the hell this video has a weird fps or its just my phone?

  12. Shooter Mcgavin

    Shooter Mcgavin11 uur geleden

    I actually thought this was a pretty funny episode. And when he said “like a fart” and that kid made that face... that was fuckin hilarious. Maybe I’m just a skid I dunno🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. Maluminse

    Maluminse11 uur geleden

    Huge mistake. Downhill after Carrell left.

  14. Eleanora Dzen

    Eleanora Dzen11 uur geleden

    Looks from side to side *whispers* Jem had 3 songs per episode, usually... but if had a shorter run

  15. Bodi Clifford

    Bodi Clifford11 uur geleden

    Unlocked a part of my childhood I didn’t know existed

  16. JCFnetwork

    JCFnetwork12 uur geleden

    Hi Nerdstalgic

  17. Geek Zone

    Geek Zone12 uur geleden

    What is the exact music used?

  18. 109Rage

    109Rage12 uur geleden

    Whaat? Someone thought an *Emoji* movie was a better idea than… Popeye? Fuck hell, I hate companies trying to be fellow kids for the sake of it. It's gross. I'd rather have a modern re-imagining of Popeye, over the atrocity that was the Emoji movie.

  19. BethAnn Mayberry

    BethAnn Mayberry12 uur geleden

    I'm 40 years old, so Gravity Falls didn't air anywhere CLOSE to my childhood, but I was, and REMAIN, an obsessed fan. I still think it might be one of the best crafted shows of all time, animated or no.

  20. Max Alonso

    Max Alonso12 uur geleden

    You should make a video about community! Its one of my favorite shows and id love to hear what you have to say about it!

  21. Ruffian

    Ruffian12 uur geleden

    i liked the episode. there, i said it.

  22. 420illoin

    420illoin12 uur geleden

    I used to love the Simpson but after the 20 season it started to suck. From comedy now to reality problems like the Pokémon go episode.

  23. Lightningstormzay

    Lightningstormzay12 uur geleden

    This shit hit different at 2 am

  24. Old Nerd Reviews

    Old Nerd Reviews12 uur geleden

    I enjoyed the episode. You want to talk the worst? Refer to just about any episode that either Robert California or Andy was in charge.

  25. koshin Pillay

    koshin Pillay12 uur geleden

    I agree with what you've said, a spin off would not have worked. But i kinda liked this episode.

  26. Phil Nicholls

    Phil Nicholls12 uur geleden

    It sounds like he's holding in a burp or something right at the beginning when he says "there's a reason for that".

  27. artificialbox

    artificialbox12 uur geleden

    tf you talking about this was one of my favourite episodes

  28. thewatertypesquirtle

    thewatertypesquirtle12 uur geleden

    I never thought of stan being drawn into wax stan was because he was reminded of his brother. That’s even more amazing now the I think of it

  29. Video Game Sanctuary

    Video Game Sanctuary12 uur geleden

    I never heard anything bad about it until now. But I understand your view.

  30. David V

    David V12 uur geleden

    I don’t think Dwight is the least like able 😢 especially once he becomes friends w Jim ..

  31. Dan

    Dan12 uur geleden


  32. Brohlan

    Brohlan12 uur geleden

    I enjoyed both shows TTG self awareness is what made it funny

  33. Olle Klüft 6

    Olle Klüft 612 uur geleden

    Every body watching that joker scene: Wow that really was a surprise Nerdstalgic watching the same scene: Now he feel sorrow and loneliness att the same time and in five seconds he is going to shoot the man right of him.

  34. Phil Nicholls

    Phil Nicholls12 uur geleden

    "Jawight K. Schrute"

  35. Max Boyd

    Max Boyd12 uur geleden

    It’s Planet Sheen all over again

  36. pineappleagent1

    pineappleagent112 uur geleden

    I actually really liked this episode, idk if I would’ve watched an entire show based off of it but it was really nice seeing into Dwight’s life and how different his siblings ended up being from him.

  37. Kenneth Mazerat

    Kenneth Mazerat12 uur geleden

    First vid I've ever watched from you. Your logic compelled me to subscribe.

  38. omni deth

    omni deth12 uur geleden

    Okay whos cock did the producers of this garbage suck to get an award awful movie.

  39. FC's The Meme

    FC's The Meme12 uur geleden

    This cartoon represents all that is wrong in our world such as Annoying Orange and Nick's terribly bland child sitcoms.

  40. Carmai7

    Carmai712 uur geleden

    9 minutes to explain something that is so simple: Teen Titans is for teens, and Teen Titans Go is for kids! Kids have more time to watch TV than teens, hence the better ratings! Simple!

  41. abbigail llanas

    abbigail llanas13 uur geleden

    I was disappointed with TT go. I miss the old series so bad.

  42. k9dominica

    k9dominica13 uur geleden

    Teen Titans Go is not a spin off of Teen Titans. It is a comedic reboot of Teen Titans. It's not supposed to make sense. That's what's funny about it. No logic just comedy.

  43. Echo Spectre

    Echo Spectre13 uur geleden

    Why te f is this recommended of me

  44. andrew jeffords

    andrew jeffords13 uur geleden

    Great video; there is no “T” at the end of certain.

  45. Karisa Jones

    Karisa Jones13 uur geleden

    I love how you do not bring up Bobs comedy on stage. It is shall I say rather adult in nature? I guess showing just how great of an actor he is because the Bob on stage is not the bob you would have around your children. On the other hand I was listening in the kitchen and you are right that sounded like 2 Joeys on the speakers.

  46. Benjamin Coyle

    Benjamin Coyle13 uur geleden

    I think DC knows that there is an audience for content like OG Teen Titans which is why they keep putting out (pretty good) animated movies and Young Justice. I don't hate TTG, and feel the hate is unjustified. I didn't really get what it was about until I watched an episode of Gumball and realized that metacontextual ADD humor is just what's in. The voice cast are still amazing and seem to be enjoying themselves. What else matters?

  47. Anony Mousse

    Anony Mousse13 uur geleden

    They raped it.

  48. projectrooster

    projectrooster13 uur geleden

    Loved this episode.

  49. jdlech

    jdlech13 uur geleden

    What burns me the most about TTgo is that it gets away with the same controversial gags that got TT pulled from the network. Even worse, they do it even more than TT ever did. But since their target audience is children and not actually teens or adults, they get away with it. This is why I hate TTgo. It's not just a slap in the face of those of us who loved TT, but it gets away with all the stuff (and more) that got our beloved TT pulled in the first place. You hope there's a place for the original series or character? No. Not anymore. The original writers have moved on, the artists, the voice characters all moved on. Live has to go on. You'll never put together another team that will quite get it right. The show is dead. We might someday get another series, but it won't ever be like the original.

  50. will ropa

    will ropa13 uur geleden

    Could pretty much sum this up as these two words. "Reboot", Viewers "Ugh" and corporations "Yay!". "Originality", Viewers "OMG Yes!" and corporations "*demonic screams*".

  51. KingsFan2017

    KingsFan201713 uur geleden

    Man I miss the OG Teen Titans

  52. John Kramer

    John Kramer13 uur geleden

    “The Audience is Different.” Yeah, they’re 8-12 year olds that don’t really know the difference between quality entertainment and corporate cash grabs cause they’re too innocent and inexperienced to recognize such things

  53. Griffen

    Griffen13 uur geleden

    Jim: Duh-wight Michael: Dwigt Nerdstalgic: Jwight

  54. Darien Hilmerson

    Darien Hilmerson13 uur geleden

    People underestimate what kids can handle. They think children need silly fluff to watch. But I'd like to point out that I first saw the original Teen Titans when I was 5 years old, and I was obsessed with it. If kids shows are getting dumber, it's not because kids are dumb- it's because the people making the shows don't understand kids.

  55. ponedwarf

    ponedwarf13 uur geleden

    I am loving the videos. I haven't missed a single video you have come out with and I truly believe you should have so much more notoriety than you currently have. Every video is very high quality and incredibly edited. You obviously do thorough research and take pride in what you are doing. You have talked a few times about failed spin-offs and a point you have brought up more than once, including this video. That being keeping a character from the original being a problem as you want to continue to see other recognizable characters. I would love to see a video talking about good spin-offs, such as fear the walking dead or better call saul. I really hope you see this. love the videos.

  56. will ropa

    will ropa13 uur geleden

    You made a good video, you had great points, but there is one that tips the scale to Go being bad. You mentioned how there was an audience for this show that appreciates it, few coming from the original series. It doesn't make them wrong or bad that they like it, it's admirable. Admittedly there are a few shows that I like, Island Adventure is a pretty good specials list that I like to watch, but what makes it bad is the last part of the list, where the group escape to find themselves in a Truman Show dome ripoff with the ever present Control Freak waiting to gloat. One line from the dialogue that makes me mad, Star asks why people would hate them for what they do, BB shows a list of online hate messages, and Freak talks about their comments meaning nothing because they are a small group with little power. You talked about not saying that the group for Go was bad for what they do, but Go is saying we're bad for opposing them. This isn't a single moment either, multiple times usually Freak shows up saying the Go team is bad yet they counter that they don't care and he's still a bad guy for thinking that way. They're classifying negative comments as worthless because they don't agree with them? That's moronic. It's the negative responses that make us do better. If it were a math test and instead of a red x over a wrong answer, the kid got a sticker for it, then they'd keep doing the mistake because they think it's a reward. That's what's happening, they're saying in their own show that they don't care of the negative responses to it, that they mean nothing, only looking to good comments, but it's only reinforcing this loop of bad. If it was a one time thing, it'd blow over, but multiple of it feels like an attack to us who feel different. Are really we the bad guys for it?

  57. Orlando Rotundo

    Orlando Rotundo13 uur geleden

    Toxic feminazi

  58. Courtney High

    Courtney High13 uur geleden

    I'm sure there are plenty of comments already but it's Length, not Lenght @6:39

  59. KeyOfTheTwilight

    KeyOfTheTwilight13 uur geleden

    Oh yeah! I learned this in screenwriting class! ^^

  60. Brandon Saltzman

    Brandon Saltzman13 uur geleden

    Eat your cereal

  61. • moodxavlynn •

    • moodxavlynn •13 uur geleden

    I know this show if really hated but when I was around 8-10 years old this show was my favorite. I understand why people don’t like it, honestly as of now I’d probably like the original teen titans way more than teen Titian’s go, but that’s because I’m older and this show is just for younger kids and not older people who came from watching the original. I do understand how it’s disappointing for them though to get a spin-off that’s completely different, but for people (like me) who had no idea what teen titans was when I discovered teen titans go, it was a pretty great show for being a young kid.

  62. undeadman7676

    undeadman767613 uur geleden

    I would honestly enjoy a season-long arc with Tootie as the main character. A spinoff would suffice. This show was brilliant and they didn’t have to deviate from its original formula. They just needed to approach the already existing story from a different angle.

  63. BE AN

    BE AN13 uur geleden

    Bruh total drama world tour had a song each episode

  64. Isaias Vazquez

    Isaias Vazquez13 uur geleden

    Let's not forget the one Office spinoff that did work: Jack Ryan, Threat Level Midnight

  65. Dag_Will

    Dag_Will13 uur geleden

    Wow, I figured a video on the Joker would have some edgelords in the comments but jesus christ you guys, it's like reading a 13 year old's Facebook page

  66. Vsolcar

    Vsolcar13 uur geleden

    What? You knew who he wanted to kill.. it was himself. . Before he came out and Murray showed the clip of Joker bombing again you could see how his perspective morphed. There was no misdirection.

  67. vincent evans

    vincent evans13 uur geleden

    To bad the entire movie was overshadowed by the moron actor.

  68. succmydragon on instagram

    succmydragon on instagram13 uur geleden

    😧̵̛͔͍̱͙̥͔̯͖̥͙̲͆ͬ̊̑̔̂Don’t ask what this is😐

  69. That’s Cool

    That’s Cool14 uur geleden

    This show feels like a fever dream when I watch it

  70. SpiffyPenguin

    SpiffyPenguin14 uur geleden

    Wow. I always hated the minions but now I have a lot more reasons to hate them lol.

  71. EarthbornPlays

    EarthbornPlays14 uur geleden

    I actually really enjoyed the farm. Gave me an insight on dwights life.

  72. Julio Banuelos

    Julio Banuelos14 uur geleden

    What is the song near the beginning with the happy melody? Haven't been able to find it on Lukrembo and Sayso's channels

  73. c r o n c h

    c r o n c h14 uur geleden

    me: has never watched the simpsons also me: oh shit spill that homie tea

  74. ModeratelyTrumpet

    ModeratelyTrumpet14 uur geleden

    You called dwight the "least likeable". How dare you he is one the most courageous, hard working, smart, dedicated men I've ever layed my eyes on. How dare you sir, how dare you.

  75. Paul Rose

    Paul Rose14 uur geleden

    Wether or not we think this was a good episode we should have had the office/ parks and recreations crossover

  76. Scye

    Scye14 uur geleden

    i stuck throughout the whole time it was dropping on Disney XD those 4 years went by too fast

  77. Keshaun Jones

    Keshaun Jones14 uur geleden

    Can a petition be made to bring this show back? With the power the internet has *coughs in sonic* we may be able to do something similar with the OGTT and push them to bring it not asking for TTG to be canceled but both parties can benefit from the return of the original TT's.We enjoy our show and TTG gets to nit pick more material from the OGTT thus keeping both shows alive and money rolling in from viewers of all age

  78. G.G.

    G.G.14 uur geleden

    Disney's animated series are far more mature, clever and thought-out then their live action ones, hands down

  79. slackerboy14

    slackerboy1414 uur geleden

    I wish i could erase all memories of watching gravity falls just so i could experience it for the first time again, the show was pretty good

  80. Michael Drew

    Michael Drew14 uur geleden

    8:56 so what you're saying is that we should've had a spin-off of Michael's life with Holly then?!?

  81. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia14 uur geleden

    I would've loved to see Dwight for 10 more seasons

  82. No Thanks

    No Thanks14 uur geleden

    the oscar is a joke

  83. Geovanni Pink

    Geovanni Pink14 uur geleden

    The show still cannot conpare to the original

  84. Clay Bowen

    Clay Bowen14 uur geleden

    This episode even felt visually weird. It had a “cinematic” look that got rid of all the documentary vibes. It was shot more like a commercial.

  85. Drawingfandom

    Drawingfandom14 uur geleden

    ... my dumb thick stupid brain never realized TEEN titans was aimed at teens purely based off the title. I knew it was for teens bc of the writing but I didn’t realize the title practically stated it like that damn!

  86. Sweetmamaschili

    Sweetmamaschili14 uur geleden

    This has very little to do with the video, but I hate the disrespect people have for Heath. They always say he was some wacko who overdosed because he got too in character. He literally took two medications that don’t mix well on accident, it was misfortune that ended a man’s life before his magnum opus could give him the reward he deserved.

  87. Christian Fischer

    Christian Fischer14 uur geleden

    I think the least likable character is a tie between jan, phillis, and erin. They’re all so annoying.

  88. Garrett P

    Garrett P14 uur geleden

    There was always one major thing that bugged me about The Farm episode/pilot; Esther is in this episode which I imagine was supposed to take place slightly after The Office but there is not Angela. I always wondered if they had planned to potentially end The Office with Dwight and Angela not being together which would have been terrible imo

  89. DylanBeRad

    DylanBeRad14 uur geleden

    idk man it doesnt seem that deep

  90. chauncy primm

    chauncy primm14 uur geleden

    Those long necks lmao wtf

  91. Jack Kabel

    Jack Kabel14 uur geleden

    Honestly I’ve always liked the farm and I think the reason why is because even in a show full of memorable episodes it stands out more than probably any other episode beside dinner party. Especially in the last couple seasons which for me at least tend to blend together, the farm is probably the one I remember most from the time Michael leaves until the finale.

  92. Throttle Kitty

    Throttle Kitty14 uur geleden

    The worst episode of televion I have ever seen is the one about saying the old ladies name. At least half of that episode was just saying that ladies name. It wasn't even funny for the first 5 seconds. I now get visibly exhausted if a family guy bit goes on for longer than 10 seconds in fear it will go on for half the episode.

  93. ViRiX Dreamcore

    ViRiX Dreamcore14 uur geleden

    I remember ttg2k. I actually like both equally.

  94. Reel Of Cubes

    Reel Of Cubes14 uur geleden

    Uhh, that's unironically my favorite episode of the show.

  95. Infamous Sarcasm

    Infamous Sarcasm14 uur geleden

    I'm glad this isn't another, "Teen Titans good, Teen Titans Go bad" video it's more indepth and explores more then just, "This show good, this show bad". Same with Ben 10, like there's things in that show that did things better then the original series but because it looks different and has a different focus means that it's bad. Even with OMNIVERSE, it's crazy what nostalgia does to people sometimes.

  96. CJ Gemini Tarot

    CJ Gemini Tarot14 uur geleden


  97. TheR3aper5

    TheR3aper515 uur geleden

    Could you do some Supernatural episoded? Maybe about their various spinoffs 😂

  98. Peyton F

    Peyton F15 uur geleden


  99. TheR3aper5

    TheR3aper515 uur geleden

    I LOVED the idea of this spinoff

  100. PiercedBitxh Aila

    PiercedBitxh Aila15 uur geleden

    Me *sees*: “Why you still remember victorious so well” hmmm, yes. I need to know why I remember it so well. Also me: has never seen an episode. Never seen a piece of an episode. I know nothing about it aside from it has Ariana Grande in it (&I only know that bc I’ve watched videos about Ariana Grande Tik Tok clones& apparently they always impersonate Victorious.)