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Rookie drifts F1 in Copenhagen
  1. Maxime Lusignan-Laplante

    Maxime Lusignan-Laplante2 uur geleden

    8:03 Please sir don't drop your camera like that

  2. Dal Rog

    Dal Rog2 uur geleden

    Qué perfomance tiene?

  3. Sasha Smirnov

    Sasha Smirnov3 uur geleden

    I live 5km from this airport. I am Russian.

  4. Thomas Vanderveken

    Thomas Vanderveken4 uur geleden

    3:01 guy being an airplane in the background

  5. Sebastian Lim

    Sebastian Lim4 uur geleden

    17:37 that has not aged well with Red Bull... Guess who is accusing Ferrari for their straight line speed and engine power??

  6. Bulleyes -bruh

    Bulleyes -bruh5 uur geleden

    Next year I want to see the hotlap on a Honda grass mower

  7. Wolf’Flight

    Wolf’Flight5 uur geleden

    2:24 Pierre looked so shocked to figure out that Lance’s 200 million Dollar Yatch is Called Faith.

  8. legolas sdx

    legolas sdx5 uur geleden

    Victor Abad es famoso jajajaj que grande

  9. D3TreX 17

    D3TreX 176 uur geleden

    legend xd

  10. Juan martin Jimenez

    Juan martin Jimenez6 uur geleden

    Yo this is crazy dope nice one red bull f1

  11. Jon Kraemer

    Jon Kraemer9 uur geleden

    used to not like red bull but after watching this its cool to see how much they achieved in y lifetime with the v8s

  12. Junior e39 ///M5

    Junior e39 ///M59 uur geleden

    Driving this on public roads and that sounds it makes will definitely be cooler than driving any supercars Ferrari koenigsegg Lamborghini pagani Bugatti those would look like ordinary cars although they're not lol

  13. WA Sa

    WA Sa9 uur geleden

    💓23ครับ🇹🇭📢ปู้น ปู้น

  14. Lewt Moo

    Lewt Moo9 uur geleden

    Why ppl watch sad movies? A: To see if someone is psychopath or not. Let them watch the movie called "Hachi: a dog story" to see if they have a heart.

  15. Juan Antonio Monzón

    Juan Antonio Monzón15 uur geleden

    Max will never leave Red Bull Racing... he really likes drinking red bull. He is apparently always high on Red Bull. It is really not just PR... he likes it very much! hahaha

  16. Dreamy

    Dreamy16 uur geleden

    What if they kissed on camera? Haha... jk. Unless? 😳

  17. asparceproton1

    asparceproton117 uur geleden

    Holy hell boys, be careful with those UTVs! Andrew Collins from Jalopnik crushed his hand into a million pieces flipping one of those.

  18. Thomas Robert

    Thomas Robert20 uur geleden

    Thats me during the holidays as my brother lives in france

  19. pvp

    pvp20 uur geleden


  20. Ace Of Nades

    Ace Of NadesDag geleden

    Red bull gives you wings

  21. Sten PlayZ

    Sten PlayZDag geleden

    Ooit al eens in Amsterdam gewerst Max?

  22. lt.cmd.henry Lyu

    lt.cmd.henry LyuDag geleden

    Box this lap

  23. hondatrix

    hondatrixDag geleden

    Ken Jeong is

  24. Mike Witte

    Mike WitteDag geleden

    everyone is so staged lol

  25. Lev Koft

    Lev KoftDag geleden

    Another boring track like Spain....after quality nothing to see

  26. -NN-

    -NN-Dag geleden

    Albon using the ladies!

  27. hondatrix

    hondatrixDag geleden

    We want more of this..with opening of fan mail....

  28. Felipe Sanches

    Felipe SanchesDag geleden

    Therapist: 3D Vettel Is Not Real, He Cannot Hurt You 3D Vettel: 3:19

  29. Jamie Sandero

    Jamie SanderoDag geleden

    Did anyone read the title wrong and think max was doing a jump in a f1 car Like if you did

  30. DFFUSE

    DFFUSEDag geleden

    This was fun to watch, thank you for the time and effort \o/


    APLIKAR7 GAMING2 dagen geleden

    i feel like ur car is so slow because of the hard tyres.......IF UR GOING TO HAVE A ROAD TRIP AGAIN JUST USE SOFT TYRES OR SUPERSOFTS

  32. Nintense

    Nintense2 dagen geleden

    13:26 lol

  33. Caio Eduardo

    Caio Eduardo2 dagen geleden

    A RBR é um show de marketing.

  34. Dreamy

    Dreamy2 dagen geleden

    Gasly was always born to fly. Give him some more practice and support and he will surely climb

  35. Dreamy

    Dreamy2 dagen geleden

    Let Pierre Gasly drive an Aston Martin Vantage and Honda NSX!!

  36. Dreamy

    Dreamy2 dagen geleden

    We know Max is a Flying Dutchman and an Orange Lion. We know Danil Kvyat is a Russian Torpedo. What are Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon?

  37. Alesha Fox

    Alesha Fox2 dagen geleden

    Max “ I’ve got sand in between my two balls” 😂 2K19

  38. Quero Dormir!

    Quero Dormir!2 dagen geleden

    They say the v6 sound is gonna be great, but it is 2019 and I’m still crying even for v8’s

  39. Hus 9

    Hus 92 dagen geleden

    what is the name of this setup?

  40. Andre

    Andre2 dagen geleden

    chance for williams... undercut with super super Hard tire and driving in the center

  41. Miranda Strickland

    Miranda Strickland2 dagen geleden

    As a Canadian, this is the best video I ever seen from red bull racing

  42. elmirator

    elmirator2 dagen geleden

    Another fake video from Red Bull

  43. Pluwari

    Pluwari2 dagen geleden

    I am watching this the 5th time and I still enjoy it a lot

  44. Jacob CT-4

    Jacob CT-42 dagen geleden

    Relevant every season

  45. Robbert H

    Robbert H2 dagen geleden

    Testing for Zandvoort next year?

  46. Mr. Marble

    Mr. Marble2 dagen geleden

    3:53 Utter chaos in the buggy 3:59 Peace and quiet

  47. pilot1958

    pilot19582 dagen geleden

    Вот она - Русь

  48. Dane

    Dane2 dagen geleden

    they're not actors xD

  49. majsketchup

    majsketchup2 dagen geleden

    Max in riding pants gachiBASS

  50. Maxim Stepanov

    Maxim Stepanov2 dagen geleden

    0:39 oh fuck it's ROSCOSMOS

  51. Extra Cheese

    Extra Cheese2 dagen geleden

    2:01 the car ran over one of the pit crew guys foot.

  52. Revolution

    Revolution2 dagen geleden

    I am a Sure If Red Bull Wasn’t Invented People Would Start Making Fun Of Cows Don’t Let Me Drown In The Sea Of Comments Please

  53. Nicolas Alles

    Nicolas Alles2 dagen geleden

    *CADE OS BR?????*

  54. Raywen R

    Raywen R2 dagen geleden

    Sounds like shit.

  55. Van.Der.Photo

    Van.Der.Photo2 dagen geleden

    where did they find a hill in netherlands?

  56. HUEGO

    HUEGO2 dagen geleden

    "I think it's camel shit" *proceeds to stomp on it*

  57. T8PolestarCyan

    T8PolestarCyan2 dagen geleden

    All it needs is the noise from that V12 engine nothing else!!

  58. Jazon Oliveira

    Jazon Oliveira2 dagen geleden

    Pq esse cagao fica baixando marcha Falta coragem pra esses pilotinhos filhinhos de papai Me dá esse f1 eu ganho todas

  59. Arie Visker

    Arie Visker3 dagen geleden

    Let Max drive Honda F1 of his father (Jos Verstappen ) the Honda RA099.

  60. Rutt Kongas

    Rutt Kongas3 dagen geleden

    Drumroll Max Verstappen.

  61. Eloy González García

    Eloy González García3 dagen geleden

    this is a maclaren unboxed reference?

  62. Juan José

    Juan José3 dagen geleden

    That song is from The crew2

  63. nicfiggy28

    nicfiggy283 dagen geleden

    So.....the trick is to get on Pole then go 2 mph for the entirety of the race so no one can overtake. Do I have that right?

  64. octap79

    octap793 dagen geleden

    Love the team but honestly not impressed with this one. Had a good potential, but...fell short somehow

  65. moizzkhan

    moizzkhan3 dagen geleden

    Who ever starts on pole with finish on Pole

  66. Arnaud J.

    Arnaud J.3 dagen geleden

    *I kinda hope this song will be produced by Spinnin' Records..*

  67. City Point

    City Point3 dagen geleden

    0:57 "Lets send/sand it." XD #priceless

  68. TheKingkingg

    TheKingkingg3 dagen geleden

    Just a reminder Red Bull Toro Rosso Racing! There are Honda Jets, an Honda ATV/side by side

  69. The General Studies

    The General Studies3 dagen geleden

    Enthonnedey ithokke..... Vere paniyonnumilleyy

  70. Jack Pearsall

    Jack Pearsall3 dagen geleden


  71. Orella Minx

    Orella Minx3 dagen geleden

    Disgusting propaganda. Stop helping this evil country Sportswash it's image. How much did they pay you to make this? $500,000?

  72. IHMA club membership

    IHMA club membership3 dagen geleden

    Sad .MP4

  73. Friday Weekend

    Friday Weekend3 dagen geleden

    Max and Alex: OOOoh It'a big jump... Max: Oooooh Alex: OMG 😂😂😂😂

  74. marco ghidelli

    marco ghidelli3 dagen geleden


  75. Ben Silvey

    Ben Silvey3 dagen geleden

    This video was insanely cool! Please do more of these next season!

  76. Benjamin Shiverick

    Benjamin Shiverick3 dagen geleden

    Such nice boys

  77. Louis Browne

    Louis Browne3 dagen geleden

    11:27 Alex using the female rooms

  78. natasja dirken

    natasja dirken3 dagen geleden

    Love it! Thank you Bulls, now go and enjoy your well deserved vacation time! Can't wait for 2020 to begin

  79. Axy

    Axy3 dagen geleden

    Last night I had a dream where I was Magnussen's race engineer and he was driving for Toro Rosso!

  80. BadLuckStreaks

    BadLuckStreaks3 dagen geleden

    Why didn’t you guys include the part where max points at the mclaren and says “wow you guys are so fast in these cars” to lando and Carlos?

  81. chaleur

    chaleur3 dagen geleden

    proper funny

  82. gene chua

    gene chua3 dagen geleden

    Please make one of these for every race!! ❤

  83. Hasj

    Hasj3 dagen geleden

    damn who the makes these videos

  84. jverheul2

    jverheul23 dagen geleden

    10:36 the way Max reacts to felix his question hahah

  85. Mike

    Mike4 dagen geleden

    Why no paddle tires on the buggy?

  86. mOejOe33

    mOejOe334 dagen geleden

    All the profits from what is essentially a $0.20 cent drink.

  87. Jeremy Frey

    Jeremy Frey4 dagen geleden

    i'm only 2 minutes in and can tell this is absolute gold

  88. Jeroen Bezuijen

    Jeroen Bezuijen4 dagen geleden

    The disneycircuit on the calendar

  89. sam milligan

    sam milligan4 dagen geleden

    Funny how the mclaren team put tape of ricciardos signature he did on lando 16:35

  90. TTTMusic

    TTTMusic4 dagen geleden

    i didnt see this was from 5 years ago, as it popped up in my recommendations, only realized when he said, he builds the front of Sebastians car ^^

  91. ShunTune

    ShunTune4 dagen geleden

    9:22 "Hands on your own knees btw" :D

  92. Wafda S. Dzahabiyya

    Wafda S. Dzahabiyya4 dagen geleden

    It's a hard life - Alex Albon, 2019

  93. Geert Matthys

    Geert Matthys4 dagen geleden

    Max with the hot press officer 🤤

  94. Steve Hewitt

    Steve Hewitt4 dagen geleden

    "Danny Ric signed the back of Lando's shirt" - I'm crying haha! This is great :)

  95. Tjescoo

    Tjescoo4 dagen geleden

    Hehehe, taking notes qhen watching the genius McLaren videos, aren't you RB?

  96. Red Fox

    Red Fox4 dagen geleden

    So you take out Germany which was the best race this season IMO and put this track in🤮🤮

  97. Dp1ay

    Dp1ay4 dagen geleden

    Very nice to see this. Would love to see more of this next season.

  98. Sam M

    Sam M4 dagen geleden

    Can we all take a moment to remember the time Christian came up with Squirrel Irritable? It was, in my opinion, one of the finest moments for RBR over the past few years! It really does deserve a tee shirt or, at least, a poster. I do seriously giggle now every time Cyril is shown on my television. I guess the sad part is that it is not even really the funniest thing about Renault. That honor would go to McLaren, who, ironically, happens to be the funniest thing about Honda Power.

  99. kh40yr

    kh40yr4 dagen geleden

    Felix Baumgartner. Cool. Mr 128thousand feet. My screen saver is him stepping off out of the balloon, , into infinity. One of the better Red Bull sponsored feats. Course I love my Red Bull Formula race planes as well. Cool video. Thank you.

  100. Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy4 dagen geleden

    I was There one of the days! And I saw this car in action! Along with a 1987 Lotus and a 1993 Benetton