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What Disney Plus is missing
Apple Card: 3 months later
Pixel 4 vs. OnePlus 7T
The Pixel 4 is a disaster
  1. Francisco Rosero

    Francisco RoseroMinuut geleden

    Dude! You are the carbon-copy of my brother. Seriously. Everything!

  2. The Weird Company

    The Weird Company15 minuten geleden

    He's like Tony Stark from this universe, i think.

  3. Dazier Official

    Dazier Official16 minuten geleden

    I'm in the UK and I get 200mbps on 4G EE, you U.S guys have got it bad 😂

  4. CarouselBlind

    CarouselBlind18 minuten geleden

    oh no everything is going to be indians now

  5. jawad mansoor

    jawad mansoor24 minuten geleden


  6. Begone Thot

    Begone Thot29 minuten geleden

    Weaboos be trippin

  7. RoyalGuardEziode

    RoyalGuardEziode32 minuten geleden

    2020-2030 is going to be gnarly if this type of stuff gets boosted and booned

  8. Am Sovannda

    Am Sovannda33 minuten geleden

    Watching from my iPhone 11. Love this phone so much 😍🥰

  9. mohamad rifqi

    mohamad rifqi34 minuten geleden

    Hologram waifu will come in real...too bad i already have one in human form but since it made from hologram so poligamy is now absolutely halal

  10. Levi Athan

    Levi Athan35 minuten geleden

    Everyone: Help me Obi Wan- Me: Wake up, Chief. I need you.

  11. Levi Athan

    Levi Athan39 minuten geleden

    “You can *feel* holograms” Me: wait, that’s illegal

  12. Aleksandre Mzhavia

    Aleksandre Mzhavia42 minuten geleden

    Still hot.

  13. Pvks Maheeth

    Pvks Maheeth53 minuten geleden

    I am sorry to say this but I didn't get any correct explanation from pichai sir regarding any particular question . Is the questioning of questions are wrong ??

  14. IRON MAN

    IRON MAN55 minuten geleden

    Bring tesla back in forza please

  15. Steven Wong

    Steven Wong58 minuten geleden

    TMobile 5G speed is horrible, slower than 4G LTE.

  16. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson59 minuten geleden

    America will be weaponizing it in 30 min

  17. G R

    G RUur geleden

    Making an instructional video without Speech is dumb.

  18. Linda Kahn

    Linda KahnUur geleden

    My neighbor borrowed my extension ladder so he could hang hand made Christmas light balls on the huge tree in his front yard. He said he followed your intructions! The ones he made are red, green, yellow and blue. They look amazing!

  19. Roy Brand

    Roy BrandUur geleden

    Left out the Bose Soundsport Free for no reason

  20. omeee

    omeeeUur geleden

    I don't understand this review, especially the sound quality. I've tried Bose 700 and Sony xm3 and they sound meh. How could they place Sony over Sennheiser or B&O at sound quality? In terms of fun and detail in music, B&O just destroys Bose and Sony, it is not even close. Sennheiser comes close to B&O, it has a different sound signature. But both stand way above the Bose or Sony. You have to be deaf to pick Sony above Sennheiser or B&O. I sold the H9 only because they got uncomfy after a couple of hours and got the Sennheiser.

  21. Mpelegeng Aphane

    Mpelegeng AphaneUur geleden

    Finally a car i can draw😅😂

  22. ethanmusic

    ethanmusicUur geleden

    Lmao “WOT WI’ TH’ WEATHAH”

  23. Glamrgrl104

    Glamrgrl104Uur geleden

    What is the difference between plus and pro? Would you recommend this or ipad 10.2 7th gen? Looking for a tab for drawing, playing games, netflix, and youtube. Budget $400.

  24. Leo Wu

    Leo WuUur geleden

    OK. now bring me Thanos

  25. Buick 401

    Buick 401Uur geleden


  26. lazerfanger 123

    lazerfanger 123Uur geleden

    Anime girls coming to life bois

  27. Farty Person

    Farty PersonUur geleden

    so it's a glorified Oscilloscope

  28. Abhishek Abhi

    Abhishek AbhiUur geleden

    When it will be available in india sir

  29. polkadots bee

    polkadots beeUur geleden

    Youre not really cutting the cord as yet.Because you still need internet for these live tv,so if your wifi is low you cant watch none.

  30. nickw101381

    nickw101381Uur geleden

    "Trucks have been the same for 100 years" Yeah... because it WORKS and we LIKE them that way. Sorry...but nobody will be driving that thing to deer camp or a job site.

  31. Jay Kris

    Jay Kris2 uur geleden

    Iam i the only one who gets a weird tingling sensation in my mouth when i hear that scratching

  32. SmithsnMoz

    SmithsnMoz2 uur geleden

    13:58 "The Millenial Falcon" yOu UnCuLtUrEd SwInE

  33. Rizwan Khan

    Rizwan Khan2 uur geleden

    Will it download on sumsung galaxy note 4?

  34. Jonathan Moshoeshoe

    Jonathan Moshoeshoe2 uur geleden

    I just read Holograms as Hooligans.

  35. Susan Allen

    Susan Allen2 uur geleden

    my copy and paste using alt c and alt v not working anymore! Any ideas?

  36. Nenad Dickov

    Nenad Dickov2 uur geleden

    That toy bear is nightmare fuel... If you don't want a Chucky or 5 Nights at Freddy's scenario, yeah... reconsider buying that thing. I'd probably lock it up in a basement and pray it doesn't achieve full sentience.


    BIG POPA PUM2 uur geleden

    NEW YORK times Wow the most racist and most hatredful newspaper and funded from islamist I saw it on the website of iPhone on top

  38. Erik Andreas

    Erik Andreas2 uur geleden

    Any joy con drift?

  39. Abdulrasheed Isah

    Abdulrasheed Isah2 uur geleden

    Delight_hacker on !nsta.. Remove my icloud activation lock on Apple watch series 5 within a mins



    the new pictionary looks great!!!

  41. HdRbasteln

    HdRbasteln2 uur geleden

    Pkay but why do you have the exact same voice as kathleen kennedy?

  42. Manish D.K

    Manish D.K2 uur geleden

    hello, which phone would have better quality audio in video recordings? im considering the s10/s10e and the pixel 3a. what phone would record more accurate sounds while taking videos at electronic music gigs (techno) thanks

  43. Bvlvi Woodson

    Bvlvi Woodson2 uur geleden

    not new or special, a 1 dollar Lubor's Lenses used for magic tricks, made bigger. This hype is some odd clickbait as it only works in specific situations like what they showed you. Lmfao wow okay

  44. MastaX

    MastaX2 uur geleden

    With this + Oculus link, It makes the Rift S 100% obsolete in every way.

  45. Shan

    Shan2 uur geleden

    Upcoming project: holograms that can make food

  46. James

    James2 uur geleden

    Gotta say, pretty dope project Adam - looks bizarre when its flying! The biggest downside to a real ironman suit is you need to carry a ton of fuel, stuck right on to you... Never a bonus. Also, having rockets on your arms have to be really tiring, those things need to be braced to the backpack with servo controllers.

  47. NileshR12

    NileshR122 uur geleden

    Omg I wasn't expecting to see my comment in the Comment Cove section 😂😂

  48. Andrew owen

    Andrew owen2 uur geleden

    The stunning

  49. Bert Style

    Bert Style2 uur geleden

    Im getting 57 Mbps on 4g t mobile lol

  50. Its Csteph

    Its Csteph2 uur geleden

    I honestly agree that they need to remove/hide the movies that doesn't come out in a year or two. Its kinda annoying to deal with this. Like dont have movies on the streaming service if we cant even watch it yet.

  51. Outter Limits

    Outter Limits2 uur geleden

    They really need a RE-CAST feature too!

  52. sithlordsoup

    sithlordsoup3 uur geleden

    When you go to swipe up to adjust the brightness while watching something on Disney plus, and it skips 20 minutes ahead.

  53. Jussie Smollett For President

    Jussie Smollett For President3 uur geleden

    6:25 She says "I am just blown away" but she says it in such a monotone. lol. She does not sound blown away.

  54. Jussie Smollett For President

    Jussie Smollett For President3 uur geleden

    I think that she was paid to say this stuff by Disney. Galaxy's Edge is seriously flawed.

  55. Jatin Rexwal

    Jatin Rexwal3 uur geleden


  56. Aussie

    Aussie3 uur geleden

    Random:hi dad Elon:well Hi!

  57. Jim Heeren

    Jim Heeren3 uur geleden

    laughs in Netherlands where all the mentions titles are all available

  58. SPoD

    SPoD3 uur geleden

    The dc-50 is meant to have its brush bar on during hardfloor cleaning simply because it has carbon fiber filaments meant for hard floors. Plus, other companies are using stupidly designed cyclones that have no effect.

  59. Per Jacobsen

    Per Jacobsen3 uur geleden

    who down votes this video? 1.8k?

  60. faisel mmorpg

    faisel mmorpg3 uur geleden

    Now we can see those naked woman 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. The Greek Pianist

    The Greek Pianist3 uur geleden

    This is why you need to have your phone in A CASE!

  62. my2cents2u

    my2cents2u3 uur geleden

    *Ten bucks!?* ($15 for nano tips!) I only paid one buck for most of my gloves (dollar store) I'll sick with the fabric paints - cheaper, faster, easier.

  63. Keith M

    Keith M3 uur geleden

    Dope smoking ex-south african madman

  64. MaurizioEmanueleFerri

    MaurizioEmanueleFerri4 uur geleden

    a pair of pads costs 70.00 it seems to me a little too much for two pieces of plastic the console and badly made the black borders around the screen fannopensare to a tablet of poor quality don't shave anyone

  65. Adnan Hossain

    Adnan Hossain4 uur geleden

    Fold isn't flop at all. It was pre-release.

  66. Nikhil udan

    Nikhil udan4 uur geleden


  67. Deplittle

    Deplittle4 uur geleden

    Title says 14 mins Video 13mins

  68. Stella Zahradka

    Stella Zahradka4 uur geleden

    „GO PEEPEE!“ *looks over innocently* „he doesn’t understand...“ i’m dying 😂

  69. King_FromYT

    King_FromYT4 uur geleden

    Samsung note 10 join to the group

  70. therobnfw

    therobnfw4 uur geleden

    HIVE on their website “we WILL be bringing Apple HomeKit support IN 2019!” Their Twitter account at the end of the year “yeah, we can’t do it after all... so those that purchased it with the intention to eventually add it to the Home app.... sorry bout it”. Regret buying it completely. Piece of crap.

  71. Drape Nailed Talaoha

    Drape Nailed Talaoha4 uur geleden

    There are even studies that scientists are making crystals out of light, one step closer to light sabers????

  72. Michael Gibb

    Michael Gibb4 uur geleden

    What I want to see from Disney Plus, is The Muppet Show. Though I imagine that show is tied up in a lot of legal wrangling related to all the songs on the show. But still, it's a massive property that Disney really needs to include on their streaming service.

  73. H81234

    H812344 uur geleden

    Can it climb stairs though? I needed that in Venice.

  74. Blackarrot

    Blackarrot5 uur geleden

    Disney+ needs a frame by frame or slow motion feature for animation students & where is Muppets Take Manhattan??!

  75. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto Comm5 uur geleden

    That Product is So Bad...Even Bank Robbers Refuse to Buy it !! Lol

  76. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto Comm5 uur geleden

    Stupidest idea Ever !! Yes, I'm Invisible but I have to walk around with a Cardboard in front of me.

  77. Nathan Collins

    Nathan Collins5 uur geleden

    I came up with an idea for a completely different type of cloak in high school. It uses mirrors to cloak all sides of an object relatively clearly especially compared to this, but I’m a college dropout now and don’t have money for a patent.

  78. Manny Calavera

    Manny Calavera5 uur geleden

    A Holodeck is maybe 20 to 30 years away.

  79. FiveNightsatSamys

    FiveNightsatSamys5 uur geleden

    We need incredibles 2 and toy story 4

  80. Junior Hastings

    Junior Hastings5 uur geleden

    Most people in the world have an iPhone so, the Series 5 would be preferred. 7:03 But, Samsung beats Apple with third party customizable watch faces..... 4:46 ECG is not compulsory on a smartwatch..... However, the Series 5 is my choice, because of better battery life, better fitness tracking and smother performance of the operating system.... Round watches are prettier than rectangular, but the Series 5 can be beautified with third party watch bands.... Series 5 wins.

  81. foodie animal

    foodie animal5 uur geleden

    *SIDE MIRROR* - Am I a joke to you?

  82. Paul Mbulawa

    Paul Mbulawa5 uur geleden

    Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol ?

  83. Mark Jansen

    Mark Jansen5 uur geleden

    What about binging features? There's no auto play next expisode, next episode buttons etc.

  84. JakBaronKing

    JakBaronKing5 uur geleden

    Crial Network via Death Stranding

  85. Jayvyn-kun

    Jayvyn-kun6 uur geleden

    Cassie looks sexy 😂

  86. Trending Media NG

    Trending Media NG6 uur geleden

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  87. Cường Vũ

    Cường Vũ6 uur geleden

    POOR HIM : (

  88. 老鬼

    老鬼6 uur geleden

    sounds depressing

  89. NKM channel

    NKM channel6 uur geleden

    Hindu God's who resided on Earth found their way to different places in the Milky way Galaxy. Elon is trying to do the same with Mars mission

  90. cable contractors

    cable contractors6 uur geleden

    officialextremehackers*wordpress*com sent me $50,000 via hack transfer and i got saved from eviction !

  91. 『 B e n j i 』

    『 B e n j i 』6 uur geleden

    One step closer to waifu’s

  92. Fuzion

    Fuzion6 uur geleden

    “You’ll be able to see the battle field like you’ve never seen it before” Hmm yes the floor here is made of floor

  93. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt6 uur geleden

    “We’ve reduced the cost of production by lowering the polygon count.”

  94. 635574

    6355746 uur geleden

    Haha they see the shitstorm rising and getting out, just like the fed guys and bankers.

  95. CZ Gaming 325

    CZ Gaming 3256 uur geleden

    All those coming soon titles are already out in Australia

  96. Em Q

    Em Q6 uur geleden

    Me: imagine if it was grimes under that helmet 😮 Aw man

  97. Fillype Farias

    Fillype Farias6 uur geleden


  98. Tuấn Lê

    Tuấn Lê6 uur geleden

    I didn't know that our technology had already so advanced, this is some thing i thought it would take us at least another 10 year to make

  99. XxConstant AnxietyxX

    XxConstant AnxietyxX6 uur geleden

    I'd be crushed if someone took aibo away from me :c

  100. auwz66

    auwz666 uur geleden

    Your porch is bigger than my house.