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  1. GallifreyanOtaku

    GallifreyanOtaku27 seconden geleden

    I’m a simple woman, i see my fave queen (Blair St Claire) I click. Love you Blair! <3

  2. Victor M

    Victor M46 seconden geleden

    P: "It's Illegal" R: "Are you a Cop?" P: " I am retired" R: "You should have told me that before" OMG this gets better and better by the second!

  3. OchaTime

    OchaTime48 seconden geleden

    "Rachel Maddow-ish" o lawd

  4. Aka60thChip

    Aka60thChipMinuut geleden

    I have to agree with your dads explanation of Gucci, that’s how Iv always heard my co workers say it n the way he shortened it I hear as well

  5. weasle min

    weasle min2 minuten geleden

    Is Barry gonna be on sesame street


    MALIGNE THE 11-TH3 minuten geleden

    this cracked me so many times the old friendship bonds are sweet

  7. Shane Sawyer

    Shane Sawyer3 minuten geleden

    The little jokes the test guy threw in where hilarious

  8. Harper B.

    Harper B.4 minuten geleden

    i love how link straight up doesn't even need the lie detector to be there; he just knows when rhett's lying too well by now.

  9. Lee

    Lee4 minuten geleden

    Wow. This was raw. I think they need to talk it out after this

  10. Oliver Stephenson

    Oliver Stephenson4 minuten geleden

    jeeze theyr 40 now

  11. Donnie Knukelz

    Donnie Knukelz5 minuten geleden

    These 2 are a national treasure and should be protected at all costs!

  12. Drew Salibay

    Drew Salibay5 minuten geleden

    Link: “Do you think your family will beat my family-“ Rhett: “yes” Link: “-in a game of... I didn’t finish the question.” 😂😂😂

  13. gacha show

    gacha show6 minuten geleden

    How can you break dimond?

  14. Josue Rivera

    Josue Rivera6 minuten geleden

    Why are these so much fun?

  15. Cinematic Series Gaming

    Cinematic Series Gaming7 minuten geleden

    I like how the camera keeps zooming in on Hitch's face like it's The Office xd

  16. Lare Alexander Short

    Lare Alexander Short7 minuten geleden

    Probably the best exchange on the internet 13:42 to 14:35

  17. Astral.8Expl

    Astral.8Expl7 minuten geleden Billie lays down with fans! “THIS IS WHY SHES LOVED AND ADORED”

  18. floridabelle

    floridabelle8 minuten geleden

    Leo, the greatest actor in my lifetime! ❤️ I've seen a lot in my 70 years.

  19. Erin W

    Erin W8 minuten geleden

    This made me LOL!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I love them! ❤ Thanks VF! 😁

  20. Jared Cousino

    Jared Cousino9 minuten geleden

    I Absolutely love these... Wish they asked better questions tho

  21. Kasper Stenbom

    Kasper Stenbom10 minuten geleden


  22. Jessilyn Collette

    Jessilyn Collette10 minuten geleden

    Love love love

  23. GSK

    GSK11 minuten geleden


  24. RV PJ

    RV PJ11 minuten geleden

    Rhett still hasn't had a haircut.

  25. Cassie Seidman

    Cassie Seidman12 minuten geleden

    I love her. She is so likeable to me

  26. Hannah

    Hannah13 minuten geleden

    Rhett calming saying “you should have told me earlier” 😂

  27. Draliseth

    Draliseth14 minuten geleden

    It's called a polygraph.

  28. Sosozanyway

    Sosozanyway15 minuten geleden

    It would've probably threw Link through a loop if Rhett asked him if he found Emma Chamberlain attractive lol.

  29. Meaghan Sitler

    Meaghan Sitler15 minuten geleden

    Rhett getting nervous when they were talking about throwing the rocks 😂😂 "are u a cop, u should have told me that earlier"

  30. LunarSlingshot

    LunarSlingshot17 minuten geleden

    Best episode of this. Hilarious

  31. every thing

    every thing17 minuten geleden

    Time to ⛵⛵⛵⛵

  32. Faizal Iqbal

    Faizal Iqbal17 minuten geleden

    this is hard to watch. And i thought eating Pee Cake was hard.

  33. every thing

    every thing18 minuten geleden

    A new one yassss!!!

  34. neversaygoodbye

    neversaygoodbye18 minuten geleden

    I’ve always wondered what they thought about the order in which we say their names 😂

  35. Will Becker

    Will Becker18 minuten geleden

    These guys are so good at improv. The glasses bit sounded scripted, it was so good.

  36. David Weber

    David Weber18 minuten geleden

    Thankfully, she became a bit happier or at least set herself the goal of being happier🙏😌


    CRAZY ABODY19 minuten geleden

    Link: I've nothing to hide Lou in a deep voice: They all said that Link: "Disturbed look"

  38. David Pollak

    David Pollak20 minuten geleden

    Why would anyone want ‘Not See Glasses’

  39. Rory Donaldson

    Rory Donaldson21 minuut geleden

    Link at 5:58 killed me. That slight headshake

  40. k*don*

    k*don*22 minuten geleden

    14:39 hahahahahahha

  41. fiona n

    fiona n22 minuten geleden

    This is the video I never knew I needed

  42. The awesone nintendo fan

    The awesone nintendo fan22 minuten geleden

    Hes is there after he committed multiple crimes against his bird relatives

  43. k*don*

    k*don*22 minuten geleden

    R: yooou a cop? Retired. 🤨 you should have told me that before

  44. 👁

    👁23 minuten geleden

    My boys

  45. Anti Christina

    Anti Christina23 minuten geleden

    Link: please Rhett, tell me I'm pretty.

  46. Matthew Forstner

    Matthew Forstner23 minuten geleden

    Rhett is starting to look a little mythological.

  47. TheJakeSavage

    TheJakeSavage23 minuten geleden

    Rhett looks like Arthur towards the end of Red Dead Redemption 2

  48. Jamie Aleman

    Jamie Aleman23 minuten geleden

    Love them

  49. Maurilio Vargas

    Maurilio Vargas23 minuten geleden

    Why does he look like Bojack Horseman?

  50. Ludvig Bohlin

    Ludvig Bohlin24 minuten geleden

    Here before it goes viral.

  51. Adrienn Fodor

    Adrienn Fodor24 minuten geleden

    I kind of want to see Bts go through the lie test in future if it’s possible!😄

  52. but if it was a horror movie

    but if it was a horror movie24 minuten geleden

    Katy Perry should’ve been 2010s

  53. Ludvig Bohlin

    Ludvig Bohlin24 minuten geleden

    Here before Viral.

  54. Udo Kier

    Udo Kier24 minuten geleden

    the polygraph cam is obviously edited and does not correlate to the video footage, very misleading

  55. Brianna Lopez

    Brianna Lopez24 minuten geleden

    " do you think your family would beat my family- " " yEs"

  56. Amy Lynne

    Amy Lynne25 minuten geleden

    Rhett is slowly turning into a Greek God.

  57. Afa Shamal

    Afa Shamal26 minuten geleden

    0:67 she looks so familiar. can someone tell me who is she?

  58. black spring

    black spring26 minuten geleden

    Keenan Thompson is not funny

  59. AlphaAnt

    AlphaAnt26 minuten geleden

    Big bird must've been very scared when he did this xD

  60. vorname nachname

    vorname nachname27 minuten geleden

    the narrator is the perfect male equivalent to stevie

  61. Lord of Banana

    Lord of Banana28 minuten geleden

    Hold on a minute he would ditch Link for beans??

  62. Kelly

    Kelly28 minuten geleden

    The whole glasses and beard bit feels like one of their old sketches. I hope that was improvised.

  63. Turo Tales

    Turo Tales29 minuten geleden

    Watching this on a squatty potty.

  64. Animesh Gupta

    Animesh Gupta29 minuten geleden

    this was hilarious

  65. k*don*

    k*don*31 minuut geleden

    I like links hair. He is a silver fox. I wish he would let his beard grow

  66. Will Topf

    Will Topf32 minuten geleden

    This seems to be done recently. Rhett is still rocking the “Marv from Home Alone” look

  67. Victoria Gray

    Victoria Gray32 minuten geleden

    "He's into beans..." haha me honestly

  68. Broken Wizards

    Broken Wizards33 minuten geleden

    Something tells me between every question they would say “ok seriously, this question is for Leo and ONLY for Leo” and then Quentin would answer the question anyway. xD

  69. Pants who

    Pants who33 minuten geleden

    RIP to Big Bird's puppeteer. He did and amazing job, may he rest easy.

  70. AJ

    AJ34 minuten geleden

    They’ve been taking a lot of lie detector tests..hmmm

  71. PiscesTV 🐬🐠

    PiscesTV 🐬🐠35 minuten geleden

    Lmao I didn’t even know this was Bay Area slang until I moved and would have to explain what a word meant 🤣🤣🤣

  72. k*don*

    k*don*35 minuten geleden

    I think its so cute rhett really wants to be on between 2 ferns.

  73. Abu Abdullah

    Abu Abdullah35 minuten geleden

    the polygraph cam is looped?

  74. YouTube Watcher

    YouTube Watcher35 minuten geleden

    Link: “Is he lying?” Polygrapher: “...he’s into beans” Rhett: “I’m really into beans man”

  75. 0001 30800113

    0001 3080011335 minuten geleden

    Rest in peace, Carroll Spinney. Thank you for the memories.

  76. Takia Sharleen

    Takia Sharleen37 minuten geleden

    The blonde lady is disguisting...😑it was like a horror movie

  77. k*don*

    k*don*38 minuten geleden

    Do you like my kids??? Well damn link went straight in.

  78. tom

    tom39 minuten geleden

    You can see they cut and change the lie detector cam when something they wouldn't like to show is shown. Look at it when link asks Rhett if they think they're authentic on gmm.

  79. Googoo Gjoob

    Googoo Gjoob39 minuten geleden

    Funny but no Caroll Spinney... voice sounds so strange to me. Like sinusitis

  80. miranda.jeanne

    miranda.jeanne39 minuten geleden

    i don’t really like her music but she is an amazing person and yet i’ve watched all three of these interviews

  81. D Brine

    D Brine40 minuten geleden

    The lie detector close-up is randomly resetting in the middle of their sentences... Makes no sense

  82. Ted Bartley

    Ted Bartley40 minuten geleden

    Hey link, jvn is non-binary, im sure they wouldnt be upset at you calling them a man but you could have easily said "this person"

  83. Coco Marie

    Coco Marie41 minuut geleden

    Two of my favorite humans.

  84. Rogue Guardian

    Rogue Guardian41 minuut geleden

    Rhett looks like Zues

  85. amorecosdojonvlogs fc

    amorecosdojonvlogs fc41 minuut geleden

    Perfect 😍😍😍🇧🇷

  86. Lucia McComb

    Lucia McComb41 minuut geleden

    The ultimate best friends

  87. daveanand harack

    daveanand harack41 minuut geleden

    R&L are the best 😂

  88. Timotay K

    Timotay K42 minuten geleden

    This like the lie detector test video they did with Fuse, except now with more crazy untamed Rhett hair

  89. Toni Odejimi

    Toni Odejimi42 minuten geleden

    i can’t tell if these dudes actually are starting to dislike each other or are they just joking

  90. Jan Villalobos

    Jan Villalobos43 minuten geleden

    That last bit with the beard cracked me up in the middle of eating I started choking

  91. Stroke Victim Aleks

    Stroke Victim Aleks44 minuten geleden

    I love how the test didn't move once hahah

  92. Sergio Alcantara

    Sergio Alcantara44 minuten geleden

    Who are they?

  93. The Extreme Gamers 707

    The Extreme Gamers 70745 minuten geleden

    Every year she seems like a totally diff person

  94. თორნიკე დადეგაშვილი /Tornike Dadegashvili

    თორნიკე დადეგაშვილი /Tornike Dadegashvili45 minuten geleden

    where is the kingdom of heaven?

  95. Alex Brady

    Alex Brady46 minuten geleden

    Link looks like paul rudd

  96. Viktor Đogić

    Viktor Đogić47 minuten geleden

    Is it just me that thinks the detector guy totally blew his cover at 0:57 and actually doesn't know what he's doing?

  97. A V

    A V48 minuten geleden


  98. CaptinHoot51

    CaptinHoot5148 minuten geleden


  99. Aker

    Aker48 minuten geleden

    Uh, cool.

  100. OpywopOW

    OpywopOW48 minuten geleden

    8:18 "literally"