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Week 14 Game Picks | NFL 2019
Week 14 NFL Power Rankings!
  1. Carlos Hinojosa

    Carlos Hinojosa17 seconden geleden

    My take on this. Tennessee’s head coach was an assistant for Bill when he was with the patriots right. So do all these coaches who coached with Bill suck at working around an athlete? I mean Marcus is great. They went to the playoffs before vrabel. Once he joined it’s like he didn’t know what to do with a good qb and only knows how to work with regular qbs he knows how to work wjth? All I’m saying is , Marcus isn’t a scrub. He just needs a coach that can coach him better. All vrabel knows is working with regular qbs

  2. The deadly Ninja

    The deadly Ninja20 seconden geleden

    2:20 the poor camera man

  3. JAYDEN Caron

    JAYDEN Caron22 seconden geleden

    BEST POWER RANKIINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yung Heath Ledger

    Yung Heath Ledger29 seconden geleden

    The Eagles should be higher, they had to go to OT against a 2 win Giants team and they lost to the Dolphins the week before that

  5. Leticia Martinez

    Leticia MartinezMinuut geleden

    49ers in front of the seahawks! YES

  6. Chuck Pestacchi

    Chuck PestacchiMinuut geleden

    Playing in heavy snow makes for an exciting run game with very little passing game. Very challenging just staying on your feet.


    ZACHARY ELLISMinuut geleden

    As a Steelers fan, I disagree I think it should've been Santonio Holmes Super Bowl 43 catch

  8. Issac Gutierrez

    Issac GutierrezMinuut geleden

    Brady needs recivers

  9. Santiago Molina

    Santiago Molina2 minuten geleden

    Titans over Steelers and Bills?

  10. James Clacks

    James Clacks2 minuten geleden

    So we gonna ignore how he tried to ZigZag kittle😭😭

  11. Momo Hunkerton

    Momo Hunkerton2 minuten geleden

    Did you see that flopping job by Edelman on that last play, what a girl

  12. Jordaniry ow

    Jordaniry ow3 minuten geleden

    He was just too wrong

  13. Joshua Dohring

    Joshua Dohring3 minuten geleden

    There is no reason the jaguars should be #32 😂

  14. Jason Gruber

    Jason Gruber3 minuten geleden

    Saints got cocky and went for 2 early, then again later. In the end, Saint lost by 2. Poetic justice. Go Niners!

  15. Cal Hodgkiss

    Cal Hodgkiss3 minuten geleden

    best in the world and i MEAN IT #LOB

  16. Chris McKee

    Chris McKee3 minuten geleden

    Jags last lmao, also what did the Bengals do to move up two spots?

  17. MrYellingdingo

    MrYellingdingo3 minuten geleden

    That's some fixed game level of tackling and coverage by the saints secondary

  18. Sean Daley loves YouTube!!!

    Sean Daley loves YouTube!!!4 minuten geleden

    The Baltimore Ravens one is completely wrong

  19. Yt alex

    Yt alex4 minuten geleden

    *Schutt Vengeance Pro Adult Football Helmet with Facemask*

  20. Tom Adams

    Tom Adams5 minuten geleden

    4th and 3 for a first down and NE passes?.. trying to get TD. Should have ran Bolden for the first down! The pass to the outside low percentage. Belichuck should be fired! The lost ball by Kelce was progress stopped. Refs apparently didn't see it. Harry out of bounds call might be the worst call of season! An execration! One ref saw Harry make the endzone while the other was unsure if he stayed in bounds. The default call in that situation has to be TD. Automatic review would correct an error. No harm, no foul! Fire the ref who marked Harry out of bounds.


    RYAN RAMROOP5 minuten geleden

    Feel like ED was there singing

  22. Bloomberry

    Bloomberry5 minuten geleden

    Saints need to be third... they were able to make a shootout against one of the best defenses in the league.

  23. John Franklin

    John Franklin7 minuten geleden

    I’m so SICK of these Ticky-Tac calls by the refs., like the one on the Eagle’s O lineman that brought back the Eagle’s for TD.

  24. Seahawks Fan

    Seahawks Fan7 minuten geleden

    Who Thinks Seahawks will win the division

  25. BlueCreeperBoy BCB

    BlueCreeperBoy BCB7 minuten geleden

    Wow. Eagles win in OT against the 2-10 (2-11 now) Giants and go up by 6?!? And they’re above the Cowboys? Doesn’t matter how big of a hater you are this is garbage.

  26. Byron Sloan

    Byron Sloan8 minuten geleden

    Titans in the top 10 finally!! #TitanUp

  27. xxSHOCK WAVExx

    xxSHOCK WAVExx9 minuten geleden

    #NFL str8 trollin w/ these rankings. Come check out our power rankings.

  28. Who Dat32

    Who Dat329 minuten geleden

    Saints fought to the end but yet again the Saints defense takes away another potential game winning drive to let them win. Drew Brees picked apart the best defense in the league and wasnt sacked once. Both teams are defenatly legit and will see each other again. Niner fans may not wanna give the Saints credit cause they beat us by 2 but deep down they know the Saints are just as dangerous

  29. Logan Clapsaddle

    Logan Clapsaddle9 minuten geleden


  30. Chace Koller

    Chace Koller11 minuten geleden

    How do the Rams stay the same

  31. Anthony Ross

    Anthony Ross11 minuten geleden

    Raiders in last with 4 wins Cardinals go up 1 with their loss Jets go up 3 for beating the D o l p h i n s Raiders down 7 for losing to the 8-5 Titans Eagles up 6 for barely beating the 2-11 giants????? Packers down 1 after a win Fire whoever made this please

  32. M Andrade

    M Andrade11 minuten geleden

    So good Joe Buck and Troy Aikman didn't call this game.

  33. armyreader1

    armyreader115 minuten geleden

    Soooo did he tap that ass or carress it?!

  34. Brandon Ware

    Brandon Ware16 minuten geleden

    Why is a woman commentating? This aint tennis

  35. dudebro

    dudebro16 minuten geleden

    Where's the Jayon Brown's flying tackle at the goaline?

  36. Kaleb Ardison

    Kaleb Ardison16 minuten geleden

    Anyone else doesn’t like the commentators voice

  37. George 4Chess

    George 4Chess16 minuten geleden

    Jim Nance is so lame- why do the networks choose him as the commentator? good grief- soooooo lame

  38. Sean Buchanan

    Sean Buchanan17 minuten geleden

    tbh i would rather lose out and try to get a competent receiver

  39. Dave Foreman

    Dave Foreman17 minuten geleden

    I absolutely love watching ANYONE beat the pats! When Brady leaves, they will be also rans.

  40. Shafi Abbasi

    Shafi Abbasi17 minuten geleden

    I still got faith in my texans. Maybe no superbowl this year, but when we healthy and at our best, we are among the best in the league. Dont sleep is all ik sayin 👀

  41. Minh Le

    Minh Le18 minuten geleden

    Nope got the 49ers and Saints now bro

  42. Andrew Celis

    Andrew Celis19 minuten geleden

    Think pats fans miss Pornstar Jimmy yet?

  43. Jorge Gaytan

    Jorge Gaytan19 minuten geleden

    9ers vs saints TDs should easily cover 50 % of this video

  44. Francesco Angeldones

    Francesco Angeldones20 minuten geleden

    Nobody gonna talk about the camera man the fell at 6:06

  45. clive hudson

    clive hudson21 minuut geleden

    Best dolphin player the ref

  46. Joey Kelly

    Joey Kelly21 minuut geleden

    ...Right, Pittsburgh has a chance against Baltimore. What a stupid take. The Titans are a much better team right now.

  47. Reid Ferguson

    Reid Ferguson21 minuut geleden

    Buffalo schools had school the next monday

  48. Austin Wood

    Austin Wood22 minuten geleden

    How are broncos 21rst they beat the texans

  49. Mynor Castanon

    Mynor Castanon23 minuten geleden

    Packers: *win* Power ranking: "You're going down" What kind of logic is that?

  50. RS9

    RS923 minuten geleden

    0:00 philly copied the pats

  51. Robert Rude

    Robert Rude23 minuten geleden

    NY giants simple quit playing. No fight in NYB.

  52. Ryan Alexander Bloom

    Ryan Alexander Bloom23 minuten geleden

    Still not upset with Denver’s ranking... it’s fair, BUT I still fail to see how Chargers could be ranked higher with the same record and 2 losses to the Broncos this season.

  53. HGmemetendency

    HGmemetendency23 minuten geleden

    How are the seahawks higher then the Saints even though they lost to the SAINTS

  54. Lori

    Lori24 minuten geleden

    Niners are so great. Jimmy G is My Quarterback. Kittle is a beast. ❤️💛❤️💛

  55. Mal Humor

    Mal Humor25 minuten geleden

    This play was not on a punt, DOHCtor. Saints sideline was livid demanding a call.

  56. Anthony Atkins

    Anthony Atkins25 minuten geleden

    Them Titans been balling past few weeks. Im a Rams fan but better keep an eye on them Titans!

  57. Fenway

    Fenway26 minuten geleden

    Waiting to hear one of ye shout and kick and scream that manning didnt a chance to reply like all ye crybabies did about mahomes in the AFC game last year when the Patriots won ???? Come out, come out wherever you are

  58. King Alexander AKA Camera Man

    King Alexander AKA Camera Man26 minuten geleden

    Greatest game this year and arguably all the best games we’re involving the niners!!

  59. Xaxa Geesi

    Xaxa Geesi27 minuten geleden

    Tom Brady knows to destroy Steelers. Period!

  60. Jj Mench

    Jj Mench27 minuten geleden

    Good all days. Now we are a skeleton of the super team.

  61. Handful of Baby Carrots

    Handful of Baby Carrots27 minuten geleden

    "It was like a suction cup"

  62. Rey Gomez

    Rey Gomez27 minuten geleden

    The gotdayyum cowboys gave up Beasley thats one bad ass white man;bills had this game at the end but they had me yelling at my tv.IM NOT EVEN A BILL FAN I JUST DONT LIKE THE RAVENS

  63. Marc Scott

    Marc Scott27 minuten geleden

    This list blows lmao.

  64. LEE Paul

    LEE Paul28 minuten geleden

    When the Belichick’s underlings will learn that the mere fact that they worked under him does not give you an automatic success? Mangini, Wise, Crennel, McDouchbag, and Patricia (Bill O’Brien has been the most successful among the bunch: Mike Vrabel might be as good as O’Brien) have all failed miserably!

  65. Mashed Inc.

    Mashed Inc.28 minuten geleden

    So when did they get some guy of the street to do thier rankings this week?


    AMY PHANKEO28 minuten geleden

    Wait so the Giants are 2-11 and the eagles move over 5 spots

  67. Icecube478

    Icecube47829 minuten geleden

    Should just have the whole game on here because the whole game is a highlight lol

  68. love for creation

    love for creation29 minuten geleden

    Yeaaa what a game

  69. Enigmafiresup

    Enigmafiresup30 minuten geleden

    The eagles went up 6 for beating the 2-10 giants lmao

  70. VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs

    VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs30 minuten geleden

    Coaches: It’s all about defense

  71. W P

    W P31 minuut geleden

    Giant lol

  72. Damian Rossi

    Damian Rossi31 minuut geleden

    What a great game! I still don’t understand the logic behind going for 2 so early in a game. Okay, there’s these crazy analytics that say go for it. But if you miss, you’re behind the rest of the game. If NO just kicks the extra points, they win this game. I’ve seen this happen so many times the last few years and nobody ever mentions it or rarely is it mentioned. They try so hard to be “Johnny Genius” that they actually make a lot of stupid/dumb/asinine/idiotic moves that cost them W’s.

  73. Cal Walker

    Cal Walker31 minuut geleden

    Bears @ Giants 100% should be on here

  74. Elijah Rucker

    Elijah Rucker31 minuut geleden

    Saints play in every good game and lose 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  75. Joe Cusimano

    Joe Cusimano32 minuten geleden

    who cares !

  76. Damian Avalos

    Damian Avalos33 minuten geleden

    Texans deserve an 11 spot due to loosing bad against the Broncos .. but hopefully they can get there crap straight against the Titans if not goodbye playoffs

  77. M

    M33 minuten geleden

    Texans get blown out by scrubs after beating NE NFL: are you a joke to us?

  78. Carlos Gonzalez

    Carlos Gonzalez33 minuten geleden

    Raiders suck ass your QB suck ass leave Oakland already to many excuses lol 😂 dumb raider fan go 49ers

  79. Strutting_strat

    Strutting_strat34 minuten geleden

    Wilson is so slow to release. Why he was ever an MVP candidate is beyond me

  80. Shed

    Shed35 minuten geleden

    6:19 🔥

  81. 100K K.E.L.L

    100K K.E.L.L35 minuten geleden Subscribe to my NLgo channel!! If you like my video.

  82. Greg Shur

    Greg Shur36 minuten geleden

    Still has not been a Monday night football game to end in a tie since 1983. That streak last forever. I guarantee won't see another tie game next 20 years in the NFL. More phony and staged than pro wrestling. But them millennials love it.

  83. Kenneth Zinke

    Kenneth Zinke37 minuten geleden

    Did the Eagles wear black and beat the Giants on Monday Night Football?

  84. John-boy

    John-boy37 minuten geleden

    I looked at the NFL rushing stats today and Jackson has over 1,000 yards rushing, amazing for a QB. I feel Allen needs to hang in the pocket and be a little more patient, hard when those big guys are charging at you

  85. _CRUSH _

    _CRUSH _38 minuten geleden

    I miss the AR12 from 08-15, dude never been the same since Jordy went down in the preseason in 16. He’s so inconsistent, make so many lazy throws, and he hold on to the ball too damn long looking for the big play when guys is open. Only time I see a resemblance of the old Rodgers is when he have a free play, other than that he’s conservative af

  86. Miami 808

    Miami 80838 minuten geleden

    That Montana pass to Rice against the Eagles has to be one of the most beautiful passes I’ve ever seen.

  87. Parker Tan

    Parker Tan39 minuten geleden

    WHAT. A. GAME. This game summed up in 3 words.

  88. Predator0788

    Predator078839 minuten geleden

    Tbh pats are still better than chiefs

  89. Eeds Ssxv

    Eeds Ssxv40 minuten geleden

    Although this was the 2014 NFL playoffs, it technically happened in 2015.

  90. STAR Edecanes Teen

    STAR Edecanes Teen40 minuten geleden

    Mi equipo es Pittsburgh, pero este juego sin duda es el mejor del año.. quizas hasta que el mismo superbowl..

  91. AΡΘLLΟ

    AΡΘLLΟ40 minuten geleden

    George Kittle is the best Tight End in the league

  92. Noah Cook

    Noah Cook40 minuten geleden

    Anyone else see the random ass beach ball at 7:44 😂

  93. Cole Evans

    Cole Evans40 minuten geleden

    Why did the eagles go up so much?!?

  94. Joe Cusimano

    Joe Cusimano41 minuut geleden

    that was exciting football, a pleasure to watch.

  95. ZepG

    ZepG42 minuten geleden

    The only football games I go to watch live actually have the home team fans rule the stadium, Steelers and Penn State!

  96. The Real seal

    The Real seal42 minuten geleden

    Giants:*loses 8 games in a row* Eagles:I’m about to end this teams whole career

  97. Prstn

    Prstn43 minuten geleden

    I’m a ravens fan and it’s really nice to finally see a fantastic year

  98. Peter Bone

    Peter Bone43 minuten geleden

    I was there I was soaked but it was awesome

  99. divina Christiansen

    divina Christiansen43 minuten geleden

    Giants v brainer... think about it.

  100. ChopStYcks

    ChopStYcks43 minuten geleden

    as a jags fan i think we deserve to be last