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Get Even: Trailer - BBC
  1. Marko Djordjevic

    Marko Djordjevic4 uur geleden

    At least that left door seems pretty good.

  2. Luke Jones

    Luke Jones4 uur geleden

    so upset that this isn’t on anymore

  3. Quyen

    Quyen4 uur geleden

    I loved her when she was on Big Brother and the Talent Show they gave us was top notched

  4. Demon Playz

    Demon Playz4 uur geleden

    Lightsaber Not Light Sabre

  5. Robin Sharron

    Robin Sharron4 uur geleden

    I have never been more happy for an iguana

  6. PRO ADAM_08

    PRO ADAM_084 uur geleden

    I love the part when he says "Austro hungary's my mate" cuz of that smile xD

  7. Pi99ie

    Pi99ie4 uur geleden

    "We are ruled by Westminster" Genuine question to those in the comments. Why does that bother the Scottish? The North of England is ruled from Westminster too and we get on with it. Our union is the oldest in the world and the most successful in my opinion. We have always been neighbours I would hate to break away from the Scots!

  8. Lucas Savaris

    Lucas Savaris4 uur geleden

    Just put on Whose Line is it Anyway back on

  9. Robin Sharron

    Robin Sharron4 uur geleden

    man the fact that that iguana got out of the snakes choke hold was epic, that was the perfect scene for this movie!


    AREEJYY4 uur geleden

    This sounds like something out of SAW

  11. Sumeira Masudi

    Sumeira Masudi4 uur geleden

    Can u plz cause this havoc in my life ♥️

  12. Güzel Sözler

    Güzel Sözler4 uur geleden

    Wow! Who else was expecting lesser damage?

  13. Rahul Gaikwad

    Rahul Gaikwad4 uur geleden


  14. ravi kumar

    ravi kumar4 uur geleden

    Climate change is technical challenge.Not political. People of words and thoughts have no role.

  15. First name Last name

    First name Last name4 uur geleden

    We love you - now please help women and children.

  16. Jon Price

    Jon Price4 uur geleden

    They should be arrested for loitering, Disturbing the peace, criminal damage, hate crimes against others and trespassing. Extinction Rebellion are a bunch of criminals whose sole aim is to disrupt commerce. There is nothing green about them, cars waiting in traffic and planes that are forced to circle around are wasting fuel and harming the environment by doing so which is the opposite to Extinction Rebellion aims.

  17. Antidote Beats

    Antidote Beats4 uur geleden

    I'm actually surprised it did that much damage, makes sense though

  18. Michael Trumph

    Michael Trumph4 uur geleden

    This only works on a cheap, small and old car like this.

  19. Pankaj Yadav

    Pankaj Yadav4 uur geleden

    Something that I liked from NLgo recommendations for first time.

  20. Kim Min-jae

    Kim Min-jae4 uur geleden

    No joke i‘d be hella upset if he do this on me after doing my hair for 3 hours

  21. Walang Forever

    Walang Forever4 uur geleden

    Big black cat

  22. Nowhy

    Nowhy4 uur geleden

    No they don't, they just have an instinct for where the sun is at and for the habits of his masters.

  23. megatronVS

    megatronVS4 uur geleden

    That poor little Puegeot

  24. Las Carnitas Games

    Las Carnitas Games4 uur geleden

    Just came here for the

  25. jan malone

    jan malone4 uur geleden

    oiling the burger and not the pan ! ...why didnt i think of that😊 thank you Mary.

  26. Takaidza Chigwendere

    Takaidza Chigwendere4 uur geleden

    Great for oral sex

  27. Rems Dasilva

    Rems Dasilva4 uur geleden

    Why did people dislike?

  28. athàr Suhàil

    athàr Suhàil4 uur geleden

    He spend two million in buying expensive wine to test his product.

  29. ايس كريم

    ايس كريم4 uur geleden

    وش السالفة..

  30. Irie Rogue

    Irie Rogue4 uur geleden

    That was a hoot! What a nice guy for letting him have his moment, adorabibble.

  31. LIVESH

    LIVESH4 uur geleden

    this proves that the earth rotates one round in 24 hrs

  32. Freelancer1001

    Freelancer10014 uur geleden

    Looks like Momo's on the cactus juice again

  33. Ernest

    Ernest4 uur geleden

    Dis nibr talk better the I'm and I 28

  34. Mike Canada

    Mike Canada5 uur geleden

    Its not about the water its about weight

  35. Mike C

    Mike C5 uur geleden

    Oh, you got a license for that art?

  36. Denise Cen

    Denise Cen5 uur geleden

    What is this... 😣😣😣😣

  37. Byte :D

    Byte :D5 uur geleden


  38. Salt & Pepper

    Salt & Pepper5 uur geleden

    Scenes from a hat without Ryan and Colin (Whose Line is it Anyway).... just isn't as funny.

  39. SiriusMined

    SiriusMined5 uur geleden

    When I see a botched pitch, I always have to wonder if the people who come on the show have actually watched it. Dragons always wanted to know a few things, what's the combined turnover, what's the gross profit, what's the net profit, what's your margin. If you can't answer those questions, don't waste their time or yours.

  40. hillbilly Yo

    hillbilly Yo5 uur geleden

    Amazing ! A bit of tears of joy !

  41. PrivateOGITH

    PrivateOGITH5 uur geleden

    😀 FUNNY 😀

  42. Gokul creative thinkers

    Gokul creative thinkers5 uur geleden

    does this Water contains any solid particles because its not pure water its color is not correct i think its mix with mud or anything

  43. CK

    CK5 uur geleden

    I can't believe youtube is recommending me this

  44. The mad Tuk tuk

    The mad Tuk tuk5 uur geleden


  45. l. Álmos Bendegúz

    l. Álmos Bendegúz5 uur geleden

    Nobody: HOI4 German Reich player: 2:08

  46. El Cucuy

    El Cucuy5 uur geleden

    Was that meant to be good ?

  47. tgoon 90

    tgoon 905 uur geleden

    Drink it.

  48. Arpit PATEL

    Arpit PATEL5 uur geleden

    eu is most definitely not a union of equals - ask the med countries. scottish politicians are deluded! answer the most basic economic question - if you leave the UK, then what would you currency be to fund your massive balance of payments deficit?

  49. ElSepsiGuy

    ElSepsiGuy5 uur geleden

    I tought it was Antony Padilla




  51. MR. GodSoul

    MR. GodSoul5 uur geleden


  52. app mania

    app mania5 uur geleden


  53. Victoria Gumnad

    Victoria Gumnad5 uur geleden

    I kinda feel sad though that they need to scale this particular dam to get to nutrients naturally provided but here, got manipulated by man

  54. Sem Nome

    Sem Nome5 uur geleden

    Cool bird

  55. EyesOfByes

    EyesOfByes5 uur geleden

    1:00 Me after curry.

  56. Mick G.

    Mick G.5 uur geleden

    Yeah! Let's waste a load more money!

  57. EyesOfByes

    EyesOfByes5 uur geleden

    1:00 Me after #nonutnivember

  58. EyesOfByes

    EyesOfByes5 uur geleden


  59. TheConsole Killer

    TheConsole Killer5 uur geleden

    Squirrel Busts A Nut

  60. Eric Aricer

    Eric Aricer5 uur geleden

    Happy feet

  61. Rav SpS

    Rav SpS5 uur geleden

    He kinda looks like an indian tho...

  62. Arty Cassy

    Arty Cassy5 uur geleden

    2:02 my Alexa actually responded haha

  63. Madelyn Kennish

    Madelyn Kennish5 uur geleden

    why is no one talking about how completely different this looks to the book? it looks great, i’m just confused

  64. Former K.G.B.

    Former K.G.B.5 uur geleden


  65. Nikko the Great

    Nikko the Great5 uur geleden

    If you close your eyes, you're gonna visualize Woody talking.

  66. l o v e l y e d i t s

    l o v e l y e d i t s5 uur geleden

    Nice additional crunch to my morning walk!-

  67. Chris 61982

    Chris 619825 uur geleden

    I love when they don't get American things

  68. I C.C

    I C.C5 uur geleden

    Gonna tell my kids this was jesus

  69. R3N

    R3N5 uur geleden

    So basically, if you see a Tsunami you are screwed, the water will crush your bones.

  70. Formula1Madx

    Formula1Madx5 uur geleden

    When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily Oh joyfully, playfully watching me But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible Logical, oh responsible, practical And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable Oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical

  71. brax_blade games

    brax_blade games5 uur geleden

    Ewan McGregor called anakinskywalers like saber old obi wans

  72. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner5 uur geleden

    I wonder if this was CGI, looks too unbelievable all those damn snakes just coming out of everywhere.....

  73. crankypipo

    crankypipo5 uur geleden

    What are the odds the wealthy chinese would go after it?

  74. Mr.B

    Mr.B5 uur geleden


  75. Татарин юко

    Татарин юко5 uur geleden

    Че в августе 2020 походу?

  76. Forster Williams

    Forster Williams5 uur geleden

    Come and get free massage 😂

  77. Bülent Belcher

    Bülent Belcher5 uur geleden

    He dances better than me👌🏻 God protect you. Live your dream as a Dancer 🙏❤️

  78. Lakalaka2020

    Lakalaka20205 uur geleden

    So much water wasted....😡😢😢

  79. David Vincennes

    David Vincennes5 uur geleden


  80. The Truth

    The Truth5 uur geleden

    I wonder what time they open

  81. Nargatan TV

    Nargatan TV5 uur geleden

    amazing voice click here------->>>>


    [email protected]5 uur geleden

    Is this comedy? thing have changed for the worst I like to laugh comedy hay day has long since gone every thing is PC now can't make jokes about anything just incase you offend some poor snowflakes or you end up in court for making a silly joke.

  83. tas tiger

    tas tiger5 uur geleden

    aww hyenas are pretty chill...unless they are starving they will more or less chase something else...

  84. Will Holmes

    Will Holmes5 uur geleden

    What a clever dog

  85. frank juankno

    frank juankno5 uur geleden

    Cartels are gunna buy every last lotus

  86. Daz 72

    Daz 725 uur geleden

    If Obama was white, these two wouldn't give a shit. Obama was a terrible president.

  87. Urbane Wise

    Urbane Wise5 uur geleden


  88. Ale Zenteno

    Ale Zenteno5 uur geleden

    Los monos tienen mas sentimientos que los humanos😭

  89. The Right Ladder

    The Right Ladder5 uur geleden

    This is why I love nature. Anyone can get high. You know for damn sure that if we were Lemurs, some South American drug lord lemur would have cornered the millipede market.

  90. ꧁༺RED༻꧂

    ꧁༺RED༻꧂5 uur geleden

    Wow omg

  91. Мирон Фёдоров

    Мирон Фёдоров5 uur geleden

    The girl sang better than all guys

  92. M DR

    M DR5 uur geleden

    0:54 "But it's the wrong hole." Yep, been there before...

  93. Pat Tate

    Pat Tate5 uur geleden

    To be fair, they've made him look a right tit.

  94. 디연둡

    디연둡5 uur geleden


  95. sean9115

    sean91155 uur geleden

    These woke people need to go back to sleep as they are crying wolf all the dam time when there is no wolf.

  96. ZenBoxing TV

    ZenBoxing TV5 uur geleden

    they should try this on the Tesla Cybertruck I wanna see it's durability

  97. Mark Andrews

    Mark Andrews5 uur geleden

    Just awesome, by all means integrate technology as well both in equal amounts hope his business does well 👍

  98. Ok

    Ok5 uur geleden

    You should call it the weave snatcher

  99. kidchristv

    kidchristv5 uur geleden

    Fact of the day: you did NOT search for this video 😆

  100. Priyanshu Maurya

    Priyanshu Maurya5 uur geleden

    Wo to thi hai but recording kan kar raha tha bhai🤔🤔🤔