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  1. Sander Valpey

    Sander Valpey6 minuten geleden

    I was kinda annoyed he switched from “greatest, to one of the greatest of all time”.

  2. Sander Valpey

    Sander Valpey7 minuten geleden

    Crazy to think that Michaels record still holds today. With all the new tech.

  3. Ed Bishop

    Ed Bishop8 minuten geleden

    I still can’t get over Stroll complaining about Vettel rejoining dangerously while doing exactly the same to Gasly!

  4. Eyepatch

    Eyepatch14 minuten geleden

    F1: Cost cap Williams: Hehe boiii

  5. Anime is forbidden In Christianity

    Anime is forbidden In Christianity14 minuten geleden

    Next video, Brian tyler reviews the james' team order memes Upvote so F1 can see

  6. CraftRacer 44

    CraftRacer 4414 minuten geleden

    I’m confused is it overall speed or something? Because Austria is quicker than Monza for overall lap times

  7. Motoqueiro Cabeludo

    Motoqueiro Cabeludo15 minuten geleden

    Esse botão amarelo que deu o título pro Prost. Que botão desgraçado kkkkkkkk . Ele aperta e tchau Senna. Que sacanagem

  8. Alex Silva

    Alex Silva16 minuten geleden

    And, in Mexico we only say: "A huevo!" 🤟🏼

  9. L'Autrichien

    L'Autrichien22 minuten geleden

    Frankly, what does it mean 174 inches down?

  10. MrJonabra

    MrJonabra24 minuten geleden

    Can someone explain to my, why the heck you should Switch tyres in the last lap, where you also have such a big lead? Like, it wasn't even half a lap to go, but yea: let's switch tyres!

  11. Flyer_452 RFS

    Flyer_452 RFS24 minuten geleden

    F1 the movie..coming in 2021

  12. Andrej Ban

    Andrej Ban24 minuten geleden

    Good presentation of the 2019 season, One of the better seasons where Mercedes once again dominated. Good job!

  13. Flyer_452 RFS

    Flyer_452 RFS26 minuten geleden

    F1 the movie...coming in never

  14. buttonsw77

    buttonsw7727 minuten geleden

    The cars all get easier to drive in each era, this is as sad as the quite engines in 2014 onwards F1 cars should be absolute beasts to drive, sadly they are not now :-(

  15. aktrill46

    aktrill4627 minuten geleden

    God damn, that is a shitty hairdo!

  16. Aron

    Aron30 minuten geleden

    So why is Mercedes a DNS???

  17. ARDY

    ARDY31 minuut geleden

    Make a new theme

  18. Eagle Productions

    Eagle Productions33 minuten geleden

    Wasn't this already uploaded?

  19. Forelsket

    Forelsket37 minuten geleden

    2:21 QUANTO GODOOOO ❤❤❤🇮🇹🇮🇹

  20. ZebsFrend

    ZebsFrend37 minuten geleden

    This would never be one of my favourites. Mansell and Senna were never, NEVER amongst my favourite drivers. My favourite Monaco? 1967

  21. Forelsket

    Forelsket40 minuten geleden

    2:21 QUANTO GODOOOO ❤❤❤🇮🇹🇮🇹

  22. grant c

    grant c43 minuten geleden

    FN LEGENDARY I CANT GET ENOUGH #I wish i was Lewis Hamilton

  23. david santos

    david santos45 minuten geleden

    Ayrton Senna sempre sera o melhor eu adorava ver corridas dele na epoca nota1.000

  24. yuno_j

    yuno_j49 minuten geleden

    *Stroll* : 3:12 _gets cut off and calls Vettel an idiot_ *Also Stroll* : 3:22 _does the exact same thing as Vettel_

  25. Minh Le

    Minh Le49 minuten geleden

    10 times better then NLgo Rewind

  26. Instagram: DriveForceOne

    Instagram: DriveForceOne51 minuut geleden

    Fernando just wants to compete against his team mates 😂😂

  27. Jarosław Kwaśniewski

    Jarosław Kwaśniewski52 minuten geleden

    This is the best cover, and the guy's friend is just inspiring ;)

  28. T Mo T

    T Mo T59 minuten geleden

    Why don't F1 ise a different cover for each GP? Like the metal rock version could totally rock Austin.

  29. raghib amine

    raghib amineUur geleden

    لم تعجبني قيادته

  30. Maxime Lusignan-Laplante

    Maxime Lusignan-LaplanteUur geleden

    1:50 Kvyat, Norris and Sainz. None of them whined about the incident. Amazing

  31. Ismael GE 10

    Ismael GE 10Uur geleden

    Viva efeuno

  32. Brskywalker14

    Brskywalker14Uur geleden

    49th trending for gaming? Wtf

  33. SyndiCate Gaming

    SyndiCate GamingUur geleden

    I hope they keep this one for next year. The part where the track lay-out gets explained is orgasmic

  34. Zed´s Zone

    Zed´s ZoneUur geleden

    Where is the drum version feat hype guy? :(

  35. Cloxxki

    CloxxkiUur geleden

    Let me help you with that itch.

  36. percy de vries

    percy de vriesUur geleden

    This race was beautiful

  37. x Mahon

    x MahonUur geleden

    The flute cover is the theme of Ferraris 2019 season

  38. NFFCKEMPIE 2004

    NFFCKEMPIE 2004Uur geleden

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    DORADO 13ARROYOUur geleden

    Smooth operatoooor

  40. Adam S Prestage

    Adam S PrestageUur geleden

    It's a shame that this is the only top 10 that George Russell will have seen this season. Let's hope we see a strong season in 2020 from the Williams team they desperately need a decent and competitive season to get things moving in the right direction

  41. Synystr7

    Synystr7Uur geleden

    Brian Tyler looks more like a Bjorn Gunlafsson

  42. Trazer Paff

    Trazer PaffUur geleden

    Senna made history

  43. Instagram: DriveForceOne

    Instagram: DriveForceOneUur geleden

    These guys are well ‘ard

  44. Instagram: DriveForceOne

    Instagram: DriveForceOneUur geleden

    Valterri is Outcheaaaaaa

  45. Linda M

    Linda MUur geleden

    Absolutely amazing. One line of cars and all of a sudden it's a battle to pass. Very experienced driving. Beautiful cars. Ty for sharing. Very impressive

  46. Liam Sweeney

    Liam SweeneyUur geleden

    The echo and reverb was a tad much.

  47. HyperAva

    HyperAvaUur geleden

    Best dry race in my opinion this year in terms of excitement but brazil is a close second. 5:30 is my favorite overtake of the season when leclerc goes though the gap and even brundle is suprised

  48. Guamedo Sanchez

    Guamedo SanchezUur geleden

    Like por la mejor de todas, la de efeuno!!

  49. Fernando Manzanares

    Fernando ManzanaresUur geleden

    Me: Three minutes is way too short for a decent season montage Liberty: challenge accepted I'm seriously impressed by how much material you managed to bring together. It must have taken a lot of time to make the video, the attention to detail is apparent. Great job.

  50. Ka_ Mii

    Ka_ MiiUur geleden

    0:09 moment when hamilton thought the fly is dead.. #vegan

  51. Luan Carlos

    Luan CarlosUur geleden

    *Flute version huehuehue 🏎️🇧🇷*

  52. glitchyboy1 // Random Things

    glitchyboy1 // Random ThingsUur geleden

    No one: Haas: **celebrate a non-points position**

  53. Peter Mitterrutzner

    Peter MitterrutznerUur geleden

    anything more boring ???

  54. rolopuu

    rolopuuUur geleden

    The future of F1.

  55. Chinwag Chillygamer

    Chinwag ChillygamerUur geleden

    And people say that F1 cars are safe. Just look at Ericsson's crash

  56. Ahyar Babas

    Ahyar BabasUur geleden

    2:03 the women in blue.. sigana ateul bujur

  57. Roblixer467 Mygame

    Roblixer467 MygameUur geleden

    me = dubai and cars

  58. ukliokiuyh

    ukliokiuyhUur geleden

    Tonizza GOAT

  59. glitchyboy1 // Random Things

    glitchyboy1 // Random ThingsUur geleden

    Robert Kubica’s name at Canada: *Champion of Wall*

  60. Hyttelus

    HyttelusUur geleden

    How Stroll has the audacity to pull out infront of Gasly while finishing his sentence complaining about Vettel is beyond me.

  61. Andreas RSD

    Andreas RSD2 uur geleden

    2:02 Oh la la...

  62. kabelo tshita

    kabelo tshita2 uur geleden

    Could do without the theme song , Ruins the video, prefer the commentating and the noise of the engines and cool cut backs

  63. sogerc1

    sogerc12 uur geleden

    Will this theme song be changed next year? I hope it will be. It's the worst from all the ones I can remember.

  64. JBT 2016

    JBT 20162 uur geleden

    What’s the song???

  65. NyxiiW

    NyxiiW2 uur geleden


  66. lil bread

    lil bread2 uur geleden

    Where is ei vittu saatana perse perjantai

  67. Jose Manuel CR

    Jose Manuel CR2 uur geleden

    VÍCTOR EFEUNO FLUTE!!!!!!! 😄🇪🇦

  68. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    Wiryan Tirtarahardja2 uur geleden

    33:15 *talking about a joke referencing Flavio's safety-car-button before Crashgate was dicovered* "I look at Flavio and he wasn't smiling at all. Ooh la" - Cyril Abiteboul lol

  69. TheJokerit19

    TheJokerit192 uur geleden

    Hamilton chose 59.0 for Brake Balance for the braking into Brooklands on that lap If I managed to tell the figure correctly. 1:11 - He already got blue flag-warning on the opening lap, LOL. 10:27-10:32 - PU2 5, PU3 1-14. I suppose the latter at least goes this way: The lower the number, the higher the power delivery, as is the case with the Mclaren MP4-30 in iRacing at least. Ricciardo used -1.0 (52.5) BB for the final lap if I managed to tell the figure correctly, while Grosjean selected 60.5 BB after the chequered flag.

  70. M o o d

    M o o d2 uur geleden

    I so glad they included the flute version LMAO

  71. Daan van Meurs

    Daan van Meurs2 uur geleden

    I do kinda hope they keep the intro for 2020 like this one as opposed to the 2018 one. I like the focus on the drivers.

  72. josebaso 017

    josebaso 0172 uur geleden

    Increible efeuno😂

  73. Bwoah 7

    Bwoah 72 uur geleden

    2:03 girl to the right😬

  74. Ferhat Özcelik

    Ferhat Özcelik2 uur geleden

    2019 un en iyi yarışı werstapen en iyi sürücü

  75. Marcin Zarodkiewicz

    Marcin Zarodkiewicz2 uur geleden

    Hilarious . Brilliant

  76. Ingo Cernohorsky

    Ingo Cernohorsky2 uur geleden

    Still miss the old one...

  77. Dani

    Dani2 uur geleden

    Fcn Stroll. ''He came on the circuit like an idiot'' Does exactly the same to Gasly. So basically he just called himself an idiot..

  78. Johan B.

    Johan B.2 uur geleden

    It was an awesome season! Next year hopefully Max will be able to challenge!

  79. Mike Booth

    Mike Booth2 uur geleden

    They should remake the current theme in styles from the country they are racing in!

  80. Eric G. Vilella

    Eric G. Vilella2 uur geleden

    "Etamoh venchendo!"

  81. Gabriele De Santis

    Gabriele De Santis2 uur geleden

    Why NLgo can't do rewinds like this? Are they too difficult?

  82. Rodrigo Llosa

    Rodrigo Llosa2 uur geleden

    Victor Abad, Vall d Uxio Grand Prix

  83. Dadax YT

    Dadax YT2 uur geleden


  84. Bence Da Memer

    Bence Da Memer2 uur geleden

    imagine not putting in the hamilton vs gasly drag race

  85. Oliver Newcombe

    Oliver Newcombe2 uur geleden

    Damon hill: McQueen who?

  86. Joey Bimmel

    Joey Bimmel2 uur geleden

    Nice touch they put local language commentary in the edit

  87. Ruggero Mauro

    Ruggero Mauro2 uur geleden

    Brividi ❤️

  88. NoobCanoe

    NoobCanoe2 uur geleden

    I love you guys. I was sitting there waiting for the flute theme, thinking no way do they actually do this. I love the whole F1 media presence so much for reasons like this

  89. Álvarob

    Álvarob2 uur geleden

    The flute's magician is a young journalist near to 100k followers specialised in Formula 1. He is absolutely top.

  90. O R

    O R2 uur geleden

    Stroll: "wtf he just came back on the circuit like an idiot!" then proceeds to do the exact same thing...

  91. Romain Grosjean

    Romain Grosjean2 uur geleden

    1:30 - 1:33 skip

  92. Big T

    Big T2 uur geleden

    What an annoying brat.

  93. 6Alexis8

    6Alexis82 uur geleden

    2:01 wtf that girl doing ?

  94. Angus Noble

    Angus Noble2 uur geleden

    F1 does memes. I'm so happy Bernie sold up

  95. Tristan Ellis Vlogs

    Tristan Ellis Vlogs2 uur geleden

    Kubica JUST Leave me alone I know what I’m doing

  96. Ricardo Sogabe

    Ricardo Sogabe2 uur geleden

    Bryan looks like Bart Baker 😂😂😂

  97. PowerElPaco 26

    PowerElPaco 262 uur geleden

    Jajaja victoor

  98. iOnSs

    iOnSs2 uur geleden

    I remember that Norris have only 19 years old. Will be the next world champion, I know It.

  99. RiveraRacing25

    RiveraRacing253 uur geleden

    Como cuando sale la versión de efeuno😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Darth Iniquitous

    Darth Iniquitous3 uur geleden

    Alex albon droppin by!