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r/Tinder | E-GIRLS

r/Tinder | E-GIRLS

21 dag geleden

elon musk is a genius

elon musk is a genius

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Juice Wrld Has Passed Away
Onision Just Ended His Career
They Got Married On Tinder


2 jaar geleden

  1. Taishi Shidi

    Taishi Shidi3 uur geleden

    Take a shot everytime she says "Like"

  2. Lindsey Sloan

    Lindsey Sloan3 uur geleden

    Danielle Cohn is going to end up emancipating herself from her mother.

  3. jezabelle lowry

    jezabelle lowry3 uur geleden

    The dance is the coffee grinder I think

  4. Jack Belden

    Jack Belden3 uur geleden

    Her mom is absolute trash

  5. Bubbles McDragon

    Bubbles McDragon3 uur geleden

    Please make a vid about that kid

  6. Necro Gaming

    Necro Gaming4 uur geleden

    What happen to first video

  7. Korwynze

    Korwynze4 uur geleden

    ok but didyou check them if they actually did what the giveaway asked from them. randos coulda entered the way you posted that, just sayin

  8. katisclean

    katisclean4 uur geleden

    I like how destiny has that dad vibe going. Im sure he'd yeet that bf and the mom out her life given the chance. As a parent I agree that she shouldn't sell herself so short :/ these pictures don't belong on the internet period.

  9. Djordje Lutovac

    Djordje Lutovac4 uur geleden

    3:45 im waiting for memes about this

  10. random rave

    random rave4 uur geleden

    I wonder before her date was known to us was it just fine to look at this thinking she's legal xd

  11. CuteSkiesXX SkiesLife

    CuteSkiesXX SkiesLife4 uur geleden

    1:21 im british and behalf on all british people, i say we do not accept him

  12. Aslier

    Aslier4 uur geleden

    Clickbait king

  13. Dod Ge

    Dod Ge4 uur geleden

    tbh hes just a kid who doesnt understand but still its hella disresepctful mann

  14. lets-call-me that-one-guy

    lets-call-me that-one-guy4 uur geleden

    U know . If i was her father I would just lock her up her room without any electronics. Like really. This has to stop

  15. Matej Apostolovski

    Matej Apostolovski4 uur geleden

    She said the word like a 1000 times. She is like dumb you know what I mean like like very dumb like dumb dumb like you have to like this comment like pls like that

  16. TheLonelyOwl 265

    TheLonelyOwl 2654 uur geleden

    What’s wrong with iPhones?

  17. Tish Glorioso

    Tish Glorioso4 uur geleden

    Omg I swear on everything if I had a daughter and she did this shxt she would never have electronics this is nasty af SHES 13 no baby girl should b wearing this shxt and no baby girl should be dating a man wtf kinda nasty shxt is that she’s gonna end up addicted to drugs by the age of 18 just watch she’s gonna keep chasing this kinda life and eventually tik tok will die and same with instagram

  18. Bubblegum blowfish

    Bubblegum blowfish4 uur geleden

    I have one more thing to say where are her parents

  19. S k

    S k4 uur geleden

    Restaurant: 13 years and younger is free food! Mother: she is 13 6ix9ine: ahh shit.

  20. Bubblegum blowfish

    Bubblegum blowfish4 uur geleden

    She was even born when I was around

  21. Yohan kasser Ricaforte

    Yohan kasser Ricaforte4 uur geleden

    Wtf that not sound Kobe real fake

  22. Bubblegum blowfish

    Bubblegum blowfish4 uur geleden

    The worst thing is my name has been confused with her name I am so ashamed that somebody decided to name their child this it was so similar to my name people started shouting out Danielle

  23. S k

    S k4 uur geleden

    She has a ugly face and an ugly voice.

  24. Mazzy Wazzy

    Mazzy Wazzy4 uur geleden

    This is why I dont have kids. Cant deal with this 🙈

  25. Kota Belz

    Kota Belz4 uur geleden

    The shower bag one is actually pretty useful if you’re in a rural area with no running water or if you’re camping ... it is embarrassing though 😐

  26. KCCAT5

    KCCAT54 uur geleden

    Damn she's 12 or 13 with a body like that? Where the hell is her parents? My daughter had a body like that at that age and was doing that crap online and she would lose her computer and her phone until she was an adult

  27. Samantha Rose

    Samantha Rose4 uur geleden

    The porblem I have with Dani is not her its her mom. Her mom controls EVERYTHING she does and how she dresses. I hate it so much and it makes me so sad that a 13 year old is being used for money when she should be spending time with friends, living her childhood, etc.

  28. KCCAT5

    KCCAT54 uur geleden

    Oh you mean NLgo Just socialist of the video world. Do what I say or you can't have comments do what I say or you can't post. Fuc NLgo time for us to find a new platform don't you think?

  29. Anxia

    Anxia4 uur geleden

    for her birthday she gettting an asylum and an exorcist

  30. JaKalen Fells

    JaKalen Fells4 uur geleden

    If watching her live stream was a drinking game, we would've died for everytime she said "like"

  31. Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas4 uur geleden

    And y’all still say her mom doing this to her lmao-

  32. Ghost killer

    Ghost killer4 uur geleden

    Sadly bro in this generation EVER pre-teenager or kid looks like an 18 year old or somewhere close to that... but because they JUST look like that, they want to ACT like that and it doesn’t make sense. Not that them kids would act like that(because let’s be honest a lot of teenagers act like they’re adults) but that the parents would let them... like I feel that she says “I’m a teenager I make mistakes “ because her parents say that to her. And I bet that when she was scared because of the picture she told her mom and they did not care because they just want that money

  33. Kitty Bucher

    Kitty Bucher5 uur geleden

    Yeaaa, see, I consider myself to be an egalitarian, and while I do feel like no one should dictate to another how they should dress & present themselves publicly, that goes for _adults_ - she is a *child* & no child should be dressing & presenting themselves publicly as provocatively as she is.

  34. Blacknight00D

    Blacknight00D5 uur geleden

    *Father* has left the chat

  35. Ben Sanders

    Ben Sanders5 uur geleden

    Lol she has patches in her make-up That's how you see she is a fking child -_-

  36. King khali 1738

    King khali 17385 uur geleden

    He just tryna get views Ppffffsttt fake Man stop disrespectin the legend fam

  37. KS Punk

    KS Punk5 uur geleden

    Honestly at this point I give up on her she’s gonna regret it when she grows up.

  38. Avalon Kenton

    Avalon Kenton5 uur geleden

    Does she go to school? Here in the U.K you would never be allowed to go to school with that much makeup and fake tan on also her black dyed hair and eyebrows would get you expelled she should be playing Pokémon and watching cartoons

  39. Ben Sanders

    Ben Sanders5 uur geleden

    Those who make mistakes doesn't do them over and over again

  40. Danielle Aragosa

    Danielle Aragosa5 uur geleden

    He's the next *morgz*

  41. Gavin Hoelscher

    Gavin Hoelscher5 uur geleden

    How many times did she say like

  42. Chrissy Sav

    Chrissy Sav5 uur geleden

    Nobody: Destiny: Dont worry 25 brilliant hacks for every occasion has got ya covered

  43. Kota Belz

    Kota Belz5 uur geleden

    As someone who is a feminist, NAH she needs to cover the f up 🙄 telling an adult how to dress is ONE thing, whereas telling a child how to dress is another thing .

  44. spill the beans sis

    spill the beans sis5 uur geleden

    She's 13!!!..... I thought she was only 15.......😶😶😶

  45. Ezzy E

    Ezzy E5 uur geleden

    We already have Morgz please we don't need another

  46. Sugar Damn

    Sugar Damn5 uur geleden

    Im older then dani....I- excuse me...I wore panda hoodies and I was obsessed with unicorns when I was her age wth ;-;

  47. Victor Houi

    Victor Houi5 uur geleden

    Her and her mom needs some serious help. I can’t believe her mom would let her do something like that.

  48. Weezy Sloth God

    Weezy Sloth God5 uur geleden

    It’s 7 deadly sins. There are 10 commandments.

  49. Brian Hunt

    Brian Hunt5 uur geleden

    Where is dr Phil to roast this kid

  50. Dorian Clark

    Dorian Clark5 uur geleden

    Do you know how many video games I could buy with that money

  51. Leona De Mort

    Leona De Mort5 uur geleden

    Kinda wanna see like, one person left and then they look at each other, face to face, and then he like, rejects her.

  52. 150 Subs Before September 29th

    150 Subs Before September 29th5 uur geleden

    Guys the meme page @emcii.k.spam is the original source for the photo

  53. The Mexican Pug

    The Mexican Pug5 uur geleden

    Everytime she says "like" my brain wants to explode, she says "like" 20 times almost in that small clip. I can't do it 🤣

  54. Mark Rudolf

    Mark Rudolf5 uur geleden

    She is just fat

  55. goldsoul

    goldsoul6 uur geleden

    weird to think im only a year older than her

  56. Rainy_Days_Builds

    Rainy_Days_Builds6 uur geleden

    Yeah I'm 13 she only looks older when she has no makeup on she does look 13

  57. GachaTuber YT

    GachaTuber YT6 uur geleden

    He just using Kobe he didn't care about kobe all he care is his sub and views

  58. One&Only Lonerr

    One&Only Lonerr6 uur geleden

    Danielle is never going to get a job. Let's face it, she's only 13 now so what's going to happen in the next 3 years? Is it going to get worse or is she going to try and fix things?? Either way, her employers are going to see her pictures and ish. Either she's gonna be unemployed, or she's gonna wait until she's 18+ to be a stripper.

  59. Lorik

    Lorik6 uur geleden

    3:17 She ain't even a woman yet😂

  60. Moa Sipola

    Moa Sipola6 uur geleden

    Ok but wouldn’t Danielle, Mikey and all her other exes and her mother really fit in a Dr Phil episode?

  61. Krish Emchande

    Krish Emchande6 uur geleden

    she should not be faking her ID etc but at the end of the day we all want to go for someone older than us at some point - it's the guys that we should be aiming the hate towards. this is my view anyway.

  62. Bloody Eagle J

    Bloody Eagle J6 uur geleden

    5:35 She lookin like sum outta horror movie

  63. Initials M.A

    Initials M.A6 uur geleden

    People have been saying she’s 12 or 13 since 2017 like she’s been 13 for 3 years

  64. boss gaming boom

    boss gaming boom6 uur geleden

    The mom isn't a abuser she is a pimp

  65. LittleMonsterIsMyName

    LittleMonsterIsMyName6 uur geleden

    My favorite part is when Dani posts pics of her getting expensive gifts from her mom as if the mom didn't buy these things with the money Danielle earned. I don't get how the mom isn't ashamed of this.😶

  66. james bursi

    james bursi6 uur geleden

    He'll they both got a plan in three years she's going to get knocked up and be on 16 and Pregnant

  67. Ocean

    Ocean6 uur geleden

    It’s not child abuse. It’s neglect.

  68. ZombieGirl14

    ZombieGirl146 uur geleden

    I'm A tEeNaGeR tEeNaGeRs MaKe MiStAkEs ItS nOrMaL yeah ok lol I mean yeah sure they make mistakes but you also have choices and kids need to stay kids

  69. TheGamingTiger 737

    TheGamingTiger 7376 uur geleden

    I've never been so quick on clicking a video before!

  70. Zariah McNeal

    Zariah McNeal7 uur geleden

    What disgusting people

  71. andrea depaepe

    andrea depaepe7 uur geleden

    How is she so young she looks at least 16

  72. Hamze Loves Quran

    Hamze Loves Quran7 uur geleden

    I knew it would be Worse

  73. roxy rockets

    roxy rockets7 uur geleden

    Nobody: Literally nobody: 12 year olds just turning 13: Im A TeEnAgEr SoOoOoOo

  74. rise and SHINE

    rise and SHINE7 uur geleden

    So she's turning 14 this year right?

  75. Just Some Bear With Internet Access

    Just Some Bear With Internet Access7 uur geleden

    The crazy thing is...2 years ago we were calling her 13....but she was actually 11. 😔

  76. Zara Hussain

    Zara Hussain7 uur geleden

    There are alot of videos exposing her mom... Danielle's not behind most of the provocative stuff. Her mom is.

  77. TheChaoticLoser

    TheChaoticLoser7 uur geleden

    It's not abuse. It's neglect.

  78. KivuSmoov Kamura

    KivuSmoov Kamura7 uur geleden


  79. Dr Necessary

    Dr Necessary7 uur geleden

    where’s this girls mother?

  80. Choco Babz

    Choco Babz7 uur geleden

    She b here tryna b 18/16 then act like 1 sis smh

  81. Jair Cabardo

    Jair Cabardo7 uur geleden

    Girls with long fake ass nails or fake ass nails looks like the fcking witch from the L4D series

  82. BallyX1

    BallyX17 uur geleden

    tried to watch this last night said it was private

  83. Soviet_ DOG

    Soviet_ DOG7 uur geleden

    You need Gordon Ramsey

  84. Taiga

    Taiga7 uur geleden

    i don't think it's necessary child abuse rather than neglect

  85. Taiga

    Taiga7 uur geleden

    name: leah 9:35 destiny: layLA

  86. JC Playzofficial

    JC Playzofficial7 uur geleden


  87. Basic Tessyii

    Basic Tessyii7 uur geleden

    This is morgs brother

  88. Basic Tessyii

    Basic Tessyii7 uur geleden

    That guy is a disrespectful idiot.....words can not explain how much this guy is an idiot

  89. Shilpa Arianna

    Shilpa Arianna7 uur geleden


  90. zero king

    zero king7 uur geleden

    How disrespectful

  91. Daddy

    Daddy7 uur geleden

    If you pull up next to me when I'm taking a piss in the urinals,idc if your a girl your gay asf bitch.

  92. Agnesia

    Agnesia7 uur geleden

    Danielle: **takes a planned selfie with her boyfriend** Also Danielle: 4:32 *i dON't eVeN KnOW ThAt wAs LiKE a PiCtuRe* What even is that sentence?!

  93. Blanchy Wanchy

    Blanchy Wanchy7 uur geleden

    How rude! The NBA legend died and that dude 'itsjackson' just made a 3am vid just so he could have views and likes

  94. Mohor Kern

    Mohor Kern7 uur geleden

    Use protection, kids!

  95. MM Bros

    MM Bros7 uur geleden

    I'm 13 and I don't no shit half the time and people always ask me what HS and What my career and I don't know

  96. Haru Kazami

    Haru Kazami8 uur geleden

    I mean looking at her, it's so obvious that she is a child. Look at her arms for example. Or her tummy, or her legs. I don't want to look at but she is exposing her skin a way too much. And you can see she isn't mature physically and mentally. I can't understand how those older guys can date her. They are 100% p*do to be able to date her, i could never, even thinking about her and her bfs makes me wanna puke...

  97. Josiah Mahady

    Josiah Mahady8 uur geleden

    leah=layla ????????

  98. DrTechno

    DrTechno8 uur geleden

    You mean that Danielle's "mother" needs help

  99. A Gamer Called Abdullah

    A Gamer Called Abdullah8 uur geleden

    Why did it get deleted

  100. Daddy

    Daddy8 uur geleden

    Dis bitch stupid