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  1. A.K.A free world

    A.K.A free world4 minuten geleden

    This is one of the unforgettable Liverpool game

  2. Lovely since born _

    Lovely since born _4 minuten geleden

    Happy to see they teamwork

  3. Gerrard Steven

    Gerrard Steven6 minuten geleden

    What a preformance by Naby. Also, how come Salah misses the easy chances but scores the most difficult one 😂😂. Up the Reds!

  4. Yahia Darwysh

    Yahia Darwysh7 minuten geleden

    ترجمة للغة العربية

  5. Irish Rosa

    Irish Rosa9 minuten geleden

    lads Pineapple does not go on dam pizza!!!!!!! I still watch the game when we beat Barca lol

  6. extreme gamerrr7

    extreme gamerrr710 minuten geleden

    Why does klopp keep looking at his phone? 🤔🤔

  7. ชัยรัต ขาวนา

    ชัยรัต ขาวนา12 minuten geleden


  8. Alfred Malam

    Alfred Malam15 minuten geleden

    ALL IS GOOD, that is the only thing I can understand from what Klopp is saying in German.

  9. Cesar Cedillos

    Cesar Cedillos18 minuten geleden

    Alisson is great!

  10. Marcio Neves

    Marcio Neves19 minuten geleden

    Flamengo campeão do Mundo 2019

  11. เดด เดด

    เดด เดด30 minuten geleden


  12. ivanbjbj

    ivanbjbj31 minuut geleden

    if there was ever a person in the history of sports that everyone loved, it must be Jurgen Klopp.

  13. Lee David

    Lee David34 minuten geleden

    Excellent Mo Salah nice play

  14. Apu Cnang

    Apu Cnang35 minuten geleden

    Im proud to be LFC fans....

  15. olliethompson 06

    olliethompson 0639 minuten geleden


  16. Naik Berbukit Channel

    Naik Berbukit Channel46 minuten geleden

    Sub indonesia mana

  17. Aaron T

    Aaron T47 minuten geleden

    salah is back

  18. Суйун Бекиев

    Суйун Бекиев50 minuten geleden

    Liverpool is Luis Suarez

  19. Brian •

    Brian •50 minuten geleden

    Salah took off his gloves just before he scored the goal and with them on he missed 2 sitters. Coincidence, I think not

  20. Pinto 6 Times European Champions

    Pinto 6 Times European Champions53 minuten geleden

    Injury to another Centre back ? 😢

  21. 泉久美

    泉久美58 minuten geleden


  22. edu player lite

    edu player lite58 minuten geleden

    Liverpool pode espera sua hora vai chegar

  23. ahmed ahmed

    ahmed ahmedUur geleden


  24. RB Zee 🛡️🛡️🛡️

    RB Zee 🛡️🛡️🛡️Uur geleden

    Respect to Jesse and Salzburg!

  25. Balal Rehman

    Balal RehmanUur geleden

    Amazing goal from Mo and great goal from Keith LFC ynwa

  26. realnesx

    realnesxUur geleden

    If I was famous in my spare time I'd do stuff like this all the time the one thing money Can't buy is the feelings and happiness and making people's day.

  27. Ali Egypt

    Ali EgyptUur geleden

    Salah : i m only scoring hard goals ...not easy goals

  28. Waylon

    WaylonUur geleden

    Van dijk was brilliant again wow

  29. Francesco Forneris

    Francesco FornerisUur geleden

    hopefully Dejan injury does not complicate our current almost perfect run to win something, starting from the Club World Cup and our title run in, which could be compromised from this and Fabinho unlikeable misses, just hope their absence doesn't break anything in our tactical great blueprint of things, for goodness sake, we can just bear with a couple of lads off, not a whole platoon, mates!!!! Go Reds!!! YNWA

  30. Ayaan Ibrar

    Ayaan IbrarUur geleden

    Liverpool having centre half injuries yet winning games while when City have problems they cry and moan and the whole media circus crys for injustice. Grow a pair like klopp bitches

  31. Filip Wretner

    Filip WretnerUur geleden

    Hopefully Naby gets some momentum now! Been the best player on the pitch the last two games.

  32. Balal Rehman

    Balal RehmanUur geleden

    Great game from both teams Alisson was great great saves Mo and Mane top Robbo top qualified for CL last 16 come on you reds ynwa LFC

  33. Tshepang_GM

    Tshepang_GMUur geleden

    Naby was on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. mustafa sedki

    mustafa sedkiUur geleden

    And finally we are in the round of 16🏆✌️💪 YNWA

  35. ชัยรัต ขาวนา

    ชัยรัต ขาวนาUur geleden


  36. lamp man

    lamp manUur geleden

    Mane, Firmino and Salah are all so incredibly strong for their size. The way they hold the defenders off is outstanding.

  37. Senninha mcl

    Senninha mclUur geleden

    Liverpool needs to hand out heart circulation medication with every ticket you sell.

  38. Mohammed Zaid

    Mohammed ZaidUur geleden

    Mo salah and mani, and all the team are perfect team in the world

  39. petit bah

    petit bahUur geleden

    Super les frérot vous faites la fierté de lafrique que Dieu vous avance de plus dans vos projets amine

  40. pineapplefilms

    pineapplefilmsUur geleden

    Klopp taking us to the top

  41. Reuben St Ange

    Reuben St AngeUur geleden

    Well done lads 2-0 is great keep it up

  42. Gregg Fowl

    Gregg FowlUur geleden

    Hope lovren understands now even if he doesn't play as much as he wanted, sitting on the bench when fit hopefully knows a team that are challenging for throphies require a few good cb, not all of them can get enough games according to their own will.

  43. lamp man

    lamp manUur geleden

    How bizarre that we've stepped up a gear having lost Fabinho to injury. Everyone was pooping their pants how we would go without him. Keita, Hendo and Salah impacting games, Mane's on fire and Gomez is looking good. Good times. Of all players, though, Firmino is a bit off. "That's how it is"

  44. بيضاني الهوى

    بيضاني الهوىUur geleden

    صلاح يا صلاح


    DAVES LFC CHATSUur geleden

    What a win reds 🏆 onto Watford 👏

  46. Lee Davies

    Lee DaviesUur geleden

    This could be the best December in our history! Through to the champions league knockout stage 👊 Won the derby👊 Hopefully caraboa cup win 🎈 Hopefully club world champions 🎈 Hopefully beat our closest league rivals in Leicester 🎈 Keep our crazy winning streak going cos we don't know how to lose anymore. 🎈 We have the best manager in world football..... Life is good!.

  47. basir5623

    basir5623Uur geleden

    Salzburg is a good side.

  48. The bright sun

    The bright sunUur geleden

    Salah couldn't score the easiest goal in hard way but he scored the hardest in easy way..

  49. Fish Man

    Fish ManUur geleden

    Very good result against a very tricky side. Well done redmen.

  50. Smokin Mesa

    Smokin MesaUur geleden

    Difficult tonight, respect Salzburg YNWA

  51. Barry

    BarryUur geleden

    Did anybody watch the Borussia Monchen game against Bayern. Fortunately for BMG, Bayern forwards hit just about everything other than the back of the net, sometimes that's what happens. Well at least Salah scored the one that mattered YNWA.

  52. United Fan For Life

    United Fan For LifeUur geleden

    Overrated manager from an overrated club. Spent $250 million to finally win a Champions League........what losers.

  53. Edmund Dantes

    Edmund DantesUur geleden

    Great to see a team, too long Liverpool relied on a talisman. YNWA.

  54. Madysson Saraiva

    Madysson SaraivaUur geleden

    Esse Liverpool tem tudo pra levantar a sétima orelhuda da liga dos campeões

  55. Viral IndoTV

    Viral IndoTVUur geleden


  56. Ali Hamza

    Ali HamzaUur geleden

    I don't know anything about Football but i know Mohammad Salah From PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

  57. Jam

    JamUur geleden

    I want Gomez to step up now

  58. Pokemon Jones

    Pokemon JonesUur geleden

    That Hwang and Minamino are underrated in this team.. Haaland is great btw.!!

  59. Dodo Dodo

    Dodo DodoUur geleden

    Salah Saab goal Radar powerhouse And satellites Salah GPS is moving

  60. Jair Perez

    Jair PerezUur geleden

    Two Dutch people speaking in English

  61. Rhys Aboe

    Rhys AboeUur geleden

    0:00 thoughts about Salzburg and general thaughts about the game 1:26 Mo Salah's goal and how he played 2:09 limits of the team 3:17 Lovren's injury 3:45 intensity of the game 6:08 Naby's and Mané's performances

  62. Фардин Асхоби

    Фардин АсхобиUur geleden

    Liverpool champion

  63. Gabriel Alencar

    Gabriel AlencarUur geleden

    Os ingleses do Liverpool conhecem bem é o Zico. Depois de Pelé o melhor foi o Zico, só não escolheram pra não pegar mal


    EXPENDABLE M10Uur geleden

    The walk of the champions 💚👍

  65. Kit Kat

    Kit KatUur geleden

    It’s not just Jurgen who is great - it’s the bsckroom team too!

  66. HB TV

    HB TV2 uur geleden

    Salah : like roberto carlos : comment

  67. HB TV

    HB TV2 uur geleden


  68. Murat Koçoğlu

    Murat Koçoğlu2 uur geleden


  69. Batara Hasibuan

    Batara Hasibuan2 uur geleden

    11 real egyptian king (scores) under klopp

  70. bier beppi

    bier beppi2 uur geleden

    du hast so schöne zähne jürgen 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  71. Dunny Boy

    Dunny Boy2 uur geleden

    Salah is legend for club if I was klopp he was off at half time so thank godd in klopp we trust!!!!!

  72. Arabisch Mathematik

    Arabisch Mathematik2 uur geleden

    Salah is my best player but I missed Mane...for the second match Keita and Salah do wonderful twice

  73. Rhy John

    Rhy John2 uur geleden

    Best manager of the second year jurgen Kloop need another trophy.

  74. Arabisch Mathematik

    Arabisch Mathematik2 uur geleden

    Salah and Keita again through 4 days

  75. Deadpool Brazil

    Deadpool Brazil2 uur geleden

    I Love Liverpool

  76. Mega Break

    Mega Break2 uur geleden

    Finally a clean sheet ❤️

  77. Sahabiya Mohamed

    Sahabiya Mohamed2 uur geleden

    Gini and Keita were the MOTM for me!! They played really good

  78. Sahabiya Mohamed

    Sahabiya Mohamed2 uur geleden

    Referee giving Mane yellow card Mane: send location

  79. officer tenpenny

    officer tenpenny2 uur geleden

    Klopp has really reshaped the liverpool personality on the pitch

  80. Roihan Tamami

    Roihan Tamami2 uur geleden

    Whhooo very very difficulty goal from salah

  81. Malcolm Antonio

    Malcolm Antonio2 uur geleden

    We are the best team in the world

  82. Farhan

    Farhan2 uur geleden

    Salah wanted one hard goal for record book.

  83. Ivrish con-Abarth

    Ivrish con-Abarth2 uur geleden

    Now Keita is playing as I expected, and he´s getting better. I´ve been asking this in many videos: who else of my Liverpool fan colleagues want real madrid next, and payback? I. Want. Them.

  84. محمد عبدالعاطي

    محمد عبدالعاطي2 uur geleden

    ممكن ترجمه عربى للحوار من فضلكم

  85. Daouda Diop

    Daouda Diop2 uur geleden

    Sadio mané is the best player in liverpool

  86. JMUDoc

    JMUDoc2 uur geleden

    Couldn't believe Salah's went in - wrong foot for that side, his WEAKER foot, curled it the WRONG WAY and had maybe an 18-inch slice of goal to put it in.

  87. مشاريع مصر

    مشاريع مصر2 uur geleden

    صلاح جابلي جلطة النهاردة بصراحة 👌😂😂

  88. Just Xavier

    Just Xavier2 uur geleden

    I hope we get Tottenham, Shakatar or Lyon. YNWA.

  89. قناة اصل الفراخ الهندي في العالم

    قناة اصل الفراخ الهندي في العالم2 uur geleden

    Egyptian King! Mohamed Salah

  90. Sahatsait Sait

    Sahatsait Sait2 uur geleden

    Sepak takraw punya jurulatih ego dan pandang rendah kepunyaan pasukan lain

  91. Carlos Maron

    Carlos Maron2 uur geleden

    12 dislikes... 4 City fans 4 Man U Fans 4 Sun Readers

  92. Matthias O

    Matthias O2 uur geleden

    2 wonderful things...Liverpool wins and Bayern lost....BVB and Liverpool...ynwa

  93. Jay L1471

    Jay L14712 uur geleden

    Us Scouser rule Football and will continue to rule Football for A very very long time to come. Invincible is what we are. YNWA


    SrVITINHO YT2 uur geleden

    Brazil aqui

  95. ghie yuu

    ghie yuu2 uur geleden

    Salah was pressured much of making easy goals and still he could make impossible goals after missed chances. Liverpool played manificently as one team.

  96. Alanthecat

    Alanthecat2 uur geleden

    i thank jesus u ave a good heart jk, thats a fight that makes football look easy gg

  97. Thanis oyee

    Thanis oyee2 uur geleden

    Salah is running at speed of light

  98. Alfred Malam

    Alfred Malam2 uur geleden

    This my predictions Liverpool is going to win by 2:0

  99. Dina M

    Dina M2 uur geleden

    that salah goal was something else!

  100. Alfred Malam

    Alfred Malam2 uur geleden

    Fantic Klopp, I am now enjoying the rest watching the other European teams getting at each other with a cool hart because Thr Mighty, Mighty Reds are now to the round of 16 again in Europe.