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Surviving an Unlivable Wage
  1. Epic

    EpicUur geleden

    That it I'm done Canada's borders are still open to the US I'm moving bois

  2. Matthew Wiley

    Matthew WileyUur geleden

    Go underground..... go away..... just don't get anybody sick because you are crazy

  3. Npn_swag

    Npn_swagUur geleden

    The only reason Donald Trump refuses to enact a nationwide shutdown is because he doesn’t want to shut down his businesses. It is not an philosophical debate that he is considering this is just market worship and his inaction is costing the lives of many people!

  4. CLureCo

    CLureCoUur geleden

    Smh.........there's a verse in my Bible that says, "do not tempt the Lord thy God". There's also another that mentions "obeying man's laws".......... This man is putting lives at risk, not just those who attend, but those who come in contact with those who attend.....FOR WHAT,.... MONEY?!?

  5. Braun09tv

    Braun09tvUur geleden

    Stupid, if you get infected you should STOP working and rest. No role model, no need to play the strong guy. You get a virus you go to bed and relax.

  6. mahchymk93

    mahchymk93Uur geleden

    Woww, some heads must've rolled after this segment aired. Well anyways, no surprise there. A country full of child murderers and supremacist racist inbreds also has child molesters. Big whoop.

  7. _france y_

    _france y_Uur geleden

    I'm Italian, today i lost my grandpa for this virus.I couldn't even say hello to him for the last time. in my heart there is now an emptiness, a big sadness. Thank you all who are with us. Thank you.

  8. kayla martinez

    kayla martinezUur geleden

    Whoever is crying in the background is really doing the most

  9. Keizaal

    KeizaalUur geleden

    Bruh- she's literally outside. What happened to staying inside?

  10. Gene Bohannon

    Gene BohannonUur geleden

    This just in!! "All MSM personnel could be targets for assassination". Stay tuned for the next commercial break!!!! And remember to drink your Ovaltine.

  11. FordFracture

    FordFractureUur geleden

    They lied to us in the beginning and they are lying to us now ! they are undercutting the death count and we are gonna loose over a million people before it's over. And the bad part is this is only the beginning of more powerful viruses to come . everything has a balance point and humanity has to constantly mess with to fit our needs and we are at the point where we really messed up the system and we are at the reserving end of it now .So enjoy what time we have left

  12. Anne Williams

    Anne WilliamsUur geleden

    put these stupid irresponsible idiots on a cruise ship and let it set sail. god will help them. or will he?

  13. Sand man

    Sand manUur geleden

    I'm watching the Purge, Election Year"!

  14. C hunt

    C huntUur geleden

    Very sad way to earn money

  15. a r

    a rUur geleden

    Thought it was a Democratic hoax!!!!!

  16. Timothy Blount

    Timothy BlountUur geleden

    @5:48 The governor of Florida has just changed his " tune" concerning the option to allow individual counties to decide a "shutdown" to now a " Statewide Shutdown." Smh

  17. Victor Chmura

    Victor ChmuraUur geleden

    Wow a soldier that didnt follow blindly I'm proud of this man


    AMDCER GRELLUur geleden

    I really hope that after this crisis passes, the negligent Chinese government gets held accountable for all this pain. They were aware of the pandora's box in wuhan and silenced everyone trying to warn the world!

  19. David Stone

    David StoneUur geleden

    stay at home but you keep sending bills for payment, companies keep producing and ask us to keep working ... the rich you don’t care about us. we don't need your money just let us live our poor life in Peace

  20. john paul garcia

    john paul garciaUur geleden

    All the countries should sue China for this pandemic. Nothing more than sue them.

  21. Rob D

    Rob DUur geleden

    The media is not your friend. Unless you like your friends to lie to you and try to manipulate you.

  22. Baron Thomas

    Baron ThomasUur geleden

    Don't forget that in 1957 something very similar happened in the world, and we survived that just like we will survive this.

  23. AntiSocial Atheist

    AntiSocial AtheistUur geleden

    Well maybe Trump shouldn't have downplayed this for two and a half months. He called it a freaking hoax. Who is still dumb enough to vote for him after this? Is anyone out there really that ignorant? This is directly on Trump. He had time and he did nothing and between him and fox news they said it was the best time to fly and go out to dinner. That there was nothing to worry about. It was just like the flu. And it was liberal hoax. Smfh. Trump supporters will still support him. They don't care what he does they only care about their ignorant bigoted beliefs.

  24. radarrobbie

    radarrobbieUur geleden

    At the end of the pandemic? Well Up to 200,00 could die from the flu. Close my business I want a check. Up to 200,000 could die in car accidents. Take my car close my business. I want a check. Up to 200,000 could die of Pneumonia ..Close my business I want a check..This is media hype at its finest...

  25. J D

    J DUur geleden

    Weird sexist news presenters

  26. Isaiah M

    Isaiah MUur geleden

    Republicans, this is your king?!?

  27. Rightsdontcomewith Permits

    Rightsdontcomewith PermitsUur geleden

    To save the "few" we will sacrifice the many.🤷‍♂️

  28. Lil Pablo

    Lil PabloUur geleden

    Fear tactics

  29. Delby Rodriguez

    Delby RodriguezUur geleden

    what happen to its gonna go away like a miracle?

  30. Isaac Turner

    Isaac TurnerUur geleden

    well ya see... i didnt abuse no cereal ya see

  31. Tina Hale

    Tina HaleUur geleden

    What is up with that crazy governor of Florida wow! Hes crazy ! He is jeopardizing all those peoples lives 🙏

  32. Jalendu Vaidya

    Jalendu VaidyaUur geleden

    Stop spreading fear of death.


    MELLO JELLOUur geleden

    Happy new year🎈🎈😁 ➡😩😟😵😵😵😵

  34. jesus sanchez

    jesus sanchezUur geleden

    Trump is responsible for the people dying

  35. hygtfrde vgdsehy

    hygtfrde vgdsehyUur geleden

    That number is way low. Expect 30 million dead.

  36. DaRealNetherBoy YT

    DaRealNetherBoy YTUur geleden

    Coronavirus: * exists * News stations: imma do what’s called a pro-gamer move

  37. Joe Riggs

    Joe RiggsUur geleden


  38. carolyn donald

    carolyn donaldUur geleden


  39. only on YOUTUBE

    only on YOUTUBEUur geleden


  40. ghost Targets

    ghost TargetsUur geleden

    This is biological warfare pure and simple. China? Globalists? Illuminati? Wake up people!

  41. Sam Puritan

    Sam PuritanUur geleden

    In January, democrats were impeaching Trump, and the media was happy hyping the impeachment. Trump restricted travel from China, early January. Biden called him xenophobic.

  42. Brian Choi

    Brian ChoiUur geleden

    It was 200K and now 240K. It's still underestimated. Some 2mil to 3.2mil will die. Thanks to idiots who still thinks this is no worse than seasonal flu. I couldn't believe the number of these idiots still out there. US is now the worst country in handling this. Worse than Italy. Worse than China.

  43. Dahowski

    DahowskiUur geleden

    Can we cancel 2020 already

  44. Oleg Fedorov

    Oleg FedorovUur geleden

    So, what's the difference between "15 case soon to be zero" and "100,000 to 240,000 dead"? - it is about a month difference according to Trump

  45. Hilde Platz

    Hilde PlatzUur geleden

    Don't forget new York illigal state many living in parks on sidewalks peep pooped there

  46. gabe ortiz

    gabe ortizUur geleden

    I’ve basically lost all hope my mom is sick and I am doin everything I can to get her well this isn’t fair why won’t God help us

  47. Donald Grow

    Donald GrowUur geleden

    Lying news network cnn wannabes😂😂😂

  48. Slim King

    Slim KingUur geleden

    Kick it in the nutts or squeeze its wind pipe anything will let go.

  49. Black Rifles Matter

    Black Rifles MatterUur geleden

    And blame all the idiots who are told to stay inside, yet they are out in public, lying that they don't have the virus like that idiot did to get inside the maternity room to see his wife

  50. [IOS] Awesome Default

    [IOS] Awesome DefaultUur geleden

    Why are these morons talking about the death toll and not how to cure it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  51. only on YOUTUBE

    only on YOUTUBEUur geleden


  52. Hilde Platz

    Hilde PlatzUur geleden

    No one will know how many and who will die?? Commmoooo Has many in storage ,didn't u see his Vidio. No one say's people died with flu???

  53. Emanuel Campos

    Emanuel CamposUur geleden

    Poor Joe exotic all his Big cats are going to die of hunger

  54. Lee Lee Brown

    Lee Lee BrownUur geleden

    Nobody down played it more than the Democrats did ! Thank you President Trump for looking out for all of us!!

  55. nick lasalle

    nick lasalleUur geleden

    So you're the only person on the planet has ever brought this up..... Your network has lied so many times in last 3 years I can't believe in a your bullship anyway... I don't know why I keep bothering to try

  56. Carl Capps

    Carl CappsUur geleden

    Renting is depending on strangers for your Home gave up on it almost 40 year's ago.

  57. Hector Santana

    Hector SantanaUur geleden

    How is it that the flicking Chinese Russians and Cubans are good and we are dying like flies.

  58. Johnny Enriquez

    Johnny EnriquezUur geleden

    We declare that is not going to happen in the name of Jesus.!!!

  59. Catherine Lantz

    Catherine LantzUur geleden

    I heard millions a month ago, than 80,000, maybe 200,000 ,wait now its100,000. But Dr Fauci says don't hold him to it. 🤣. So much speculation and fear mongering's disgusting! There will be more damage and death from the economic impact and loss of livelihoods. This is ridiculous. We are being lied to

  60. Svetlana Misiulia

    Svetlana MisiuliaUur geleden

    these people just need these bucks on their bank account soooooo baaaad

  61. Jaydon Tobler

    Jaydon ToblerUur geleden

    Wow, sounds like they totally have it under control...

  62. Shiva Badruswamy

    Shiva BadruswamyUur geleden

    This moment in our country will determine once and for all whether the winner-take-all culture will survive. But if the toll is just 100k, that is not going to impact any thinking. People will move on by ignoring the myriad troubles that exist in America today.

  63. Gannicus

    GannicusUur geleden

    Im waiting for CBS to say this is all Trump fault .. lol

  64. kevin rodrigues

    kevin rodriguesUur geleden

    I know that if I don’t like the conditions of somewhere, I just don’t go there...🤷🏻‍♂️

  65. Matt Behling

    Matt BehlingUur geleden

    Won’t listen to a word that comes out of this idiots mouth. Fauci seems to be only person in that administration that can be listened to

  66. Hilde Platz

    Hilde PlatzUur geleden

    Communist DEEPSTATE Nadia. Well u want President

  67. Alexander Loves Women

    Alexander Loves WomenUur geleden

    Too bad people are dying but this quarantine is a godsend. People need a much-deserved break from school and work. Weeks of leisure is a fly for introverts.

  68. Lance Snider

    Lance SniderUur geleden

    When our government should have been paying attention, they were caught up with a bogus impeachment.

  69. Hard31337

    Hard31337Uur geleden

    It's going to be many more than that sadly due to many of our citizens not attempting distancing at all.

  70. Terrified Father

    Terrified FatherUur geleden

    We simply don't trust any of you!! Government and the media have lied too many times to be taken seriously!!

  71. Itwasme007

    Itwasme007Uur geleden

    Those are some big scary numbers. God have mercy on us.

  72. Zack Stanfield

    Zack StanfieldUur geleden

    Damn conehead looks ridiculous

  73. Bipolar Spock

    Bipolar SpockUur geleden

    Lmao it still hasnt caught up with the flu. Not even close.

  74. TrailingSkies27

    TrailingSkies27Uur geleden

    WHO, CDC our Government, mainstream media. They all make A Lot of money off of us. We have Pompeo telling to ONLY listen to them. The same Mike Pompeo who is on record saying he has extensive training in lying and deception. Hmmm. Theres nothing to see here. Nothing fishy going on. Keep banking your life on these people. See how that goes for ya.

  75. David Klimek

    David KlimekUur geleden

    If we have as many death as predicted, we would need 10,000,000 infection , and an increase in the percentage rate of death to hit the top number of deaths. Right now the percentage is 1% to 2%. Also according to latest figures California and New York the new cases have dropped, therefore if that keeps up the death rate will also drop .

  76. CarlosAGarcia97

    CarlosAGarcia97Uur geleden

    Jesus Christ is Our Shepard , Don't follow Man cuz they will eventually Fail you But God will Never Forsake you or Leave you ! Romans 13:1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God I quess Pastor Tony did read this passage

  77. XxVoodooDominatesxX

    XxVoodooDominatesxXUur geleden


  78. Doug Shaw

    Doug ShawUur geleden

    How much crow can you eat? We'll see...

  79. bobmatzke

    bobmatzkeUur geleden

    This didn't need to be this bad this fast. Trump needed to ramp up production of ventilators, masks, respirators, wipes, etc. 4 weeks ago back when Trump and FOX were telling everyone that the virus would "Disappear like magic" before the number of cases in the US started growing at a faster rate than any other country in the world. Trump's mismanagement of this crisis made it worse.

  80. Dede Allen

    Dede AllenUur geleden

    That's my hero

  81. Mikey Joy

    Mikey JoyUur geleden

    The math dosent add up even if 1500 people die a day it would not be that many

  82. BecauseIJustDid

    BecauseIJustDidUur geleden

    Kansas said its still a problem here, too.

  83. Lucius McPimp

    Lucius McPimpUur geleden

    maybe the orange buffoon will float the idea of 500,000 deaths tonight. He loves to scare people

  84. FLAV OXX

    FLAV OXXUur geleden

    They warns us but wont put us in lockdown to help prevent the virus instead they make social distancing longer and IT IS totally WORKING

  85. Gary Dalais

    Gary DalaisUur geleden

    So..... five-ten years from now, they gonna wish America had the commission...Five - Ten years from now.....THEY GONA MISS JOHN GOTTI

  86. 1Skeptik1

    1Skeptik1Uur geleden

    100 - 240? That is quite a spread! Try we don't know.

  87. mr slick

    mr slickUur geleden

    Americans will still party until they face death... Its in their blood.

  88. M J

    M JUur geleden

    he's not a real christian

  89. Jenna Wingate

    Jenna WingateUur geleden

    Pretty sure his Jesus disapproves of this type of ignorant arrogance.

  90. Nelson Medina

    Nelson MedinaUur geleden

    That s*** is fake

  91. Motor Head

    Motor HeadUur geleden

    I seem to recall CBS news saying that Trumps China travel ban was racist. Now CBS is pushing the "Trump didn't take the threat seriously' line of garbage. You people have no shame, only hate, Trump hate. Your news network is garbage CBS. Just plain garbage. And for anyone who thinks I'm just a Trump lover----------wrong-----------I think Trumps a lightweight with neither the intellect or gravitas to be president.

  92. Mr. Justice

    Mr. JusticeUur geleden

    WHERE IS THE WORLD GOING? 1. - Burning Bibles is openly witnessed in Uganda 1-Adultery is allowed in South Africa, Man or woman no longer has the right to repudiate the other because of adultery 2-The United States confirmed that for all countries in the world to build good relations with the great power, these countries must practice homosexual marriage (woman + woman = 1 or Man + man = 1). 3. Germany had just signed the law which declares that there is no more incest, that is to say: Brother and Sisters can get married, Mum with her son and Dad with his daughter .. 4-The City of Miami is now proclaiming a City of public sex which means that on the road, church, market, football field etc if you need sex you can have it en route without having any problem. 5-Canada allows bestiality (sex with Animals) In Spain: pornographic films are allowed in high school and universities. 6- The authorization of the prostitution of minors, Marg Luker declares that any young girl at the age of 10 feels sexual pleasure and no one should defend that person from discovering how her body works. 7- Finally, the US has opened the church of satanic publicly. Dear brothers and sisters, the end is near, the departure in the Glory approach. The Lord Jesus is coming soon! MARANATHA Christians are being distracted, and the devil wants to take maximum number of souls with him in order to stop them from divine mercy. If you have a minute ... share this message. Why do we sleep in church but stay awake in the bars? Why is it so hard to talk about God but so easy to make gossip? Why is it so easy to ignore God's msg but to send back dirty easy messages? Will you send this message to your friends or will you ignore it? *JESUS SAID, "IF YOU DENY ME BEFORE YOUR FRIENDS, I WILL DENY YOU BEFORE MY FATHER.* If you love Jesus send this message to your best friends in 60 sec. *God bless you. Amen!!!*

  93. T Mayo

    T MayoUur geleden

    Just a few days ago Trump says the country will open back up very soon and now its we will experience a verrrry painful 2 weeks !!? Which is it sirr ??

  94. Jordan Gallacher

    Jordan GallacherUur geleden

    What a foolish idiot.

  95. Nelson Medina

    Nelson MedinaUur geleden

    She's not thinking about her being guilty she's thinking about all those big fat black women she has to fight off for the rest of your life good luck with that one buddy

  96. Danny Vestal

    Danny VestalUur geleden

    Okay media!! You did your job..everyone is scared shitless and you caused all this chaos! There is some can report that if you remember how...damn.

  97. B

    BUur geleden

    John 1:1-3 King James Version (KJV) 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

  98. TheTerminator1919

    TheTerminator1919Uur geleden

    Witcgha who?

  99. Elizabeth

    ElizabethUur geleden

    I dont believe in CNN news

  100. House of Mods210

    House of Mods210Uur geleden

    Pastor: ppl need God and we will assemble... Me: can't you just pray from home???