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  1. jorge rocha menese

    jorge rocha menese16 uur geleden

    En que verga se parece este pendejo???

  2. JohnDaWhale3

    JohnDaWhale316 uur geleden

    Alan Carr swallows hamsters.

  3. Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer Lee16 uur geleden

    i legit love this song tho so

  4. Som Thing

    Som Thing16 uur geleden

    pumpkinhead's favourite song!

  5. Michelle McFarland

    Michelle McFarland16 uur geleden

    💗it! Hilarious!! 👍

  6. James Weldon

    James Weldon16 uur geleden

    Of course soy boy jt and the limousine liberal Anna would be such haters #trump2020

  7. Teresa S

    Teresa S16 uur geleden


  8. maya summers

    maya summers16 uur geleden

    Johnny is so damn smooth and cool. Without even trying.

  9. EnzoTheBaker

    EnzoTheBaker16 uur geleden

    2:13 Andy looks like a hostage victim lol

  10. Multifandomest

    Multifandomest16 uur geleden

    How dare she grade him a D

  11. jmatt4life

    jmatt4life17 uur geleden

    I only saw Henry Cavill !!!

  12. Flickspoo

    Flickspoo17 uur geleden

    Bruh they did Anna Kendrick dirty with that thumbnail. 😂😂😂

  13. poppity rockity

    poppity rockity17 uur geleden

    they’re impressed? *Lin let’s have a rap battle right on spot*

  14. Roy Batty

    Roy Batty17 uur geleden

    I don't know why they're acting embarrassed by what Trump said to Daniel... had anyone else said it, it would have been seen as funny/charming

  15. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas17 uur geleden

    Who cares

  16. Penboy as 'god'

    Penboy as 'god'17 uur geleden

    I can see it now ............ Justin Timberlake goes up to whoever is in charge of all the White House and very sheepishly asks this person, "May I please have one of President Obama's stitched balls?" I'll let you imagine what the looks were like after that.

  17. JamieZarr

    JamieZarr17 uur geleden

    and.. this is proof Zac Efron is not right (or lies, or is profoundly subjective about his own voice, you choose) about his Spanish voice. Go to 0:58 here Edit! UNLESS he's talking about his Spanish American voice!!!! You see, he says "I went to the Spanish premiere... ", so, Spanish meaning from Spain? or Spanish meaning in Spanish? and if so, which Spanish is he referring to? Mexican Spanish, Spanish Spanish... ?

  18. jvs57

    jvs5717 uur geleden

    I miss Chatty Man, Alan had strong a rapport with his guests, even Hollywood A-listers seemed to enjoy his irreverent banter.

  19. Jan Caffrey

    Jan Caffrey17 uur geleden

    He is such a handsome man!❤️

  20. del boy

    del boy17 uur geleden

    Linda was funny here, a little tipsy (ok, alot tipsy) but she has a good sense of humour

  21. hartono dyx

    hartono dyx17 uur geleden

    John wick here not have long hair and beard yet

  22. charles galpo

    charles galpo17 uur geleden


  23. nemo227

    nemo22717 uur geleden

    Pretty damn FUNNY!!!

  24. Verica Vuckovic

    Verica Vuckovic18 uur geleden

    So did my parents hahahahah

  25. George Isaak

    George Isaak18 uur geleden

    Bryan Cranston is a helluva actor , i saw him in a movie with Kevin Hart "Upside" and i can tell you he was awesome . Funny story from his honeymoon with his wife ...LOL

  26. jameshisself

    jameshisself18 uur geleden

    Mr. Deniro. All gangster films are told as cautionary tales. The obtuse think they glamorize that life; but everybody always dies in the end. The Don gets it, the A-hole gets it, etc. Often your characters survive to go on living that life of looking over one's shoulder until eventually they get them too.

  27. Mark Earley

    Mark Earley18 uur geleden

    The title of this clip should be about Oti Mabuse. She's much more interesting.

  28. Red Head Guru

    Red Head Guru18 uur geleden

    "impersonating other celebrities" *Seth just does his own character's voice*

  29. Fátima Teles

    Fátima Teles18 uur geleden

    Harvey made her career

  30. mosatsoni

    mosatsoni18 uur geleden

    I think back to Russell Peters' impression. EEEngland? Aaah? I'm arriving. xD

  31. Saint Beelzebub

    Saint Beelzebub18 uur geleden

    Oti Mabuse 😍 she honesty has such a genuine fun personality.

  32. Inez_

    Inez_18 uur geleden

    Chris: W-which was a predominantly gay area Also Chris: I was there getting head-

  33. Camila Fuentes

    Camila Fuentes18 uur geleden

    I never heard the spanish voice, but I know the latin voice and I got to say, the guy sounds so much like Zac so, if Zac has something to say about the latin voice, THINK TWICE, MY FRIEND

  34. Hufflepuff Queen

    Hufflepuff Queen18 uur geleden

    CEO of “and then like”

  35. WesMordine

    WesMordine18 uur geleden

    She's charming

  36. The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    The softest part of a woman's breast is?18 uur geleden

    That's the first step of brainwashing give cake.

  37. egads2

    egads218 uur geleden

    British dishumor.

  38. Average Titan16

    Average Titan1618 uur geleden

    Anna Kendrick is so adorable ❤️

  39. Imogen Lucy

    Imogen Lucy18 uur geleden

    Alan acts surprised and impressed by Anna’s story even though she told the exact same one on his show 4 years ago

  40. ABK

    ABK18 uur geleden

    That has to be the best talking couch I have ever heard

  41. Red Head Guru

    Red Head Guru19 uur geleden

    I think we alllll LOVE Tom Hiddleston

  42. Crescendo

    Crescendo19 uur geleden

    Ja know what I mean?

  43. Qweq Qweq

    Qweq Qweq19 uur geleden

    So he's gay right? It's not like a secret or anything after seeing that he has a spirit animal, a saxaphone lamp, and that weird toilet paper holder, right?

  44. Alexander Watson

    Alexander Watson19 uur geleden

    Oti Mabuse sooooo smoking hot

  45. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ19 uur geleden


  46. mindcraftplayer69

    mindcraftplayer6919 uur geleden

    As a Brit I can confirm that this is exactly how we speak

  47. George Isaak

    George Isaak19 uur geleden

    That jump , his foot , i just can't imagine the pain he felt and still he kept going ! I say he is a great professional , like Jackie Chan .

  48. Brandon Uwanawich

    Brandon Uwanawich19 uur geleden

    That. Broad got wet when he throw that short right

  49. Wetosi

    Wetosi19 uur geleden

    Beat Saber players: *pathetic*

  50. fluidjazz

    fluidjazz19 uur geleden

    She is so fake

  51. Stephen Hughes

    Stephen Hughes19 uur geleden


  52. Amiga Amigo

    Amiga Amigo19 uur geleden

    So when does it cross the line to be defined as racist?

  53. marketweis

    marketweis19 uur geleden

    Reminds me of Ross trying to "phase out" his fake British accent in front of his students.

  54. Grey Man

    Grey Man19 uur geleden

    martin preparing to throw a punch is so charmingly british: 'right... um. okay.' well smashed old chap 👊

  55. Sara Jett

    Sara Jett19 uur geleden

    All I see is Aidan Turner sitting next to Ethan 😂😍

  56. Mireya C

    Mireya C19 uur geleden

    I’ve watched the movies in Spanish and honestly I think the voice it’s pretty similar😅.. it fits

  57. Gus W

    Gus W19 uur geleden

    Why is Bill Murray wearing that stupid hate, let alone indoors?

  58. James Kenobi

    James Kenobi19 uur geleden

    0:05 benedick cumbatch

  59. Mike Montagne

    Mike Montagne19 uur geleden

    Anna K (always gives a great performance, especially in 2016 Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates) and Ben A , seemed to pair-up really well in the 2016 Accountant, are sequel(s) possible?

  60. Becca Reid

    Becca Reid19 uur geleden

    can’t lie Anna do be looking extra fit in this interview doe.

  61. lettuce_get_this_bread

    lettuce_get_this_bread20 uur geleden

    Amanda died right there,, she died HAHAJXOKEOCKDK

  62. Becca Reid

    Becca Reid20 uur geleden

    funny thing is I remember Anna told this story on Alan Carr’s show a few years back.

  63. ChiefBrodyRules

    ChiefBrodyRules20 uur geleden

    Leno? No cloud atlas mention? What year was this?

  64. GhostRNL

    GhostRNL20 uur geleden

    Hold on man, they had him punch a random car window through loool imagine the damage that could of caused to his hand and car windows aint even easy to put through, you see people chuck bricks at them and they bounce off lool

  65. Nuno Marques

    Nuno Marques20 uur geleden

    And he tells this story drunk again as he was at 17...

  66. lettuce_get_this_bread

    lettuce_get_this_bread20 uur geleden

    I don’t listen to BTS but god are they beautiful

  67. Ragnork 101

    Ragnork 10120 uur geleden

    it was already awkward then graham said" how many times a day?" 😂

  68. Ed Ed

    Ed Ed20 uur geleden

    I am old enough to remember when Linda Hamilton was hot.

  69. godfrey14

    godfrey1420 uur geleden

    I've never seen a woman who more resembles a rodent than Anna Kendrick.

  70. OneRandomLeo

    OneRandomLeo20 uur geleden

    More of these, please

  71. lettuce_get_this_bread

    lettuce_get_this_bread20 uur geleden

    You should be an actress HHAHUIXKSJXI

  72. Ian Wilson

    Ian Wilson20 uur geleden

    Lol that Alan Carr story!

  73. Santiago Lopez lopez

    Santiago Lopez lopez20 uur geleden

    Pos yo hablo así....

  74. grent trel

    grent trel20 uur geleden

    Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, JUST LOVE'M the list might be longer but, these guys are the 10.0.....

  75. Michael Vendick

    Michael Vendick20 uur geleden

    I didnt know Arnold worked with David Bowie

  76. Ou Zhang

    Ou Zhang20 uur geleden

    Anna is so cute when she speak in British English and make that facial expression. lol

  77. MaltLiquor45

    MaltLiquor4520 uur geleden

    Dang I love her 😍

  78. Rayan Agarm

    Rayan Agarm20 uur geleden


  79. Eww Choob

    Eww Choob20 uur geleden

    Daily reminder; Food is good for you

  80. Caleb Huskey

    Caleb Huskey21 uur geleden

    God the thirst is real in these comments

  81. R N

    R N21 uur geleden

    Wow his impression of Graham is spot on. Lol.

  82. Jean Hansen

    Jean Hansen21 uur geleden

    I love me some JT and I love his stories. I love Graham's show in general and specifically all of his guests!!

  83. Der Xiong

    Der Xiong21 uur geleden

    All I hear is Woody complaining about not having as much cool gadgets as Buzz


    BUILDSforDRIVING21 uur geleden

    She had her pictures hacked again

  85. Alga MV

    Alga MV21 uur geleden

    So bad ..... yikes

  86. tricks

    tricks21 uur geleden

    how amazing sets of guest this guy can have

  87. Karl O'Connor

    Karl O'Connor21 uur geleden

    Tom Hanks would be an excellent Romulan ...

  88. lex snow

    lex snow21 uur geleden

    Robert Deniro’s shade at Trump👏🏼

  89. GretschDog

    GretschDog21 uur geleden

    Are there not enough interesting people in the UK, that you need to bring Americans on ?!?!?

  90. WeLČme2 B.L.O

    WeLČme2 B.L.O21 uur geleden

    1:18 thought it was Code Geass reference... but nah

  91. Kevin Cordova

    Kevin Cordova21 uur geleden

    My god those remakes were so cringy they baby one wasnt even cute that baby probably has corona virus

  92. the eye in the sky

    the eye in the sky21 uur geleden

    There won't be another Tom Hanks

  93. Throw money at me

    Throw money at me21 uur geleden


  94. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ichigo Kurosaki21 uur geleden

    It was still a good story!!

  95. GorillaGamer16

    GorillaGamer1621 uur geleden

    Is that frow from austin powers on the left

  96. lex snow

    lex snow21 uur geleden

    Chris Rock😄

  97. Eric P

    Eric P21 uur geleden

    "I'll have what she's having."

  98. V Lightning

    V Lightning21 uur geleden

    😂😂😂 yea I was in England back in the 80’s and we had to have the poor girl at the front desk write down what she was saying cause her accent was so thick.

  99. simpliyvonne

    simpliyvonne21 uur geleden

    Thadie and Zoe look nothing alike , wtf. Both gorgeous but I don’t see it at all .