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Shawn Mendes - Nervous
Shawn Mendes - Mercy

Shawn Mendes - Mercy

2 jaar geleden

Shawn Mendes - Mercy

Shawn Mendes - Mercy

3 jaar geleden

Shawn Mendes - Mercy

Shawn Mendes - Mercy

3 jaar geleden

Shawn Mendes - Ruin

Shawn Mendes - Ruin

3 jaar geleden

Shawn Mendes - Aftertaste
  1. valery luna

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  2. Rachel Starkey

    Rachel Starkey3 minuten geleden

    The only Camilla songs I like our bad things and Havana )) sometimes her voice sounds whiney )) do like Camila though think she's a awesome roll model for the younger girls v )

  3. robert brine

    robert brine3 minuten geleden

    Nice I’m here before the 1B mark.

  4. Jeremy Aguirre

    Jeremy Aguirre8 minuten geleden

    It’s weird since there both my celebrity crushes


    GANGSTA_FAMILY CHANNEL10 minuten geleden


  6. Beatriz Adriana Castro Gomez

    Beatriz Adriana Castro Gomez14 minuten geleden

    I love you

  7. Jelly Way

    Jelly Way15 minuten geleden

    Shawn:gentleman Me:ya noman

  8. Marcela Rodriguez

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  9. Mariana Abreu Teixeira

    Mariana Abreu Teixeira17 minuten geleden

    ja vi um bilhão de vezes e não me canso, af que casal PERFEITOOOO cadê os brasileiros?

  10. 소고기 No.31 nc

    소고기 No.31 nc21 minuut geleden

    December 2019????

  11. Hilary Monge

    Hilary Monge27 minuten geleden

    WOW cuando fue eso🙊y nadie me dijo😢amo a Shaw y a camilaaaaaaaa♥♥😃😻

  12. Harprabh Kaur

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  13. Raghu Seetharaman

    Raghu Seetharaman30 minuten geleden

    I've never once asked for two people to engage in sex on stage, but that was steamy as heck and I was hornier than Bill Clinton at a female hot dog eating contest!

  14. Paolart 7w7

    Paolart 7w731 minuut geleden

    Poor Shawn, don't let him get to the supermarket

  15. katze lovegood

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  16. Lauren

    Lauren35 minuten geleden

    its almost 2020 and im still here

  17. Jeremy K

    Jeremy K37 minuten geleden

    who's here after they started dating

  18. Alexandre sccp RODRIGUES

    Alexandre sccp RODRIGUES40 minuten geleden

    Love a music

  19. Mendes Muffin

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    *Keeps this on loop at 3AM*

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    Who watch 2023

  21. 10K subscribers without any video channel

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    Who watch 2023

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  23. 10K subscribers without any video channel

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    Who watch 2023

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    Nice 👍

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    Help me subscribe to me

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    Just came here to dislike lmao

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    came here again for Taylor's reaction. Hahahah

  28. Diana Melendez Ayala

    Diana Melendez Ayala54 minuten geleden

    Dang señorita came till almost 1 billion views

  29. danielito free fire carreon

    danielito free fire carreon56 minuten geleden

    Like si hablas ingles y español ;)

  30. Humberto Paredes

    Humberto Paredes57 minuten geleden

    Hi Shawn Mendez my real name is zofie I loved you! 💖😙

  31. Jasmin olga Gallardo chaves

    Jasmin olga Gallardo chaves57 minuten geleden

    Tienen una falta de ortografía donde dice señorita jenios

  32. mariana lima pinheiro

    mariana lima pinheiroUur geleden

    Muitoooo bom

  33. The Plush King of Tsum Tsum

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    I feel I want to ship Shawn and Camilla Shamilla Like if you agree

  34. Vitor Hugo Da Silva

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  35. Fabricio Trochez

    Fabricio TrochezUur geleden

    Like si Auron play canta mejor 😂▶️

  36. Rachel Huang

    Rachel HuangUur geleden

    behind the scenes be like, the part at the beginning, when the ties her hair up , lol it's funny i can tell she smiling

  37. Ethan Derocher

    Ethan DerocherUur geleden


  38. Letí_Chan- Xx

    Letí_Chan- XxUur geleden

    More songs is better than this...🧐... In more cases this musics is less badest than this...😒

  39. Tarsila queiros

    Tarsila queirosUur geleden

    I know what you did last summer is better than señorita?😏

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    Horrible clothes.

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    joki Zoo February

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    Like alawys here

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    When theres no top comment....

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    Nose ingles

  46. Maria Lazuli

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    O:39 alguém me come

  47. Giadalupe Muratalla

    Giadalupe MuratallaUur geleden

    Good song

  48. Silvia Gonzales

    Silvia GonzalesUur geleden

    Me encanto

  49. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda TaylorUur geleden

    I hate this song so much. They have played the living piss out if it in the radio and the while song is annoying and repetitive. Males voices dont sound good when they go that high so dont even try cause it sounds like shit

  50. Precious Byd

    Precious BydUur geleden

    I noticed the end they did like one of those nose kisses a little

  51. Juan Carlos Albujar

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  52. Nestor Vázquez

    Nestor VázquezUur geleden

    Te amo camila cabello 😘😘

  53. Very Private Gallery

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    Señorita, please wear helmets...

  54. Joe Escobar

    Joe EscobarUur geleden Living Proof a tribute to .....

  55. Pedro lucas Rangel da costa

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  56. Juju Watermelon

    Juju WatermelonUur geleden

    (I’m in 2019) At 1:44 SHAWN YOUR CHEATING ON CAMILA!

  57. tomáš jedno

    tomáš jednoUur geleden

    Hoši ten refrem dobry sle ta kurva z mycky aut to jste posrali takovi koste co heka kdyz psovi slapnete na koule jezisi marja

  58. *Kyron* Gaming

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    Wow I love this Song I forget about it

  59. ShadowSpirit296 _

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    I wonder how long this video took to shoot..

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    December 2019?

  61. Kevin Moreno

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    I love u

  63. nicole heredia

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  64. Ashley Velasco

    Ashley VelascoUur geleden

    U guys make a really CUTE couple

  65. JEKA 7:90

    JEKA 7:90Uur geleden

    Ouuuuu,it is so cute,who think that she his girlfriend?

  66. Savannah Alexander

    Savannah Alexander2 uur geleden

    Does anyone know who’s hands are touching all over him?

  67. Rosaura Muñoz

    Rosaura Muñoz2 uur geleden

    Soy la única que abla español ??????

  68. Lia Jobanputra

    Lia Jobanputra2 uur geleden

    Here after this was number 1 music video on NLgo rewind on 2019?

  69. Chaozhou Hoa

    Chaozhou Hoa2 uur geleden

    Get a room smoking hot performance!

  70. Skitty Dragontail

    Skitty Dragontail2 uur geleden

    this song fits Jace and Clary form shadow hunters so well

  71. Maxine Coley

    Maxine Coley2 uur geleden

    I song with you

  72. Norma Zuniga

    Norma Zuniga2 uur geleden

    I like that song

  73. Jacob Moore

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    sequel of treat you better

  74. MrLetycia1981

    MrLetycia19812 uur geleden

    Camila Cabello: he is super handsome and cute.😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍 SHawn meneed: hottie alert

  75. Rose Jennie A

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    Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Forever 😍😍😙

  76. Bianca TV

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    Músicas muito top oi gente. Sou do Brasil

  77. Sophie Vitória

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  78. 5xif

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    i did not know shawn could drive

  79. Sarah Han

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    I'm heading to Japan today. Gonna be listening to this song on replay hehe.

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    Follow me please instagram :@adameminemlife

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    11.12.19 813 mln views,Before 2020 1 january will be 1 billions? Like=Yes,Comment=No

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    Ahhh :'D amo la canción no la paro d escuchar uwu

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    No hate please I’m only 16

  84. Arun Pickering

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  85. Arun Pickering

    Arun Pickering2 uur geleden

    Hey guys!! I don’t know what else to say, so he was a remix of this very same song that I did yesterday

  86. Gabriella Pereira

    Gabriella Pereira2 uur geleden

    Você canta bem demais eu gosto de 😍😍😘

  87. tuhin mathur

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    Nice song

  88. Alejandro Fuentes

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    pishulalala, pishhulalala

  89. prettythug2731

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    I had RealLLy MoVed On WiT My LiFe * I had Made NeW Friends * GLad u geT iT NoW * QuEEn 👑

  90. الاء حلويات والطبخ alaa cusine

    الاء حلويات والطبخ alaa cusine2 uur geleden

    هل يوجد من عرب ولا غير انا جزائرية راني ندور وحدي

  91. joao lucas

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    Parabéns pior música feita na década


    PURELEMON TRASH2 uur geleden


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  94. No commentary Just Fun

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    2019🔓🔑 2020🔒 2021🔒 2022🔒 2023🔒 I will come back every year to unlock one

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    He-I love u when u call me Me-teri ma ki chut teri

  96. Victor Suarez

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    If someone is reading this. I made an acoustic SPANGLISH cover of this song, anyone mind showing some love?? 🙏🏼❤️

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    ادمان هالغنيه😤💛 ألي معي لايك ي العرب 😂.

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    vivia el mainkra V:

  99. Victor Suarez

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    Oye señorita.....if you're the one reading this. I made an acoustic SPANGLISH cover of this song, mind showing some love? 🙏🏼❤️

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    *Qazaqstan Alga*