The Two Popes Clash Over Celibacy | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Former Pope Benedict clashes with Pope Francis and released emails reveal employee dissent about Boeing's 737 MAX plane.
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  1. Comedy Central UK

    Comedy Central UKMaand geleden

    Reply to this comment with your best Boeing roast jokes! 👇

  2. solara

    solara8 uur geleden

    boeing- sounds like snoop dogg saying boring... ironic

  3. Daour

    Daour20 dagen geleden

    @Comedy Central UK Yes Please

  4. Prathmesh Patil

    Prathmesh Patil27 dagen geleden

    What's the best Boeing roast? The passengers inside...

  5. Daniel Lisnic

    Daniel Lisnic28 dagen geleden

    Comedy Central UK isn’t boeing a joke by itself without me making a joke?

  6. Q

    QMaand geleden

    Boeing, the airplane crash test dummies

  7. Matthew Leeper

    Matthew Leeper19 uur geleden

    what do you expect the old pope is a nazi piece of shit

  8. Aravind Saravanan

    Aravind Saravanan2 dagen geleden

    Can they have some fun by themselves

  9. Parichehr Nasiri

    Parichehr Nasiri12 dagen geleden

    So, now the old pope can marry? Who is the lucky girl?

  10. Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri

    Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri13 dagen geleden

    yeah they want to to make pedos legal

  11. Kay Dim

    Kay Dim13 dagen geleden

    That video was from 2000 if you look in the top right corner. Benedict wasnt the Pope then

  12. Andra Book

    Andra Book22 dagen geleden

    Well...from the persepective of a normal person: if you say the "gift of man" WILL be celibate forever. Just via free will.

  13. Naveen

    Naveen23 dagen geleden

    So nasty of you

  14. Madison Morell

    Madison Morell26 dagen geleden

    Pope Francis forever

  15. Madison Morell

    Madison Morell26 dagen geleden

    The video of him watching the dancers is HILARIOUS LMAOOOO

  16. Manuelita

    Manuelita26 dagen geleden

    Benedicto nos dejaste 😞

  17. gloria wakoli

    gloria wakoli27 dagen geleden

    People need to be careful when they talk about ministers who spread the gospel , religion is a very sensitive topic that should be addressed well

  18. Akinloye Ayorinde

    Akinloye Ayorinde27 dagen geleden

    Trevor Noah is damn funny man...Good way to start the day

  19. Spoeth Creations

    Spoeth Creations27 dagen geleden

    No Trevor, the Catholic church doesn't say that popes talk directly to God.

  20. Internet noob

    Internet noob28 dagen geleden

    King of pedos ..... Fight !

  21. Gabor Koczan

    Gabor Koczan28 dagen geleden

    I like how its okay to change a major thing in christianiti but if you ask muslim women not to cover they face in public for safety reasons is racist.

  22. Socrates ExplainsEverything

    Socrates ExplainsEverything28 dagen geleden

    How does anyone still support a religion? Why would people wake up to the lies of Trump or Johnson when the lies of the church still keep people asleep?

  23. Ahsan Abbas

    Ahsan Abbas28 dagen geleden

    Tbh, I really like Pope Francis. He seems like a nice guy who wants to serve the society. It's a shame that the pedophile bust up happened in his reign and he is getting blamed for every rotten apple in the Vatican.

  24. The Born Again Christian

    The Born Again Christian28 dagen geleden

    Peter, their supposed first pope, had a wife and kids.

  25. tony james

    tony james28 dagen geleden

    The old Pope feels the need to speak up about this but has never said anything about the Church abusing boys....

  26. Anti War

    Anti War28 dagen geleden

    pedophiles for hundreds of years. Get married & leave the kids alone.

  27. Maggie Akkie

    Maggie Akkie28 dagen geleden

    Trevor is something else 🤣🤣

  28. Sir Fa

    Sir Fa28 dagen geleden

    You smoked it man:) great work. Can i give you one topic for one of your shows? You will love it

  29. Sekai ii

    Sekai ii28 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 buckle up 🐔

  30. Star light Kid

    Star light Kid28 dagen geleden

    That’s why one pope needs to die before a new one is ordained.

  31. RAB M

    RAB M28 dagen geleden

    Trevor, being a millennial Catholic is already difficult and videos such as these makes others consider our faith even less light-y. Please do consider the repurcssions of your videos and on the hardships it might cause other believers. Asking you to be considerate

  32. Indira Poitier

    Indira Poitier29 dagen geleden

    Trevor ... i dont know man.... i dont know about this one

  33. MyOnlineChinese_com

    MyOnlineChinese_com29 dagen geleden

    Boeing is not safe enough .

  34. Blackball

    BlackballMaand geleden

    4:22..." Imagine. "

  35. Pawel Huszcza

    Pawel HuszczaMaand geleden

    I love that episode.

  36. Bobby Maverick

    Bobby MaverickMaand geleden

    No Spirit airlines dig ? I could feel it coming but didn't happen

  37. Hussein kinًgً

    Hussein kinًgًMaand geleden

    January revolution. The coolest revolution. The people want to bring down the regime. Go, Sisi, you are not my president

  38. Hussein kinًgً

    Hussein kinًgًMaand geleden

    January revolution. The coolest revolution. The people want to bring down the regime. Go, Sisi, you are not my president

  39. Anthony Uche

    Anthony UcheMaand geleden

    Trevor please do me a favor. How and where did you get my photo of the pilot? I am the man in the pilot clothes. I did a photoshoot for a photography company and I am surprised how my photo got this far without my knowledge. Please tell me where you got it from so I know who to sue. Please it's urgent. International lawyers here please give me suggestions. Thanks

  40. Azel tee

    Azel teeMaand geleden

    This is how all news channels should be like

  41. Azel tee

    Azel teeMaand geleden

    U are amazing 💓❤️😭😂

  42. Enita Chipoyi

    Enita ChipoyiMaand geleden

    “Who” terrifying are these messages Who wrote that prompt for NLgo

  43. Nikahat Parveen

    Nikahat ParveenMaand geleden

    Trevor's laugh at 2:26 is pure evil glee.

  44. Seseblue Seseblue

    Seseblue SeseblueMaand geleden

    Oh I can’t write the way I am laughing right now!!!!!!!! The popes face looking at the topless acrobatic men was everything!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂💖💖💖

  45. Jaimi Cottrill

    Jaimi CottrillMaand geleden

    I love the way Trevor says “years”. 😍

  46. Junior Bryan

    Junior BryanMaand geleden


  47. Samuel Asnake

    Samuel AsnakeMaand geleden

    Thanks Trevor for testifying that we Ethiopians have the best pilots!!!

  48. Professicchio

    ProfessicchioMaand geleden

    I fell there's a "The Two Popes" sequel coming up........

  49. Wine Kelly

    Wine KellyMaand geleden

    I like the chicken joke .

  50. Anil Maharjan

    Anil MaharjanMaand geleden

    Buckle up Buckle up is the best joke my entire life :D

  51. Grunthos The Flatulent

    Grunthos The FlatulentMaand geleden

    You call him the Pope. Its not his formal title.

  52. Regan Gonsalves

    Regan GonsalvesMaand geleden

    Anyone gonna talk about how instead of saying 'how terrifying are those messages' they said 'who terrifying' 😂😂😂

  53. John C

    John CMaand geleden

    Paedos one and all.

  54. Laurent Muñoz

    Laurent MuñozMaand geleden

    Hahahaha I ❤ u!

  55. Nobody Asked You Podcast

    Nobody Asked You PodcastMaand geleden


  56. Nicholas DeVries

    Nicholas DeVriesMaand geleden

    Only in America

  57. Hope Forbetter

    Hope ForbetterMaand geleden

    Who said turkeys can’t fly! Yes , they can! Flight distance is irrelevant.

  58. andrew opara

    andrew oparaMaand geleden

    Hi Trevor, Just as you have your opinion about this issue,the former pope also has the right to give his opinion on this issue. People put their opinions in books.

  59. S. S.

    S. S.Maand geleden

    Can you pronounce the word *Years* properly. Not yeors

  60. richardah12

    richardah12Maand geleden

    Yo he's so much funnier when there's no politics involved

  61. Oluwatosin Adesanya

    Oluwatosin AdesanyaMaand geleden

    Glad someone remembered how the american government (sam graves) shamelessly tried to blame the African pilots for the crash.

  62. David O'Connell

    David O'ConnellMaand geleden

    Noah is racist He needs to go.

  63. Venkata Srikanth

    Venkata SrikanthMaand geleden

    benedict:i have never tasted woman nor shall my succesors francis: you sure? all the fathers are on abusing spree, so lets make it official.

  64. biji rani

    biji raniMaand geleden

    Even he can't ..with tht buckle up.joke

  65. Ari Marshmellow

    Ari MarshmellowMaand geleden

    Rly dont wanna be the one to bring it up but arent they the ones with all the scandals about abused kids ? Sure. Celibacy