‘The GOAT’ | Game of Zones Series Finale S7E4

The battle between the Realm and the Dream Team has been decided, while the one true GOAT has been named. The epic conclusion of the series is here. (@StateFarm)

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  1. Nockulus

    Nockulus7 uur geleden

    “I beat Jordan in his prime , I just didn’t have the cameras on”

  2. ƲՕƗƉ ɢǟʍɨռɢ

    ƲՕƗƉ ɢǟʍɨռɢ7 uur geleden

    looks like paul pierce is da real goat

  3. Corey A. Moore

    Corey A. Moore10 uur geleden

    Another absolute gem ... minus the ending😂😂

  4. Keane White IR Productions

    Keane White IR Productions10 uur geleden

    Thank you

  5. Alexander Rodriguez Donch

    Alexander Rodriguez Donch12 uur geleden

    i cant beleive they did russ like that saying to throw bricks from a far distance

  6. Daniel McCauley

    Daniel McCauley13 uur geleden

    It makes sense that it's over cuz GoT is over but I mean just rip off another older show and do the same thing this is too good. HBO has at least 3 or 4 all time classics you could do. Sopranos, 6 feet under, The Wire, Deadwood pick anyone and do a similar thing.

  7. rackedupmoneyball

    rackedupmoneyball13 uur geleden

    Pierce called Goat

  8. Pranay Fartyal

    Pranay Fartyal14 uur geleden


  9. Paul Ly

    Paul Ly14 uur geleden

    Ha, basically how Game of Thrones ended. A bit WTF moment

  10. Eddy Shluger

    Eddy Shluger14 uur geleden

    Lechoke compared himself to the superman. Very funny.

  11. Mos Real00

    Mos Real0014 uur geleden

    It just dawned on me that Paul Pierce got up and WALKED off...lol!

  12. Bob Young

    Bob Young15 uur geleden

    Kyrie: stories, battle blah blah blah Grumpy boys: *looks at each other Kyrie: also if we don't rebuild this, we won't be rich anymore and we'll have to get real jobs. Grumpy boys: I'm in! That Sounds good! Works for me! You got it!

  13. Joe Bruce

    Joe Bruce15 uur geleden

    Only 4 Fing episodes wtf !!!

  14. Jaded Gamer

    Jaded Gamer16 uur geleden

    Well at least it followed in game of thrones footsteps and let me down as well. Terrible, terrible ending didn't even have the decency to show us everyone on the dream team.

  15. Elyaguara

    Elyaguara16 uur geleden

    Also like how the farmer is literally Jordan Farmar

  16. Billy The Answer Head

    Billy The Answer Head17 uur geleden

    The future GOATs *pans to Alex Caruso *

  17. Billy The Answer Head

    Billy The Answer Head17 uur geleden

    This is hilarious

  18. kenkyuen

    kenkyuen17 uur geleden

    They missed a good reference. When Lebron said “I am the Goat!” Someone probably Jordon should have said “Any man who says I am the Goat is no true Goat” a reference to GoT where Tywin says anyone man who says I am the King is no true King. And also Jordon never said he himself was the Goat.

  19. Mc LBJ

    Mc LBJ10 uur geleden

    kenkyuen actually MJ has said his the goat numerous times. Y’ll sleeping.

  20. Atom-_-Reviivez

    Atom-_-Reviivez18 uur geleden

    Great job guys loved it 😂

  21. Your boi 6379

    Your boi 637918 uur geleden

    I’m confused is this the last episode?

  22. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu19 uur geleden

    Kareem's hook sword being a nod to his signature shot lol.


    JOSEPH RDDAD19 uur geleden

    My God LeBron is suffering from the media even in this cartoon

  24. Omar Hajee

    Omar Hajee19 uur geleden

    Alex Caruso, future goat lol

  25. Karim Amin

    Karim Amin20 uur geleden

    I lol'd so hard

  26. Pedro Luis De Souza Resende

    Pedro Luis De Souza Resende20 uur geleden

    You're figthing or balling? Game of zones: yes

  27. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu19 uur geleden

    I love how they threw Jordan Farmar in there randomly lol

  28. nonceba hlati

    nonceba hlati20 uur geleden

    Kyrie: "Russ, you throw up bricks from a distance".

  29. Mo Twins

    Mo Twins20 uur geleden

    Lol, like how they made a terrible ending.

  30. Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh22 uur geleden

    Jason Terry is the true GOAT cause he outplayed you bronsexual's prime Leflop in 2011 final

  31. Caleb Bormann

    Caleb Bormann23 uur geleden

    Great way to end it. MAD THAT ITS THE LAST ONE EVER

  32. Raishaun Tanner

    Raishaun Tanner23 uur geleden

    Watch Dell’s son!

  33. Sir Yagurzaki

    Sir Yagurzaki23 uur geleden

    “Boogie you handle engineering and blue prints” “Why me?” “Because you’ve got a vast experience of technicals” 😂😂

  34. Stacy T

    Stacy TDag geleden

    The not being able to see anything....epic shade

  35. Swagger x

    Swagger xDag geleden

    The Last Dance Battle is full of darkness and hard to see, but still more visible than the battle of white walkers in GOT

  36. Jason Wells

    Jason WellsDag geleden

    Troll levels are through the roof on this episode

  37. Ram

    RamDag geleden


  38. Facundo Ansin

    Facundo AnsinDag geleden

    What started as a joke, ended as a joke.

  39. QWEN

    QWENDag geleden

    No cap, this series kinda fell off in terms of being funny/good

  40. Oliver Siegel

    Oliver SiegelDag geleden

    best series i've ever seen. i finished it in one day

  41. High Stratus

    High StratusDag geleden

    I love how they threw Jordan Farmar in there randomly lol

  42. I'm Just Saiyan

    I'm Just SaiyanDag geleden

    "Touch his face, Rudy!" Too soon, Paul. Too soon.

  43. Matthew White

    Matthew WhiteDag geleden

    The way Tatum shakes his head lol

  44. Lee's Boots and Such

    Lee's Boots and SuchDag geleden

    I will miss this ridiculousness

  45. Kashi Tumbapura

    Kashi TumbapuraDag geleden

    I never expected that turn at the end

  46. dragonsleeper31471

    dragonsleeper31471Dag geleden

    Caruso GOAT

  47. prinok

    prinokDag geleden

    Anyone know the song/track at the end?

  48. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyDag geleden

    Goodbye game of zones, I will miss you more than shaq shooting free throws

  49. Zyki

    ZykiDag geleden


  50. SugarSportGaming

    SugarSportGamingDag geleden

    Michael Jordan is still the goat

  51. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyDag geleden

    Outstanding! I hope this isn't the end, I love this show.

  52. 09lowkey

    09lowkeyDag geleden

    Watch the ChainMailman, whose got the ChainMailman.........

  53. Chris Dodges

    Chris DodgesDag geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a> I shoulda know when he said this

  54. Chris Dodges

    Chris DodgesDag geleden

    Just a sidenote so we're all clear: JORDAN IS STILL ON THE THRONE.

  55. ItZtHaDjM

    ItZtHaDjMDag geleden

    Paul Pierce the GOAT? Seriously? This has the worst ending in Basketball history. Lol

  56. Joseph Gutierrez

    Joseph GutierrezDag geleden


  57. Holland Vonzelle

    Holland VonzelleDag geleden

    I was liking it until the end. What the hell. Paul Pierce you get to be kidding me. I rate this a 2 it sucked at the end

  58. iWillRateYou

    iWillRateYouDag geleden

    paul pierce at 2 who is 1 jordan?

  59. Dr Octopus

    Dr OctopusDag geleden

    I know it was funny making it a shit ending like GOT but I feel like we need to keep going

  60. Sammy DeGuido

    Sammy DeGuidoDag geleden

    that was amazing

  61. Anthony S

    Anthony SDag geleden

    Yo, What did I just watch!!

  62. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Lmao right They wilding 😂😂😂

  63. Jay Buckets

    Jay BucketsDag geleden

    Imagine us calling Paul pierce the goat 😂😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😭😂😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😂😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭

  64. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Lmao wtf righttt

  65. Chris Perry

    Chris PerryDag geleden


  66. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Hope not! These are 🔥

  67. Jô mangueira

    Jô mangueiraDag geleden

    Boooooooooo bad ending

  68. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden


  69. Riser Sin

    Riser SinDag geleden

    The Kareem and Robinson parts stole the show for me.

  70. Nico Smith

    Nico SmithDag geleden

    Didn’t see that ending coming

  71. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden


  72. Bigtrek34

    Bigtrek34Dag geleden

    Outstanding! I hope this isn't the end, I love this show.

  73. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Right! Subscribe 🙏

  74. Master Splinter

    Master SplinterDag geleden

    I already miss it

  75. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Lol me too. Subscribe for similar content 🙏

  76. Leo Giampietro

    Leo GiampietroDag geleden

    A bit of a cheeeeeeeeeeeesey ending, but I like it. My favorite part in this whole finale is when Kawhi is like, “remember when he was thingamagigers in the masked singer” in that voice

  77. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden


  78. Ede Sands

    Ede SandsDag geleden

    We missed the NBA season...and now this......

  79. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    I need the nba 🤫

  80. Ede Sands

    Ede SandsDag geleden

    The end😨

  81. Jt Medley

    Jt MedleyDag geleden


  82. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden


  83. Jt Medley

    Jt MedleyDag geleden

    I don't know why but looking at zion , ja morant, and alex caruso is funny

  84. Isaac Talatau

    Isaac TalatauDag geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a> They really made Steven Adams into a Dothraki and I’m about it 😂

  85. MrBdenver

    MrBdenverDag geleden

    in the episode Paul pierce is the goat because he writes the story himself. Like Jordan writing his own story with the last dance.

  86. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    You’re tripping. Subscribe to continue the conversation

  87. Antonio Baker

    Antonio BakerDag geleden

    So when's the next season starting 😁

  88. Ultimate Gamer 16

    Ultimate Gamer 162 dagen geleden

    Definitely not paul for sure king james

  89. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Tripping! Subscribe to continue conversations 😖

  90. Chris Sinambela

    Chris Sinambela2 dagen geleden

    More than 1 minutes of unwatchable black screen. What a tribute :))))

  91. McFuckin AnotherAccount

    McFuckin AnotherAccount2 dagen geleden

    Lebron gotta get rid of his square ugly ass beard irl man

  92. McFuckin AnotherAccount

    McFuckin AnotherAccountDag geleden

    @Jesse Mendez I think it looks dreadful bro idk how he thinks that shit is ok lool

  93. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Lol that messed haha

  94. Jesse Mendez

    Jesse MendezDag geleden

    Bro you serious.

  95. Evan H. Bogle

    Evan H. Bogle2 dagen geleden

    "This is for Tony Kukoc" lol but forreal he was mentioned like 3 times in the 10 hour docu-series

  96. Mike Morada

    Mike Morada2 dagen geleden


  97. bbrayden_ 28

    bbrayden_ 282 dagen geleden

    That boy lebron goes nuts

  98. CJ Greenz

    CJ Greenz2 dagen geleden

    "Kyrie is going to throw someone under the bus" the background stuff in these episodes is what has me dying. Sad to see it go :(

  99. CJ Greenz

    CJ Greenz2 dagen geleden

    Watch with captions on and thank me later.