The Cast of Community Reunites for Table Read #stayhome #withme

The Greendale Community College study group is back together to benefit World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods ( Sit back, relax, and get your giggles in as the cast reads Season 5, Episode 4: Cooperative Polygraphy.
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About Community: When the legitimacy of his college degree is challenged, lawyer Jeff Winger must return to school where he finds himself leading a misfit coalition of fellow community college students.

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  1. Brody

    Brody9 uur geleden

    Wait... when they looked at Abed's phone and saw the dots, Pierce was across town. So you could say he was streets away. Or streets ahead. Oh my God I hate myself

  2. Urbie LateNight Gaming Adventure

    Urbie LateNight Gaming Adventure9 uur geleden

    Where is Chevy Chase? He brings such awkward funny tension into the group. He is one of the best comedians up there with Bill Murray.

  3. Pyrexis

    Pyrexis9 uur geleden

    chang and the gang should be a spin-off

  4. Dragoniter 2.0

    Dragoniter 2.010 uur geleden

    Why is annie so hot

  5. Dragoniter 2.0

    Dragoniter 2.010 uur geleden

    Movie please

  6. skakiddru

    skakiddru11 uur geleden

    710 people didn’t get their sperm.

  7. Shay

    Shay12 uur geleden

    "Cool. Cool cool cool." "That's a lie." Breaks my heart every time😭😭😭

  8. Danny Santos

    Danny Santos12 uur geleden

    Totally thought Keith Slettedahl was Todd when I saw the thumbnails

  9. PlanetYTP [ YouTube Comedy ]

    PlanetYTP [ YouTube Comedy ]13 uur geleden


  10. charmaine684

    charmaine68413 uur geleden

    Is dan in his closet?

  11. Osh!

    Osh!14 uur geleden

    Where's chevy chase?

  12. nigahiga878

    nigahiga87815 uur geleden

    can somebody explain the police academy joke to me? i'm dumb

  13. delaruse H

    delaruse H15 uur geleden

    the movie

  14. Michael Brandon

    Michael Brandon17 uur geleden


  15. Josh Bailey

    Josh Bailey18 uur geleden

    All the people that disliked this video go to City College

  16. Josh Bailey

    Josh Bailey18 uur geleden

    All the people that disliked this video go to City College

  17. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou16 uur geleden

    17:16 FOR LIFE

  18. bakora lona

    bakora lona19 uur geleden

    I thought Glover gonna leave for real in the beginning I got maaaaad lol

  19. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou16 uur geleden

    6 seasons and a movie.

  20. Nerdy Jeremy

    Nerdy Jeremy19 uur geleden

    I love that the songwriter got to perform his song on this. Such a great song!

  21. Habib AT

    Habib AT22 uur geleden

    Love you guys from Syria Community is the best show ever ❤️

  22. Morgan Faw

    Morgan Faw22 uur geleden

    Did Dan say Rick and Morty season 6.....?

  23. Danusia Alves

    Danusia Alves22 uur geleden

    rewatching community right now. man, that show was good!!!

  24. Gabi Santana

    Gabi SantanaDag geleden

    Adoro essa série 🥰🥰🥰

  25. Liam Lennon

    Liam LennonDag geleden

    Just rewatched the episode and it's interesting to see slight variations in the script itself and the episode.

  26. Jaffa1002

    Jaffa1002Dag geleden

    Movie do do now

  27. Keith Sheehan

    Keith SheehanDag geleden

    This doesn't count as the movie :)

  28. Jon Watson

    Jon WatsonDag geleden

    So how about getting Chevvy Chase back for the movie?

  29. Sam Walker

    Sam Walker19 uur geleden

    They probably wouldn’t most of the cast have issues with Chevy

  30. Павел Литти

    Павел ЛиттиDag geleden

    Love it!

  31. Maratonec

    MaratonecDag geleden

    Is Community going back? Will be season 7? With Brooklyn 99, Community is my favorite series.

  32. Ben smith

    Ben smithDag geleden

    Annie is probably the winner here if we had to pick one based on this session.

  33. Matt Morrison

    Matt MorrisonDag geleden

    me: currently rewatching community for the 18th time NLgo: "Change the algorithm so this video wont show up in his feed for 3 weeks."

  34. Beaye

    Beaye13 uur geleden

    Matt Morrison Same here. I'm at the end of season 6 again. Just got recommended this today.

  35. Michael Berman

    Michael BermanDag geleden

    i like how Ken Jeong just casually has an MTV movie award in the background, like of course he wouldn't put that in a case

  36. Tina Belcher

    Tina BelcherDag geleden

    6 seasons and a movie.

  37. Oz Baxter, Inc.

    Oz Baxter, Inc.Dag geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1036">17:16</a> FOR LIFE

  38. Oz Baxter, Inc.

    Oz Baxter, Inc.Dag geleden

    "You hear that, Abed? We've been washing paper plates and making our own toothpaste...but by the time we have robot bodies on the moon, we get to share a free jacket..." Who comes up with lines like this? What is Dan Harmon made of?

  39. BlueBigBus

    BlueBigBusDag geleden

    Oh Britta's in this? But really Gillian Jacobs is a treasure.

  40. Tyler Robblee

    Tyler RobbleeDag geleden

    "guys guys guys guys" britas the worse lol

  41. Awatierz

    AwatierzDag geleden

    I watched Community for the first time in 2020 just to find out what this video is about. Needless to say I will never get my thesis done.

  42. Adam Hammoud

    Adam HammoudDag geleden

    Where’s pierce??? I love him!

  43. Joel Atkinson

    Joel AtkinsonDag geleden

    damn the bottom row is basically perfect if they did the changed placement of Joel to Alison, Gillian to Joel, and Alison to Gillian, from left to right it would have formed a line where everyone sat

  44. Mike_Gusta

    Mike_GustaDag geleden

    I seriously thought that was Nico from Corridor Digital when they showed Pedro Pascal.

  45. Kim Dabhyun

    Kim DabhyunDag geleden


  46. Timothy Hucks

    Timothy HucksDag geleden

    "It's nice to be as together as possible" Now, that could be a comment about Coronavirus, but it could also just be about how we're never gonna invite Chevy Chase.

  47. Stiles Smith

    Stiles SmithDag geleden

    It makes me happy Donald game back

  48. alex perry

    alex perryDag geleden


  49. Ryan Lovett

    Ryan LovettDag geleden

    Now I feel like all table reads for great shows should be recorded and broadcast/packaged later. I loved seeing the actors' reactions to their colleagues' performances.

  50. ishan gupte

    ishan gupteDag geleden

    it's unbelievable to think that i've been on this video for the past 20 minutes... and yet to watch the video... i've just been thumbs uping all the comments and the replies to those comments. who would look at this fanbase and say that it belongs to a show created by the same guy who also made rick and morty. the absolute lack of toxicity here is mind blowing.

  51. The Doctor

    The DoctorDag geleden

    Yvette seemed to have the easiest time slipping back into character. It legit felt like Shirley was doing the table read

  52. nathan m

    nathan mDag geleden

    I love how everytime they have to argue at the same time Danny Pudi just lip syncs

  53. Michael Paul

    Michael PaulDag geleden

    I'm watching this while America burns

  54. C S

    C SDag geleden

    Pedro Pascal's pure joy during the theme song while everyone was dancing along was a fun proxy for the viewer and exactly how I felt.

  55. T Wall

    T WallDag geleden

    Keeping it real. Allison Brie kinda seemed like she was high. That is NOT a judgment or criticism, BTW. It added something fun to the performance.

  56. isyaboiskintypenois

    isyaboiskintypenoisDag geleden


  57. Darryl Murray

    Darryl MurrayDag geleden

    Did nobody notice that dan said "he is working on rick and morty SEASON 6!!!!” SEASON 6 WHAT?!??? am I old to this news. Or is it a joke?

  58. Eva Zsigmond

    Eva ZsigmondDag geleden

    still waiting on the movie so annie and jeff can be together lmao

  59. AbbasRB7

    AbbasRB7Dag geleden

    It's only been a week, but I keep finding myself coming back to watch <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1487">24:47</a> onwards constantly...

  60. Manuel Lanz

    Manuel LanzDag geleden

    Such a great Show with such a great Cast. I do not laugh a lot in my Life. But this Show, this Show made me laugh so hard. Damn it. I realy miss that Show...

  61. L. M.

    L. M.2 dagen geleden

    They should never have removed Pierce. He was one of the funniest in the series and will always be, despite of all his antics in real life. You gotta deal with those real life issues properly, not just kick people out.

  62. MissKayRae

    MissKayRaeDag geleden

    He quit

  63. Josh

    Josh2 dagen geleden

    I miss chevy

  64. Rach Holley

    Rach Holley2 dagen geleden


  65. Michael Hannigan

    Michael Hannigan2 dagen geleden

    I'm really disappointed that Chevy Chase isn't in this. He was one of the best characters in the show.

  66. Connor Nyhan

    Connor Nyhan2 dagen geleden

    who else least favorite character is Shirley

  67. Gary King

    Gary King2 dagen geleden

    Troy and abed in the movies

  68. Daniel

    Daniel2 dagen geleden

    I love love love this. But that acupuncture line is uncalled for!

  69. touiji

    touiji2 dagen geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a> did Dan Harmon just leaked Rick and Morty season 6??

  70. Nu Black Soul

    Nu Black Soul2 dagen geleden

    he must be workin on that movie!!

  71. Laurens Travels

    Laurens Travels2 dagen geleden

    Loved this!

  72. Subtly Agressive

    Subtly Agressive2 dagen geleden

    Pedro's like: I gotta start watching this show LMAO

  73. cullermann2

    cullermann22 dagen geleden

    I really, sincerely need the movie

  74. Faro TV

    Faro TV2 dagen geleden

    I watched it for the third time now! The chemestry of this cast is just incredible! most of the celebrity Quarantine stuff doesnt rly work. This one was perfection. Thanks for not having Pedro Pascal read the script beforehand. The sperm section made me tear up all three times :D

  75. Renee Camille

    Renee Camille2 dagen geleden

    I was waiting for a DEAN COSTUME CHANGE ☹️

  76. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui2 dagen geleden

    i like how donald glover- now world famous singer- still has time for his old friends! and he does it happily. I admire this kind of friendship

  77. rhett khett bual

    rhett khett bual2 dagen geleden

    The original scene was still playing on my head. 😉 i miss you guys

  78. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui2 dagen geleden

    We must protect Allison Brie at all cost.

  79. Nicolàs Sarmiento

    Nicolàs Sarmiento2 dagen geleden

    Just imagine if the whole community cast come back for a movie, Pedro Pasacal appears on it and The Russo Brothers also come back as producers for this film...

  80. Avi P

    Avi P2 dagen geleden

    Totally missed this! 🤦‍♂️

  81. Markus Ramazzotti

    Markus Ramazzotti2 dagen geleden

    Everytime Troy says: "I'll do it", i will always cry :(

  82. HelolicalShockwave

    HelolicalShockwave2 dagen geleden

    Joel: Chevy what you are you doing here? Chevy: How about you answer that question? What the hell is this tea party? Yvette: Were doing a table read video chat. Chevy: First of all gay, second of all stupid and third of all why was this a secret? Are you cutting me out of the group? Donald: I-I guess we must have forgot... Everyone: mhmmm... Donald: Yea that's what it was. Danny: Yea.

  83. MUCO

    MUCO2 dagen geleden

    Is pierce really dead?

  84. MUCO

    MUCO2 dagen geleden

    @Mistah Jay No it cant be i'm searching on google right now

  85. Mistah Jay

    Mistah Jay2 dagen geleden

    MUCO yes.

  86. Moe Clomo

    Moe Clomo2 dagen geleden

    Does this not prove that a Community movie after quarantine would turn out well (aside from Donald’s time commitments)?

  87. celeste hill

    celeste hill2 dagen geleden

    If you're paying attention to these comments read this: Dan is not God because of how he discovered how to deal with trauma. I thank him but these Actors are struggling. Humor is a relief not an answer.

  88. Twila The Poet

    Twila The Poet2 dagen geleden

    This will forever be the best show I've ever watched! I can watch it again.

  89. fifilotto

    fifilotto2 dagen geleden

    #sixseasonsandamovie! 🗣🗣🗣