The 'Big One' takes out the leaders at Daytona

Watch as the leaders wreck in the 'Big One' as chaos unfolds late at the front of the Daytona 500.
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  1. may day

    may dayMaand geleden

    men drivers....


    REWINDMaand geleden

    I just realized that nascar is just a giant advertisment

  3. Ed B

    Ed BMaand geleden

    Logano wrecks another field of cars.

  4. dark light

    dark lightMaand geleden

    Car in the number 22 is the culprit

  5. NamVet68SigBn523

    NamVet68SigBn523Maand geleden

    NASCar has degenerated into a motorized version of Roller Derby. It's going to continue to get worse until sponsors are limited to two cars and pushing and blocking become illegal. The "little guy" has NO Chance of winning these races. Most of the wrecks occur in the last 5 laps of the race because the guys behind the leaders get desperate.

  6. matthew thompson

    matthew thompsonMaand geleden

    Don’t see how or why y’all are surprised by now , it’s Superspeedway racing , that’s how it goes ; And for logano , he didn’t do no wrong other then trying to win . I mean isn’t that what you do in racing , trying to win? Being too aggressive or “ wrecking everyone “ , would you rather let everyone run over you and you never win or do everything you can to win no matter what? That’s what Joey and every other successful driver does. You have to be aggressive to win races , they aren’t gonna just let you win by being nice to other drivers. I mean you are gonna have agreements and disagreements no matter what . God bless Ryan Newman , thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Ryan , get well soon .

  7. L U C A S

    L U C A SMaand geleden


  8. Izaak Hobday

    Izaak HobdayMaand geleden

    i hope he is ok

  9. Reel Tech

    Reel TechMaand geleden

    So just bump people out of your way until you get to the lead? Bumper to Bumper contact in any capacity should be disqualified immediately. You can't do it in real life. You shouldn't be able to do it on the race track. If this is the way you guys are going to race, I'm going to get me a Ford Lightning with a plow on the front of it. And watch me plow myself to the win.

  10. T P

    T PMaand geleden

    Lagano pushing a car to where?

  11. Gary Dimaggio

    Gary DimaggioMaand geleden

    Really stupid sport just a waste of money

  12. Dan Jones

    Dan JonesMaand geleden

    It’s sad what NASCAR has become. Slime ball Earnhart tactics seems to be ok these days. They call it aggressive racing. I call it cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct. Way to go JOEY! I believe pro sports including car racing are as fake as the WWF. There tv shows with a pre determined outcome. It amazes me how gullible Americans are.

  13. eromitlabhitw

    eromitlabhitwMaand geleden

    Of course Logano makes it through unscathed, all like "uhhuh uhhuh, golly gosh gee willikers."

  14. side show

    side showMaand geleden

    This sport f*cking sucks and has been boring as sh*t ever sense Dale Earnhardt got killed.

  15. Sandy

    SandyMaand geleden

    The immaturity of the current field is shocking.

  16. Steady R

    Steady RMaand geleden

    Austin Dillon shouldn’t have number 3 that’s Dales number.

  17. davis davis

    davis davisMaand geleden

    Whosen the yellow red car? Bout a jackass

  18. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon SlayerMaand geleden

    Just like 2001 there was a big crash before a one car crash in the final lap

  19. Jared Klug

    Jared KlugMaand geleden

    Looks like he dropped the hammer, then he met Harry at victory lane with special tires to get an ice cold Mello Yellow

  20. Daniel Fausto

    Daniel FaustoMaand geleden

    I would of got off and beat the shit out jimmay. Sore as loser

  21. pointschamp

    pointschampMaand geleden

    Maybe Nascar should stop racing at these stupid fucking tracks bigger than a mile. Save good people from getting hurt and have better racing. Anybody can go 200 mph. Look at the nhra. Nobody gives a shit. I quit watching after these young entitled nerds started invading.

  22. Totally Tidmouth

    Totally TidmouthMaand geleden

    The shit that killed Dale Sr. about 19 years ago(?) just saved him today.

  23. Lewis Miller

    Lewis MillerMaand geleden

    one greedy bastard ruins it for 15 others

  24. chris hill

    chris hillMaand geleden

    wow little baby joe strikes again

  25. Bob Gillis

    Bob GillisMaand geleden

    Wow these are professional drivers?

  26. hugh cornell

    hugh cornellMaand geleden


  27. Tim Ward

    Tim WardMaand geleden

    Thank you are an idiot.

  28. B Harmon

    B HarmonMaand geleden

    NASCAR is such a joke!

  29. Harpoon2theRescue

    Harpoon2theRescueMaand geleden

    Lagano is a piece of shit.

  30. Josh Mccloud

    Josh MccloudMaand geleden

    Lagano and Stenhouse need to be banned from speedway racing...…. too stupid and aggressive with no skills

  31. Frank Vacanti

    Frank VacantiMaand geleden

    The race was doomed cursed my fat button dick Trump. Brought to you by Fox State TV

  32. Keith Lewis

    Keith LewisMaand geleden


  33. Jim Paul Jr.

    Jim Paul Jr.Maand geleden

    Great to hear that Ryan is awake and speaking with family and doctors. Feel bad for Denny Hamlin and Ryan Blaney having to know that they were the cause of this wreck. A big load taken off their shoulders as well as Corey Lajoie who had no time to react. Keep fighting Ryan. Stay strong buddy.

  34. S Mclaughlin

    S MclaughlinMaand geleden


  35. Ron Forman

    Ron FormanMaand geleden

    NASCAR is just hi tech crash derby ! BOORING!

  36. jdau2b

    jdau2bMaand geleden

    Aggressive is one thing stupid is another Joey! I’m a Ford guy but COME ON MAN!!!!!

  37. Darren Nicely

    Darren NicelyMaand geleden

    Nascar is dead...bring back real cars with real drivers on real tracks and u will be resurrected...Cleetus McFarland gets more views and tickets sold than y'all do nowadays

  38. Claude Young

    Claude YoungMaand geleden

    WOW! What a Race.

  39. Buckeye42

    Buckeye42Maand geleden

    All the people who wanted Newman dead after Bristol last year almost got their wish. Prayers to Ryan Newman, my favorite underdog next to Larson.

  40. James Sullivan

    James SullivanMaand geleden


  41. Casper D.

    Casper D.Maand geleden

    Lagano is a joke...but besides that ...I remember when the #2 car said you in front of me and in my way I'll run you over ..lolol..or something like that.. If only Matty D didn't turn towards the infield he would have been ok it...

  42. Insane in the Membrane

    Insane in the MembraneMaand geleden

    TOTALLY....he said "from now on I'm not lifting for anyone". Harvick pushed him in the wall the next week. Now this.

  43. _LoxFox_

    _LoxFox_Maand geleden


  44. Bob Symonds

    Bob SymondsMaand geleden

    Here's a funny though. All race cars are identical. Power, height,weight, now the DOT is doing the exact same thing for 80.000 lb rigs. Just think about Dallas Tx 80 mph cars. 70 mph speed. 55 mph trucks. Just like California........ A total fuck

  45. Assy McGee

    Assy McGeeMaand geleden

    Why would you start the video halfway through the crash?

  46. Scott M

    Scott MMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman be like "Thank God I avoided that crash! Really dodged a bullet there. Now, let's go out and win this thing!"

  47. Jay Fox

    Jay FoxMaand geleden

    Who cares ? All planned and staged...fake hoax

  48. Insane in the Membrane

    Insane in the MembraneMaand geleden

    Please..... enlighten me.

  49. 140 Ex

    140 ExMaand geleden

    Can’t pass the guy in front so you wreck him. That’s NASCAR 2020

  50. PugsNotDrugs4

    PugsNotDrugs4Maand geleden

    Hey can anyone tell me when full race replays are uploaded and viewable for Canadian viewers? I see the Clash is already uploaded but as a Canadian I can't view it!

  51. Anthony F

    Anthony FMaand geleden

    22 caused that mess!! To much to aggressive, from first lap!! Moron


    1031KRONTZ GERMERICANMaand geleden

    I was really wanting kesolowski to win it. Get well rocket man

  53. MrSpeedDemon72

    MrSpeedDemon72Maand geleden

    Most ignorant unsafe racing series I've ever seen. No other racing series has wrecks that involve the entire field of cars. If you're not in the draft, you have no chance. If you're in the draft, even a monkey has a chance to win. All you have to do is cockblock someone which causes a wreck. NASCAR at these types of tracks is nothing more than demolition derby at 200mph. But NASCAR knows this and as long as it keeps raking in the money, their happy to put drivers at risk. Ryan Newman, enough said.

  54. MrSpeedDemon72

    MrSpeedDemon72Maand geleden

    @Insane in the Membrane - then you shouldn't have replied to begin with if you didn't care. Others will read it and most likely agree. I proved my point. If you want to stick your head in the sand, go for it.

  55. Insane in the Membrane

    Insane in the MembraneMaand geleden

    @MrSpeedDemon72 too much to read. Don't care.

  56. MrSpeedDemon72

    MrSpeedDemon72Maand geleden

    @Insane in the Membrane back in the day of Winston Cup, days of Earnhardt, Wallace an Elliot, cars didn't run in a big pack the entire race like they do today on these tracks. Back then, you had to be a good driver with a well tuned car, good pit strategy, fast and error free pit stops. That's what got you to the lead and kept you there, and a lot of times you'd be in the lead all by yourself seconds ahead of the next guy. A lot of times no one could catch you because your car was that good, your pit stops were that fast and your driver was that good. That's how it is in every other racing sport, that's what NASCAR used to be, thats racing, that's what you now call "boring". Now days, it's all about the big wreck and NASCAR throwing cautions for nothing more than a gum wrapper on the track to make sure they stay bunched up so everyone is glued to their seat drooling that the big wreck will happen at any second so it's not, "boring". Back in the day if you had a good season and won a lot of races or had a lot of top 10 finishes, you had a big enough points lead to most likely win the championship. And you deserved it because you proved all season long that you were the best driver that consistently had the best car with the best crew, you earned that title. Now days, you can bust your ass all season but it don't mean shit because when it comes "playoff" time and your points get reset, if you have one bad race or get wrecked out by someone else, some other ass clown that had an average season at best can easily take the championship. Really? That's complete BS. You don't have to have a good car at these tracks these days, you just have to stay in the draft and have someone bump you to the front. Hell, with these cars, that's the only way you can get to the front because they can't do crap if they aren't in the draft. The only skill is holding your line so you're not the cause of the big wreck. Although I'm sure some are caused on purpose to help ensure a win. I am being serious, NASCAR is a joke these days and I don't watch it any more and by the looks of the grandstands that I see these days from time to time, a shit ton of other people have had enough and have lost interest in the sport. I used to go to the Brickyard 400 back in the day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the entire facility was packed, not an empty seat all the way around the track, these days, it's lucky to be half full of people. No, NASCAR used to be about racing, now it's all about the show, TV ratings and money. Daytona and Talladega are the two most watched events, because people want to see big wrecks, not actual racing. All the other events they do, ghost towns. Like I said, it's nothing more than demolition derby at 200 mph, that's not racing.

  57. Insane in the Membrane

    Insane in the MembraneMaand geleden

    @MrSpeedDemon72 So guys like Earnhardt, Gordan, Wallace must have always been lucky. And guys like Michael Waltrip were never lucky? Or maybe it's skill and strategy. Look jaun Pablo Montoya, John Andretti, Franchitti, did well in karts, sucked in NASCAR. Tony Stewart, Sam hornish, Bobby Allison excelled in both. I'll give you Mario. But that makes NASCAR legends stand out even more. Please, be serious.

  58. MrSpeedDemon72

    MrSpeedDemon72Maand geleden

    @Insane in the Membrane - to you it's low intinsity, to every other form of racing it's clean racing . Racing that's based on the best driver with the best car. Unlike NASCAR where the winner is determined by who got lucky and didn't get caught up in a massive wreck that involved the entire field. You call that racing? Please, get serious.

  59. T Berd

    T BerdMaand geleden

    Hey NASCAR, you know why people aren’t watching you anymore? Because you have a driver celebrating in victory lane while Newman is being cut out of his vehicle. How dumb can an organization be? That victory lane sponsor money is really important right? I’m done watching!

  60. John wayne Gacy

    John wayne GacyMaand geleden

    Lol why dont they all just stay home much of pussys

  61. Jeffrey Rusch Jr

    Jeffrey Rusch JrMaand geleden

    I've seen kids bump draft way better than Hamlin. He really shouldn't be even in a car..

  62. Rodco Racing

    Rodco RacingMaand geleden

    I pray for Newman, thought he was gonna die!

  63. keith weber

    keith weberMaand geleden

    fuk logano

  64. Traison Shaffer

    Traison ShafferMaand geleden

    I hope everyone is ok :(

  65. Major Glory

    Major GloryMaand geleden

    Logano doing logano things

  66. Swatch Queen

    Swatch QueenMaand geleden

    Lag ano is dirty. No one wants to see that.

  67. 111915 528518

    111915 528518Maand geleden

    This is proof that the Gen 7 needs to fix this stupid pack racing. They need to do 550hp, but run NO TAPERED SPACERS like the 1980's and let them win based on talent rather than being in a stupid reckless pack which sent Newman to the hospital and fans that really don't like this kind of racing. Everyone hated that stupid boring train lane that happened and I know because I was there and heard the pissing drunk fans hating on this style of racing.

  68. Insane in the Membrane

    Insane in the MembraneMaand geleden

    A dude named Earnhardt used to win super speedways all the time. It was said that he could see air. Some say he was talented......but what do I know.

  69. Grizzly Poota

    Grizzly PootaMaand geleden

    YAY !!! Restricter plate racing is safer !!! YAY !!!

  70. CaptainDavid 5001

    CaptainDavid 5001Maand geleden

    I really hope newman is Okay

  71. jtizzy12

    jtizzy12Maand geleden

    Time for nascar to stop racing daytona and Talladega just way to dangerous. I love nascar but I wont be tuning in to either of those tracks anymore.

  72. Insane in the Membrane

    Insane in the MembraneMaand geleden

    Right...I like Atlanta, Kansas, Chicago. I can fall asleep about lap 7, and wake up 5 to go and not miss a thing. Cuz they're BORING....I wish we had 5 of those tracks. They use to race those doing 220 in a road runner, on a bench seat and a junk seat belt. But now it's a problem?

  73. JL Custom Auto INC

    JL Custom Auto INCMaand geleden

    I thought he was OK but it doesn't look so my prayers for Newman 🙏🙏

  74. Stephen Lukovich

    Stephen LukovichMaand geleden

    Over joey and his stupid semantics hes like a little rat eating cheese to me. Hes def not and never has been the good guy they claim. Snake if you ask me. I'm sure Brad's over him probably why he wants out of pendke

  75. R13h D

    R13h DMaand geleden

    Video about a wreck...starts right in the middle of it instead of right before it had ONE JOB.

  76. Kyle Ford REALTOR - Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage

    Kyle Ford REALTOR - Florida Homes Realty & MortgageMaand geleden

    Seems like this type of shit is on purpose, knowing if you touch his bumper everyone's gunna go flying why the hell would you ride the guy pushing him continuously into another car?

  77. shadowrydr1

    shadowrydr1Maand geleden

    Lagono is an idiot

  78. ItsA SamsqamchItHasToBe

    ItsA SamsqamchItHasToBeMaand geleden

    Hope everyone stays safe and Newman has a quick recovery

  79. Mash709

    Mash709Maand geleden

    Update today: Newman is in serious, but non-life threatening condition.

  80. automact

    automactMaand geleden

    I can't see what happened to Kyle Busch, do anyone know?

  81. MrEricmopar

    MrEricmoparMaand geleden

    NASCAR should be proud of themselves for turning racing into a National Road Rage Festival. Multiple red flags in races is not uncommon now do to road rage on the track. NASCAR isn't even worth watching the last 20 years. Most people I know don't even bother with it anymore, and this is perfect examples of why.

  82. Jostein Carlsen

    Jostein CarlsenMaand geleden

    Joey facking Lagano...

  83. Eccentric Gamer

    Eccentric GamerMaand geleden

    This race was an epic conclusion to one of the most kickass Speedweeks we've ever had. It's just a shame that the finish had to be soured by Newman's crash (thank God it didn't prove fatal).

  84. skateski

    skateskiMaand geleden

    J Lo bumps ppl out of the way again

  85. Jack Mathis

    Jack MathisMaand geleden

    That's what happens in a shitty "sport"

  86. Chandrashree rajendra kumar

    Chandrashree rajendra kumarMaand geleden


  87. Msflamingo2008

    Msflamingo2008Maand geleden

    Thank God Ryan Newman is still with us. Prayers up for a swift & complete recovery. 💕🙏💕 Perspective: NASCAR Drivers reach speeds of 200+mph. A BOEING 747 takes flight at 184mph! Stay safe, God bless. #NASCARFAMILY

  88. Богдан Мухачев

    Богдан МухачевMaand geleden

    Fuck Logano

  89. Trucker Nation

    Trucker NationMaand geleden

    That’s an awful and fake ass excuse for pulling something like that. You need someone to tell you when you are touching the car in front of you? The millennial can’t even figure the length of his own car, ha! What a pussy! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>