Director - Nathan James Tettey
Production Company - Untold Studios
Head of Music & Social - Annie Ayres
Executive Producer -Tessa Wood
Producer - Natalie Steiner
1st AD - Daniel Smith
2nd AD - Gabriel O’Donohoe
Director of Photography - Aaron Reid
Steadicam Operator - Grant Sandy-Phillips
Focus Puller - Brendan Harvey
B Cam Focus Puller - Kate Eccarius
Clapper Loader - Jomar O’Meally
Gaffer - Danny Hayward
Production Designer - Benny Casey
Casting Director - Rae Elliman
Choreographer - Ricky Labib
Costume Stylist - Holly MacDonald
Make-up Artist - Paul Rodgers
Hair Stylist- Dion Thomaz
Editor- Chris Wilson
Edit House- Stitch
Colourist - Simon Bourne
Colour House - Framestore
VFX - Untold Studios
Post Producer - Semley Wilkinson
VFX Artist - George Rockliffe
VFX Artist - Grant Connor
Label - #MERKY/Atlantic Records
Director of Video - Dan Curwin
Senior Marketing Manager - Jackie Eyewe
Stormzy Team
Stylist: Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe
Hair: Slider Cuts
Groomer: Maria Comparetto
Management: Tobe Onwuka / Ayesha Dunn-Lorde

Ed Sheeran Team
Stylist: Liberty Shaw
Groomer: Amber Rose Peake
Management: Stuart Camp

Burna Boy
Stylist: Ronami Ogulu
Management: Bose Ogulu / Ronami Ogulu
FACEBOOK: stormzyoffic...
INSTAGRAM: stormzy
TWITTER: Stormzy


  1. Youtube User

    Youtube User31 minuut geleden

    Stormzy is such a shit artist i seriously don't get how he got so famous he has no talent at all

  2. sas yout

    sas youtUur geleden

    Eduardo De La Sheerandez

  3. Max 12

    Max 12Uur geleden

    My Ed Sheeran playlist on Spotify (suscribe) :

  4. G4LEA Studio

    G4LEA StudioUur geleden

    Oh man.... reminds me of my ex. Damn..

  5. Mohammed Aminu

    Mohammed Aminu2 uur geleden

    I love this song.... There's this cool vibe about it.

  6. Solomon Zillion

    Solomon Zillion2 uur geleden

    Men I love dis shit!!!!dem....


    SCHOOLING YOUR MIND3 uur geleden


  8. Karl Themel

    Karl Themel3 uur geleden

    Fans, please go to vote!

  9. Amari Tavares

    Amari Tavares4 uur geleden

    Stormzy you are the best kept on with the singing your AMAZING

  10. DIY Wardobe

    DIY Wardobe4 uur geleden

    Love this song so much i could listen to it all day everyday!!

  11. Honorata Mazurkiewicz

    Honorata Mazurkiewicz5 uur geleden

    Like stormzy Comment Ed sheran Both burna boy

  12. Mary Maricles

    Mary Maricles5 uur geleden


  13. Peter Charles

    Peter Charles5 uur geleden

    I do wonder what must go through the minds of those that no doubt bullied Sheeran at school when they see what he has achieved now ? I’m not a fan of his by the way 🤣🤣

  14. Rice gaming studios

    Rice gaming studios5 uur geleden

    is it me or did burna boy not say anything

  15. はいぶりっじ

    はいぶりっじ5 uur geleden


  16. bssni touir

    bssni touir5 uur geleden

    this is by default the most uninterrsting and unfitting music video ive ever seen. The song is so fucking LIT. They couldve done better

  17. Selçuk Keskin

    Selçuk Keskin6 uur geleden


  18. MaQu TV

    MaQu TV6 uur geleden

    Go’to warsaw

  19. bssni touir

    bssni touir5 uur geleden

    ed sheeran doesnt really fit in there, but i like it

  20. Ota Buno

    Ota Buno7 uur geleden

    Why did i think it said "imma do you like maya"

  21. Regina Safari

    Regina Safari7 uur geleden

    Burnas part is too short😡

  22. Victoria Daniels

    Victoria Daniels7 uur geleden

    I love it

  23. destiny ifeanyi

    destiny ifeanyi8 uur geleden

    1m views whos with me

  24. Thiago Henrique

    Thiago Henrique8 uur geleden

    Deixa o link pra download fi de rapariga?

  25. sanisterr

    sanisterr9 uur geleden

    ed the type of guy you give the n word pass

  26. Altaf

    Altaf9 uur geleden

    I've heard this about 6 times continuously, whats wrong with me..... But it is a fine tune

  27. しらすたまご

    しらすたまご9 uur geleden


  28. will 239

    will 2399 uur geleden

    Thought Burna was offset lol

  29. S Jonez

    S Jonez10 uur geleden

    Tune!! 💣💥🔥Banger on repeat!!! Love it

  30. Escher x Kehre

    Escher x Kehre10 uur geleden Listen our new single ❤️❤️❤️

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    ちんポコ丸健三10 uur geleden


  32. lucky luciano

    lucky luciano11 uur geleden

    Smoke some haze and chill to this song . It will do some good for you

  33. Philip Mathiasen

    Philip Mathiasen12 uur geleden

    ed sheeran doesnt really fit in there, but i like it

  34. Success Is King

    Success Is King12 uur geleden

    this is by default the most uninterrsting and unfitting music video ive ever seen. The song is so fucking LIT. They couldve done better

  35. Generally_ jack

    Generally_ jack13 uur geleden

    Ed Sheeran is a sick cunt

  36. Graig Munyaradzi

    Graig Munyaradzi13 uur geleden

    African giant

  37. Andrew Nasalangwa

    Andrew Nasalangwa13 uur geleden


  38. peter-paul kutschlojenga

    peter-paul kutschlojenga14 uur geleden

    Just want to say that the beat is insane🔥

  39. 中川イケメン

    中川イケメン14 uur geleden


  40. R Vasquez

    R Vasquez15 uur geleden

    This song would be so much better if ed wasn't in it

  41. bssni touir

    bssni touir16 uur geleden

    If your here for burnaboy hit like We rock Africa

  42. Aisha Abbas

    Aisha Abbas16 uur geleden

    Beautiful Blend