Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates face off in this episode of Epic Rap Battles Of History. Who won? You decide.
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▼ CAST ▼
Steve Jobs: Nice Peter
Bill Gates: EpicLLOYD
HAL9000 voiced by: Nice Peter
Model By:
▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist
Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Lauren Flans & Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins
Beat Produced by:
Tristan Krauss
Song Produced by:
Nice Peter
Mixed by:
Rafael Serrano and Nice Peter
Directed by:
Dave McCary
On Set VFX Coordinator and Compositing by:
Sean Barrett
Edited by:
Dave McCary and Nice Peter
Assistant Editors:
Andrew Sherman & Marc Chester
Director of Photography:
Jon Na
Arthur Hong
Music Supervisor and Playback:
Dante Cimadamore
Costume Design and Art Direction:
Mary Gutfleisch
Key Costumer:
Natalia Fedner

Makeup and Hair:
Ashlyn Melancon
Script Supervisor and Production Assistant:
Marc Chester
Production Assistants:
Jose Mendoza, Atul Singh and Russell Ford
Produced by:
Michelle Maloney
Executive Producer:
Mickey Meyer for Maker Studios


  1. patajos

    patajos3 uur geleden

    Linus Torvalds: Allow me to introduce myself

  2. The Rainbows

    The Rainbows4 uur geleden

    I’m watching this video right now on an iPad..... so....... idk whose side I’m on right now

  3. Win090949

    Win09094910 uur geleden

    Infinity war prediction?

  4. ShakenPig

    ShakenPig11 uur geleden

    if you truly think Steve Jobs is anywhere near the level of Bill Gates feel sorry for you.

  5. Ayan Mondal

    Ayan Mondal11 uur geleden

    I like bgm

  6. Nicky

    Nicky13 uur geleden

    apple won

  7. Minecrafter 892494

    Minecrafter 89249419 uur geleden

    Newton vs Einstein !

  8. Frog

    Frog20 uur geleden

    HAL running on GNU/Linux won.

  9. Minehavin

    Minehavin20 uur geleden

    Whats so funny about this, is that everything Gates says is facts and everything that Jobs says is the made up apple nonsense that their customers believe. Great classic ERB.

  10. doug teters

    doug teters22 uur geleden

    anyone in 2020?

  11. RWR Network

    RWR NetworkDag geleden

    Best Lines: Steve Jobs Best PC: Bill Gates Fastest: Steve Jobs Richest: Bill Jobs Winner: Steve Jobs

  12. James Maxwell

    James MaxwellDag geleden

    I guess bill has one as he’s alive

  13. mr loop

    mr loopDag geleden

    The thing is gates is still here to buy the channel and alter the lyrics. Enjoy folks

  14. Shinigami

    ShinigamiDag geleden

    *Ubuntu* won

  15. L.K.N 176250

    L.K.N 176250Dag geleden

    2020 anyone? Still the most awesome ERB in history

  16. Jacob Squishy

    Jacob SquishyDag geleden

    I think Hal9000 won.

  17. Eyona Green

    Eyona GreenDag geleden

    I cried when Steve said I got a PC but it wasn’t from you R.I.P Steve Jobs

  18. Skull Company

    Skull CompanyDag geleden

    Bill Gates is lifeee

  19. Track Industries, Pumps

    Track Industries, PumpsDag geleden

    Marvel got the idea of drifting away from this video

  20. Dr. Godfrey Lambwell

    Dr. Godfrey Lambwell2 dagen geleden

    "How you gonna shoot me down when I guide the rocket?" is such a powerful line

  21. hey you

    hey you2 dagen geleden

    In retrospect this shit is fucking garbage 💀💀💀😭😭😭😭 anyone who likes this shit is a moron

  22. Collateral Pigeon

    Collateral Pigeon2 dagen geleden

    Hal says "Hello World!" which is the first print line code you learn in programming class.

  23. Thanos

    Thanos2 dagen geleden

    “While it is pleasant to meet girl in park, it may be more pleasurable to park meat in girl.” -Confucius

  24. Thanos

    Thanos2 dagen geleden

    “While it is pleasant to meet girl in park, it may be more pleasurable to park meat in girl.” -Confucius


    ΑΘΗΝΑ ΜΠΡΙΚΑΡΕΛΛΟΥ2 dagen geleden

    I wonder if Bill Gates saw this

  26. Frank Gonzalez

    Frank Gonzalez2 dagen geleden

    "Why'd you name you company after your dick?" It literally took me 7+ years to get that single reference... Bill Gates's company is Microsoft...

  27. Mickey Shukrun

    Mickey Shukrun2 dagen geleden

    Finally I have a solid proof fruity loops is THE BEST music maker!

  28. Mystic Fruitless

    Mystic Fruitless2 dagen geleden

    0:09 this is........requiem.

  29. The Prodigal Son

    The Prodigal Son2 dagen geleden

    A.i nailed it.

  30. steve gale

    steve gale3 dagen geleden

    Did not create DOS.

  31. Gab Dray

    Gab Dray3 dagen geleden

    The only winner is Linus Torvalds

  32. MGYT50 Empire

    MGYT50 Empire3 dagen geleden

    Thankyou youtube for recommending this video after *8 FREAKING YEARS!!!!*

  33. Team Taeyoung

    Team Taeyoung3 dagen geleden

    You blow jobs 😂👏🏻

  34. RHS / RedheadedSnake

    RHS / RedheadedSnake3 dagen geleden

    I prefer microsoft but damn did steve have bars

  35. liam&ian gaming

    liam&ian gaming3 dagen geleden

    0:40 Its more like the other way around.

  36. Jessica Colon

    Jessica Colon3 dagen geleden

    2020 still one of your best rap batle In my opinion

  37. Aierek

    Aierek3 dagen geleden

    If you literally know nothing about computers 90% of the bars will go over your head

  38. Aierek

    Aierek3 dagen geleden

    Bruh the bars are so damn clever.

  39. aleksa

    aleksa3 dagen geleden

    STEVE JOBS DEF WON THIS ONE HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Thunder Noriety -

    Thunder Noriety -3 dagen geleden

    I’m watching this with an iPhone 11 and AirPods and he’s speaking facts

  41. Freezy JZL

    Freezy JZL3 dagen geleden

    The memories man

  42. gogoflame Cast

    gogoflame Cast4 dagen geleden

    they use to work together

  43. BrilloPower

    BrilloPower4 dagen geleden

    Everybody gangsta til HAL shows up.

  44. Felina Maes

    Felina Maes4 dagen geleden

    I can't stop coming back to this song it's just so good

  45. hazeroid

    hazeroid4 dagen geleden


  46. chibighost

    chibighost4 dagen geleden

    this was like, actually sad.

  47. Brandon Dixon

    Brandon Dixon4 dagen geleden

    That bit about “you will never catch a virus on an apple”, is not exactly true, yes, its more likely to get a virus on windows, but thats not because apple has some much better security, its because windows is the most widely used OS, so most people who write viruses write them for windows. But there are some killer viruses on apple.

  48. jordan malm

    jordan malm4 dagen geleden

    This has 1million likes

  49. Awesome Yeets

    Awesome Yeets4 dagen geleden


  50. Brian Egas

    Brian Egas4 dagen geleden


  51. Kayla Friend

    Kayla Friend5 dagen geleden

    Yu-Gi-Oh vs Pokemon lol gotta do that it'd be bomb.

  52. Arceus 101

    Arceus 1015 dagen geleden

    I mean at least bill gates isn't fucking over the customer with shitty customer support

  53. hakšim

    hakšim5 dagen geleden


  54. John Joe

    John Joe5 dagen geleden

    apple is like sesame street is like the OG

  55. John Joe

    John Joe5 dagen geleden

    Bill Gates Ripped It...

  56. Emilio Pena

    Emilio Pena5 dagen geleden

    0:42 his face is like did this dude just say that

  57. Cole Reynolds

    Cole Reynolds5 dagen geleden

    Ironic the nerdiest one is the best

  58. SuperLuigiPro

    SuperLuigiPro5 dagen geleden

    Imagine ERB goes back to this and add thanos snapping in background...

  59. Ella Manu

    Ella Manu5 dagen geleden

    I am watching this on a apple

  60. ChampOfPenguins

    ChampOfPenguins5 dagen geleden

    It's been years and I'm just now finding out it's "You blow, jobs" instead of "Quick blow-jobs"