Shammi 2019 Best Moments!!

Thanks so much to every one who has Subscribed and been apart of my journey in 2019. I can't wait to go even bigger and better in 2020. Happy New Years to all and keep safe over the holiday season. Time to Make some Memories babbby!
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  1. Reeceeboy2410

    Reeceeboy2410Dag geleden

    That wheelchair one went way too far😡

  2. Stacey Lemafa

    Stacey Lemafa2 dagen geleden

    When he shot the arrow it landed on his bald head and I was laughing if that was a target

  3. El Mexicano O076

    El Mexicano O0762 dagen geleden

    Ja ja

  4. Fabian Backlund

    Fabian Backlund2 dagen geleden

    Enjoyed this so much 1:04 ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Alex Sunderland

    Alex Sunderland3 dagen geleden


  6. 33kingofkings

    33kingofkings4 dagen geleden

    The vacuum lol

  7. Samuel jose Saborit cano

    Samuel jose Saborit cano7 dagen geleden

    Wow Luk

  8. Martin Jensen

    Martin Jensen8 dagen geleden

    1:50 gets me everytime. Fucking Hell 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Amanda Sullivan

    Amanda Sullivan8 dagen geleden

    You are so good

  10. Shongyaoanghu anghu

    Shongyaoanghu anghu11 dagen geleden

    Love u all

  11. Shadow freddy Golden freddy

    Shadow freddy Golden freddy13 dagen geleden

    Really cool at 1 40

  12. Alfie Cliffe

    Alfie Cliffe13 dagen geleden


  13. Maximus Goodwin

    Maximus Goodwin15 dagen geleden

    You blokes are fukin stupid

  14. Dave Rom

    Dave Rom16 dagen geleden

    My favorite 1:26

  15. Blue Dinoboy

    Blue Dinoboy16 dagen geleden

    The new crazy family of 2019-2020

  16. Car Freak

    Car Freak19 dagen geleden

    0:17 lol

  17. MR 53R1U5

    MR 53R1U519 dagen geleden

    The house of cheese 🦶🤢

  18. YngridLouise concepcion

    YngridLouise concepcion19 dagen geleden

    playing food its not the right thing

  19. Liam Steadman

    Liam Steadman19 dagen geleden

    4:56 *two shots of vodka*

  20. Bambam Flores

    Bambam Flores20 dagen geleden

    This is funny 😂😂😂😂 and whos watching this on 2020 let me now the comments

  21. Beg&Bug_61990

    Beg&Bug_6199020 dagen geleden

    3:42 just had the worst flight with Jetstar 😂

  22. Leticia Quilang

    Leticia Quilang20 dagen geleden

    Thats mean

  23. Mr Right

    Mr Right21 dag geleden


  24. Arthur Fleck

    Arthur Fleck23 dagen geleden

    It’s all about making memories🤣🤣

  25. Arthur Fleck

    Arthur Fleck23 dagen geleden

    The best of 2019👌🤣

  26. T3 Huawei

    T3 Huawei23 dagen geleden

    В России быстро в ебальник получили бы...

  27. Mario Y

    Mario Y24 dagen geleden

    Man these guys have nice houses

  28. Johan delarey

    Johan delarey24 dagen geleden

    Not funny

  29. skyspy spysky

    skyspy spysky24 dagen geleden

    You are ass holes

  30. riska lestari

    riska lestari24 dagen geleden

    That is si cool!

  31. TheZahnFactor

    TheZahnFactor24 dagen geleden

    Nice male bare feet

  32. SmG Mystic

    SmG Mystic24 dagen geleden

    Tbh if I was pranked like this I would beat the absolute crap out of them

  33. Серега деаф13

    Серега деаф1324 dagen geleden


  34. j js

    j js25 dagen geleden

    like 95% of this shit isnt even funny at all

  35. 林映暄

    林映暄25 dagen geleden

    Fuck You

  36. Daddy Smirkzyy

    Daddy Smirkzyy25 dagen geleden


  37. Daddy Smirkzyy

    Daddy Smirkzyy25 dagen geleden

    3:09 is that Murray dam

  38. Lincoln Zaragoza

    Lincoln Zaragoza26 dagen geleden

    More videos

  39. Archit Mishra

    Archit Mishra26 dagen geleden

    2:31 people are fukin' dying of hunger around the world and you're wasting so much food

  40. Jacob Neumann

    Jacob Neumann26 dagen geleden

    His bald head looks like a nut sack

  41. Cheng Zheng

    Cheng Zheng26 dagen geleden

    Greta will be mad...🤣🤣😂😂

  42. Yishun Siva

    Yishun Siva27 dagen geleden


  43. Olle Plays

    Olle Plays27 dagen geleden

    Haha best I ever seen

  44. Reflex _

    Reflex _27 dagen geleden


  45. the opposite of sad

    the opposite of sad28 dagen geleden

    What a house though...

  46. ഷമ്മി

    ഷമ്മി28 dagen geleden


  47. Ed Clarke

    Ed Clarke28 dagen geleden

    0:55 this was part of the first video I’ve ever watched by these guys 😄

  48. Depot Haris Lezatto

    Depot Haris Lezatto28 dagen geleden

    Parah cukk

  49. easy weaver

    easy weaver28 dagen geleden


  50. quinn liam marc ramjohn

    quinn liam marc ramjohn28 dagen geleden

    1:55 Shammi is running like shaggy from scooby doo

  51. xScriptify

    xScriptify28 dagen geleden

    Stupid asshole

  52. PitBike & Ekipa

    PitBike & Ekipa29 dagen geleden

    Have a subscribe nie pease

  53. Tyrone Smith

    Tyrone Smith29 dagen geleden

    6:57 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  54. Tyrone Smith

    Tyrone Smith29 dagen geleden

    Who are all the 500 different women in ur videos?

  55. Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith29 dagen geleden

    Bhh yt? btgn grrr nngnhnhnbr re hhfuguufygueufgehyfuuhti8ug

  56. Kyan Patel

    Kyan Patel29 dagen geleden

    Such a waste of food

  57. error 404

    error 40429 dagen geleden

    2:44 and no one had the idea to open the tap..

  58. HACPAJI 12

    HACPAJI 1229 dagen geleden

    4:59 водка:)

  59. untung sejahtera abadi Infoko

    untung sejahtera abadi InfokoMaand geleden

    3.52 bali 👍👍

  60. Le Anh Nguyet

    Le Anh NguyetMaand geleden

    Shammi's digestive foods working !.