Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History

Epic Rap Battles of History Ronald McDonald vs Burger King.
Watch the fast food mascots get up in each other’s grills!
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What’s up Stitches!
There’s a great story to this video and it mostly starts with you. We did a spin-off video called Flash In the Pan Hip-hop Conflicts of Nowadays featuring Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. You dug it but the verdict was clear that there should have been a Wendy’s cameo and that we should make the matchup a video for the main channel. We also left out a few clutch disses in the lyrics (ahem) foot lettuce...and you helped us plug those holes. So dope.
So after much sizzle and preparation, have it your way. See you next month.
np & eL
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np & eL
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Ronald McDonald: Nice Peter
Burger King: EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd
Wendy: MC Goldiloxx
IG: @TashInAwe
Abandoned Kid: Atul Singh
IG: @atultime
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist
Producer: Atul Singh
Written by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore, MC Goldiloxx and the many kickass members of our Patreon Writers Crew.
Beat Produced by Tone Jones:
Music Mixed and Mastered by Nice Peter
Directed by: Nice Peter
Assistant Directed by EpicLLOYD
Director of Photography: Jon Na
Gaffer: Andy Chinn
Department Make-Up Head: Ashlyn McIntyre
Make-Up and Hair: Ruth Haney
DIT / Playback: Josh Best
Costume Designer and Property Master: Morgan Christensen
Production Assistants: Chris Miller and Andy Sandoval
Video Editors: Daniel Flesher, Josh Best, Nice Peter
VFX: Javi Sánchez Blanco
Produced by Atul Singh
Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!


  1. Notti

    Notti55 minuten geleden


  2. Banani fake

    Banani fakeUur geleden

    McDonald's won

  3. Angela HARRISON

    Angela HARRISON2 uur geleden

    erb who won me waterburger

  4. Doge Doggo

    Doge Doggo2 uur geleden

    It's funny because apple and coke are below Pepsi and android.

  5. Allison Alberici

    Allison Alberici3 uur geleden

    Clowns are scary

  6. Allison Alberici

    Allison Alberici3 uur geleden

    Burger King winner

  7. Allison Alberici

    Allison Alberici3 uur geleden

    Burger King won

  8. Ya Good Friend AbryZ

    Ya Good Friend AbryZ8 uur geleden

    yeah out of all three i would choose wendys anyday

  9. Logan Hernandez

    Logan Hernandez11 uur geleden


  10. iTrashedOnYou LOL

    iTrashedOnYou LOL15 uur geleden

    Sorry Wendy's but your rong on the mcgriddle them things are good

  11. Mason Prichard

    Mason Prichard17 uur geleden

    EpicLLoyd to me is by far the best one with his lyricism and to have the ability to come on any beat no matter how weird it might be but that doesn't mean that most of everyone is closer and getting closer there is one more that I can say maybe two but that's it.

  12. Enas Abualez

    Enas Abualez17 uur geleden

    Wendy’s won

  13. UHFStation1

    UHFStation119 uur geleden

    Wendy wins. Glad I didn't have to hear Justin Timberlake during this.

  14. Collin Fong

    Collin Fong20 uur geleden

    GUYS! We all know who won: Carls Jr.

  15. Jessica Mitchell

    Jessica Mitchell21 uur geleden

    Wendy's but burger king has better food

  16. Brendan Clements

    Brendan Clements22 uur geleden

    No one gonna mention that Burger King Foot Lettuce Innuendo by Ronald?

  17. Alan Koroluk

    Alan Koroluk22 uur geleden

    Chick-fil-a won

  18. Alexander Haney

    Alexander HaneyDag geleden

    Wendy's won.

  19. Raymond Reddington

    Raymond ReddingtonDag geleden

    Wendy is so fucking hot.

  20. Andy and Friends the puppets

    Andy and Friends the puppetsDag geleden

    Wendy's wins

  21. Kenji Vang

    Kenji VangDag geleden

    Obviously we can all agree wendy won when she walked away

  22. Marissa Clark

    Marissa ClarkDag geleden

    Wendys won

  23. OneFlea The Lich

    OneFlea The LichDag geleden

    obviously wendys won duhhhh

  24. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel SanchezDag geleden

    Facing DA FEET .... ok that one was pretty good. BOOT TO THE HEAD!

  25. Jason Morris

    Jason MorrisDag geleden


  26. dylan morris

    dylan morrisDag geleden

    KFC. if i had to pick between theses three and KFC its gonna be KFC. good rap tho

  27. flykiller

    flykillerDag geleden

    WHY you eat with a clown when you can dine with a king

  28. Spirit

    SpiritDag geleden

    Where is the family from A&W, their food is so damn good.

  29. melissa hall

    melissa hallDag geleden

    Wendy's wins

  30. Thai To

    Thai ToDag geleden

    Who won? Wendy’s= like Burger King = comment McDonald’s = comment

  31. Thai To

    Thai ToDag geleden

    Them: rapping Me: chilling eating Burger King and a Cola :D

  32. Pyroceptive

    PyroceptiveDag geleden

    Am I the only one who wants to see a jimmy John's vs. Subways

  33. Cameron McLauchlan

    Cameron McLauchlanDag geleden

    TBH I only hit this link hoping the real fast food champion would make an appearance. Turns out, we found the beef.

  34. TheRevenBoys

    TheRevenBoysDag geleden

    Why does it sound like Ronald says our toys are helpful but the toys had chocked a lot of kids....

  35. TheRevenBoys

    TheRevenBoysDag geleden

    Also when does Ronald twirk on Burger King

  36. TheRevenBoys

    TheRevenBoysDag geleden

    When did Ronald mc Donald sound like that

  37. Tony Hernandez

    Tony HernandezDag geleden

    He said his rhymes are a Kroc of shit

  38. Tony Hernandez

    Tony HernandezDag geleden

    I think burger king

  39. jayjay _doofus

    jayjay _doofusDag geleden

    We need a Jack in the box vs Wendy's, NGL Jack in the box is pretty good and so is wendy's so I wonder who would win

  40. Nobody

    NobodyDag geleden

    0:56 gets me everytime 😂😂👍

  41. Keiruniverse

    KeiruniverseDag geleden

    An em vs mgk line. Beauty McDonald

  42. allison sonnier

    allison sonnierDag geleden

    Raising Cane’s vs Chick-Fil-A

  43. Space Man

    Space Man2 dagen geleden

    KFC Colonel was who I expected. Not Wendy.

  44. Saif

    Saif2 dagen geleden

    There is nothing like wendy's walk at the end

  45. Stefanie Sendajas

    Stefanie Sendajas2 dagen geleden

    I just got the frosty joke 😅

  46. colegul bogdan

    colegul bogdan2 dagen geleden

    When i'm watching nicepeter and epiclloyd do battle in different characters close, i always feel like nicepeter's verses are agressive as fuck, and really attacking lloyd on a personal level. But, i'm pretty sure lloyd would destroy him lyrically, but he's just a nicer guy than nicepeter.

  47. Robin M.

    Robin M.2 dagen geleden

    I think Burger King had the better lines

  48. Musishu BETA

    Musishu BETA2 dagen geleden

    Wait- Burger King has onion rings?!?!

  49. Dundalk Macgyver

    Dundalk Macgyver2 dagen geleden

    Chick-Fil-A won.

  50. Cole Reynolds

    Cole Reynolds2 dagen geleden

    No colonel?!?!? WHERE IS SANDERS

  51. nigga im high af

    nigga im high af2 dagen geleden

    Man mentioned burger king foot lettuce

  52. Shadow Scribe

    Shadow Scribe2 dagen geleden

    "You look look like you ate someone's brother in a STORM DRAIN!" me: *Pennywise flashback intensifies*

  53. Draculara Simmons

    Draculara Simmons2 dagen geleden

    Did... did Ronald reference Burger King Foot Lettuce?

  54. Benjamin Martinez

    Benjamin Martinez2 dagen geleden

    There needs to be a part 2 with Jack In The Box

  55. Zayden Young

    Zayden Young2 dagen geleden

    Wendy won

  56. suhail virani

    suhail virani2 dagen geleden

    Chick file?

  57. TremendousTyius26

    TremendousTyius262 dagen geleden

    McDonalds rules!! 👍🏽 Burger King Drolls!! 👎🏽

  58. Greyhawk Grognard

    Greyhawk Grognard2 dagen geleden

    Tyrion Lannister vs. Thorin Oakenshield

  59. Lance The King

    Lance The King2 dagen geleden

    this is a *juicy* battle

  60. Joshua Suh

    Joshua Suh2 dagen geleden

    Tracer vs scout