Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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  1. Bethany

    Bethany13 uur geleden

    um no, jeffree is a sick and twisted person. that link is to a video exposing jeffree and he had PROOF and FACTS and if your support jefree adn watching it you yourself are sick and twisted. If you dont feel safe to click the link cuz it could be a scam then here search up on youtube: I Found Out What Jeffree Star was Hiding by Liam

  2. Nancy Anderson

    Nancy Anderson13 uur geleden

    we know @jeffrreestar that you meant well. although, its a time of death and sadness in the world. i mean young healthy people dying. its just morbid right now...although, .i still love you, i know you have a good heart

  3. tutty colanzi

    tutty colanzi13 uur geleden

    Hi Jeffrey, I'm getting married soon, my wish can you do my makeup. please email me please. love you..

  4. Tera Seymour

    Tera Seymour13 uur geleden

    I wanna thank you for this video it's really taking my mind off of things that's going on here a week ago on 18th my husband Passed away and I wanna thank you for having his video on cars it's really helped me think about something else for just the 21 minutes I was able watch your video and not think about what I'm going through and what's happening to me so thank you so much for being out there Jeffree and being there where you don't know how much you can help people of what you're doing so I want to thank you for it you probly are like to see this and that's fine I just wanted to let you know that maybe when your friend and surfing are big fans can tell you how much I touched me just let me think about something else for that just short minute of time so thank you and don't let these people get you down

  5. alessandra

    alessandra13 uur geleden

    I knew this would happen

  6. Anyra Rahman

    Anyra Rahman13 uur geleden

    He named the pallet in January, before the word "cremated" would be offensive in April. So even if this is offensive he didn't mean for it to be.

  7. Patricia Ortiz

    Patricia Ortiz13 uur geleden

    Her make up skills are insane!

  8. Hannah Nummer

    Hannah Nummer13 uur geleden

    If this was 2010 and everyone was still in their emo phase no one would be upset💁🏻‍♀️

  9. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S14 uur geleden

    Jeffree super random: but could you please make “the gloss” into a formula of pure colored gloss, not transparent. I’ve never been a fan of lipstick or liquid lipstick 😫

  10. siniion

    siniion14 uur geleden

    So is no one talking about Liam McEvoys video on exposing Jeffree

  11. Joshua Singh

    Joshua Singh14 uur geleden

    if your offended by a makeup pallet , then there is something seriously wrong with you

  12. Flair Chic Ysay

    Flair Chic Ysay14 uur geleden


  13. Hailey Diamond

    Hailey Diamond14 uur geleden

    Look at all of you, being offended by people being offended. Your doing exactly what your complaining about, which is being offended 😂

  14. SahidPlayz Z

    SahidPlayz Z14 uur geleden

  15. Yasmin Virji

    Yasmin Virji15 uur geleden

    You are amazing JS love you god bless.

  16. Madalyn Brazzale

    Madalyn Brazzale15 uur geleden

    Plzzz check your dms

  17. Oreotigercat

    Oreotigercat15 uur geleden

    "Everyone's so soft, everyone's so sensitive". Drama club by Melanie Martinez

  18. Cevanah Brazzale

    Cevanah Brazzale15 uur geleden


  19. Cevanah Brazzale

    Cevanah Brazzale15 uur geleden


  20. Cevanah Brazzale

    Cevanah Brazzale15 uur geleden


  21. Cevanah Brazzale

    Cevanah Brazzale15 uur geleden


  22. Cevanah Brazzale

    Cevanah Brazzale15 uur geleden


  23. Cevanah Brazzale

    Cevanah Brazzale15 uur geleden


  24. Reemah Rose

    Reemah Rose15 uur geleden

    Make individual pots, please..

  25. Reemah Rose

    Reemah Rose16 uur geleden

    @jeffreestar Jeffree, when are you going to release individual eyeshadows?? Just an idea...

  26. Bellamia Tarot

    Bellamia Tarot16 uur geleden

    I found my dad last week, his wake was Monday, we get our ashes Friday. We’re not offended. 💖 we love you and we think it’s perfect timing. 💖

  27. Elin Blake

    Elin Blake16 uur geleden

    The southern accent he does at the end 😂

  28. #LifewithTulika

    #LifewithTulika16 uur geleden

    Jeffree you do you! You don’t need to listen to them haters! I love your palette and your videos!

  29. Brinley Zamonsky

    Brinley Zamonsky16 uur geleden

    I want your pallet sooooo much but my mom won’t let me I want one sooooooooo bad😭🤪❤️❤️❤️

  30. Isabel Official

    Isabel Official17 uur geleden

    Why are people mad? It’s not like he can wait till this pandemic is over, and he spent lots of money and he made it last year.

  31. Angel Sipes

    Angel Sipes17 uur geleden

    I love it! If i knew how do my make up i would total buy it. 😣

  32. Ben Conklin

    Ben Conklin17 uur geleden

    Boy or girl?????????? Answer plz!!! Why black and white thumbnail???? Dis ain’t the 1800s!!!

  33. Lau Happy

    Lau Happy17 uur geleden

    I just saw some of his video today, never had I thought that makeup could be this beautiful. The artist is like making a painting with the palette.

  34. Brianna Orange

    Brianna Orange17 uur geleden

    the colour names kill me no pun intended

  35. Rania Naanai

    Rania Naanai17 uur geleden

    Ur gay

  36. Tiffany Kirksey

    Tiffany Kirksey17 uur geleden

    Memories of detox at the reunion Special.... You go bitch

  37. Mama Laryn

    Mama Laryn17 uur geleden

    Wait somebody help me understand. Why were people offended?! I don’t understand.

  38. Breonna Marie

    Breonna Marie18 uur geleden

    *PLEASE READ AND LIKE/PLS HELP* You guys can completely ignore this if you don’t want to read anything sentimental... but hello Jeffree haha I really hope you see this. I need your help and I never in a million years thought I’d test my luck by asking an influencer or business woman for help but I’m desperate. Here’s my sob story,, my father is in the hospital from a heart attack and neither him or my mother have health insurance so the bills are going to take ages to pay off we are behind on bills and to top it off my sister is pregnant and on her own living with us. We are all trying our hardest to pay bills and take care of the family but with quarantine we are screwed and I don’t want to make you feel like you need to help but if you wanted to it would mean the world to me and my family. If you decide you want to help please please dm me on insta (Breonna.mre) or send me an email ( or you can scroll past this I understand thank you so much for all you do and all you did for all the people who are struggling.

  39. asaratkhandr

    asaratkhandr18 uur geleden

    Its like if you died in the freezing cold and your body wasn't found for some time.

  40. Jennifer Galvez

    Jennifer Galvez18 uur geleden

    It looks amazing!

  41. Purple_ Dragon

    Purple_ Dragon18 uur geleden

    Skin=white Wings=ultimate Face=done-and-looking-flawless Weave=YASSSSSSSSSS QUEEN!!!!!

  42. Nicole Coldren

    Nicole Coldren18 uur geleden


  43. gan fang

    gan fang18 uur geleden

    this look is to die for omg

  44. Ashley DeWitt

    Ashley DeWitt18 uur geleden

    I think it's hilarious and fantastically original. His themes are always out-of-the-ordinarily dark and over the top. I think it's fabulous and shame on people for relating this to some BS covid-19 nonsense. Get off the internet and go make something of your life, enjoy life, have fun with life, and grow up. Stop ruining the fun in something.

  45. Ayad Kovli

    Ayad Kovli19 uur geleden

    Gosh how can man or boy do make ups

  46. Jess C.

    Jess C.19 uur geleden

    For someone who's completely color blind... All your pallettes are grayscale 😂

  47. Sented bleach Is awesome

    Sented bleach Is awesome19 uur geleden

    Surrender transgender

  48. Jesus Rivera

    Jesus Rivera19 uur geleden

    Jeffree u still ugly with the new nose and lips

  49. hezavich 86

    hezavich 8620 uur geleden

    Do people not realise the amount of people that die every day death is not a new thing I absolutely love jeffrees love for the art of makeup and the passion of producing a top quality product

  50. Zoey CoOkie ÙwÚ

    Zoey CoOkie ÙwÚ20 uur geleden

    Did you know that jeffreestar doesn’t have eyebrows !

  51. Mindful Lass

    Mindful Lass21 uur geleden

    Ps all the moaners: well done for PRing the pallet for free 🥰

  52. Mindful Lass

    Mindful Lass21 uur geleden

    Stupid people think the pallet is coming from this virus and its insensitive. :insert eyeroll. So much more that should be slated rather than make up branding and it's sensitivity. Really? Get a grip people!

  53. M&H V

    M&H V21 uur geleden

    This. Is. A. Look.

  54. Kristi Terrio

    Kristi Terrio21 uur geleden

    Love the "Tiffany Blue" nails! You go GIRL!💄💋

  55. B

    B21 uur geleden

    Que ser tan abominable y asqueroso

  56. Alex Barragan

    Alex Barragan21 uur geleden

    jeffree makes me so happy, the world is blessed to have him. i love you jeffree. xoxo

  57. Yessie Horror

    Yessie Horror22 uur geleden

    I now really want to buy this palette

  58. Ann Cleary

    Ann Cleary22 uur geleden

    U need to come out with hair wig I love your hair It’s $1 billion business do it

  59. NadiaFlowersTS

    NadiaFlowersTS22 uur geleden

    Um hi ya please use dubstep in all of your videos thank you🖤🤍

  60. Anna Ramirez

    Anna Ramirez22 uur geleden

    Please do a review for Lunatik Labs Cosmetics, I think they are up your alley, and they have a cool toned contour palette with grays/griege colors! Vampire and Elvira themed palettes, just really cool stuff!

  61. Catareen Queen

    Catareen Queen22 uur geleden

    Off topic but somehow I thought of Jeffree as I watched this lady make Taco Bell crunchy taco soap bars. Someone who actually knows him should buy him one!

  62. Ethan Chesters

    Ethan Chesters22 uur geleden

    Why does Nicole look fucking stunning?? YAS HONEY

  63. Erin Jones

    Erin Jones22 uur geleden

    Please review Nikita draguns makeup!

  64. Jessica Walker

    Jessica Walker22 uur geleden

    Ignore them if they are offended tell em to piss off

  65. Pastel Queenie

    Pastel Queenie22 uur geleden

    I might get hate for this, but Jeffrey, I love you and your videos. You and Shane (and my fiance) got me back into makeup. I am going to try to get the money to buy this new palette so I can do a video on it. Don't let them get you down, as for everyone else, I understand why you guys are upset but he explains in the video that he had it planned long before the pandemic and he didn't want to have it pushed back another year. He didn't do this on purpose.

  66. Megan Warner

    Megan Warner22 uur geleden

    Hi this is the first time I've commented on ur videos... Im a mid 40 CNA.. Tomboy my whole life.. I've resenty started watching ur videos.. I've been CLOSET-GLAMMING... (Witch to me is a natural suddle look) And I just wanted to let you know that I've learned so much from ur videos THANK YOU SO MUCH... Edit edit... Love this fuckin set... UBU.... Its been great to smile agin... HEALTHCARE WORK RIGHT NOW FOR ME IS TOUGH... THANKS FOR THE SMILE...



    Jeffery I love this palette better than the others although I like those too! 😍😍😘😘😘

  68. Allyson Leal

    Allyson Leal23 uur geleden

    Love you so much and I can’t wait to get my hands on this palette 🖤🖤🤍

  69. Topher Karn

    Topher Karn23 uur geleden

    Cremated??? look like you bathed inside the ashes of the dead. Creepy ASF 👀

  70. Knowledge Of Pandas

    Knowledge Of Pandas23 uur geleden ...Jefree Done Bad Things And Here Is Evidence.

  71. UghhApolonia

    UghhApolonia23 uur geleden

    i think ppl are just a lil sensitive .. can’t wait for the new stuff to comeee much loveeee

  72. silvia_xoxo scialdone

    silvia_xoxo scialdone23 uur geleden

    i love this palette

  73. Itz_deathmoon 101

    Itz_deathmoon 10123 uur geleden

    Please do another calab with glam & gore😭😭😭

  74. Pixieplant Katelynn

    Pixieplant KatelynnDag geleden

    Jeffree please do an e-girl look

  75. margolfletcher

    margolfletcherDag geleden

    Don’t know if you’re aware but some clout chasing previous merch girl of yours is claiming you pimped her out or attempted to pimp her out for some weed sounds like some bullshit to me but this bitch is giving women in the industry a very bad look and would love to see her shutdown by you just saying

  76. No longer here

    No longer hereDag geleden

    Jeffree said White Diamond 😳😂😂💀💀

  77. Elyza Zeron

    Elyza ZeronDag geleden

    My brother saw u today at in an out

  78. gondorbunny

    gondorbunnyDag geleden

    My mom was cremated after passing away from cancer. This is a name of a cosmetics release, not a personal attack. The only ones getting offended by this are boring basic bitches who have to create internet drama because they have inferiority complexes. Fight me.

  79. Alaina Simmons

    Alaina SimmonsDag geleden

    Who would use a palette called cremated for wedding makeup Jefferee

  80. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyDag geleden

  81. Meredith Schafer

    Meredith SchaferDag geleden

    What is the song in this cause YES QUEEN

  82. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyDag geleden

    Anyone else think Jeffree looked so much like Voldemort at the beginning 😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Hannah WithAClue

    Hannah WithAClueDag geleden

    As someone who NEVER wears makeup (the raaaaare mascara appearance doesn't even matter) I have to say this is the first palette you've had I WANNT! I loooove every palette you make but I just don't have the look for crazy makeup.. I'm pretty plain idk. But this one seems like something I could play with really subtly, but also use almost ALL the colors. GENIUS idea.