'Racing is secondary': NASCAR on FOX crew on Ryan Newman crash, update | NASCAR ON FOX

Larry McReynolds, Jamie McMurray, and Shannon Spake react to the crash that left Ryan Newman in serious condition after the Daytona 500.
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'Racing is secondary': NASCAR on FOX crew on Ryan Newman crash, update | NASCAR ON FOX


  1. Dan Thomas

    Dan ThomasMaand geleden

    Even down to dirt if you are a champ then you ready for next step if you a champ in Nascar then run Nascar no float in a truck series or a mod series just cause you have the money.and for the said of it,Kyle Busch should not be the driver of what he owns in truck or anything else and that should go for all brands.if you Nascar then you not infinity and you not truck

  2. Mark Solarz

    Mark SolarzMaand geleden

    A good frank discussion. No spin. Well done!

  3. Studio DaVeed

    Studio DaVeedMaand geleden

    And now we know he didn't even have a scratch. My guess is he was unconscious for a time. But there is something fishy about all of this. Understand, I am happy as hell Newman is OK and walked out of the hospital 36 hours later. But man, this was sold as something so much worse than it really was and that perplexes me. Serious condition? Non Life threatening injuries? I guess NO INJURY qualifies as non life threatening. For some reason, the Powers that be sold this as something it was not. Flowers grow in it.

  4. East Tn Lawn Care

    East Tn Lawn CareMaand geleden

    Its almost like a 2001 with dale how Ryan cam u in the wall


    JOHN BOYAJYMaand geleden

    The bumping has to stop it's not racing,you can kill someone,racing your not supposed to hit other cars,in f1 if you hit someone you car is destroy, bullshit there's nothing you can do about it stop ramming each other.

  6. AnarchY Ash Aubrey

    AnarchY Ash AubreyMaand geleden

    I'm waiting for the orange pile of shit fake president to pardon the crash and then want Newman to be investigated. That's our country now because of a cult of orange lipped sister kissing ignorant retards and their "leader".

  7. Robert Newton

    Robert NewtonMaand geleden

    He has been released from the hospital

  8. Nunya Bizz

    Nunya BizzMaand geleden

    Trump said "He knew what he signed up for"

  9. Bill Harms

    Bill HarmsMaand geleden

    Denny Hamlin caused this crash. He put a man’s life at risk because he was behind and wanted to win. Denny Hamlin should be prosecuted. The worst winner of the Daytona 500 to date.

  10. Auckland357

    Auckland357Maand geleden

    Look at all of the shocked idiots. It’s fucking racing. Not a cooking class

  11. Donald Thomason

    Donald ThomasonMaand geleden

    The "car of tomorrow" saved his life.

  12. Kool Change

    Kool ChangeMaand geleden


  13. Ethan Taube

    Ethan TaubeMaand geleden

    I know Ryan will be back in that car. Alex Zennardi raced in the 24 hours of Daytona last year with no legs

  14. Francois hamel

    Francois hamelMaand geleden

    I hope there are not gonna decrease the speed on the cars or else that would be boring

  15. TD Welch

    TD WelchMaand geleden

    That’s why blocking is bullshit. It almost always ends up with a crash. If someone has a car faster than yours then so be it , let them by. What’s to study Ryan tried to block him and it didn’t work. There’s only one person to blame in this crash, and he’s lucky to still be alive. And will he do it again, ah yes he will.

  16. Ethan Whisman

    Ethan WhismanMaand geleden

    Happy that Ryan is alive and them two little girls and his wife didn't lose a husband and a father But as far as I'm concerned if we're going to keep using this package NASCAR have to find a way to either make the car stronger or keep the cars on the ground this is the third or fourth time with this package that we seen cars flipping I am scared and it hasn't happened the same way every time the next time we go to a restrictor plate track we could be walking away what's another driver in the hospital or someone being dead so I'm very scared about what the Talladega races Heaven store for us

  17. Pete Smith

    Pete SmithMaand geleden

    Get well soon Ryan, watched him in his rookie year when he almost won Talladega in a white un-sponsored ride. Why are you not talking about the fact that Hamlin caused the wreck. Ryan would have won with Blaney pushing him,watch the film folks,just sayin'

  18. tgwoolshire

    tgwoolshireMaand geleden

    The comb over ain't working dude...get over it you're bald!

  19. zero2a100

    zero2a100Maand geleden


  20. Brian Keller

    Brian KellerMaand geleden

    I heard as of 4m (Ocala, FL time) on NASCAR SiriusXM radio that Ryan Newman WAS AWAKE AND ALERT and talking to people

  21. happy04346

    happy04346Maand geleden

    These guys know his condition, they are just prepping us for the bad news.

  22. SS Beau

    SS BeauMaand geleden

    It was awesome!!!!!! Now that was some racing! Good thoughts to him and his family.

  23. themetal

    themetalMaand geleden

    NASCAR has been f**king with the car and the rules for years trying to make it more of a show rather than a race. All for TV ratings. Translated: MONEY! The Green-White-Checkers was created to make the race ending more exciting. In 2001 they screwed with the car's aero and suspension to create a more exciting "Show". How did that work out? The drivers are too scared to speak up. They don't want to end up like Tim Flock. Let's face it folks, G-W-C on a Super Speedway with restrictor plates is a recipe for disaster. Just ask Newman.

  24. The Travisvang Vang

    The Travisvang VangMaand geleden

    The Ryan Newman 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Don Estes

    Don EstesMaand geleden

    Wrecking the guy in front is dirty driving and NASCAR allows it for the wreck hungry.

  26. Don Estes

    Don EstesMaand geleden

    @Kevin Richardson Hamlin in third came up and bumped Blaney in second making him squarely then came down to try to touch bumpers with Newman and knock him out. Hamlin has a way of doing that on a regular basis.

  27. Kevin Richardson

    Kevin RichardsonMaand geleden

    Newman dropped down to block Blaney and hopefully get the bumpers to stick. If that had happened, Newman would have won the race with a brilliant move and would have praised Blanket for pushing him to the win. Bumpers didn't stick with a less than desirable effect. Newman knew it was a risky move but worth the risk in that moment.

  28. Don Estes

    Don EstesMaand geleden

    Thank you. But I just see it differently.

  29. Arryxin

    ArryxinMaand geleden

    It wasnt on purpose and it was painfully obvious it wasnt.

  30. Ken Lasso

    Ken LassoMaand geleden

    Trump jinxed him. I can’t this.

  31. selena Taylor

    selena TaylorMaand geleden

    Stfu stop bringing politics into this you piece of shit

  32. maria martinez

    maria martinezMaand geleden


  33. Angie Pants

    Angie PantsMaand geleden

    Scariest wreck I've seen since Elliott Sadler took that nasty tumble at Talladega. I knew it wasn't good when they weren't cutting back to his car like they should have. Haven't had a knot in my stomach like that for a long, long time. Glad he's gonna live, hopefully he'll be able to make a full recovery.

  34. firemedic75

    firemedic75Maand geleden

    At some point, nascar or someone else in racing is gonna have to come to the conclusion that pack racing is WAY MORE dangerous than the speeds themselves. Perhaps it's time to revisit restrictor plates, or, are we gonna wait until someone gets killed??!!

  35. NASCAR Kumon Cup Series

    NASCAR Kumon Cup SeriesMaand geleden

    Plates were removed last year because people were complaining about the racing. We have exciting racing now, but with this accident we’ve paid the cost for it

  36. Rudy F

    Rudy FMaand geleden

    I hear constantly that Ryan Newman does not have life threatening injuries , but nothing else. What is more worrying to me is that we don't hear anything else.

  37. ieatyomama

    ieatyomamaMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman is an a55hole. I don't feel sorry for him. I met him leaving Martinsville a few years back. We (my crew) was leaving the track after the race when we met ryan and his date/girl friend leaving the track walking towards the rear parking lot. The fans were like, "Hey Ryan, better luck next time", etc. Ryan Newman was shouting at us calling us rednecks and warning us to stay away from his woman. No one was bothering his "date", no one was crowding him or her. No one was even pestering him for an autograph. I lost all respect for that no neck SOB that day and I wouldn't mind if he never raced again. That's my two cents worth, I call it like I see it hoss

  38. stromsky58

    stromsky58Maand geleden

    I was wondering about that side of him too. He had the race in his pocket, with 400 yards to go, but couldn't let anybody try to pass.

  39. hawkeye1522

    hawkeye1522Maand geleden


  40. Jack Wells

    Jack WellsMaand geleden

    Didn't DW have a " Roof Ride " back in the day ?

  41. Elon Musk

    Elon MuskMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman is a vegetable now

  42. altfactor

    altfactorMaand geleden

    When I saw this crash on live TV, I thought that Ryan Newman had been killed. It was that horrific-looking. Hopefully, he'll make a fast recovery!


    NEIL PARISHMaand geleden

    That stoooopid rear spoiler is so daggum high @NASCAR had to put a window in it... Ugh! Prayer for Ryan

  44. John Klink

    John KlinkMaand geleden

    Didn't McMurray try to kill Brad Keselowski on several occasions?

  45. John Klink

    John KlinkMaand geleden

    i4 Ni ya, I know. They’re both just little

  46. i4 Ni

    i4 NiMaand geleden

    @John Klink They're not related, Brad and Carl had a feud year's ago.

  47. John Klink

    John KlinkMaand geleden

    McMurray & Edwards are brothers?

  48. John Klink

    John KlinkMaand geleden

    Carl Edwards tried to kill Keselowski!

  49. i4 Ni

    i4 NiMaand geleden

    Carl Edwards

  50. goodguystu

    goodguystuMaand geleden

    Nascar caused this situation with the rules. Drivers have to race with what is provided to them, this won't be the last accident with this package, hopefully a driver won't lose his life.


    NEIL PARISHMaand geleden

    tiny carburetor plates and a fence board for a rear wing... I hope this package changes as well.

  52. Hugh Templeton

    Hugh TempletonMaand geleden

    By the way what type of person realises that a driver needs extracted and screens are erected to respect privacy then not only films from a high teir then posts it onto NLgo. That sickens me as who needs to see that. I hope that whoever these people are never need their privacy respected during a medical emergency. Some people need taught respect; or given a slap. Sorry to rant but that really pissed me off

  53. Neal Feero

    Neal FeeroMaand geleden

    Jamie, they didn't say he was going to be ok. They said he would survive.

  54. HawkEye18

    HawkEye18Maand geleden

    I still maintain Earnhardt Sr. did more for the overall sport of racing, and safety, than any other one person, ever, simply by the way he died. Safer Barriers, Hans Device, Stronger Rollcage, tire tethering,etc. I have always respected Ryan as a person first, then driver, one of the gentle giants. God speed Ryan, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.


    JD TANK VIDEOSMaand geleden

    I'm happy for my favoites drive ryan newman is all good and we is ok .. we can't wait for june 7th to see the big race

  56. bigred1941

    bigred1941Maand geleden

    Unfortunately not life threatening does not necessarily mean not life altering. It is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>PM Tuesday afternoon and I am still waiting to hear (or see) the words like: awake, alert, communicating. I pray those words will soon come.

  57. bigred1941

    bigred1941Maand geleden

    @Eli Warren Thank you -- I just verified it. "Roush Fenway Racing said Tuesday that Ryan Newman was awake and speaking with family and doctors a day after his horrific crash on the final lap of the Daytona 500." (Yahoo.com) That is GREAT news! Now let's pray for a full recovery... (and maybe some way for NASCAR to eliminate pack racing at Daytona and Talladega).

  58. Eli Warren

    Eli WarrenMaand geleden

    bigred1941 they just said he is awake and talking

  59. The Piper's son

    The Piper's sonMaand geleden

    Racing is secondary? Bullshit! Winning is everything! Proof is all the crashes inside the final 10 laps of every single race. Nascar's fault as well, with all the rules and restrictions which has produced cookie cutter cars, and the same scenario every single time. Restrictor plate racing and drafting at 200 mph is and has always been a recipe for disaster. The big one.... Its always a running joke until someone gets seriously injured or killed. Pray for the drivers, cause nascar management is full of inbred fat daddy idiots who are clueless wonders.

  60. SPG 565

    SPG 565Maand geleden

    I was put off so much but the Hamlin celebration while Newman was trapped in the car. But we have to be careful to judge. Maybe he didn't know all what was happening. However, it would be one of the greatest moments in the history of Sports if Hamlin and Gibbs and the team walked into that Hospital room this week and handed that Trophy to Newman. Yes I know that's asking a lot of course ! Its such an accomplishment to win that Race. BUT, it would be not only uplifting for the Sport but for the Country as a whole at a time where we are so divided. Just my thoughts. Probably won't happen.

  61. Vizual

    VizualMaand geleden

    They just need to do away with 2+ mile race tracks. Most drivers hate plate tracks anyways.

  62. tommerwhite

    tommerwhiteMaand geleden

    I hope it works out better for him than Schumacher. That upper roll bar over drivers door took a beating and bent inward towards drivers head. He is lucky all that leaking racing fuel from split fuel cell bladder pooling up under the upside down driver area didn't go up in a fireball. There were flames licking up from fuel filler nozzle only inches away...it was like a slow motion horror movie waiting for the fire extinguishers to arrive. One hell of a race ,get better soon RYAN

  63. Donald Leavy

    Donald LeavyMaand geleden

    Wow Talk About Talking Heads .. My God.. Dale Is Flipn in His Grave.. There Saying the same thing over & Over & Over . But No One Is Saying What A Buch of Scumbag Driving Was Going On .. It’s Disgusting

  64. Steve Fowler

    Steve FowlerMaand geleden

    That was a Very strong blocking move and possibly illegal (at least it would have been in F1, I am not a huge nascar fan)...prayers for Mr. Newman but he put himself in that position by blocking the faster car...obviously just a racing incident but could have been avoided had Mr. Newman just maintained his position.

  65. John Shuler

    John ShulerMaand geleden

    Yes it does seem that these cars had less grip than other years!

  66. Bradley Baker

    Bradley BakerMaand geleden

    Was terrible crash alot worse than dale Earnhardt by far just glad to see that rayn is going to be ok

  67. Kevin Leonard

    Kevin LeonardMaand geleden

    The high banks of Daytona and Talladega are way to steep!

  68. stromsky58

    stromsky58Maand geleden

    Drive accordingly.

  69. AJ Reynolds

    AJ ReynoldsMaand geleden

    This incident was a reminder of 2 things: How far the safety measures have come, because 20 years ago that crash could've killed him, as well as how dangerous this sport still is regardless of the safety measure and how it can rear its ugly head at any given moment. Thank God Ryan is okay.

  70. Joe Lujan

    Joe LujanMaand geleden

    That was a dirty pit maneuver is what I saw

  71. Onsight Inspections Services

    Onsight Inspections ServicesMaand geleden

    J mac is great!

  72. Disney Magical Days

    Disney Magical DaysMaand geleden

    Prayers, Prayers, Prayers!!!!!

  73. Jerome Bohaboy

    Jerome BohaboyMaand geleden

    Be bold NASCAR! Newman should be awarded the win in the 500. Newman was wiped out like Dillion wiped out amirolla a few years ago in the 500. NASCAR was afraid to upset 3 Earnhardt fans. Hamlin has no business getting the win. Do the right thing and award Newman the win!

  74. Buddy Wiser

    Buddy WiserMaand geleden

    He didn't cross the finish line first.

  75. john carpenter

    john carpenterMaand geleden

    Prayers are with you brother...

  76. Tim Bales

    Tim BalesMaand geleden

    Some won't agree,but there needs to be something done about Checker Boarding,"BLOCKING"!There has been to many crashes caused by doing it.

  77. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky SpanishMaand geleden

    And here comes the "ban NASCAR" crowd.

  78. NASCAR Kumon Cup Series

    NASCAR Kumon Cup SeriesMaand geleden

    Ricky Spanish If NASCAR should be banned, there are plenty of other dangerous things that should be too

  79. Rodney Price

    Rodney PriceMaand geleden

    I spent several hours on NLgo last night defending this guy. I have seen some of the most terrible comments in history when it comes to someone's well-being. They have to be leftist liberal ignorant Obama lovers to make comments in that manner. Good luck on your recovery. Though I don't know you I cried for you. A natural instinct in a human being that loves people.

  80. Neal Pack

    Neal PackMaand geleden

    Get well fast Ryan. Everyone wants to see you back asap. I am sure all our prayers helped. All nascar fans and nascar families are with brother.

  81. Hugh Templeton

    Hugh TempletonMaand geleden

    Hope he makes a full recovery.

  82. Rich Greene

    Rich GreeneMaand geleden

    MORONS only in America the land of stupidity.

  83. Jerry hablitzel

    Jerry hablitzelMaand geleden

    What can we do to keep this from happening? Don’t spin a guy out in front of the pack.

  84. Dave Jones-Barrie

    Dave Jones-BarrieMaand geleden

    Like that car on its roof is on such an angle to one side that I cannot be ignored but nobody is talking about it.

  85. Dave Jones-Barrie

    Dave Jones-BarrieMaand geleden

    Why is nobody talking about roll cage strength and almost avoiding talking about the fact the roof of the car being hit was the problem?

  86. blancobaseball breaks

    blancobaseball breaksMaand geleden

    Amazing how the number of severe wrecks like Ryan's has increased over the last few years, maybe if NASCAR quits screwing with the aero package ever year the drivers could get back to safer racing

  87. MrSpeedDemon72

    MrSpeedDemon72Maand geleden

    Racing is secondary in NASCAR. Demolition derby at 200mph at these tracks to draw the fans to make mega bucks is primary. They build these cars like tanks. Why? So they can withstand these types of crashes. While safety should always be of highest priority, how about changing the cars and rules to finally do away with these ridiculously dangerous type of racing? Does anybody remember the Winston Cup of yester year? Back in the day when cars didn't go around every single lap as one freight train of cars? Back when you actually had to have a good tuned and well handling car to get the lead and stay there? Back in the days of Bill Elliot, Rusty Wallace, etc? That was when racing was racing. Now days, you could have the most crappy car but as long as you stay in the slipstream and have someone bump you from behind, any body can win!! That crap isn't racing. So yes, racing is secondary in NASCAR these days. Give the fans what they want, big wrecks that involve the entire field of cars at the drivers expense. Ryan is a perfect example. You didn't learn from Dale Sr. dying. NASCAR is a joke.

  88. DLR

    DLRMaand geleden

    Ryan's car was hit in the window...not the door. Blaney was pushing to get second.....not on the brakes. The last tap turned Ryan.

  89. stromsky58

    stromsky58Maand geleden

    I think Ryan got too low on the block and got over the double yellow line and the pavement angle change launched him. Watch it again.

  90. Herbie Soules

    Herbie SoulesMaand geleden

    Thank God, Ryan Newman is okay, hopefully, He has a speedy recovery. #RyanNewmanStrong 🙏

  91. The Winter Brigade

    The Winter BrigadeMaand geleden

    Thank god for the safety advances

  92. Sean Keating

    Sean KeatingMaand geleden

    Lifting Ryan and his family and team all up in prayers.

  93. Rob Bates

    Rob BatesMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman won that race in my mind!

  94. Dennis

    DennisMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman's crash was totally unnecessary and you money grubbing no good for nothings will make money off his misery. He deserves the trophy and the money.

  95. jdtractor man

    jdtractor manMaand geleden

    Glad to hear Ryan is going to be ok. I don't like the superspeedway races as much anymore, it seems like crash up derby more than a race.

  96. rodeo o

    rodeo oMaand geleden

    racing is secondary????????????...its racing,,,stop being pussies,,,,things like things will happen its part of the sport,,,,,,the stupid thing i hate about nascar is the way teams push cars like it was a fkn train,,,you can clearly see in this instance this stupid maneuver cause the accident,it even look on purpose ,,,each car should show its own power,,,,,dont like nascar any more,,,i feel for the people getting hurt,,,,but like i said its part of the sport,,,,,risks and glory in one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  97. Robert Keefer

    Robert KeeferMaand geleden

    So thankful that Ryan Newman will be able to recover from the crash. I'm glad that this 500 wasn't a repeat of 2001.

  98. Stevie Joe Sampson

    Stevie Joe SampsonMaand geleden

    Nascar has made the racing this way it’s all on Nascar. Is a driver willing to run through and kill a driver on the last lap at Daytona and Talladega the answer is yes. It’s all on Nascar and Steve O’Donald, it’s all on Nascar.

  99. Dangerous Dave

    Dangerous DaveMaand geleden

    The worst hit, to me, looked like it was when he was upside down and that car smashed into his driver's side door area, but it was all open window there. That's when he took the worst of it, IMO. Then all of that gas leaking out onto the track, while some of it was on fire. It could have gone up at any moment, and we would have had to witness a death. Racing is serious business.