Rachel Zane Plays Hard to Get | SEASON 1 | Suits

Maybe she is “just a paralegal,” but Rachel (Meghan Markle) already has her own office at the firm, while Mike the “hotshot” gets the standard associate’s cubicle.
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  1. MGTOW Lawyer

    MGTOW Lawyer5 dagen geleden

    what if its Billy Zane?

  2. Valeria Volkihar

    Valeria Volkihar11 dagen geleden

    now that she aint royal she can go back to suits right? oh wait

  3. Myfanwy Rees

    Myfanwy Rees11 dagen geleden

    You do have to be smart to be a para legal; they have more to prove. That’s probably the only true quote she’s ever made and that was written for her. What a terrible actor. No wonder she was unknown.

  4. anoj fal

    anoj fal11 dagen geleden

    She has nice hair.

  5. Der Glückliche

    Der Glückliche11 dagen geleden

    Patrick J Adams is so hot.

  6. Hostage Grenade

    Hostage Grenade11 dagen geleden

    I always thought meghan looked like the actor of rachael

  7. linda lee

    linda lee13 dagen geleden

    Hows youre father???? isnt it time you gave him a thought????

  8. linda lee

    linda lee13 dagen geleden

    old pin legs the look at me narcissist......WoW look at me.....arent I something.......!!!!!!!!

  9. Future Prediction

    Future Prediction13 dagen geleden

    She could convince me to do anything

  10. xxwhispersxx

    xxwhispersxx14 dagen geleden

    I hope Meghan can go back to acting now that she and Harry are in Canada.

  11. marcos toledo

    marcos toledo15 dagen geleden

    I love these guys


    RANDOM GUY16 dagen geleden

    You'd think with that high standards she'd be 10 times hotter


    RANDOM GUY13 dagen geleden

    @SilverGreen that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying her standards are unrealistic and she'll never find a boyfriend. Unless that boyfriend agree to settle on her. And she's alright...I've seen prettier.

  14. SilverGreen

    SilverGreen13 dagen geleden

    RANDOM GUY She is gorgeous. And no matter how a woman looks like, she should have high standards. Just like everybody else. Why would you settle for someone bad ?

  15. A G

    A G17 dagen geleden

    Jeez, what a boring script and horrible, wooden acting...

  16. BigOlJugs82

    BigOlJugs8217 dagen geleden

    Imagine chasing after a girl who plays hard to get and once you finally get it, truly disappointed 😂

  17. Moving The Moon

    Moving The Moon18 dagen geleden

    MM is a terrible actress!

  18. Clara Vela

    Clara Vela19 dagen geleden

    She is Amazing.



    1:04 same mike same

  20. Info Hub

    Info Hub21 dag geleden

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  21. Info Hub

    Info Hub21 dag geleden

    Every one has broken God's law and needs the advocate, the Savior Jesus Christ to be forgiven. NeedGod.com

  22. Shakirra Jade

    Shakirra Jade21 dag geleden

    I love how in every scene where she’s in her office, it’s a different office with a different layout.

  23. Adrian Tate

    Adrian Tate22 dagen geleden

    She was top 10 hottest women in the world then.

  24. DJdevil319

    DJdevil31922 dagen geleden

    I only came here for the Royal jokes

  25. Tawana Calamari

    Tawana Calamari23 dagen geleden

    miss rachel

  26. REDsen

    REDsen23 dagen geleden

    She was cool..

  27. GH Z FF sparkle

    GH Z FF sparkle24 dagen geleden

    the royal trash that turned a prince into a frog and lost frogmore pond

  28. GH Z FF sparkle

    GH Z FF sparkle24 dagen geleden

    she is hard to get if u dont pay the right amount per hour if u book her, she was epstein yacht girl bfore, so she charge by the hour.

  29. TheNinjaMarmot

    TheNinjaMarmot24 dagen geleden

    Now she's doing voiceovers for Disney.

  30. Afia English Tv

    Afia English Tv25 dagen geleden

    ‪Kofi Kapito blasts ‘Journalists/SlayQueens’ nlgo.info/video/26B3tWeKldbHq4c.html ‬

  31. Katrina M

    Katrina M25 dagen geleden

    The british monarch were suckers to allow this brilliant woman in. They are now fumbling over themselves to fix megxit and get their naughty prince back😂

  32. Dee Rush

    Dee Rush26 dagen geleden

    And so it began. How long did it take Mike to win her over?

  33. Walter walter

    Walter walter26 dagen geleden

    Ooh Meghan😍😍

  34. Holler Ham

    Holler Ham26 dagen geleden

    So boring. I don’t see the attraction.

  35. Dezy blue

    Dezy blue26 dagen geleden

    She’s a horrible actress

  36. Feelslikezoom

    Feelslikezoom26 dagen geleden

    She is the Hottest Paralegal on earth !!

  37. Johnathan John

    Johnathan John26 dagen geleden

    She wasn’t playing hard to get she was playing get to hard

  38. kalex888

    kalex88827 dagen geleden

    I've never seen her act before. She's average at best. LOL

  39. I'm not Gayyy

    I'm not Gayyy25 dagen geleden

    @Max Power I prefer custard

  40. Max Power

    Max Power26 dagen geleden

    Jelly much

  41. Doesn't Get Better Than this

    Doesn't Get Better Than this27 dagen geleden

    so wrong way to hit on a girl.... man....

  42. Anita Lekawska

    Anita Lekawska27 dagen geleden

    That a bs class c acting 😂

  43. chocovoltic Manga

    chocovoltic Manga27 dagen geleden

    We'll bang ok ?

  44. Happy Harriet

    Happy Harriet27 dagen geleden

    This was season 1

  45. umwhat

    umwhat27 dagen geleden

    Gyal is gettin her cheeks clapped my Harry. Fair play 💯

  46. Shawon Ahmed

    Shawon Ahmed27 dagen geleden

    She is must be lucky being a royal 👑 loyalty ... what a luck

  47. Lynn Cuthbert

    Lynn Cuthbert27 dagen geleden

    She fixed her teeth since then. Fake !!

  48. Lynn Cuthbert

    Lynn Cuthbert27 dagen geleden

    She Auditioned for HRH.

  49. Lynn Cuthbert

    Lynn Cuthbert27 dagen geleden

    2 bit actress hooks a prince. She is o her way up now👏🏼👏🏼👹

  50. Jefferson Johanes

    Jefferson Johanes28 dagen geleden

    She should have remained as an actress

  51. sarahspeaks144

    sarahspeaks14427 dagen geleden

    Jefferson Johanes - She will always have that gift and talent. She has chosen to utilize it on a broader stage.

  52. Johnny Concrete

    Johnny Concrete28 dagen geleden

    She must be some ride for Harry to leave his family

  53. Rhys Knight

    Rhys Knight28 dagen geleden

    Ladies and gents, chemistry

  54. Lelouch_LeRoi

    Lelouch_LeRoi26 dagen geleden

    Rhys Knight Patrick Adams is married to Trorian Bellasario.

  55. Abhishek Sathe

    Abhishek Sathe28 dagen geleden

    8:46 Mike be like "yeah, one day im gonna tap that"

  56. Dominique Sonenstahl

    Dominique Sonenstahl28 dagen geleden

    Mike is so little.

  57. Tamara Altarac

    Tamara Altarac28 dagen geleden

    she wasn't playing hard to get, she WAS hard to get

  58. Osman Yousif

    Osman Yousif25 dagen geleden

    @Rishy Peela , yeah yeah yeah. Look let's just appreciate how cool she was on this show. She had a great sense of humor too.

  59. Rishy Peela

    Rishy Peela25 dagen geleden

    Osman Yousif She list her royal title after she decided to leave royal family

  60. Osman Yousif

    Osman Yousif26 dagen geleden

    TV Sins: The Duchess of Sussex is not my girlfriend in this show.

  61. DetectiveBat2024

    DetectiveBat202429 dagen geleden

    Why was i recommend this after Prince Henry and Meghan Markle gave up their royale titles?

  62. Unknown user 46

    Unknown user 4629 dagen geleden

    Who’s here before she ends up getting killed in a “Car Accident” hmm

  63. Alfred Enisz

    Alfred Enisz29 dagen geleden

    Bring Rachael back to Suits.

  64. Ho Lee Sheet

    Ho Lee Sheet29 dagen geleden

    I've never seen this show. She's actually hot!

  65. Alec Grant

    Alec Grant29 dagen geleden

    I hope she's a better princess than she is an actress, oh wait, that's not working out too well either......

  66. Alec Grant

    Alec Grant26 dagen geleden

    @sarahspeaks144 You are of course quite correct I have no interest in Meghan's dire acting abilities. What I do find astonishing though is her skill in manipulating people she has a real talent there.

  67. sarahspeaks144

    sarahspeaks14427 dagen geleden

    @Alec Grant Your comment reveals your motive. You have no interest in Meghan's Thespian abilities, and as a random screen name in the NLgo forum, it is quite possible that you know nothing about acting. What you really care about is the casting out and downfall of the duchess and the stripping away of external, essentially meaningless symbols. With that hate motive, you would be the first to denigrate her talent. Therefore your innate bias discounts the value of your uninformed opinion. Bluntly speaking, nobody cares what you think of or wish for The Duchess of Sussex, least of all The Duchess. (BTW, you're wrong. The style HRH has not been removed nor have the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex been rescinded. Harry and Meghan retain their titles and have agreed not to use the style HRH when their work does not represent the Queen.)

  68. Alec Grant

    Alec Grant27 dagen geleden

    @sarahspeaks144 The talented actress part is debatable but the fact that she is officially now not a princess is not, no more HRH for Meghan.

  69. sarahspeaks144

    sarahspeaks14427 dagen geleden

    Alec Grant - She is an exemplary princess and will always be a talented actress. What isn't working too well is your brain.

  70. Kamil Malina

    Kamil Malina29 dagen geleden

    Would smash it

  71. Kef Bana

    Kef Bana29 dagen geleden

    Its crazy how she is mixed but she passes off as a white woman. Isn't that strange?

  72. Nina Edwards

    Nina Edwards26 dagen geleden

    Kef Bana a lot of mixed people white pass you’d be surprised

  73. sarahspeaks144

    sarahspeaks14427 dagen geleden

    Kef Bana - Not strange at all. Many mixed race actors and actresses include in their resumes and portfolios the range of multi-ethnic characters for which they could be suitably cast.

  74. James West

    James West29 dagen geleden

    She's no Grace Kelly

  75. Chris

    Chris29 dagen geleden

    i'm so distracted by how her office door keeps changing sides