r/Choosingbeggars "BUY ME A CAR TO COME TO MY WEDDING!"

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r/Choosingbeggars It's this bride's special day, and all she wants for her wedding is for each of her guests to buy her a new car or $2,000+ Louis Vuitton purses. What's the big deal. I mean, it's her wedding after all. Nevermind that she's an entitled choosing beggar who is just using her friends and distant acquaintances for free stuff. LOL, I hope nobody shows up to her wedding! If you like this video, be sure to subscribe for more Reddit content!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. rSlash

    rSlash4 maanden geleden

    Yugo says hi

  2. holly

    holly3 dagen geleden

    tell yugo i’d die for him

  3. Junior Gabe

    Junior Gabe4 dagen geleden

    198th comment Tell Yugo to

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    Hi yugo

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    hi yugo

  6. Dulcek

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  7. The Weather Radio Kid

    The Weather Radio Kid18 uur geleden

    I honestly don't get why apple is good like I know their products are good and all but I'm NOT spending $250 on a pair of earbuds that's why I like Samsung

  8. migi_hidari

    migi_hidariDag geleden

    My God... SUBSCRIBED!

  9. DeathN0te99

    DeathN0te992 dagen geleden

    That post is helpful because then it shows the type of woman you should not be with LOL

  10. eden

    eden2 dagen geleden

    15 bucks an hour is soooo good bruh she missed OUT

  11. vivieta mihmih

    vivieta mihmih2 dagen geleden

    i kind of understand that tablet lady. she runs around his butt and he gives her something he got for free. i dont like gifts like that. give me chocolate bar, if you got no money write me poem, but to just give something you got and simply not want, the feeling behind it is simply not there for me

  12. Gacha.melody xo

    Gacha.melody xo3 dagen geleden

    The thubnail is from a New Zealand wedding

  13. Junglistic Soulja

    Junglistic Soulja4 dagen geleden

    @4:00 I feel sorry for her future ex husband...😞

  14. Hinuk Mattila

    Hinuk Mattila6 dagen geleden

    "anything related to the car" Ok then, enjoy your new "new car" scented Wunderbaum freshener. 🤣 Edit: i made that comment middle of that cp's huge list and maybe that saying that "great minds think alike" is true. 😉

  15. evilbron666

    evilbron6666 dagen geleden

    awww the thumbnail for this is a bit misleading. it is actually from a really nice new zealand wedding, in which the brides family offers a friendly haka challenge to the groom, and the bride cries and joins in. dosnt really have anything to do with choosing beggers, is really nice. link to that vid : nlgo.info/video/0ZyeyJh7mdyxb38.html

  16. Offstar1029

    Offstar10297 dagen geleden

    Jeez I would have loved to of gone to that woman's wedding. Since she was looking for "anything related to her car" I would have brought a car air freshener. *Edit should have waited before commenting you had the same idea as me lol.

  17. YamiNoSensei13

    YamiNoSensei137 dagen geleden

    I like how everything on the bridezilla's list is for her, with nothing for her poor husband-to-be

  18. Cemetery of Choice

    Cemetery of Choice9 dagen geleden

    That entitled bride -- I'd buy a $400 gift card to an approved store, raffle it off, and donate the money to a homeless shelter. While keeping her apprised of the progress.

  19. Abhishek Pradhan

    Abhishek Pradhan9 dagen geleden

    So a guy offers free babysitting to you out of the goodness of his heart and your reaction is to sue him for child support. What are you smoking lady.

  20. Sora's Girl

    Sora's Girl9 dagen geleden

    What's Gucci?

  21. Thomas Valentine Wolf

    Thomas Valentine Wolf10 dagen geleden

    For the wedding they could have given a key chain, it's related to the car, and could have bought $400 of keychains and then returned it.

  22. Amestris

    Amestris10 dagen geleden

    4:21 Who would pay $350 for a spatula?

  23. Jacob Canaday

    Jacob Canaday11 dagen geleden

    Dude who decided to marry the chick asking for wedding gifts. What a jackass

  24. TheJege12

    TheJege1212 dagen geleden

    6:05 or 400 bucks worth of pine fresheners :D

  25. Jimbo

    Jimbo12 dagen geleden


  26. SipOTeaWitPePe

    SipOTeaWitPePe13 dagen geleden

    4:50 i can get you a sparker??



    the people are trolling, right? because if not then they have a screw loose. by the way the girl in 3:13 seems to me like a gold digger (poor guy).

  28. Sip Dhit

    Sip Dhit13 dagen geleden

    Assuming the parent is in their 30s as they have a young child, subtracting 15-20 years we find that $10 to her is equivalent of $13-15 in 2019, so the exact same rate

  29. Eva Glasell

    Eva Glasell13 dagen geleden

    "Or anything for the car" You're getting a sticker.

  30. Chloe Wang

    Chloe Wang13 dagen geleden

    okay, the wedding one is a huge cb thing. u idiot STOP ASKING SO MUCH, WHO TF WILL BUY YOU A CAR?!?, no ones gonna show uo the the wedding, i know it.

  31. Chloe Wang

    Chloe Wang13 dagen geleden

    stop asking $400 or more your wasting everyones money >:(

  32. MonsieurCoinCoin

    MonsieurCoinCoin13 dagen geleden

    2:45 So she's called "mort"... It means "death" in french...

  33. electrontube

    electrontube14 dagen geleden

    the photo for the title of this video is from a wedding in New Zealand, and the bride is not complaining. she has joined a haka that is being performed for her and her new husband. it's customary that some important events include a haka, a traditional ceremonial Maori dance. it's usually included to recognize very important events in a family or community. if you ever witness one, it will most assuredly bring you to tears once your recognize it for what it is. if only one word to describe the haka: strong. it is one of the most powerful displays of respect or love to which one could bear witness. it represents the polar opposite of the concept of this video

  34. Fighting Cat

    Fighting Cat14 dagen geleden

    5:35 my slap to your cheek costs $500, so am I invited?

  35. Derek C.

    Derek C.14 dagen geleden

    Please tell me nobody showed up to that bitch's wedding

  36. John Graffagnino

    John Graffagnino15 dagen geleden

    One of the stores around 610 was whole foods I would have bought $400 worth of Brussel sprouts.

  37. Toasty Noneofyourbusiness

    Toasty Noneofyourbusiness15 dagen geleden

    4:33 Isn’t Moschino the company that once sold shirts with “gangsta” versions of the Looney Tunes for over $1000?

  38. DoctorX17

    DoctorX1716 dagen geleden

    I feel sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Elderly for having such a shitty daughter

  39. Erik Morales

    Erik Morales17 dagen geleden

    Worst things come from android then so she’s from android the huh

  40. dmb7403

    dmb740317 dagen geleden

    People like this really make me root for the asteroid.

  41. Plush Gaming

    Plush Gaming17 dagen geleden

    "Worst products come from androids" This Karen is screwed when the robot uprising comes :3

  42. Bronzebeard

    Bronzebeard17 dagen geleden

    "Hey why do you have anxiety over getting out there into the dating pool? Modern women can't be that bad right? - woman wants to make her babysitter pay child support-

  43. CreatureOutOfTime

    CreatureOutOfTime17 dagen geleden

    46 people found this post helpful so they could block her on Tinder in a week. Lady with wedding present list... She might still be cured since she started with kitchen appliances.

  44. Daksha Chiman

    Daksha Chiman18 dagen geleden

    I got my cousin a ferari and guess what he did you took a sledge hammer and destroyed it I hate him

  45. newquinken

    newquinken19 dagen geleden

    that one that's trying to get someone to do their hair and makeup for free, if it were me I'd purposely gives her the worst and ugliest appearance possible and MAKE SURE that I use things that she can't simply wash off, like legit paint...and if she complained I'd say "Hey, you wanted a free makeover, this is what you get for free"

  46. MrChesterdog

    MrChesterdog20 dagen geleden

    Hey I'm a fan but perhaps change the thumbnail pic as its a woman doing the haka at her wedding.

  47. Asmyth123

    Asmyth12320 dagen geleden

    rslash says hi

  48. Dana

    Dana21 dag geleden

    Oh my God when I read about the list of wedding gifts and I realized there is a loophole in the "anything related to a car" I immediately thought of one of those air fresheners 😂😂😂

  49. Liss Firefly

    Liss Firefly21 dag geleden

    The Choosy bride would have gotten a 1 dollar gift card from Nordstrom, or the like, LOL

  50. Carol Gillett

    Carol Gillett22 dagen geleden

    Whoever the man is who is marrying the woman asking for purses, cars etc. God man make a run for it, before it's too late.

  51. Ryan Stevens

    Ryan Stevens22 dagen geleden

    I would have bought that lady a $400 car. no engine, just a rolling chassis, and just left it right there at the reception. her having to get it towed

  52. ZBzR

    ZBzR23 dagen geleden

    i love the female voice, so annoying and can catfish me xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  53. Victor Y.

    Victor Y.24 dagen geleden

    No good deed goes unpunished. Ahh, I know this well. Everyone always wonders how is it that dickheads always get ahead in life, we’ll it’s because they are not restrained by helping people out.

  54. JLConawayII

    JLConawayII25 dagen geleden

    I recognize that thumbnail, it's from a Maori wedding Haka

  55. Sara B

    Sara B8 dagen geleden

    I was looking for this comment! I watched her wedding haka as well, it was really beautiful

  56. h

    h25 dagen geleden

    Selling for more than the store price? What is wrong with people

  57. Jason 007

    Jason 00725 dagen geleden

    Apple Apple and Apple why some people are obsessed with iPhones biggest pay extra money that Apple logo nothing else

  58. Purpl Dinosaurs

    Purpl Dinosaurs25 dagen geleden

    No one tell her Apple buys parts like screens for phones and processors for all devices from Samsung

  59. 1musamune

    1musamune26 dagen geleden

    46 people found it helpful.....in avoiding her.

  60. Yautja Prime

    Yautja Prime26 dagen geleden

    She should have asked her when she babysat for $10 and then adjusted for inflation and it probably would have been over 15 lol

  61. Mayhem 27

    Mayhem 2727 dagen geleden

    I like watch videos like this but hate that voice he does

  62. Peggy Scalf

    Peggy Scalf27 dagen geleden

    I would get a Gucci box and fill it with Dollar tree kitchen stuff with a card with 4.00 oh oops you wanted 400.00

  63. Justin Y

    Justin Y28 dagen geleden

    Yo someone start a go fund me for that real-estate agent, my man ended his post thinking about the guy. That daughter is a true CB

  64. Coop Tube

    Coop Tube28 dagen geleden

    R/slash: Central Missouri where tornados aren’t rare. Me, and okie:😐

  65. Stanley Barnes

    Stanley Barnes28 dagen geleden

    Omg the wedding gift one hits hard. I got married in the past year, and felt bad even putting stuff over 100$ on my list, my wife (and her parents) had to convince me that it was normal.

  66. Mark Rayes

    Mark Rayes29 dagen geleden

    5:00 Deep down i want to believe no one is this stuck up and stupid... but based on my experience , video documentation of entitled people... i know it it 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ god these idiots seriously should of been struck down by Darwin's law ... shame our society is super safe now...that it allowed them to reach adulthood

  67. Silver

    SilverMaand geleden

    That moment when the person in the thumbnail isnt entitled