r/Choosingbeggars "BUY ME A CAR TO COME TO MY WEDDING!"

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r/Choosingbeggars It's this bride's special day, and all she wants for her wedding is for each of her guests to buy her a new car or $2,000+ Louis Vuitton purses. What's the big deal. I mean, it's her wedding after all. Nevermind that she's an entitled choosing beggar who is just using her friends and distant acquaintances for free stuff. LOL, I hope nobody shows up to her wedding! If you like this video, be sure to subscribe for more Reddit content!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. rSlash

    rSlash2 maanden geleden

    Yugo says hi

  2. Bee

    BeeDag geleden

    I say hi back!

  3. Jay Gruener

    Jay Gruener2 dagen geleden

    Hello Yugo! :)

  4. Thestral_Queen

    Thestral_Queen9 dagen geleden

    i got a flip phone for christmas and i was freaking excited as heck, i was abt to cry. im 12 and i was really happy to get this thick phone because i havent gotten a phone ever, im still very thankful to my mom, even though it's the cheapest phone ever, im still very happy like 11 months later. i wont ever complain about anything someone buys for me, ESPECIALLY technology. (edit: I looked up the price of my phone and it's $13. it works fine so dont freaking complain about iphones or android tablets.

  5. Alex Elliott

    Alex Elliott18 dagen geleden

    Hi Yugo

  6. Boas and bulldogs

    Boas and bulldogs18 dagen geleden

    My name is yugo,this is funny 😂 guessing Yugo is his dog I'm new to here

  7. b

    b6 uur geleden

    lol “fifth sak’s avenue.” also known (correctly) as saks (no apostrophe) fifth avenue. i tried to see if maybe a sign had “saks” in the middle so she got confused but nope. it’s like she googled, “expensive stores” and then tried to write them down from memory. btw the stuff she asked for was outrageous. it never ceases to amaze me how shame isn’t a factor for these beggars. they must have no pride at all. there’s nothing wrong with going out on a limb and asking for help when you truly need it but asking for a new car/new tiles for the whole house/basically anything $400 or more is just insane and sad.

  8. t e r I N E E D L E R

    t e r I N E E D L E R18 uur geleden

    You dont give clothes and handbags for a wedding! Its pots pan blenders. Dont people buy their own clothes?

  9. Angela jami

    Angela jamiDag geleden

    "Anything relating to the car" Gives keychain.

  10. Madison Tramel

    Madison TramelDag geleden

    Is it bad that when the CB asked for art worth more than $400 I literally thought “someone needs to get her a John Wayne Gacy painting”

  11. Random YT

    Random YT2 dagen geleden

    “Worst come from Android” *wait...isn’t this devicist?*

  12. Niobe

    NiobeDag geleden

    Random YT 😂😂😂

  13. Croissant

    Croissant2 dagen geleden

    Karen: *rages when people get her stuff for free* Also Karen: *literally begs to get stuff for free*

  14. Jawa Gang

    Jawa Gang2 dagen geleden

    13:20 That reminds me, in nursing homes a lot of their items like pens, calendars, flowers on tables, etc. all say from such and such funeral homes. They pay the nursing homes to include advertising so they get business. Crazy they can do that lmao.

  15. Reaper12Bravo

    Reaper12Bravo2 dagen geleden

    How did 46 people find it helpful u ask? Easy, there’s 46 other gold digging, materialistic, selfish, pathetic worthless human beings that are sociopaths just like this disgusting example of the female gender! If u think about(shouldn’t have to), it’s quite easy to see!

  16. DOGIWUUF :3

    DOGIWUUF :32 dagen geleden

    Fresh, will never be better than you on detecting idiots of this magnitude❤️

  17. Justin Tran

    Justin Tran2 dagen geleden

    isn't the bride in the thumbnail performing the haka with the groomsmen who surprised the bride/groom with it.

  18. Sesshoumaru

    Sesshoumaru2 dagen geleden

    5:17 All ya have to do, is get a large canvas. Paint it white with a huge red square, and a blue rectangle. Claim that its an original Ellsworth Kelly painting, worth at least 40k. Done.

  19. DaMara Mc Elrath

    DaMara Mc Elrath3 dagen geleden

    I don't know who the woman with the expensive wedding list is, but I think I will miss the wedding, and go out for a date.

  20. Mustang Mom

    Mustang Mom3 dagen geleden

    Wow the realtor was in my area Central Missouri..... Yes the tornadoes can sneak upon you

  21. Mustang Mom

    Mustang Mom3 dagen geleden

    I think my eyes blew out in shock with that demand for wedding gifts over $400

  22. Anduisus_Gaming

    Anduisus_Gaming4 dagen geleden

    4:45 I’d give you a car wash...

  23. dayanara serges

    dayanara serges4 dagen geleden

    PSA to brides and grooms: Weddings. Are. Not. Transactions!!! Don’t go expecting gifts from exploiting family and friends. Gifting in itself is a form of caring. Hate it when people treat it as admission.

  24. Arina nam Jin

    Arina nam Jin5 dagen geleden

    I’ll buy you a fucking can of gasoline, so I can FUCKING BURN YOUR EGO DOWN, BITCH!!!


    KOT EBANA ROT5 dagen geleden

    how the fuck is a schoolbook worth 100$ is it made of gold? i once bought a schoolbook for 10$ and i thought it was too much

  26. Tanisha Reyes

    Tanisha Reyes6 dagen geleden

    "Buy Me 3,130 dollar's in gift's or your not invited"

  27. CyberDance

    CyberDance6 dagen geleden

    So lemme get this straight none of the kids in that babysitter story were potty trained and they were 2 and 3.5 years old?! You serious?!

  28. DragonsHalo

    DragonsHalo6 dagen geleden

    Bridezilla: super expensive crap Me: happy I got a good towel set since all I had were beach towels and $2 ones

  29. Ava Mc Carthy

    Ava Mc Carthy6 dagen geleden

    Wtf did she comment on T-Mobile to complain about electronics and androids??? Just cause they sell them in the stores doesn’t mean it’s their product if it’s slow or bad complain to the actual company and you might actually have a point

  30. Gazoomba

    Gazoomba6 dagen geleden

    The post at 2:12 pretty much says "Can I get somebody to watch my kids and pay me for it?"

  31. Mr Pineapple

    Mr Pineapple6 dagen geleden

    4:50 to 4:51 how about graffiti on your car

  32. Kelley Condon

    Kelley Condon6 dagen geleden

    the women who was trying to take advantage of the neighbor nice enough to watch her kids is legittimently some absolutely cold blooded bullshit

  33. Eric Svoboda

    Eric Svoboda6 dagen geleden

    Dude on Facebook marketplace was selling a tv and tried to get me to pay extra in order to beat out someone that had already made plans to meet him Me: that’s really messed up you should keep deals you make. Seller: we’ll fu** it anyway I dropped and broke the tv taking it off the wall mount. Karma 😆

  34. benseac

    benseac7 dagen geleden

    I hope no one went the wedding.

  35. RandomDan97

    RandomDan9710 dagen geleden

    These can't be real, right? :o

  36. oolongjess

    oolongjess11 dagen geleden

    Hey rSlash, I noticed you used a photo of this woman in your thumbnail who is performing a type of haka (Maori traditional dance) at a wedding. It might be good to consider changing it as people from New Zealand may misinterpret it as being disrespectful or mocking to the ceremony. I don't wanna be a bummer but I just thought I'd make a comment on it.

  37. Jona G

    Jona G11 dagen geleden

    Yeah, I'd just not go to that wedding

  38. charatize

    charatize12 dagen geleden

    i'm just... she wanted to sue a guy neighbor that was nice enough to watch over her kid without paying...... and to sue him for child support.......... wow

  39. Sean Brewer

    Sean Brewer12 dagen geleden

    The thumbnail used is from a real wedding, she was doing a haka.

  40. angel folmar

    angel folmar12 dagen geleden

    I've never seen the point of a gift registry. If you're telling someone what to get then it doesn't mean anything and is thoughtless. I'd rather my guests to show up and enjoy themselves then bring gifts anyway

  41. Saber

    Saber12 dagen geleden

    The child support one is thoroughly disgusting...

  42. Mesadeath C Cube

    Mesadeath C Cube13 dagen geleden

    Holy shit, did that first guy not understand simple fucking numbers?

  43. Alex Meldrum

    Alex Meldrum14 dagen geleden

    2:56 - 3:35The 46 people who found it helpful were the crazy woman's 46 other accounts Jeez some of these people are a waste of oxygen They should carry a plant around to replace the oxygen they waste

  44. Star Dust

    Star Dust16 dagen geleden

    give me a car and all give you a shout out

  45. I dropped my glasses

    I dropped my glasses17 dagen geleden

    for the wedding gift thing what i would have done is get a v6 engine and disassemble it and wrap every part from the valve covers to the to cams to pistons individually and watch the look on her face as i bring like 100 gifts to assemble into one

  46. ivo215

    ivo21517 dagen geleden

    How did 46 people find that review helpful? Those are sarcastic likes, it's a thing.