Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

Here are a few recipes to help make your time inside a little more enjoyable.
#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  1. Eylül Türker

    Eylül Türker2 uur geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="412">6:52</a> hmmm

  2. food-post

    food-post3 uur geleden

    he is literally the flash gordon!!!!

  3. 4dRi4n Wielki

    4dRi4n Wielki3 uur geleden

    I hate english kitchen .bleee

  4. Anything Pixels

    Anything Pixels3 uur geleden

    Yum yum 😋

  5. Natashia Cruz

    Natashia Cruz3 uur geleden

    Love this instructional video #teamgordon

  6. AJ Padilla

    AJ Padilla4 uur geleden

    All his children’s lucky to have him in this time of corona pandemic 😪

  7. Krystal Bizx

    Krystal Bizx4 uur geleden

    Wait, no raisins with those apples on the eggy bread?

  8. Krystal Bizx

    Krystal Bizx4 uur geleden

    You can save those yucky oats for the goats! But I'll take the rest :)

  9. Vv Mew

    Vv Mew5 uur geleden

    Oh Ramsay just marry me and cook me breakfasts every morning please!

  10. Disciple Levi

    Disciple Levi6 uur geleden

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  11. Goldenrod

    Goldenrod6 uur geleden

    Ffs hes a chef . He makes food for flavour not the ease of it . If your watching this thinking i can make this ur stupid ( unless ur good at cooking I suppose )

  12. DropHouseOfficial

    DropHouseOfficial6 uur geleden

    Jaki leszcz xD obiera pyrki obieraczką. Nawet mi Cię nie żal Gordon

  13. K&O Production Magic Truffles

    K&O Production Magic Truffles7 uur geleden

    В детстве еще ебучего ютуба не существовало я именоь так и жарил картошку, одной лепехой, ахуеть знал бы и было бы на что пилил бы видосы 😁😁😁

  14. A. S.

    A. S.7 uur geleden


  15. Tanya B

    Tanya B7 uur geleden

    Would like to see him doing this including a clock ticking to get ready for leaving house, small children running around asking for attention, a curoius cat and a husband and older kids expressing a bunch of opinions..

  16. Tsunami Medusa

    Tsunami Medusa8 uur geleden

    It’s so cute watching him cook you can tell he so passionate about it

  17. Andrea Nicorelli

    Andrea Nicorelli8 uur geleden

    What kind of potatoes does he suggest to use ? Can't understand... Also, Gordon using a metal tong on a nonsticking pan?? Ma porcodioooooooo

  18. So Marina

    So Marina9 uur geleden

    Thank you Gordon❤️💜 love this channel, Iv learned so much !

  19. Kamal Thapa

    Kamal Thapa9 uur geleden

    He's the real life Sanji

  20. mystical jay

    mystical jay9 uur geleden

    I be so relaxed when I watch him cook 😭

  21. srikanth polaki

    srikanth polaki9 uur geleden

    Best breakfast... Come to india

  22. Lilith LaChapelle

    Lilith LaChapelle9 uur geleden

    Thank you for the recipe Gordon! This looks delicious 💕

  23. Kori Kira

    Kori Kira11 uur geleden

    No one is gonna mention that the avocados are not ripe at all??

  24. Sinya TV

    Sinya TV12 uur geleden

    Warum habe ich mir das bis zum Ende angeguckt

  25. Alexander Busscher

    Alexander Busscher12 uur geleden

    “Quick and simple” excuse me, what?! 😂

  26. Discoveries

    Discoveries12 uur geleden

    What a great chef here. Just one thing i wanna say don’t make everything too brown it’s kinda carcinogenic 😖

  27. Azim Shabaruddin

    Azim Shabaruddin12 uur geleden

    Yep, thats a 'couple spoon' of sugar indeed. Got it 🤣

  28. Triniti Garnett

    Triniti Garnett14 uur geleden

    Me: *awwe this gon be easy* Gordon Ramsay: its pretty simple Me: *burns everything * Me: *eats a bowl of cereal while re-watching this*

  29. Jonny Era

    Jonny Era14 uur geleden

    “Quick and simple”

  30. Fahad Bin Shahid

    Fahad Bin Shahid15 uur geleden

    Whats KN in the hash browns?

  31. goofy fuhh

    goofy fuhh15 uur geleden

    Make the volume the same my fucking ears

  32. Hssn

    Hssn16 uur geleden

    Yo sacado de pedo porque le echó azúcar y canela al webito, pero era caballero pobre

  33. Ur_mom_gay8903

    Ur_mom_gay890316 uur geleden

    It was 6 years of age when mum brought a huge tray of eggy bread W O W

  34. David S.

    David S.17 uur geleden

    Too much carbs and greasy

  35. Fakhri Muhammad

    Fakhri Muhammad17 uur geleden

    Very "quick"&"simple" :)

  36. Tony Aguilar

    Tony Aguilar18 uur geleden

    Quick video on how you make coffee....

  37. Matthew Mcwilliams

    Matthew Mcwilliams19 uur geleden

    Egg and bread? That's what we call french toast

  38. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller19 uur geleden

    My buddy made this dish and selfishly shared it with his wife, instead of Fed exing me half of it....we are no longer friends.

  39. UnusualWarrior

    UnusualWarrior18 uur geleden

    What a dick

  40. Spark G

    Spark G19 uur geleden

    That's not tasty that's shishty

  41. jennifer hoover

    jennifer hoover19 uur geleden

    The first one is my full explanation of a breakfast pizza

  42. Eli Sebastian

    Eli Sebastian19 uur geleden

    Welcome to another episode of "what I watch during quarantine?"

  43. Senior Turkey

    Senior Turkey19 uur geleden

    “Just a couple of tablespoons of sugar” Pours entire container of sugar into the pan

  44. Noe Banos

    Noe Banos19 uur geleden

    is it just me or was I able to smell the oatmeal with yogurt

  45. Raffiné Casablanca

    Raffiné Casablanca19 uur geleden

    Good job chef



    well, its 2 am and guess what... time to dinner

  47. Jackie Thai

    Jackie Thai21 uur geleden

    He literally put his hands on a hot pan and feels nothing

  48. Walt Deezney

    Walt Deezney21 uur geleden

    That first one got Waffle House thinking “he stole my whole flow, word for word, bar for bar”

  49. Arlo L

    Arlo L22 uur geleden

    man calls it “eggy-bread” 🤣🤣

  50. Everett Dial

    Everett Dial22 uur geleden

    d r e a d f u l

  51. Opal Preston Shirley

    Opal Preston Shirley23 uur geleden

    All awesome breakfast but you forgot the cheese grits...Ahhh the horror.

  52. Zamira Estrada

    Zamira Estrada23 uur geleden

    Do you guys think he has a chef cook his food? I want to see his reactions when he’s served food😟

  53. Nisarg Shah

    Nisarg Shah23 uur geleden

    I doubt Gordon eats as much sugar in a month as he puts in a single breakfast recipe.

  54. Aline Bastos

    Aline Bastos23 uur geleden

    Where I live it is CRAZY to eat the first dish for breakfast. I looks like an immediate heart attack

  55. Deroy

    Deroy23 uur geleden

    You fucking burned the fucking potatos you idiot

  56. A random cat with internet

    A random cat with internetDag geleden

    Hmmmmmm I just got a Gordon Ramsay ad on a Gordon Ramsay video

  57. Emma Barajas

    Emma BarajasDag geleden

    Gordon *touches hot pan with no reaction*.Me *touches hot pan and screams bloody murder* 👌👌

  58. Erik Kolozsi

    Erik KolozsiDag geleden

    If you want to eat as much as you want and still not put on weight, you NEED to try this porridge recipe (only 1min video): ​nlgo.info/video/knyDsIutm8inbY8.html.

  59. hasanul banna

    hasanul bannaDag geleden

    আলু ভাজি আর ডিমপূস বানাইসে চাচা

  60. Илья Дусе

    Илья ДусеDag geleden

    Комментарий для русских

  61. 루카

    루카Dag geleden

    Bro where the veggies at?????????

  62. Егор Савченко

    Егор СавченкоDag geleden

    Bullsh..t ,ramzey,live food alone,you shoud take a few lessons from Jamey....

  63. Vittorio Marquetti

    Vittorio MarquettiDag geleden

    THANK GOD for not the "history of the potatoes" before the dish

  64. jshyper 777

    jshyper 777Dag geleden

    I just eat cereal....

  65. marie day

    marie dayDag geleden

    Look very deliciosa Gordon and admire

  66. Gilang Septana28

    Gilang Septana28Dag geleden

    davie cooking is better than you CHEKMATE GORDON RAMSAY

  67. Vasili Panin

    Vasili PaninDag geleden

    I just made this breakfast glazed bacon baked egg h.browns. it's so facking good. Just doo it.

  68. Stabby Bear

    Stabby BearDag geleden

    To all Food critics in the comments- There are variants of french toast, with varying ingredients and names. You don't know shit about food.

  69. Malcolm Biggs

    Malcolm BiggsDag geleden

    He said in another show that the best breakfasts are in america. Ok go there and stay there. Disappointed in that comment... me and this wannabe yank are finished.

  70. meddi meddi

    meddi meddiDag geleden

    I aspire from you chef Ramsay!❤❤❤❤

  71. Nilson Everton

    Nilson EvertonDag geleden

    O Mestre dos mestres... Gordon ícone!!!!

  72. Ann DownSouth

    Ann DownSouthDag geleden

    Avos needs pepper. But then again I love pepper on most things. Even strawberries.

  73. Biddle Love

    Biddle LoveDag geleden

    Pay your staff!!!!

  74. Donavan McElroy

    Donavan McElroyDag geleden

    “Just dot it with blackberries.” “Be very generous with the blackberries”

  75. G Phone

    G PhoneDag geleden

    Same shit

  76. Mats Håverstad

    Mats HåverstadDag geleden

    Imagine the bed time stories he told his kids. I can picture myself alot of wow moments and that they were incredible.

  77. XXquantooXX

    XXquantooXXDag geleden

    And then your heart stop

  78. Horny OwO

    Horny OwODag geleden

    so i just tried to making this and i see the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> part is uh fuck...

  79. kolim jone

    kolim joneDag geleden

    How to get fat in 10 minutes :)

  80. Memes not for Normies

    Memes not for NormiesDag geleden

    Gordon " the best breakfast in the world is always in America" He surely never tried Filipino breakfast like friedrice, Tuyo, kamatis and vinegar 💯💯

  81. kolim jone

    kolim joneDag geleden

    this is how many gordon ramsay says caramelized ⬇

  82. Mars Harris

    Mars HarrisDag geleden

    Is eggy bread just french toast?

  83. gold badong

    gold badongDag geleden

    Wheres the lamb sauce?!