QI | What's The Highest Mountain In Europe?

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This clip is from QI Series E, Episode 5, 'Europe' with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Phill Jupitus, David Mitchell and Dara Ó Briain.


  1. Q Will

    Q Will22 uur geleden

    @18:10 - mt Everest is 18,000. + Feet , Wrong it's 27-28,000 + feet 8450 metre

  2. metalgeared5

    metalgeared57 dagen geleden

    My student loan debt.

  3. manfrombritain

    manfrombritain8 dagen geleden

    1:54 interestingly, asthmatics tend to do BETTER than others with altitude. Same with smokers.

  4. manfrombritain

    manfrombritain6 dagen geleden

    @Jonnytrot not sure, i think it's maybe because they're more used to going with less air intake or something. I did kili and i read this before i went I'm a little asthmatic so i was worried. It ended up that i was the first in my group to the summit and i seemed to have the least difficulty!

  5. Jonnytrot

    Jonnytrot6 dagen geleden

    manfrombritain how does that work I’m interested

  6. manfrombritain

    manfrombritain8 dagen geleden

    Damn David is pretty fat in this episode lol

  7. Luis Gabriel Caetano Diniz

    Luis Gabriel Caetano Diniz18 dagen geleden

    2:46 I was just my heating my food in the microwave ma'am

  8. Sophie Marsh

    Sophie Marsh28 dagen geleden

    Don’t get me wrong, Sandy, you’re great. But I want Stephen back now. Like, yesterday now!

  9. Jo Molololo

    Jo Molololo28 dagen geleden

    I thought the highest mountain would be in the Urals , isnt that europe ?

  10. 4ST1 S80BP

    4ST1 S80BP26 dagen geleden

    Jo Molololo Mt. Elbrus is just under 3x the height of the highest peak in the Urals, Mt Narodnaya

  11. Hymphry R. Memebomber

    Hymphry R. Memebomber28 dagen geleden

    You bloody drones with your newspeak. The death rate for Everest is awful, horrible, dreadful, terrible or just bad. Anything but "not good". Just as Orwell described. There was 3 words - bad, good and not. Now there is only 2 - good and not. Bad has become notgood. Just as Orwell, in 1984, told you THEY would do this to you.

  12. James Weldon

    James Weldon29 dagen geleden

    Prometheus stole fire from heaven?

  13. Mircea Pintelie

    Mircea Pintelie26 dagen geleden

    Yee he did🧐

  14. marcustheboxman

    marcustheboxman29 dagen geleden

    British humor is strange

  15. Orthopedic Crossfit

    Orthopedic Crossfit29 dagen geleden

    "Lead on, Wheezy!" omg. Nice one, Phil😅

  16. Oli Salsero

    Oli SalseroMaand geleden

    Mount Elbrus is a volcano. So it doesn't technically count. It might want to take a measuring tape, as size doesn't count ok? So its 5.6 could be exaggerated ok? Mont Blanc's 4.8 is solid. Hard. And ready ... So there ..

  17. floooooooooooooooood

    flooooooooooooooooodMaand geleden

    My first guess would have been Mont Blanc, but I knew that because that was obviously the right answer it absolutely had to be wrong. So in lieu of knowing anything else, my second guess would have been Iceland...just all of it.

  18. Nandi the Bull

    Nandi the BullMaand geleden

    David Mitchell is looking more and more like Elena Kagan.

  19. wmpratt2010

    wmpratt2010Maand geleden

    "What's The Highest Mountain In Europe?" That's easy, Brexit.

  20. JohnyG29

    JohnyG2929 dagen geleden

    I don't get it.

  21. manos3790

    manos3790Maand geleden

    Etna's a volcano, not a mountain.

  22. manos3790

    manos3790Maand geleden

    @Warrior Son if you fall into an active volcano, you'll be frazzled.

  23. Warrior Son

    Warrior SonMaand geleden

    @manos3790 Well...if you fall into a volcano, you could still climb out. If you fall into a mountain, your stuck beneath millions of tons of rock.🤔

  24. manos3790

    manos3790Maand geleden

    @Warrior Son valid point, but in topographical terms they're fairly different. I for one would rather fall into a mountain, than an active volcano.

  25. Warrior Son

    Warrior SonMaand geleden

    Oh...is that why Kilimanjaro (a volcano) is the highest mountain in Africa? 🙄

  26. VNMX50

    VNMX50Maand geleden

    This is soo British. *vomits*

  27. MJW238

    MJW238Maand geleden

    A mountain in between France and Italy is in Europe. A mountain in the middle of Russia isn’t.

  28. Dewey Dezimal

    Dewey DezimalMaand geleden

    What you're saying is so adorably stupid 😊 Elbrus isn't in the middle of Russia, it's on the Russian-Georgian border and therefore (depending on the definition of Europe) still in Europe. If it was "in the middle of Russia", geographically speaking, it would indeed be not in Europe and somewhere in Siberia.

  29. Stian Andreassen

    Stian AndreassenMaand geleden

    Well, the guy that just took a helicopter up to everst was the coolest guy.

  30. Pete Smyth

    Pete SmythMaand geleden

    Every single person that tries to climb Mt Everest dies. It's just 1/8 die as a result of trying to climb Mt Everest.

  31. All Flatards are My Bitches

    All Flatards are My BitchesDag geleden

    Not Steve the Immortal.

  32. Dan Boyle

    Dan Boyle27 dagen geleden

    Not to be mean, but someday you'll die too. And so will i. AND!! Someday ... Everyone who reads this will die as well.

  33. Sophie Marsh

    Sophie Marsh28 dagen geleden

    joejitsu034 objection your honour, asked and answered

  34. joejitsu034

    joejitsu03428 dagen geleden

    Sophie Marsh lol why? It’s common sense

  35. Sophie Marsh

    Sophie Marsh28 dagen geleden

    Pete Smyth Kay. So my mind was blown!

  36. Cyborg1337

    Cyborg1337Maand geleden

    Really unfunny.... This show is so sad.

  37. TheHutchy01

    TheHutchy01Maand geleden

    With the infinite perversity of Lady Luck though, Wheezy would be the only one to survive the expedition

  38. ben cruz

    ben cruzMaand geleden

    Mount Epstein did not kill himself?

  39. Jo Freddie

    Jo FreddieMaand geleden

    Sandy you really need to do some more end of video pieces! this one is getting a tad repetitive, how long have you been using it for?

  40. Jo Freddie

    Jo Freddie29 dagen geleden

    @JNCressey Going have to change that, used to be able to scan it they changed from square to round profile pictures It says "I have been Touched by his Noodly Appendage" www.venganza.org/images/spreadword/th_havetouched.jpg

  41. JNCressey

    JNCressey29 dagen geleden

    What does your data matrix say?

  42. Old Man

    Old ManMaand geleden

    Which is.

  43. Barry Hercules

    Barry HerculesMaand geleden

    Smuggest couple of minutes of all time. Absolute Smuggery.

  44. Barry Hercules

    Barry HerculesMaand geleden

    @dielaughing73 Who said anything about force or resistance for that matter? It's an observation. You appear to have taken it personally. Something about Smugness.

  45. dielaughing73

    dielaughing73Maand geleden

    No-one's forcing you to watch it, fool

  46. Tipperary

    TipperaryMaand geleden

    Nice to see the ivory coast being represented on QI for once.

  47. floooooooooooooooood

    flooooooooooooooooodMaand geleden

    What about "Its backwards you idiot". Suggesting that people who see it correctly as it is are idiots.

  48. Rex the Royalist

    Rex the RoyalistMaand geleden

    floooooooooooooooood it was 'backwards' just in a different way to how you've interpreted it

  49. Rex the Royalist

    Rex the RoyalistMaand geleden

    floooooooooooooooood it wasn't simply that the Irish flag was there but that it was displayed in a way that makes it's resemblance to the flag of the Ivory Coast even more obvious, he wasn't claiming an inaccuracy, he was joking about how we perceive flags with hoist-left being more typical. It was a joke about our perception of flag orientation, not about the accuracy or lack thereof of QI

  50. Chris Clark

    Chris ClarkMaand geleden

    @Tipperary You're the idiot. The green is at the hoist-side, so it is correct.

  51. floooooooooooooooood

    flooooooooooooooooodMaand geleden

    I don't think I have. Can you explain it to me? As I'm currently under the impression that Tipperary made a mistake and thought the flag was reversed when it wasn't and then made a joke about an inaccuracy that doesn't exist. If that's not the case then the joke is to...just reference the Ivory Coast whenever the Irish flag appears anywhere ever? I don't see the humor in that.

  52. mike smith

    mike smithMaand geleden

    The majestic point on top of David Mitchell's head;-)

  53. Eurotrash on Tour

    Eurotrash on TourMaand geleden

    How the fuck did these university educated people not know it was Mt Elbrus?

  54. Freaky Leek

    Freaky LeekMaand geleden

    Well please come on, give me a ride.

  55. David Rendall

    David RendallMaand geleden

    Would it be the Butter mountain? Ice Cream mountain? Cheese mountain?

  56. Patrick Sherwood

    Patrick SherwoodMaand geleden


  57. BandytaCzasu

    BandytaCzasuMaand geleden

    The highest one is obviously the Mountain of Debt.

  58. Comrade Hellas

    Comrade Hellas29 dagen geleden

    @My head hurts foreign governments, banks and private stock holders.

  59. My head hurts

    My head hurtsMaand geleden

    If everyone owes money, who is it owed to?

  60. paul coy

    paul coyMaand geleden

    Is it the Mountain of Lies coming out of Boris Johnson's mouth?

  61. Comrade Hellas

    Comrade HellasMaand geleden


  62. Jan Willem v.d. Gronden

    Jan Willem v.d. GrondenMaand geleden

    They call it a mountain but actually it’s an abyss...

  63. Dave BB

    Dave BBMaand geleden

    Everest is NOT 18000 ft Its 32,000 ft

  64. Martin Willett

    Martin WillettMaand geleden

    Pay attention. 18,510 ft is the higher of the two summits of Mount Elbrus, not Everest, which is 29,029 feet high.

  65. Marc Colten

    Marc ColtenMaand geleden

    The climbing season on Everest has nothing to do with cold. It's when the Jet Stream shifts so the punishing winds move off the summit.

  66. Brant Axt

    Brant AxtMaand geleden

    The answer wasn't Everest

  67. mike smith

    mike smithMaand geleden

    Nice D. Mitchell imitation.;-)

  68. xGuerrillaGirlx

    xGuerrillaGirlxMaand geleden

    They were talking about Elbrus, no?

  69. Melanie Boots

    Melanie BootsMaand geleden

    The highest mountain is a heap of cocaine.

  70. Dax Hallman

    Dax HallmanMaand geleden

    Where would one park a land rover at the top of Mt. Everest?

  71. Harry Betteridge

    Harry BetteridgeMaand geleden

    Park too long there and it will cost you a liver.

  72. Zzyzzyzzs

    ZzyzzyzzsMaand geleden

    @HaydenX Peak traffic must be horrible though.

  73. Mark Frumkin

    Mark FrumkinMaand geleden

    globalHell The great American philosopher Evil Knievel once said “ if it’s possible it’s been done, it’s impossible it will be done.

  74. globalHell

    globalHellMaand geleden

    Not Everest lmao. Scaling that with a land rover would be impossible

  75. HaydenX

    HaydenXMaand geleden

    The parking lot, of course.

  76. New Message

    New MessageMaand geleden

    1 in 8 people who try to climb Everest are exactly the kind of insufferable prats we don't need, so... it all works out in the end.

  77. Comrade McSalty

    Comrade McSaltyMaand geleden

    I thought it was 8/8

  78. Mark_did_stuff

    Mark_did_stuffMaand geleden

    talking of insufferable prats....

  79. BS Gauge

    BS GaugeMaand geleden

    Imagine that bird, ugh liver again!

  80. paul coy

    paul coyMaand geleden

    @BS Gauge Hannibal Lecter? With some fava beans and a nice Chianti?

  81. BS Gauge

    BS GaugeMaand geleden

    @paul coy right, also that is a rather specific unique punishment too. Who the hell thinks up " the liver every day for eternity " .

  82. paul coy

    paul coyMaand geleden

    I don't think the myths ever mentioned it was a single bird, that would not be a very classy way for Zeus to act. It seems like Zeus would be punishing that bird for eternity as well. Just not cricket.

  83. Bilir Kasuh

    Bilir KasuhMaand geleden

    Ma dick

  84. VladdyTheBear

    VladdyTheBearMaand geleden

    Probably the only QI answer I actually knew! Its an unusual feeling

  85. floooooooooooooooood

    flooooooooooooooooodMaand geleden

    As someone who supports the EU I can acknowledge that they are not the authority on Europe. Europe is more than just the EU. None of the Cauceses are even part of the EU, yet.

  86. Kep

    KepMaand geleden

    @bowlchamps37 The EU does not decide what the European borders are, lol. Usually Europe stops at the Urals and at the Caucasus, but they're not clear lines.

  87. michael lavery

    michael laveryMaand geleden

    @Egil Sandnes Good point. Since that part of the world is out of their jurisdiction they should keep their nose out.

  88. Egil Sandnes

    Egil SandnesMaand geleden

    Is it really the EU that decides where Europes borders go though?

  89. GuanoLad

    GuanoLadMaand geleden

    From back when they filmed the show on a potato.

  90. Matt Kennedy

    Matt KennedyMaand geleden

    You can tell how old the episodes are by the faces of David Mitchell or Jimmy Carr.

  91. Lee Fall

    Lee FallMaand geleden

    Wow david was a real podger back then

  92. One Two

    One TwoMaand geleden

    And people watch the Kuntdashians...

  93. KingAwesome666

    KingAwesome666Maand geleden

    @Squant So are the Kardashians.

  94. Squant

    SquantMaand geleden

    Bitterness is ugly.

  95. SOPARA862k

    SOPARA862kMaand geleden

    I've just look Elbrus up and it said it *can* be considered Europe's highest mountain as the Caucasus mountains are at the intersection of Europe and Asia, I'm just curious over the word 'can' being included there. It either is or it isn't. Is the peak of it on the Europe side of the border? If not is there at least a part of it that is in Europe which is higher than the peak of Mont Blanc? Because if not Fry/the producers are just lying in an attempt to look smart.

  96. JohnyG29

    JohnyG2929 dagen geleden

    Yeah, typical QI. They state loads of dubious 'facts' just to try and look smart. It is only a TV show after all, so 'entertainment' is their primary concern.

  97. bowlchamps37

    bowlchamps37Maand geleden

    @xGuerrillaGirlx In Germany, it´s Mont Blanc as well.

  98. bowlchamps37

    bowlchamps37Maand geleden

    @HiWetcam Song contest as well as sport has nothing to do with geography. Australia also qualifies in the Asian confederation for World Cups. Isreal for European Championships.

  99. HiWetcam

    HiWetcamMaand geleden

    Australia takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest even though it is significantly outside Europe.

  100. xGuerrillaGirlx

    xGuerrillaGirlxMaand geleden

    Nothing vague about it. Many countries in Europe teach Elbrus as the tallest mountain in Europe, but clearly British schools do not. Hence none of the contestants knew it, nor the commentators of this video.

  101. sourcescience

    sourcescienceMaand geleden

    Damn, what a fat sack of shit David Mitchell used to be.

  102. Cydonia2020

    Cydonia2020Maand geleden

    I was thinking Matterhorn, but then I’m just a silly Yank.

  103. Trurl

    Trurl28 dagen geleden

    Matterhorn is the most beautiful one though. :D (Or the most recognizable one at least)

  104. HiWetcam

    HiWetcamMaand geleden

    Thinking is good.

  105. Cydonia2020

    Cydonia2020Maand geleden

    Zoë 🤣👍

  106. Zoë

    ZoëMaand geleden

    Yeah well I'm English and I thought it was the Matterhorn, too 🤭

  107. Cydonia2020

    Cydonia2020Maand geleden

    One Two Oh yeah? Well, our Matterhorn has a rollercoaster on it, so😝.

  108. Tore-André Gurandsrud

    Tore-André GurandsrudMaand geleden

    Apparently that Land Rover is still there...! 7summitsclub.com/articles/all/item_5230/

  109. Benjamin Kettleborough

    Benjamin KettleboroughMaand geleden

    Finally one knew

  110. TheValeyard92

    TheValeyard92Maand geleden

    Strictly speaking 1/1 people who try to climb Mt Everest die. It's just that 1/8 die in the attempt.

  111. nagualdesign

    nagualdesignMaand geleden

    @Comrade Hellas Homo Deus: nlgo.info/video/mXeeq5dozc3Asak.html (Skip the 6-minute intro.)

  112. Comrade Hellas

    Comrade HellasMaand geleden

    @nagualdesign With our current technology death is inevitable, I don't believe we will gain immortality anytime soon but I strongly wish it as I believe death is the only thing that halts human further development. We will become Gods.

  113. nagualdesign

    nagualdesignMaand geleden

    @Comrade Hellas Not absolutely certain. Some futurists contend that advances in medicine and technology might one day result in immortality. One of them (I think it might have been Yuval Noah Harari but I can't quite remember) has gone as far as to say that the first human to one day gain immortality may already have been born.

  114. solame10101

    solame10101Maand geleden

    @Comrade Hellas Tell that to my face when ive transcended time and space.

  115. Comrade Hellas

    Comrade HellasMaand geleden

    @solame10101 death is certain I an afraid

  116. Adriaan de Leeuw

    Adriaan de LeeuwMaand geleden

    Sorry just like the "there are no lions in India claim" no one drove a Landrover up Everest...… it was Elberus,. Panthera leo leo is a lion subspecies, which is present in West Africa, northern Central Africa and India. In West and Central Africa it is restricted to fragmented and isolated populations with a declining trajectory. It is regionally extinct in North Africa, southern Europe, and West Asia.

  117. chris bingham

    chris binghamMaand geleden

    Yes, it could have been clearer. I played it over several times, and he could have said either but the height does give it away.

  118. Adriaan de Leeuw

    Adriaan de LeeuwMaand geleden

    @chris bingham being hard of hearing, I heard it incorrectly, when I replayed it the comment about the height showed that. I still had trouble understanding the Mountain name though.

  119. chris bingham

    chris binghamMaand geleden

    yes, it sounds like Everest but he meant Elbrus, being 18,510ft.

  120. Magnificent Hashbrown

    Magnificent HashbrownMaand geleden

    No one said that a Landrover was driven up Everest

  121. Michael Kristensen

    Michael KristensenMaand geleden

    Wasn't Prometheus' liver eaten by an eagle?

  122. Marcus Reading

    Marcus Reading12 dagen geleden

    I doubt Prometheus was that interested in birdwatching to figure it out.

  123. Data Dozier

    Data Dozier29 dagen geleden

    These myths get translated differently. And just changed from one bird to another. The species of bird may change in the telling.

  124. João Lima

    João Lima29 dagen geleden

    @deekat3279 I tried my best for you guys to understand my irony. I failed I am sorry.

  125. Ingo Zachos

    Ingo ZachosMaand geleden

    @erik drost yes, as he was divinal.

  126. Silvers John

    Silvers JohnMaand geleden

    This topic shifted to unproductive fast... depending on the sources (one of which is Stephen's own book "Mythos"), Zeus intended to use eagles, but since Prometheus believed he did the right thing and did not repent, Zeus decided that eagles were to good for him, so he turned them to vultures. As for the liver, part of the explanation is that Titans are, like Gods and other primordial beings, immortal, therefore his side and liver would regenerate till the next day, and he would suffer the same fate in perpetuity

  127. CaptHayfever

    CaptHayfeverMaand geleden

    Too bad there are no mountains in Amsterdam; surely one there would be the highest.

  128. Regis

    RegisMaand geleden

    @woro Nope. There are three islands that are part of the Netherlands, as in the European country. Then there are more that are only part of the Kingdom. Saba is literally a municipality of the Netherlands, not just an overseas territory.

  129. fisher king

    fisher kingMaand geleden

    @Regis That's like saying Kilimanjaro is in Europe because Tanzania is in the British Commonwhealth

  130. Jimmy Timmy

    Jimmy TimmyMaand geleden

    You surely deserve as harsh a punishment as Prometheus for that one.

  131. woro

    woroMaand geleden

    @Regis It's part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, of which the Netherlands are a separate part.

  132. CaptHayfever

    CaptHayfeverMaand geleden

    @One Two: Finally somebody got the joke!

  133. Williamus Rex

    Williamus RexMaand geleden

    Define Europe. Are we really saying that Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are in Europe? Then, by that geographical definition, Iran and Itaq are in Europe. Utterly stupid.

  134. Miguel M

    Miguel MMaand geleden

    Curious. I knew this one, it can be called Europe's roof. Didn't remember that it was supposedly the prometheus one. My father enjoys climbing and the info around it. Nice clip

  135. Miguel M

    Miguel M25 dagen geleden

    @Nikita Mukhin how cool :D But I guess it is kind of hard to cover it

  136. Nikita Mukhin

    Nikita Mukhin25 dagen geleden

    Funnily, I can see it every day at home. A really cool view

  137. SevenMagpies

    SevenMagpiesMaand geleden

    "A Land Rover drove to the top of Mt. Everest" ? What? Now I happen to have a Land Rover, and I admit I'm unreasonably proud of it. But really! Oh ... Mt.Elbrus. Well obviously.

  138. Unicr0nNidAaz

    Unicr0nNidAaz16 dagen geleden

    @Simon T ???

  139. Guinness

    Guinness26 dagen geleden

    David Tuttle you can drive on it and you're not gonna find anything better up there. Besides, the aussies have the same thing in large swathes of their country going through the outback etc, they call them unsurfaced roads

  140. Guinness

    Guinness26 dagen geleden

    michael lavery yes but they do exist

  141. michael lavery

    michael lavery27 dagen geleden

    @Guinness I think I have seen mountain roads of the type you are referring to. I imagine they follow equal contours as far as possible. Still would be an enormous undertaking.

  142. David Tuttle

    David Tuttle27 dagen geleden

    @Guinness calling those goat paths roads is bit generous.

  143. Keith Whitty

    Keith WhittyMaand geleden

    To short. NLgo isn't just for adverts.

  144. Squant

    SquantMaand geleden

    Using Adblock is merely a sign someone isn't savvy enough to have switched to uBlock Origin.

  145. 1969Kismet

    1969KismetMaand geleden

    @One Two I know! Do you want me to explain to you how an adblocker works or should I just cry silently in shame until my brains come back?

  146. One Two

    One TwoMaand geleden

    This was a great thread

  147. Keith Whitty

    Keith WhittyMaand geleden

    @1969Kismet all cool

  148. 1969Kismet

    1969KismetMaand geleden

    @Keith Whitty Don't mind me, I'm sugar starved and my brains have just left for a better place. Sorry, mate.

  149. Sam Saffron

    Sam SaffronMaand geleden

    Gotta love Phil

  150. Falcon Powerful

    Falcon PowerfulMaand geleden

    Not at all, I can’t find him funny

  151. Sam Saffron

    Sam SaffronMaand geleden

    @Charlie Tuff Yes! I heard that on the most recent episode. How amazing is that?!

  152. Charlie Tuff

    Charlie TuffMaand geleden

    Did you know that his daughter is now a researcher (elf) on QI? It's true!

  153. Harrison Clark

    Harrison ClarkMaand geleden

    Dara the mime