Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar


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  1. h3h3Productions

    h3h3Productions7 dagen geleden

    Watch Part 1: Watch Part 3:

  2. real hypedxc

    real hypedxc3 dagen geleden

    Remember that guy you defended and you just ignore him so stop using people for you can look good to save your NLgo career

  3. Jaden Yuki

    Jaden Yuki3 dagen geleden

    Ethan I'm no longer to be your fan because you talk about Etika and Keemstar

  4. Adrian Lacey

    Adrian Lacey3 dagen geleden


  5. Mike Clark

    Mike Clark5 dagen geleden

    Man I want that hat where can I buy it?

  6. BoltaSlo

    BoltaSlo5 dagen geleden

    Why keemstar isnt blocked yet.... he is poison

  7. Gorm Enorm

    Gorm Enorm6 uur geleden

    Dude, you kinda went after his sponser tho...

  8. 326

    3266 uur geleden

    i saw to much of myself on keem, im having a mental breakdown

  9. Name Name

    Name Name6 uur geleden

    Have noticed that the thred on my comments and the like votes have been deleted ? Mmmmmmmmmmm

  10. Alex Olley

    Alex Olley6 uur geleden

    PKA brought me here although been an on/off fan for years. I just want to say for every half decent human being watching this video, thank you H3H3, thank you so very much.

  11. AmazingRose

    AmazingRose6 uur geleden

    What an asshole going after a guy like tobuscus

  12. Alfie Alfie

    Alfie Alfie6 uur geleden

    Don't stop making these videos until this scumbag loses his subscribers. I love these videos: they're really important.

  13. VincentVanGeisha

    VincentVanGeisha6 uur geleden

    35 year old boys.

  14. YT_Soulyboy69

    YT_Soulyboy696 uur geleden

    Someone explain the drama to me ha

  15. sirkowski

    sirkowski7 uur geleden

    Sponsors are fair game.

  16. Test Lightning

    Test Lightning7 uur geleden

    Before all "that", I (and probably everyone with a working brain) knew that Keemstar was a... despicable human being. All "that" did is showing me than Ethan from H3H3 is... well... not really better? Slightly better... maybe? So I would say that Ethan hurt himself in the process... Kind of mutual destruction... when your opponent is already destroyed... It might have a name...

  17. Jerome Hanley

    Jerome Hanley7 uur geleden

    Good on you for punching back Ethan.

  18. Daniel Merk

    Daniel Merk7 uur geleden

    Whoa. Just found this on NLgo. I don't even know these dudes! This is nuts! Hahahaha! Awesome docs!

  19. Edward Popa

    Edward Popa7 uur geleden

    Grown men arguing over the Internet

  20. Īlena Īreyøn

    Īlena Īreyøn8 uur geleden

    He is a narcissistic Psychopath. This is what happens when you give them a camera. In the Pre-NLgo era people like him just drove their surroundings insane, now with a camera they can torment the world.

  21. Maskicide

    Maskicide8 uur geleden



    MIDNIGHT BOSS8 uur geleden

    Keemstar is a straight-up maggot and an arrogant low-life that I'd gladly place a price on his greedy forehead. But you... you're lowering yourself with that behavior and pinky looks. I wish there was somebody who'd be more *professional* with their roasts to Keemstar, instead of a fully grown adult dressed up in pink like a foolish teen who jumps around in front of the camera and screams to the microphone when trying to make a point. Grow up! Do you have a fetish for teens, or what? Wanna roast an arrogant *narcissist* like Keemstar and frustrate his every retaliation? Then be smart, be intelligent, be calm when making a point, don't wear pink, and be cold enough to not flip out of every insult he makes!

  23. The_bully_hunter 77

    The_bully_hunter 778 uur geleden

    man, there is more holes in keemstars videos than in my cheese grater

  24. T Erky

    T Erky8 uur geleden

    I love the way he talks lol......

  25. Cain dis-Abel-d his brother

    Cain dis-Abel-d his brother8 uur geleden

    keem is just incapable of empathy, possible siciopath/psycho, he always assumes that his victims were manipulating the events for some money (fousey with 'promoting' some thing); he just can't get it. it's pointless to consider he'd ever change, he can't ever be a decent human.

  26. Cain dis-Abel-d his brother

    Cain dis-Abel-d his brother8 uur geleden

    gj dude. iron balls

  27. John J. Hillyer V

    John J. Hillyer V8 uur geleden

    This is a all round war right here

  28. Juggernog115

    Juggernog1159 uur geleden

    You got my like h3h3

  29. Unlimited_Izzo

    Unlimited_Izzo9 uur geleden

    I now fucking love ur videos

  30. Jip van Leyenhorst

    Jip van Leyenhorst9 uur geleden


  31. Big 5555

    Big 555510 uur geleden

    Keemstar ruined so many lives hope it will happen to him now

  32. Tyler Storck

    Tyler Storck10 uur geleden

    I wish I was subscribed so I could unsubscribe to keem

  33. SoukEye

    SoukEye10 uur geleden

    2 grown man going at it on the internet 2020

  34. Wyatt Gunner

    Wyatt Gunner10 uur geleden

    Oh we are happy and that's why I just subscribed to h3h3.

  35. Du U Kno Da Wae

    Du U Kno Da Wae11 uur geleden


  36. jimbobbyrnes

    jimbobbyrnes11 uur geleden

    going after someones lively hood is actually the correct action don't let any cry baby on youtube tell you different. the "safe space" mentality is gonna be the end of freedom and we need to fight.

  37. Sk Doge

    Sk Doge11 uur geleden

    I just want Ethan klein to shut up

  38. jimmy hoffa

    jimmy hoffa12 uur geleden

    Dude is a straight up DOOSH NUGGET!!!!

  39. saturn3555 plays

    saturn3555 plays12 uur geleden

    I love how there adults arguing like children and they’ve both been told by NLgo to stop

  40. Sam

    Sam12 uur geleden

    Keem is a classic sociopath, unable of emotion and just uses people

  41. A. A. Pedersen

    A. A. Pedersen12 uur geleden


  42. Samarth Chaudhary

    Samarth Chaudhary12 uur geleden

    *keemstar is a gnome*

  43. Lenin Ovalles

    Lenin Ovalles12 uur geleden

    This was not well crafted. If you stopped it at 13 minutes when the video clips of keem came out it would have been stronger.

  44. Heinrich Hendrikus Swanepoel

    Heinrich Hendrikus Swanepoel12 uur geleden

    Keemstar is mad mad! He should just delete his channel. It'll be his first good deed.

  45. Yogurt yes

    Yogurt yes12 uur geleden

    “I do not deserve this hate” you deserve everything coming toward you 😐

  46. Felix Calder

    Felix Calder12 uur geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="889">14:49</a> I’m happy with you tho

  47. Maggie ann

    Maggie ann12 uur geleden

    How was Idubbzzz video on leafy taken down but non of keemstars???

  48. Simon Ginks

    Simon Ginks12 uur geleden

    I hate how this gnome-headed wife beater begins every video with “what is up drama alert nation?” Imagine if Drama Alert really was a nation. Imagine a country where Keem is president and thousands of innocent men are being sent to jail every year for paedophile crimes they didn’t commit, meanwhile the government fully endorses husbands stabbing their wives in the face with car keys.

  49. Drew

    Drew12 uur geleden

    Is he saying garbitch????

  50. PureNoah

    PureNoah12 uur geleden

    Lmao seems he sent his entire fanbase to dislike this video

  51. Steve P

    Steve P13 uur geleden

    He’s a sociopath

  52. Ag gaming

    Ag gaming13 uur geleden

    h3 stfu

  53. Eric Ahrend

    Eric Ahrend13 uur geleden

    soooo we finally get h3 content and its just more drama shit, fuck dude, Ive been rooting for this channel for years..... everything that comes from them is just trash now, fucking bummer... glad yall have a cool clothing line though props Hila! Been around for a while so Ill keep on keepin on with yall, just please get better.

  54. thegreenergrass

    thegreenergrass13 uur geleden

    It blows my mind that people have ever subscribed to Keem's narrative. As someone who was around at the conception of YT, it originally seemed like he was just low brow tabloid like entertainment for jokes. It quickly grew into something that was clearly malicious and fed off unsupervised children who have not developed critical thinking skills. The fact this dude even somewhat relevant today is a stain on humanity as a whole.

  55. Daniel Journet

    Daniel Journet13 uur geleden

    This is amazing, keemstar is a piece of shit and somebody is going in on him. Makes me think of iddubz’ content cops

  56. RizRX8

    RizRX813 uur geleden

    No one supports keemstar. What is there to support about him. Hes just a fat youtube news guy

  57. Zeus 8

    Zeus 813 uur geleden

    I'm pretty sure your fellow ✡️ Susan helped you ban the video on YT. You need to respond to gokanaru

  58. poddd

    poddd13 uur geleden

    keemstar: the youtube community will hate ethan. me: loving him even more

  59. baba BZNZ

    baba BZNZ13 uur geleden

    HEHE podcast is a joke...

  60. RogueLegend

    RogueLegend14 uur geleden

    I actually thought he matured after all the drama a few years ago, I was very wrong.

  61. Brodie Winstead

    Brodie Winstead14 uur geleden

    Can we get a petition to get keemstar banned off NLgo

  62. pollo pocollo

    pollo pocollo14 uur geleden

    He is a narcissist.

  63. JRT_ASTR0

    JRT_ASTR014 uur geleden

    Umm hey gnome man take this. L

  64. Sebastian Vargas

    Sebastian Vargas14 uur geleden

    If only I can subscribe to H3H3 twice ❤️

  65. hugo reeves

    hugo reeves14 uur geleden

    i hope ickle keemy to get depression like eric cartman in that one south park episode

  66. RestoPesto

    RestoPesto14 uur geleden

    h3h3 taking the reigns on content cops.

  67. Taylan Cayir

    Taylan Cayir14 uur geleden

    Thank u for exposing this clown

  68. Brick James

    Brick James14 uur geleden

    I know this isn’t the channel to endorse violence, but damn Keemstar needs a good punch in the face...

  69. Damion KnuKnu

    Damion KnuKnu14 uur geleden

    On behalf of the NLgo community; Thank you from the bottom of our little hearts 💕 Ethan

  70. Sigaurd The Barbarian

    Sigaurd The Barbarian14 uur geleden

    Are they saying gar bitch or garbage

  71. vSupremeOG

    vSupremeOG14 uur geleden

    Grown men talking like a bunch of squabbling little girls from school

  72. xhjdjd bxhxhx

    xhjdjd bxhxhx14 uur geleden

    You’re fake asf

  73. Måffe

    Måffe14 uur geleden

    We love u Ethan

  74. Marcus Geater

    Marcus Geater15 uur geleden

    This angry gnome needs to be removed from NLgo.

  75. MichaelTheReject

    MichaelTheReject15 uur geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="371">6:11</a> Ad Hominem Definition of ad hominem. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect an ad hominem argument. 2 : marked by or being an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made made an ad hominem personal attack on his rival. Literally what Keemstar is doing. Just thought id point that out.

  76. David Freer

    David Freer15 uur geleden

    Papa bless....Papa bless you

  77. ReaperDeathSeal

    ReaperDeathSeal15 uur geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="502">8:22</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="533">8:53</a> god tier editing The ending was also great Tony is a legend.

  78. Tevin Howard

    Tevin Howard15 uur geleden

    Isn’t this ironic how he’s going down just like Onision but much worse

  79. Tim

    Tim15 uur geleden

    Keemstar gives me the same vibes Jake Gyllenhal in Nightcrawler... Getting a high on other peoples suffering.

  80. Rowan T. Films

    Rowan T. Films15 uur geleden

    I'm not joking when I say that Keemstar needs to be deplatformed from all social media, he should be banned from using the internet and should be in jail, just so he can have a glimpse of the suffering he has caused.

  81. Elmer John

    Elmer John16 uur geleden


  82. radical pppineappple

    radical pppineappple16 uur geleden

    Why hasn’t anyone doxxed him? Or atleast give him a good ass whoopin.

  83. samstung9110

    samstung911016 uur geleden

    keemstar is just a bad person

  84. Look at my profile pic

    Look at my profile pic16 uur geleden

    alida flus i think it’s his personality

  85. alida flus

    alida flus16 uur geleden

    twitching makes me think something is wrong.

  86. HeckMelon

    HeckMelon16 uur geleden

    this is a bad video

  87. HeckMelon

    HeckMelon16 uur geleden

    this is a prtty good video

  88. alida flus

    alida flus16 uur geleden

    Go watch The Quartering. His re upload of the true Ethan H3H3 is truly eye opening. Ethan drops the n bomb repeatedly, also show,s himself being a bully to a alcoholic war