Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Mother Teresa: Cara Francis
IG: @fantasygrandma
Sigmund Freud:
Nice Peter

Written by Zach Sherwin, Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, OurVeryOwn Discord Writer’s Room, Cara Francis, Robyn Lynne Norris, Rich Baker and Chris Turner
Producer: Atul Singh
Director of Photography: Jon Na
Gaffer: Andy Chinn
Department Make Up Head: Ashlyn McIntyre
Make Up and Hair: Brittany White
DIT / Playback: Josh Best
Costume Designer and Property Master: Morgan Christensen
Production Assistant: Andy Sandoval
Video Editors: Ross Fearnley, Josh Best, Nice Peter
VFX and Compositing: Josh Best and Javi Sanchez Blanco
Directed by Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd
Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini
Edited in Adobe Premier and After Effects
Recorded and mixed in Protools
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!


  1. liam&ian gaming

    liam&ian gamingUur geleden

    Never rap against a therapist, take my advice.

  2. Safouane Etaoil

    Safouane EtaoilUur geleden

    Sigmund Freud

  3. Kubek Herbaty

    Kubek Herbaty4 uur geleden

    Teresa killed him.

  4. Leah

    Leah6 uur geleden

    “Here we have a mother that no one wants to sleep with” Oedipus complex refrence 👌🏻

  5. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader8 uur geleden

    11 random suggestions: Lord Byron vs Oscar Wilde Mr Bean vs Charlie Chaplin David Bowie vs Mick Jagger King John vs Jon Snow Leonhard Euler vs Carl Gauss Joey Ramone vs Billie Joe Armstrong Jimmy Page vs Jimi Hendrix Martin Luther vs John Calvin Hernan Cortes vs Francisco Pizarro King David vs David Ben-Gurion Civil War special: Ulysses Grant & William T. Sherman vs Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson

  6. Gabryelle

    Gabryelle8 uur geleden

    Het @ERB can we see a battle between Sigmund Freud and Charles Jung?

  7. Gabryelle

    Gabryelle8 uur geleden

    I think this one was pretty equal. Both figures are very interesting in history and to pair Mother Teresa with Freud was a very outstanding idea. I mean.. Freud termed the oedipus complex. It's still a commonly used phrase in psychology. So, pairing these two was great. As for the actual raps.. Both had very equal and valid points to counter each other. I liked Teresa's mention of the "freudian slipping". That made me chuckle. Just by a hair, though, I gotta give this one to Freud. Mother Teresa IS known for how humble she was and Freud pointed out that all she did was talk about herself. As someone else said, she's meant to be humble, whereas Freud embraces his eccentric tendencies.

  8. Samira KHODER

    Samira KHODER9 uur geleden

    This beat is off the hook!!

  9. Collin Specht

    Collin Specht9 uur geleden

    Admerial Nimitz VS Adrian de Gerlache

  10. Collin Specht

    Collin Specht9 uur geleden

    Mother Theresa won by and far ❤❤❤

  11. Logan Hernandez

    Logan Hernandez11 uur geleden


  12. Talhah Norath

    Talhah Norath11 uur geleden

    Jacob Zuma vs George Bush

  13. liam&ian gaming

    liam&ian gaming15 uur geleden

    Sigmund Fraud.

  14. Mac Antor

    Mac AntorDag geleden

    Severus Snape vs Mata Hari

  15. Mac Antor

    Mac AntorDag geleden

    Naruto🍥 vs Harry Potter⚡

  16. Manu fm

    Manu fmDag geleden

    This is one of the best beats

  17. The Elf

    The ElfDag geleden

    *Next: John Wick vs Spike Spiegel*

  18. cubing dynamic

    cubing dynamicDag geleden

    history is getting interesting.....

  19. Johnathan Rebeck

    Johnathan RebeckDag geleden

    Tom Brady vs Lionel Messi

  20. CJ Tabunda III

    CJ Tabunda IIIDag geleden

    2:11 "I got ze libido to continue to beat ya...." DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!

  21. Andrew C.T.

    Andrew C.T.Dag geleden

    Every time you call your boyfriend dqddy Sigmund Freud's ghost gets a little stronger.

  22. Trump 2020

    Trump 2020Dag geleden

    This is the kind of music historians jam out to.

  23. Sarah Miller

    Sarah MillerDag geleden

    Freud. Freud won.

  24. Ian Dickman

    Ian DickmanDag geleden

    Red Baron Vs Lawrence of Arabia Or Audie Murphy vs the White Death (Simi Hayha)

  25. Fat Man

    Fat ManDag geleden

    I tougth that mother teresa was a pacifist

  26. TheClumsyMe

    TheClumsyMe2 dagen geleden

    Marie Antoinette VS Catherine The Great 😊

  27. D M

    D M2 dagen geleden

    Mother Theresa embezzled money to buy bibles for sick children instead of medicine. Not a fan of Freud but fuck that bitch.

  28. B King

    B King2 dagen geleden

    Ace Ventura vs Dr Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) Theresa May vs Margaret Thatcher Samuel L. Jackson vs Morgan Freeman. (just throwing these out there)

  29. Larry Lewinsohn

    Larry Lewinsohn2 dagen geleden

    That monstrous bitch got burned, she should be stripped of her Nobel peace prize.

  30. Official LaStReSoRt024

    Official LaStReSoRt0242 dagen geleden

    I've seen better care given to organic vegetables. Hahaha. ... Wait. *Wait.* Guys. _Guys._ Organic vegetable. *Organic.* *VEGETABLES.*

  31. Kimberly Phan

    Kimberly Phan2 dagen geleden

    potential match up:amelia earhart vs chesley sullenberger?or howard hughes? idk man, just throwing that into the ether

  32. Lorraine Davis

    Lorraine Davis2 dagen geleden


  33. Talkindurinthemovie

    Talkindurinthemovie3 dagen geleden

    Sigmond Freud actually made me laugh

  34. Kelly

    Kelly3 dagen geleden

    Every single ERB of History is pure genius 🔥

  35. The J-Walker

    The J-Walker3 dagen geleden

    I need you to explain to me how you wrote this whole rap and not ONE TIME did you make a "shrink rap" joke. Like, you managed to get the "Freudian slip" joke, how did you miss the other point-blank shot???

  36. Detroit Smash

    Detroit Smash3 dagen geleden

    Plot twist, mother Teresa was a murder

  37. Johnny C

    Johnny C3 dagen geleden

    Mother Theresa's lyrics were astounding. Well done!🍻

  38. Carl Sagan Neil

    Carl Sagan Neil3 dagen geleden

    Friedman vs keynes

  39. Dstupik73

    Dstupik733 dagen geleden

    6,666,666 views wtf

  40. Locryn Massey

    Locryn Massey3 dagen geleden

    6.66million on mother theresa bloody hell

  41. Arnold Lohmann

    Arnold Lohmann4 dagen geleden

    "you watch people die" More like she's watching you die xD

  42. Marcel Penker

    Marcel Penker4 dagen geleden

    freud has the best lyrics in all rap battle history so far

  43. Arnold Lohmann

    Arnold Lohmann4 dagen geleden

    Paganini vs Daredevil

  44. Official LaStReSoRt024

    Official LaStReSoRt0244 dagen geleden

    Look at that egghead *Momma wants some omelets* I CAN'T get over how hilarious that she makes that sound.

  45. Now Back To Me

    Now Back To Me4 dagen geleden

    damn the beat is so nice

  46. invadermaythe1st

    invadermaythe1st4 dagen geleden

    Bruh I only just noticed the Adidas line

  47. Rania Mahmoud

    Rania Mahmoud4 dagen geleden

    my favorite was that he helps people and tarisa watch people die to get souls for a man in the sky his top of this battle even if he didnot say anything

  48. Rania Mahmoud

    Rania Mahmoud4 dagen geleden

    Why à nun say your follower are are SOO poor??? That's not cute for any nun to say that and what is the sex compiles? At l'est I vote Simon

  49. Rania Mahmoud

    Rania Mahmoud4 dagen geleden

    Sign-on is pure winner 🥇

  50. Rania Mahmoud

    Rania Mahmoud4 dagen geleden

    Sign-on winner tresa ahh I will not watch a women as ugly as my science mster

  51. Andrew Flacca

    Andrew Flacca4 dagen geleden

    hugh glass (the revenant) vs bear grylls

  52. JC B

    JC B4 dagen geleden

    I don't know why, but Mother Teresa's face at 0:51 makes me laugh every time.

  53. Meth

    Meth5 dagen geleden

    Mother Teresa won.

  54. Christopher

    Christopher4 dagen geleden

    *Sigmund Freud

  55. Macor Windows

    Macor Windows5 dagen geleden

    Momma wants some omelletes

  56. CaptainKlutch22

    CaptainKlutch225 dagen geleden

    Geralt of Rivia vs Hansel and Gretel

  57. eric dietz

    eric dietz5 dagen geleden

    Nice beat!

  58. Zachary Breeden

    Zachary Breeden6 dagen geleden

    Obsessed with masturbation, but your off the beat Straight fire

  59. SJGsmooth

    SJGsmooth6 dagen geleden

    To all the angry athiest in the comments looking for some reason to be mad at Mother Theresa(it's just a comedy sketch) Look at the fall of TheAmazingAthiest little 15 year old edgelords used in every debate. Look where he got in life (not even the afterlife) and don't make that mistake

  60. SJGsmooth

    SJGsmooth6 dagen geleden

    If they rapped against any other religion and said "do you really believe this" the video would be hate speech 😂😂😂 We know who won irl cuz well ....edgy teens vs values

  61. Jesica Taylor

    Jesica Taylor6 dagen geleden

    This is how Im going to study for my Psychology Final for Sigmund Freud haha, there is goid info in here