Like a Boss - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Like a Boss, starring Rose Byrne, Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek, Billy Porter, Jennifer Coolidge. Directed by Miguel Arteta.


  1. Taylor Lemoine

    Taylor LemoineDag geleden

    Can Salma Hayek get any finer ? She’s like vintage wine. And what a tease with that “push-up.” There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows it.

  2. Jenaae Jackson

    Jenaae Jackson2 dagen geleden

    Stuckman: "I will watch any movie" Me: Still waiting on your review of Queen and Slim! 😬

  3. REELly Saying Something

    REELly Saying Something2 dagen geleden

    I wouldve give this movie an F, it was fucking terrible

  4. Alice Kingslee

    Alice Kingslee3 dagen geleden

    Couldn’t stop laughing throughout this film definitely a chic flick though

  5. 4um484

    4um4844 dagen geleden

    I wish i had watched this before i saw this movie last was sooooooooooooooo bad

  6. Pman 97

    Pman 974 dagen geleden

    I thought this movie was a documentary on jacksepticeye

  7. AJR4 3269

    AJR4 32696 dagen geleden

    Was Seth Rollins really in this movie?

  8. Whut Now!

    Whut Now!8 dagen geleden

    Should of been on Netflix

  9. Amanda Nicole Hall

    Amanda Nicole Hall10 dagen geleden

    This is really too bad. I love both these comedians and was looking forward to seeing this.

  10. sanitorz

    sanitorz10 dagen geleden

    Let’s make a movie about being yourself and it’s going to be progressive and it’s going to be helpful to minorities... But let’s also make the only black star the angry character and the only gay character a total stereotype.

  11. Jacob Staten

    Jacob Staten10 dagen geleden

    Why does the one lady have lime 4" of dark roots under a blind dye job?

  12. J K

    J K10 dagen geleden

    This movie was very enjoyable and entertaining. I think it’s just not a movie for you.

  13. SBGC Official

    SBGC Official11 dagen geleden

    I watch your reviews and think... I need some better t-shirts

  14. Gonzalo Navas

    Gonzalo Navas13 dagen geleden

    In Obi Wan words: "I can't watch anymore..."

  15. George Estremera

    George Estremera13 dagen geleden

    Oh well. At least your review itself was funny. And well-thought out.

  16. Joe Carroll 3

    Joe Carroll 314 dagen geleden

    You should review Heathers (1988). A great teen black comedy.

  17. emil engen

    emil engen15 dagen geleden

    This deserves an F.

  18. CaptainClipy

    CaptainClipy18 dagen geleden

    And so Chris sat alone in a movie theatre watching Like a Boss

  19. AND ME

    AND ME18 dagen geleden

    Hilariousity of the wicker man sees Chris making fun of a woman for looking manly and another woman for having big lips and looking like a druggy... nice to see his growth.

  20. wanderlust

    wanderlust19 dagen geleden

    The vagina cake was a clue this film was going to suck

  21. Sulaymaan Kingseed

    Sulaymaan Kingseed20 dagen geleden

    FYI: Tiffany Haddish about 3 more bad movies away from getting her ghetto pass revoked...

  22. LaurenLovesMovies

    LaurenLovesMovies20 dagen geleden

    As a woman, I was disappointed in this movie. Then again, I wasn’t expecting much from it to begin with.

  23. Phoenix Angel90

    Phoenix Angel9020 dagen geleden

    It’s not aimed at women it’s aimed at radical feminists. I am a woman and I have no desire to see something so stupid and gross

  24. Bodhi

    Bodhi21 dag geleden

    Ever heard of MK ultra welcome to Hollywood brain-dead acting you must act in this film... okay I will thy master.. bunch of zombies.. I don't know I guess they're in contract for this..shit!!

  25. Bodhi

    Bodhi21 dag geleden

    I've never heard from the director who you named off of all of his movies🤣🤣🤣 that is because I don't see shit movies like these... What a waste of money.. I wonder how much money Hollywood's lost over the years for probably 90% shit product they shoveled out.. and look at Selma Hayek playing a different role..NOT!!. Yeah I'm glad you are being very detailed and like to talk.. I personally don't like to talk that much..thank God that we have you Chris...😆🤙

  26. blahblah162005

    blahblah16200522 dagen geleden

    Awe man the commercials look funny 😂😂

  27. Joshua Ortiz

    Joshua Ortiz22 dagen geleden

    That cowboy Bebop shirt is 🔥

  28. N N

    N N23 dagen geleden

    Men have a harder time than women in sociaty, wtf this message sucks, women have an extreme privilage in this world, help us men instead😡

  29. JustLikeBc K

    JustLikeBc K23 dagen geleden

    Tiffany is the ghetto Jim Carrey with out the funny that’s why she has one good movie under her belt

  30. Samuel L Jackson

    Samuel L Jackson24 dagen geleden

    Sounds like its a movie for the "that's funny right durr, I don't care who you are"-crowd

  31. Mac  Muturi

    Mac Muturi24 dagen geleden

    I see cowboy bebop i click like button

  32. Bob Milner

    Bob Milner24 dagen geleden

    You are a boss!

  33. Afzal Artwork

    Afzal Artwork24 dagen geleden


  34. Madrenna Griffith

    Madrenna Griffith24 dagen geleden

    Stop cussing

  35. Ray Von

    Ray Von24 dagen geleden

    Looks really good 🙄

  36. Douglas Ammirati

    Douglas Ammirati25 dagen geleden

    Go, january, go...!!

  37. Ron Martineau

    Ron Martineau25 dagen geleden

    Haddish is hilarious. Why is everything she does movie-wise absolutely fucking terrible? It's always a caricature.

  38. DGiovanni

    DGiovanni25 dagen geleden

    A female led comedy... I don’t think that will ever work.

  39. Fiona Jannati

    Fiona Jannati25 dagen geleden

    Hey Chris, why don’t you review the crown. Is it because it’s non American? I guess you could review titans season 2

  40. rocketsniper

    rocketsniper25 dagen geleden

    Any movie he says. Waiting for them Salo and Serbian Film reviews.

  41. Ruth Lopez

    Ruth Lopez25 dagen geleden

    So just another January movie

  42. Lone

    Lone26 dagen geleden

    I work at a theater, so I have to walk in on movies and every time I walk into like a boss all i here are sex jokes. And it’s always like “men bad at sex” and in a theatre (of mostly women) only 2 people laugh every time.

  43. E a

    E a26 dagen geleden

    Does looks like a dumb movie,thank you...

  44. MicRaVin Xenos

    MicRaVin Xenos26 dagen geleden

    Stupid effortless movies like this proves that you can make anything.I'm hoping good writers who are afraid to get out there are inspired & that they'll take the risk & make something good.

  45. Red Shirt One

    Red Shirt One27 dagen geleden

    Watched this just last night. The trailer had most of the laughs in it. The movie itself played like a low key guy buddy comedy (abbot and costelllo meet frankenstein). I liked it because they didnt wash the movie in SJW paint (except the scene where Get Some guys were mislabeled as gay and they both said thank you for not thinking we were straight)

  46. Ghettobrown

    Ghettobrown27 dagen geleden

    Just like every Tiffany Haddish movie...Blah Blah women are people too..Blah blah..We get it!!

  47. Björn Official

    Björn Official27 dagen geleden

    Where can i get that cowboy bebop shirt? I spent the whole video looking for it online

  48. 888Sun

    888Sun27 dagen geleden

    Im black and i honestly to like black films

  49. Gia Reynolds

    Gia Reynolds28 dagen geleden

    The pubes cake was the deal breaker for me. As soon as I saw that I was done. Talk about a WTF moment.

  50. Kami84

    Kami8428 dagen geleden

    I knew from the trailer that this movie would be dog shit. The jokes are over the top and tone deaf.

  51. Nyia

    Nyia28 dagen geleden

    worst movie i've ever seen. so terrible

  52. Andres Jalil

    Andres Jalil28 dagen geleden

    Your saying they broke the drone and hid it? That's hillarious

  53. CatTunaLove ForLife

    CatTunaLove ForLife28 dagen geleden

    How you review this but not Queen and slim????

  54. King Of Texas

    King Of Texas29 dagen geleden

    Chick flick

  55. JustinPeabody

    JustinPeabody29 dagen geleden


  56. Remy Webber

    Remy Webber29 dagen geleden

    Tiffany haddish is, and I cannot stress this enough, The least funny person on the planet. I have said this for years and I don't know why she still gets roles Edit: she was good in girls trip and is now convinced everything she makes is comedic genius when that was her one good role before all of this garbage

  57. Lucas

    Lucas29 dagen geleden

    Chris why so serious, id love for you to review Airplane :)

  58. Brittany Wright

    Brittany Wright29 dagen geleden

    Unfortunately the movies fucking TERRIBLE 😂😂😂😂 I love him saved me some money

  59. Richard Nelson

    Richard NelsonMaand geleden

    Chris you can’t say this movie is bad or you’re totally against women and are a terrible person

  60. Shawn Fields

    Shawn Fields28 dagen geleden

    But, the movie IS terrible, doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. Shit is shit. (P.S. I know, you're being sarcastic or just joking here, so am I, for the most part, except for the last part).

  61. Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    Arnold Strong Numero UnoMaand geleden

    Thank you