Intel’s behavior is PATHETIC - Core i9 10980XE Review

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Welcome to what is hopefully the final Skylake refresh: Intel’s Core i9 10980XE. But is that all it is? And who should buy it? Let’s find out..
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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips15 dagen geleden

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  2. † Polyvalence2105 †

    † Polyvalence2105 †Uur geleden

    I want intel Core i12 for a Atari 2600 Mdr for the game Pacman Mdr

  3. alysdexia

    alysdexia5 dagen geleden

    @Jasper Störningar there are also older overpriced AMD CPUs (see Anandtech conclusion chart) and they don't come with iGPUs like Intel's which Iris Pro/Plus also lead in speed/watt. So Linus is dumbass like your kind who can't account for everything. Why don't I paste my notes so far of the best desktop leaders? W CPU/(CPU+GPU): best CPUmark 2019 Nov: /W, /$ 15 ~3/5: i5-1035G7, : ~, Ice Lake 15 ~11/14: i7-10710U, 13107: ~1112, 30 Comet Lake 15 ~16/19: i5-10210U, : ~, Comet Lake 4·5 ~3/4: i5-7Y57, 3676: ~1089, 10 Kaby Lake 5 ~13/16: i5-8200Y, 4339: ~1068, 15 Amber Lake 9 ~8/11: i5-1030G7, : ~, Ice Lake 7 ~11/14: i5-10310Y, : ~, Comet Lake 7 ~6/7: i5-8210Y, 4227: ~705, 14 Amber Lake 4: T5700, 2039: 510, 7 Broxton 65: 9 PRO 3900, 32889: 505, Matisse 35 ~6/7: i9-9900T, 15090: ~503, 34 Coffee Lake 28 ~23/26: i7-1068G7, : ~, Ice Lake 28 ~9/10: i7-8559U, 12224: ~485, 24 Kaby Lake R 6 ~11/13: N5000, 2456: ~484, 15 Gemini Lake 6·5 ~4/5: J3710, 1913: ~368, 12 Braswell 11·5 ~17/19: i7-4610Y, 3746: ~363, 10 Haswell 45 ~58/65: E-2186M, 14526: ~362, 23 Coffee Lake 25 ~64/71: i3-8300T, 8032: ~356, 47 Coffee Lake 10 ~6/7: J5005, 2905: ~339, 14 Gemini Lake 30: EPYC 3201, 9634: 321, 19 Snowy Owl 13 ~30/37: i7-3689Y, 3220: ~305, 9 Ivy Bridge 7·5 ~2160/2473: N3540, 1933: ~295, 8 Bay Trail-M ("105") >125: 9 3950X, 36051: ("343") <288, 48 Matisse 17: E3-1220L V2, 4419: 259, 23 Sandy Bridge 37 ~6/7: i7-4722HQ, 8093: ~255, 6 Haswell 47 ~29/32: i7-5950HQ, 10850: ~255, 18 Broadwell 11 ~15/17: i5-4210Y, 2375: ~245, 8 Haswell 80 ~68/75: E-2278G, 17670: 244, 36 Coffee Lake 95 ~72/79: i9-9900KF, 20402: ~236, 41 Coffee Lake 55: E5-2630L v4, 12847: 234, 21 Sandy Bridge 50: EPYC 3251, 11690: 234, 37 Snowy Owl 200: EPYC 7702P, 46067: 230, 10 Rome

  4. alysdexia

    alysdexia5 dagen geleden

    @Πυξίδα της ηθικής wrong, cretin:

  5. alysdexia

    alysdexia5 dagen geleden

    @Jasper Störningar Intel lead desktop speed/watt for almost all power classes. AMD underreport 9 3950X's TDP by 20% to 40%; see the Anandtech report.

  6. alysdexia

    alysdexia5 dagen geleden

    @robert1235421 has !-> their; 1 != 2; should -> ouht


    BIGHAOHAO2 uur geleden


  8. SuperZitkus

    SuperZitkus2 uur geleden

    Hey thats a ferret lol

  9. su57 f22

    su57 f222 uur geleden

    Fuck you idiot and your videos.If game or anything we do on PC doesn lag it is obviously good.Stick those details in your ass.

  10. DK

    DK3 uur geleden

    how much has amd paid you bro

  11. BlankPlank

    BlankPlank5 uur geleden

    The hate here is both phenomenal and commendable.

  12. Isaac Callison

    Isaac Callison6 uur geleden

    Damn Linus, don't sugar coat it! Tell us how you really feel!

  13. AwkwardMark

    AwkwardMark8 uur geleden

    Ah, yes. The Incel Cope i9.

  14. Mau F

    Mau F8 uur geleden

    F U Intel!

  15. QuanDar

    QuanDar10 uur geleden

    This is very interesting to: Intel is truly a Chicken.

  16. aru ramesh

    aru ramesh11 uur geleden

    i hate you face put a mask

  17. The Ultimate Warrior

    The Ultimate Warrior11 uur geleden

    Unbox Therapy

  18. Daniel Sawyer

    Daniel Sawyer12 uur geleden

    This CPU is a $1000 aborted fetus of Intel's shit 14nm silicon process... barf.

  19. Im Johny John

    Im Johny John13 uur geleden

    next video "Thank you Intel for sponsoring this video"

  20. slingitsideways

    slingitsideways13 uur geleden

    Linus dude.... you know you used a picture of a ferret right? not a weasel...🤣🤣🤣

  21. Logan Braveheart

    Logan Braveheart14 uur geleden

    AMD are you tired of winning yet 😁😁😁

  22. Totocellux

    Totocellux15 uur geleden

    Pathetic? Intel has already shifted its primary focus to commercially viable "quantum computing". This is what isn't clear: the personal computer market no longer represents its deep core business.

  23. M & M

    M & M16 uur geleden

    Linus thank you for saying the truth and not holding back dude massive respect ✊🏼 👽💻

  24. joe barwick

    joe barwick18 uur geleden

    Honestly what does it matter it’ll still perform faster than my left nut on crack

  25. BFJ 20

    BFJ 2021 uur geleden

    that was a ferret not a weasel...

  26. Randomly Entertaining

    Randomly Entertaining23 uur geleden

    *meanwhile here I am playing on a G4560T that I got for 50 bucks and having a grand old time*

  27. Joey Rakas

    Joey RakasDag geleden

    Really appreciated your energy & honesty in this video :)

  28. Marius Urbelis

    Marius UrbelisDag geleden

    Why not wait till AMD's embargo drops too and just release both videos at the same time. Embargo does not mean "you must release that exact second" does it? Be sensible.

  29. Toad The Theorist

    Toad The TheoristDag geleden

    Amd: well bois we did it compition is no more Intel: **crys pitiful**

  30. IraQ Nid

    IraQ NidDag geleden

    Hot damn I'm gonna watch the intro again! I don't think I have ever seen you like this with any of your sponsors. I love your expressions while you tear into Intel's poor advertising choice.

  31. Константин Христов

    Константин ХристовDag geleden

    Amd will always be the poor man's intel and I promise intel will get back on his feet

  32. Jordan S

    Jordan SDag geleden

    Oh no are the canadians gonna dump their maple syrup into the harbor? I like how no one understands that both processors are designed to run Windows 10 x86 architecture at the same speed.

  33. Hristo Hristov

    Hristo HristovDag geleden

    nice review :) wintel habit's die hard :) bugs in the processors is essential about security, they acting like apple - full ignorance about bugs and hardware design.

  34. Piet van Wyk

    Piet van WykDag geleden

    Intel > AMD my opinion not saying them launching hours ahead is ethically correct but everyone has there own opinions and preferences

  35. Reiden Lightman

    Reiden LightmanDag geleden

    10th Gen is just 9th gen without an upgrade path.

  36. Henric Carlsson

    Henric CarlssonDag geleden

    I have no idea what you are talking about, but after 20 years of Intel and Nvidia, I moved to Ryzen and AMD.

  37. W-type-Nemesis

    W-type-NemesisDag geleden

    Real talk I just watched this video just to hear Linus and go off on Intel

  38. yamabushi170

    yamabushi170Dag geleden

    I don't need Intel to hurl insults at burly men on the street ; I have my mother for that

  39. BMWMED1

    BMWMED1Dag geleden

    Every Linus or any other cooperate shill mislead pc builder needs to see this video Get a 7700k used, which is effectively 8 cores at a rocking clock speed, for $250 on eBay. Delid and overclock and you have yourself the fastest CPU you'll need for the next 5 years. He's over here pushing AMD 32 core CPUs like any person on earth needs it other than enterprise video editors like they are a GREAT VALUE!!!!! GPU is where you spend your money bc that where you will see a tangible benefit. CPUs, for examples a 7th gen i5 are already more than powerful enough to run a OC'd 2080ti. The GPU is the engine of the car you want and the CPU at this point is equal to the rims. Faster the engine more the fun.. As long as the rims are safe and look nice you will be able to enjoy your fast engine... No need to get 4k per rim HREs.... Come on people. 8+ cores is not needed so it can never be considered a value!!!!!! Do you buy everything the car salesman pitches you??? This is the same thing!!!! Don't buy the pitch, thats all this is!

  40. Arin Tiamat

    Arin TiamatDag geleden

    Dame right! One of your best vids so far. Just what has to been sayd.

  41. ZeOverman

    ZeOvermanDag geleden

    The fire Ryzes...

  42. Gaming Kuckó

    Gaming KuckóDag geleden

    Intel: Idiot Inside.

  43. Robert Williams

    Robert WilliamsDag geleden

    AMD: Omae wa shindeiru. Intel: Nani?!?!

  44. Necrophite78

    Necrophite78Dag geleden

    I bet Bethesda and Intel are joining forces in the future as the two brothers of management failure at it's best.

  45. HeavyMetal Gamer

    HeavyMetal GamerDag geleden

    last amd cpu i owned was the phenom II x4 looks like ill be swapping back to amd after all these years