I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

i made him an instagram. its @declanchamberlain. go follow for beauty shots of him. he's quite photogenic, you wont wanna miss it.... lol....
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  1. Sxnny Stxr

    Sxnny StxrUur geleden

    Awww he eats dinner in the bathroom🥺🥺❤️

  2. Emily Feldmann

    Emily Feldmann9 uur geleden

    Name him Loui!!! Ahh that’s so cute! EeeeeEee

  3. Heidi Eickenberg

    Heidi EickenbergDag geleden

    After reading this I went to the shelter and adopted a kitten. His name is kayden. Thanks Emma for inspiring me to get a cat

  4. krustykrab

    krustykrab2 dagen geleden

    emma: "what do you think?" declan: *goes back inside bag*

  5. Lushmango 786

    Lushmango 7864 dagen geleden

    Name him pesto

  6. Darker_Demons

    Darker_Demons4 dagen geleden

    omg my name is \Riley

  7. Toxic Boi

    Toxic Boi4 dagen geleden


  8. Marko Jančar

    Marko Jančar5 dagen geleden

    he is definetly a garfield

  9. Doggos and Catto

    Doggos and Catto5 dagen geleden

    Blaze it’s a good name

  10. pa ze

    pa ze6 dagen geleden


  11. Declan Wood

    Declan Wood6 dagen geleden

    wow such a garbage name

  12. * Leo *

    * Leo *7 dagen geleden

    Emma, you need to keep your next cat in the bathroom for atleast a day or 12+ hours just so he understands where the litter box is and doesn't piss and shit on your floor/carpets/etc.

  13. Rachel Kataryna

    Rachel Kataryna7 dagen geleden

    I’ve had about 10 cats in my life and only had 1 mean one. I don’t get the cat hate. They’re the. Best!!!♥️♥️♥️

  14. Chaski Garcia

    Chaski Garcia7 dagen geleden

    you sound like freakin jojo siwa bro

  15. Mega Oof

    Mega Oof8 dagen geleden

    Who else thought for some reason she adopted him in like November for some reason? Just me? Ok

  16. Liz Anderson

    Liz Anderson9 dagen geleden

    Get a Litter Robot, Fam

  17. Eva Cooke

    Eva Cooke9 dagen geleden

    I love you cat

  18. Lace Carter

    Lace Carter10 dagen geleden

    All the dislikes are from Simon *lol*

  19. RedPhoenix 27

    RedPhoenix 2710 dagen geleden



    FLAWLESS10 dagen geleden

    Why he is in the bathroom

  21. Genevieve McCumbers

    Genevieve McCumbers11 dagen geleden

    I ment juney

  22. Genevieve McCumbers

    Genevieve McCumbers11 dagen geleden

    I know you already but I you get a girl cat name it after my dead cat jury

  23. liv freya

    liv freya12 dagen geleden

    this bitch said the word cat and and a fucking cats movie ad thing came on ahahahha

  24. LaughingSadness YT

    LaughingSadness YT12 dagen geleden

    We rescued our 11 year old doggo from the pound, we had her since she was 4. *human years.* *this gal is a fighter and she is my only friend*

  25. Pamela Kluck

    Pamela Kluck13 dagen geleden

    You should change it to riley bc that is my name.

  26. chickalata a game

    chickalata a game13 dagen geleden

    I'm so happy my name was in the top two.. Sad it didn't get picked tho😭😭

  27. Molly Boswell

    Molly Boswell13 dagen geleden

    Well who’s here after she got Frankie:)

  28. Aseel Anza

    Aseel Anza13 dagen geleden

    You seem like you have a low IQ

  29. Hannah Nicole

    Hannah Nicole14 dagen geleden

    "I need allergy medicine holy shit" lmaooo same

  30. bratz_ babyyy

    bratz_ babyyy14 dagen geleden

    I love your apartment

  31. NATE BOY 123

    NATE BOY 12314 dagen geleden

    He needs a scratch pole

  32. NATE BOY 123

    NATE BOY 12314 dagen geleden

    I have a 17week old kitten

  33. Elle Rose8

    Elle Rose814 dagen geleden

    U get used to the allergy’s if they are mild

  34. Mia Lauria

    Mia Lauria14 dagen geleden

    Meet fettuccine

  35. Marysa M

    Marysa M14 dagen geleden

    It’s going to take me time to get used to you saying my little brother Declan’s name in your videos now.

  36. DiscoDancerEdits

    DiscoDancerEdits15 dagen geleden

    Who’s here after she got Frankie?😍 (her second cat)

  37. I’m a Legend

    I’m a Legend15 dagen geleden

    oh I’m also allergic to cats a bit

  38. Hxney Bee

    Hxney Bee15 dagen geleden

    I am so lonely but good thing I asked my dad and he said yes and my mom agreed and I am getting a kitten!

  39. jazzyland Lujan

    jazzyland Lujan15 dagen geleden

    Who is here after she got Frankie ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

  40. shawn army

    shawn army15 dagen geleden

    6:06 - 6:17 funniest part lmao

  41. Omar Delawar

    Omar Delawar15 dagen geleden

    This girl has the sexiest voice ever. I have no idea why or how I got this weird fetish for girls who have a “hoarse” voice? My girlfriends always hated me when they had a cold cause I’d be like “hey keep talking like that with that sexy voice” and they’ll always get mad and shit lol.

  42. Kevin Chin

    Kevin Chin15 dagen geleden


  43. Ava Grace

    Ava Grace15 dagen geleden

    Wow I guess everyone is a cat expert in the comment section

  44. Brenna McCabe

    Brenna McCabe15 dagen geleden

    ...my brothers name is declan

  45. Auben Frith

    Auben Frith15 dagen geleden

    Who’s watching this when Emma got her new kitten 👇🏼 👇🏼

  46. Negin Abdoli

    Negin Abdoli15 dagen geleden

    like your cat name

  47. Moonlight Gacha

    Moonlight Gacha15 dagen geleden

    You should name your cat gunner :3

  48. I.A. Food Reviews

    I.A. Food Reviews15 dagen geleden

    I fostered a cat that looked just like him & they named him Simon he’s so cute

  49. Bri

    Bri15 dagen geleden

    she should’ve named him alfredo

  50. Trinity Smith

    Trinity Smith15 dagen geleden


  51. Alexis Gladfelter

    Alexis Gladfelter15 dagen geleden

    Emma getting a cat and being exited for half the video also Emma: So...im also a little allergic to cats. LMAO

  52. Grace Halash

    Grace Halash15 dagen geleden

    who’s watching after she got her second cat 😂👏🏽

  53. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith6 dagen geleden

    Who’s watching after she got her 3rd cat

  54. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith6 dagen geleden

    Who’s watching after she got her 3rd cat

  55. The Wierd Chick

    The Wierd Chick12 dagen geleden


  56. Maria kloska

    Maria kloska15 dagen geleden

    Grace Halash me

  57. iTs Me TiCoNe

    iTs Me TiCoNe15 dagen geleden


  58. Adalyn’s World

    Adalyn’s World15 dagen geleden

    And now she just got Frankie :))

  59. eylül öney

    eylül öney15 dagen geleden

    who s here after frankie

  60. Lexi & Cora

    Lexi & Cora16 dagen geleden

    I think u should name him ginger

  61. orren stearn

    orren stearn16 dagen geleden

    That is literally the worst name for a cat

  62. brylle ranches

    brylle ranches16 dagen geleden

    who came here after she adopted a second cat?

  63. Shay M

    Shay M13 dagen geleden

    brylle ranches me

  64. Maria kloska

    Maria kloska15 dagen geleden

    brylle ranches me

  65. Molly Welton

    Molly Welton16 dagen geleden

    If you don't want to talk about than people should stop asking you about it period

  66. Molly Welton

    Molly Welton16 dagen geleden

    Emma who cares if your dating him or not