How Andrew Yang Nabbed That Big Dave Chappelle Endorsement

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang had already enticed some high profile celebs to support his campaign when he landed his biggest endorsement to date, comedy icon Dave Chappelle. #Colbert #AndrewYang #YangGang
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  1. Roger didit

    Roger didit4 dagen geleden

    Another one bites the dust. The Don tramples all that oppose him TRUMP 2020 Bolshevik Bernie is next!!!

  2. Enoch Amoah Mintah

    Enoch Amoah Mintah5 dagen geleden

    I like this guy, but I am still for Trump

  3. Mopar Muscle

    Mopar Muscle6 dagen geleden

    Yang dropped out...

  4. cliffbunsam

    cliffbunsam6 dagen geleden

    Bye, Bye YANG!

  5. Xavier Martinez

    Xavier Martinez7 dagen geleden

    A thousand a month is pocket change for Corbet. For Dave even but it's a lot for the average American.

  6. Rocket Racer

    Rocket Racer7 dagen geleden


  7. Nikhil Newse

    Nikhil Newse5 dagen geleden

    Lol he dropped out.

  8. Rocket Racer

    Rocket Racer7 dagen geleden

    Can't keep a Yang man down!

  9. sovereignty

    sovereignty7 dagen geleden

    Yang 2020!

  10. Anice Brennan

    Anice Brennan7 dagen geleden

    andrew i have some advice stop saying beatting pres is the number one thing for you it should be truly helping the american ppl witch is what your whole campan is about ... just food for thought

  11. Maki Hashimoto

    Maki Hashimoto8 dagen geleden

    Amazing last answer!!!

  12. Roman One

    Roman One8 dagen geleden


  13. DaveKarl

    DaveKarl8 dagen geleden

    Colbert the Clinton sycophant, is very belittling toward Yang in this interview.

  14. mandybelle p

    mandybelle p10 dagen geleden

    Wasnt he the one who cried in the middle of his speech. Dont think he can cut it .sorry Dave I still love you. Wu tang

  15. Ben Bow

    Ben Bow10 dagen geleden

    But what the point, he can’t win any debate, his tongue got stuck up

  16. Vault of the Future

    Vault of the Future10 dagen geleden

    1.) Tulsi 2.) Yang 3.) Bernie 4.) Shills

  17. Lance Carrauthers

    Lance Carrauthers11 dagen geleden

    Wish I could double like a vid

  18. e s burn

    e s burn12 dagen geleden

    Yang for VP. Give Bernie his 4 yrs and Yang can have 8 yrs after that.

  19. panda berries

    panda berries13 dagen geleden

    Vote for Yang in the PRIMARIES and the general election!

  20. Ngawang KALDEN

    Ngawang KALDEN13 dagen geleden

    yang yang? well, that would be bad. there should be a balance of yin and yang. yang and yang would be disastrous for nature.

  21. Roy H

    Roy H17 dagen geleden

    OK! Im sold. Im buying what Andrew Yang is saying. He’s smart, well spoken, and believable. I think he’s the best candidate to lead our country to a better future. #yang2020

  22. Oscar Ortiz

    Oscar Ortiz18 dagen geleden

    as much as I like Yang, it looks like the race is going to be between Bernie and Biden. Yang and Bernie should sit down and see if there's a future in them working together. There doesn't have to be a war between UBI and medicare-for-all as the media would want you to believe. They have far more in common (and Tulsi) than with the other establishment candidates. I'll make a bet that mayor Pete, Klobuchar, and likely Warren will side with Biden which could hurt Bernie. And if Biden wins....sure it'll be better than Trump but dont expect the level of change this country needs to prevent another Trump-like candidate from taking power in a future election cycle

  23. A Y

    A Y18 dagen geleden

    Please vote for him and help your fellow Americans!

  24. Adrian Torres

    Adrian Torres18 dagen geleden

  25. blakrumba

    blakrumba18 dagen geleden

    He has the cuuuuutest laugh. He is so wonderful. I hope he wins.

  26. Kyle Buresh

    Kyle Buresh19 dagen geleden

    Andrew is so funny and clever. Love him!

  27. Joe C.

    Joe C.19 dagen geleden

    Yang is a one issue candidate. No experience or record to go on. Dave has very limited knowledge of Government, economics or politics. Sorry not falling for the gimmick. Going with Bernie Sanders.

  28. Kenji Pakiser

    Kenji Pakiser16 dagen geleden

    @Joe C. Lol stocking fear? Lol I live in Vegas and oxford university agrees with me. I work with mgm and they just let hundreds go at my hotel Bellagio. Doesn't seem like fear when it's happening around Also I always want to ask bernie supporters who don't like Yang opt in option on welfare or UBI, and argue it takes away welfare!!!! Well doesn't bernies $15 hour wage take people off welfare cause they would be above that line? So technically yangs ubi is more beneficial for everyone regardless of status. Also $15 an hour would take out soo many small businesses especially in rural areas. Bernie has no sense of entrepreneurship. 15$ would only strengthen the guys who can pay that labor costs.....big corporations

  29. Joe C.

    Joe C.16 dagen geleden

    @Kenji Pakiser Yes I do. If you were around at the end of the blacksmiths & the wagon you'd be one of the people stocking fear. I'm more concerned with climate change & healthcare. 78 year old Bernie is well equipped and will hire the people needed to deal with automation and other industry changes.

  30. Kenji Pakiser

    Kenji Pakiser16 dagen geleden

    @Joe C. read his book he wrote years ago. Also if you look up old interviews in 2013 he was venture for America talking about these issues budding at the time. Now we're on a freight train to automation. Ask yourself for real the age of quantum computers, budding AI, crypto currency, technology companies taking over or lives (like that phone in your pocket), warfare by drones, and autonomy. Do you really want an 80 year old man who recently had a heart attack to lead us into this next generation? Regardless of his policies that's just not smart

  31. Hemanth Ponnada

    Hemanth Ponnada19 dagen geleden

    @Joe C. he found a non-profit whose goal is to create jobs and he was never a politician, he is a problem solver. visit his website for policies before saying something is wrong.

  32. Joe C.

    Joe C.19 dagen geleden

    @Hemanth Ponnada 150 lol wrong. I've throughly read up on his few policies but he's mainly talking about one part of the economy. I have seen countless Yang interviews. Can you point to one example where he has done something in his life that has to do with those policies? what march or protest did he organize? what legislation did he author? what company did he force to pay a employees a livable wage? how has he improved anyone's life in the past?? I need more than words. I need evidence.

  33. Honsol0

    Honsol019 dagen geleden

    as much as i love him and his policies, he is kind of... awkward looking at all his movements and stuff. I do think he lacks charisma - just being honest before the hate comes in

  34. Hemanth Ponnada

    Hemanth Ponnada19 dagen geleden

    that is alright, I'm happy that you like him. charisma is subjective. I think he has charisma.

  35. Wendy Desparois

    Wendy Desparois19 dagen geleden

    "'If I didn't want to attend an event, and he went..." Holy shit that cracked me up!! Nicely subtle and well delivered joke with many layers. Well done, Yang. If not Bernie, then maybe this guy?

  36. Etienne Yunus

    Etienne Yunus19 dagen geleden

    Andrew yang : Unfortunately if you have a billion dollars that will get you to debate stages and primaries" Say it louder for the people in the back!

  37. Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia19 dagen geleden

    Yang is a bad choice for the following reasons.. Yang's idea of UBI now called "Democracy Dollars" are crap, what it actually does is take the poverty programs away and gives the money to the rich.. here's how that works.. step 1. give 1000 dollars but take away Food stamps and Housing Allowances, etc.. that is SUBSTITUTION money while ending a program.. but for the rich people, it is here is 1000 dollars for free no cost nothing to give up.. that is ADDED Money.. ergo takes the money from the rich gives it to the poor.. this is a scam.. it is republican nonsense.. Yang also has floated VAT taxes which unless you're just living in lala land you have to know VAT taxes are REGRESSIVE.. Regressive means the poorest pay the taxes.. Yang does NOT even support Medicare For ALL like he claimed it is NOT in his policy positions listed on his website.. Yang is appealing to those who say hey I want 1000 dollars and don't give a damn about anybody else.. I would never vote for Yang.. he just doesn't have any there.. there..

  38. Mingho Le

    Mingho Le18 dagen geleden

    Yang isn't taking any of those programs away. Some of them will be on top of UBI. Others will be individuals choosing between UBI or the other, and UBI is much less of a hassle and in many cases gives more. VAT is a replacement of the SALES TAX. Sales tax is regressive and all the brunt of it goes to the consumer. With VAT, every company, manufacturer, corporation in between will pay too, and consumers will pay less. Dipshit, all of the most democratic and progressive countries in the world choose VAT over Sales tax. The US is one of the few countries without it because CORPORATIONS WANT SALES TAX OVER VAT. Yang supports Universal healthcare as an options, not a bulldozing of the medical industry (which would results in a significant drop in the economy and the lost of millions of jobs) in order to force everyone into Medicare.

  39. Hemanth Ponnada

    Hemanth Ponnada19 dagen geleden

    democracy dollars is different from Ubi and Ubi it stacks on top of social programs except for cash like benefits. this is such a misguided comment. where do you get your info from? Bernie bros?

  40. John Beecher

    John Beecher20 dagen geleden


  41. William Tan Seng

    William Tan Seng20 dagen geleden

    Andrew Yang is new forward president, suitable for USA year 2020 to 2028.

  42. Miles Brewer

    Miles Brewer20 dagen geleden

    Where do you fools think jobs come from?

  43. Christopher Yoon Kim

    Christopher Yoon Kim22 dagen geleden

    Yang got that subtle--slightly cornball--sense of humor. The 'everyman', dad joke type of vibes...but The most CANDID candidate BY FAR!

  44. Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir

    Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir23 dagen geleden

    Pedo Colbert.

  45. jason donnelly

    jason donnelly23 dagen geleden

    Damn this guy is an idiot ! Worst part is he's one of the better dems . Why can't we have two viable candidates where Americans win no matter what

  46. Travis Walker

    Travis Walker23 dagen geleden

    Thank God he'll never be president.

  47. R D Reeves

    R D Reeves24 dagen geleden

    Yang is the only one for me.

  48. Iván Egües

    Iván Egües24 dagen geleden

    He is like a young Bernie

  49. maestr Rogu

    maestr Rogu25 dagen geleden

    Amazing Math. pin!

  50. Victorious Victory

    Victorious Victory25 dagen geleden

    Dave the comedian wife is Asian. So let me guess he endorsed you. Everyone has a selling point. selling my vote on bitcoin to Iran. I must be paid in Euros though a billion dollars.They treat minorities and, poor people like Foreigners anyway!

  51. SurrealJC Games

    SurrealJC Games26 dagen geleden

    Random guy for president!

  52. Ivan Banuelos

    Ivan Banuelos26 dagen geleden

    Yang gang

  53. Brandon God

    Brandon God26 dagen geleden

    Great Depression that’s what

  54. VibrationsfromMirror

    VibrationsfromMirror26 dagen geleden

    Yang Gang! I need a grand a month from corporate interests! I hope people are paying attention and willing to go stand in a line in Nov for all of our futures!

  55. Jeremiah Lim

    Jeremiah Lim26 dagen geleden

    Haven't you heard> BSV is a cult coin in China with massive following. They reckon BSV is worth at least $1000 compared to expensive $8700 BTC. Keep close watch

  56. Lemmy Head

    Lemmy Head26 dagen geleden

    While I dig Andrew Yang I don't think he can be elected. The reason is half of the United States populace is stupid. Just dumb knuckle dragging morons who think a financial failure of a reality T.V. star with ties to teamster mobs in New York would be a good person to run a country.

  57. evolutionary transgression

    evolutionary transgression27 dagen geleden

    is he saying "Seth Meyers" as they come out of commercial?

  58. luke shaw

    luke shaw27 dagen geleden

    colbert doesn't take him seriously at all > watch yang get named treasury secretary as part of bernie's administration, exactly 1 year from now #inaugurationday2021

  59. Trent Burkham

    Trent Burkham27 dagen geleden

    Screw these damn shows full of democratic idiots

  60. A.R.P. Management

    A.R.P. Management27 dagen geleden

    MATH---Make America Think Harder America is the Yin to Andrew's Yang!

  61. Daniel Revillini

    Daniel Revillini27 dagen geleden

    Cool guy, flawed policies (even his UBI is poorly thought out), please quit. Thanks.

  62. Hemanth Ponnada

    Hemanth Ponnada19 dagen geleden

    @Savan Rith leave it, he is a Bernie tool and didn't do his research, these people are the reason why feel Bernie is a bad candidate even tho he is not.

  63. Savan Rith

    Savan Rith20 dagen geleden

    Please look up N. Gregory Mankiw. He writes the number one selling college textbook for economics. Andrews Freedom Dividend will work for the American people.

  64. Daniel Revillini

    Daniel Revillini25 dagen geleden

    @Rick Morty I've looked and like I said, even his UBI policy (his signature plan) is severely flawed. I love that he has made UBI a more well-known concept in the American media, and a real topic that people can talk about now across the country, but that is all he's got. Time to pack it in and endorse Bernie, same goes for Steyer.

  65. Rick Morty

    Rick Morty26 dagen geleden

    I don’t think that’s fair man, if you’re willing check out his policies in depth and his ideas and logic behind it

  66. JG Gamer

    JG Gamer27 dagen geleden


  67. Ava Langrin

    Ava Langrin27 dagen geleden

    Chappelle’s endorsement is not going to help his campaign. I still don’t know if he supports M4A. Vote Bernie 2020!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🔥🔥🔥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  68. Andrew Hudson

    Andrew Hudson27 dagen geleden

    Yang squared

  69. LORDE 2729

    LORDE 272928 dagen geleden

    i hope bernie becomes president and takes this guy as his vice.

  70. PoppONaya Shelly

    PoppONaya Shelly28 dagen geleden


  71. Linda Martin

    Linda Martin28 dagen geleden

    We have economic abundance according to the papers. What we do not have is Finance Reform.Without Finance Reform only multimillionaires and billionaires can run for office, or if they prefer, pay lobbyists millions to get the personal agenda of the company that hired them put into law. Dysfunctional, unfair, undemocratic in my opinion, leaving many of the best minds in our country unable to participate as leaders at the highest level. We need CIVICS bad kids in schools so. Citizens are really prepared to be more actively engaged in government at all levels, as effective voters, activists, demonstrators and appointed and elected officials. The systems are not equable and while money is great in terms of providing economic stability to an individual or family, things like honor, honesty, intelligence, compassion, the ability to look deeply at all sides of a problem with short and long term consequences of potential solutions BEFORE taking action, tolerance, are equally important to a civil society.

  72. James Harris

    James Harris28 dagen geleden

    Running for President may be the thing for bored billionaires after they have run out of toys to buy.

  73. azae00 Vids

    azae00 Vids28 dagen geleden

    all over the world we just need to just do the DEM YANG!