Hasan And John Mulaney Catch Up | Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

On this very special Deep Cuts, Hasan catches up with an old friend: comedian John Mulaney. Watch as the two talk about comedy and John's new Netflix special 'John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch.' John and Hasan are also joined by some other very special guests: the desi teenagers that Hasan interviewed a few months back. Abeer and (most) of the crew are back to ask John a few questions of their own!
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  1. Yousif Ali

    Yousif Ali55 minuten geleden

    hmmm I feel like I've seen the teen in the red sweater somewhere hmm TikTok maybe.

  2. Ashraf Chowdhury

    Ashraf Chowdhury5 uur geleden

    I'm so proud of Hassan for being a symbolistic dad

  3. Melis Köksal

    Melis Köksal21 uur geleden

    how has nobody mensioned that hasans jacket is sewed to his sweatshirt


    EXCUSE ME4 dagen geleden


  5. Feenita charles

    Feenita charles5 dagen geleden

    since no one has said it: John and Hasan are OTP

  6. Rusha Joshi

    Rusha Joshi6 dagen geleden

    "Try not to act too young cause it's just weird." John's face after he processed what she'd just said AHAHAHA

  7. Katherene Wedic

    Katherene Wedic6 dagen geleden

    Springsteen is about the working class. Learn about post wwll labor and industry John say thank you to your grandmother rather than expect the obvious

  8. Commander Bat

    Commander Bat6 dagen geleden

    As someone who has SO much anxiety and has had it since forever, I can genuinely feel the anxiety just radiating lmao idk it feels relatable.

  9. Floris Liu

    Floris Liu6 dagen geleden


  10. ozlekosusturu

    ozlekosusturu7 dagen geleden

    I just really want a whole bit of those kids trying to pronounce old white men's names, that was so satisfying.

  11. Count Pythagoras

    Count Pythagoras8 dagen geleden

    yeeeeeeeaaaahhh....standing interview....gotta say, not a great idea guys.

  12. Alia Y.

    Alia Y.8 dagen geleden

    John Mulaney is hot- bye

  13. merary1414

    merary14149 dagen geleden

    The way Hasan looks at John.....lmao I need that 11:49

  14. EarlGayTea

    EarlGayTea9 dagen geleden

    hasan's face at 19:46 after jenna asked why do adults always look so unhappy and 32:27 when she said try not to act too young cuz it's just weird 😂

  15. Rich Eno

    Rich Eno9 dagen geleden

    Oh man he really was freaking out over the text to his dad

  16. Mujahid Syed

    Mujahid Syed10 dagen geleden

    What if they both did a show together?

  17. You're all crazy.

    You're all crazy.11 dagen geleden

    This guy is the best storyteller of all time

  18. Jill Hurley

    Jill Hurley11 dagen geleden

    I need to know what transpired between John and his dad after this!

  19. Tired Jay

    Tired Jay12 dagen geleden

    I didn't know I could love John even more than I do now 😭 when he was talking about the younger generation really made me happy💕💕💕

  20. AudioBooksBD

    AudioBooksBD12 dagen geleden

    Had a lot of fun in this episode

  21. Samantha Brown

    Samantha Brown12 dagen geleden

    I love him I didn't like his new special

  22. Jonna Heijke

    Jonna Heijke13 dagen geleden

    I loved this, it was hilarious!

  23. Ayana

    Ayana14 dagen geleden

    Hasan going in for a second hug and two handshakes at the end is the most I've ever seen him fanboy.

  24. Evolution Melanin

    Evolution Melanin14 dagen geleden

    Visit & Watch & Subscribe & Share nlgo.info/video/nGtm252i0r28jI8.html&lc=z22kuxs5gsnawlskeacdp430hsrkuwjskitfn0ajzopw03c010c&app=desktop

  25. Electric Cervix

    Electric Cervix15 dagen geleden

    I'm listening to this while working and all I hear when John Mulaney talks is Andrew Glouberman from Big Mouth

  26. Tina Bujno

    Tina Bujno15 dagen geleden

    Bruce Springsteen - Why? - For myself and many men who were told to just toughen up, Bruce connects to emotions in a way that is strong and relatable. He also spoke out for the working class that was being stomped on. Read the lyrics to Born in the USA and you will see that it is not an patriotic anthem but one questioning what are values really are in this country.

  27. Mobey Us Trip

    Mobey Us Trip15 dagen geleden

    I thought I'd known sadness but I have never known messaging my son, John Mulaney, four times-including a message to say how much I loved his Conan interview-only for him to ignore all of my messages and reply with "Do you have a minute to talk about the anti-vaxx movement?" liek if u crie errytim

  28. Mobey Us Trip

    Mobey Us Trip15 dagen geleden

    John Mulaney: "dog detectives or whatever that is" *rumbling in the distance* *tables shaking* *china falling off shelves* *mob approaching* Horde of angry 5 year olds: "IT'S. CALLED. *PAW PATROOOOOOLLLLLLLL"*

  29. Mobey Us Trip

    Mobey Us Trip14 uur geleden

    @0 0 But that's only one or two dogs at most. Dog detectives sounds like a squadron of dogs

  30. FuckingSlytherinQueen

    FuckingSlytherinQueenDag geleden

    Scooby Doo??

  31. 0 0

    0 03 dagen geleden

    Ohh I was thinking blues clues... am I old now??

  32. Just Yoeri

    Just Yoeri16 dagen geleden

    I can only hear the kid from Big Mouth, and nothing more.

  33. Nicholas Hogan

    Nicholas Hogan18 dagen geleden

    I love Billy Joel and his best single, "Hot dogs are fun"

  34. Nicholas Hogan

    Nicholas Hogan18 dagen geleden

    You can really tell how much Hassan respects John in this, it's really touching.

  35. Kiera Windsor

    Kiera Windsor19 dagen geleden

    John: I’m thinking like 50-60 not funny Me in Mick Jagger voice: NOT FUNNY

  36. Sharanya Sriram

    Sharanya Sriram19 dagen geleden

    How can we know if access to knowledge should be limited based on its application?

  37. Esha Karayi

    Esha Karayi19 dagen geleden

    How can we know if access to knowledge should be limited based on its application?

  38. Julius Maloney

    Julius Maloney20 dagen geleden

    Honestly those ‘pop culture’ references are like a complete generation out...how old do they think John Mulaney is?! 🤨

  39. jj313

    jj31320 dagen geleden

    Those kids are amazingly honest. Great job!

  40. Sarah Kitty Kim

    Sarah Kitty Kim20 dagen geleden

    Sack lunch vs Tupperware

  41. Krysten Rath

    Krysten Rath21 dag geleden

    Officially a John Mulaney fan after seeing this.

  42. Yadira Barrera

    Yadira Barrera18 dagen geleden

    welcome t the fan club😂

  43. Mari Fazekas

    Mari Fazekas21 dag geleden

    Why does Pete Davidson keep getting new phone numbers 😂 please Pete John is just trying to keep in touch

  44. Dakota Mashak

    Dakota Mashak22 dagen geleden

    Just a friendly reminder to check out Andrew Yang for President 2020: nlgo.info/video/1ndn2Zl2vb3gsW4.html

  45. David Hochstetler

    David Hochstetler22 dagen geleden

    I’ve never seen John on stage without a suit. I just realized that.

  46. abefroman53

    abefroman5322 dagen geleden

    Love John Mulaney, but the last segment where the teens ask him questions was cringe. Like they clearly don't know who these people are and they're just reading names prepared for them by older people. It's just uncomfortable to watch.

  47. Hawa Rahman

    Hawa Rahman22 dagen geleden

    Is Mulaney where Drew Gooden gets his comedic inspiration? They literally have the same voice/cadence to their punchlines, if I didn't see his face I would easily confuse the two....

  48. jubily24

    jubily2422 dagen geleden

    omg lol

  49. Joyce Sharon

    Joyce Sharon23 dagen geleden

    Hasan Minhaj and the Tupperware teens😂😃

  50. Easy E

    Easy E23 dagen geleden

    John mulaney looks like Grant Austin got stung by a bee and i cannot unsee that

  51. Helen Monaghan

    Helen Monaghan23 dagen geleden

    Also John really showing his rich white boy roots being not only pissed off at normal socks as a present but actually THROWING THEM AWAY?!

  52. Rania VanThalia

    Rania VanThalia23 dagen geleden

    idk why but hasans personality was really showing here. He's one of those famous people that I can genuinely imagine being friends with.

  53. Dorian

    Dorian23 dagen geleden

    Kinda sad Mulaney didn't go into a longer Phil Spector tangent.

  54. Helen Monaghan

    Helen Monaghan24 dagen geleden

    Love how much he both loves and looks up to John Mulaney.

  55. Amelia Conroy

    Amelia Conroy24 dagen geleden

    okay but the amount of RANDOM facts that john has just chilling in his head is crazy impressive

  56. S L

    S L24 dagen geleden

    ..wdym it's weird...until and unless you are a peadophille acting that way it ain't a problem to act young

  57. Wilma FistFit

    Wilma FistFit24 dagen geleden

    I’m the star -John Mulaney

  58. Aween 42

    Aween 4225 dagen geleden

    The way Hassan looks at the teens as they’re asking their questions anxious If it’s a good question and lookin at John for approval is honestly the cutest thing ever

  59. RepeatYourself

    RepeatYourself25 dagen geleden

    I want to hear the Lorne Michaels question!

  60. Stephen Cotton

    Stephen Cotton25 dagen geleden

    These guys need to watch some Barbra Streisand movies... Funny Girl - Yentl - were her start... not only is she a great ballads singer... "You don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore" - but when she was younger - she was very attractive... at least for me as a teenager... Actually - she has been sexy for years - voice and looks. And the movie "The Prince of Tides" - did it for me... I fell in love with her. I have had my Prince of tides relationship in my life... but unlike the movie - I didn't go back to my wife... I actually lost the love of my life - divorced my wife - and have been single for 12 years... but I still think Barbra is awesome.

  61. Stephen Cotton

    Stephen Cotton25 dagen geleden

    Richard Gere was super hot - in the American Gigolo - then after that he did a lot of sexy type roles in a row... so he is totally known for being a bad boy sex symbol. In some ways he is equality... not the best actor - but cast because he is the sexy beef cake - similar to women being cast in roles for being sexy starlets... but over the years he has evolved into a more meanigful actor and a romantic comedy lead actor. Then there is his Freedom for Tibet role he has playd over the years - which is very appealing for some people. A real early - human rights activist.

  62. Christopher Russell

    Christopher Russell25 dagen geleden

    I love the anxiety he feels about letting someone look at his phone. It's such a palpable level of anxiety as he paces back and forth. It doesn't even matter how clean you or your phone are, it is for some reason terribly uncomfortable.

  63. Tammera Freno

    Tammera Freno25 dagen geleden

    God, that was sooo good. My favorite!

  64. Tammera Freno

    Tammera Freno25 dagen geleden

    This is up there with my faves of either one of you AND with the two of you together. Wow! ❤❤❤❤