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  1. cady alsharif

    cady alsharif5 dagen geleden

    Talking slowly please

  2. NeNa GeeZ

    NeNa GeeZ5 dagen geleden

    I just love her lol shes to fun and funny

  3. Samantha Silva

    Samantha Silva5 dagen geleden

    2020, I'm on an Emma bindge, HELP ME.

  4. Nadine Fourie

    Nadine Fourie8 dagen geleden

    i think you kinda looked like frankie b stark in the end!

  5. Nadine Fourie

    Nadine Fourie8 dagen geleden

    what was the lip product??

  6. cupcaketower101

    cupcaketower1019 dagen geleden

    11:44 emma : 🧍🏻‍♀️

  7. Der fette Mönch

    Der fette Mönch10 dagen geleden

    Your hair looks really good

  8. Der fette Mönch

    Der fette Mönch10 dagen geleden

    Wanna hug you

  9. Savanna Silva

    Savanna Silva11 dagen geleden

    she says he makeup looks bad but it looks better then mine i do everyday 😭😭

  10. Elyse Korba

    Elyse Korba15 dagen geleden

    Jeffree Star needs to grab ahold of emma and transform her!!


    PROUD LOVATIC16 dagen geleden

    7:45 - 7:55 i died 😂😂😂

  12. nvm bye

    nvm bye17 dagen geleden

    no hate or something but i miss this emma

  13. lauma lepeta

    lauma lepeta17 dagen geleden

    This vid is soo relatable✌️

  14. Hollynwood FilmsTM

    Hollynwood FilmsTM21 dag geleden

    I love it how everyone talks about middle school make up but I went to a private school and we weren’t aloud to wear any

  15. Lucila

    Lucila23 dagen geleden

    the way she just awkwardly stands there is me at 5 years old when my mom is yelling at me for spilling water on the floor

  16. april guzman

    april guzman25 dagen geleden

    Emma, go to church

  17. Hailey w

    Hailey w25 dagen geleden

    you burping so much is coming off as a flex for me bc i can’t fucking burp and i would love to know what the fucking hype is about

  18. Jumanah Alzughaibi

    Jumanah Alzughaibi27 dagen geleden

    Girl u need Lessones, that makeup

  19. Lxzz.a

    Lxzz.a29 dagen geleden

    This is literally me doing my make up 😂

  20. Katelyn Cowee

    Katelyn Cowee29 dagen geleden

    Bingeing Emma and for some reason thought that sweatshirt had one of the seven dwarves on it

  21. alice hyland

    alice hyland29 dagen geleden

    you can tell she improved herself sm from this time❤️

  22. This is not who your looking for

    This is not who your looking forMaand geleden

    Can Emma stop putting her burping in her videos it just makes me uncomfortable and it’s genuinely not funny :/

  23. Soniel Deceus

    Soniel DeceusMaand geleden

    why does she look like melissa benoist

  24. Ellie T

    Ellie TMaand geleden

    7:53 it’s all so quick and I feel sick

  25. joe

    joeMaand geleden

    7:51 it looks like you got hit in the face xD

  26. Haley

    Haley2 maanden geleden

    If you want to wear that skirt unironically you can wear it with a white tank top and white shoes with a white bag and do simple baby pink/glittery white eyeshadow and maybe winged eyeliner and you can put simple waves into your hair

  27. Haley

    Haley2 maanden geleden

    Honestly if you just put that shadow on your lids and not up into your crease and brow bone this would’ve been great

  28. K K

    K K2 maanden geleden

    I lost it when she just stood there in silence at the end.

  29. Jaskarn Nahal

    Jaskarn Nahal2 maanden geleden

    11:44-12:02 oof...

  30. K eCastilla

    K eCastilla2 maanden geleden

    Does anybody else think about how many times she burps in a day? Actually worry about her health

  31. Matthew K Nel

    Matthew K Nel2 maanden geleden

    Emma: I might kiss someone Me: I wish it was me 😘🥰😍💜

  32. your homie

    your homie23 dagen geleden

    But you are like 57 years old 👹

  33. Morgan Donovan

    Morgan Donovan2 maanden geleden

    Please be my friend lmao. Your literally me.

  34. Timothy Millard

    Timothy Millard2 maanden geleden

    Use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water

  35. Timothy Millard

    Timothy Millard2 maanden geleden

    For teeth whitening rinse it

  36. V Annys

    V Annys2 maanden geleden

    I'll never forget this video. My mom was in hospice and I was a mess. But Emma kept me laughing!!

  37. Christie Massingill

    Christie Massingill2 maanden geleden

    She didn't powder her undereyes😯. I can't

  38. Claire Saul

    Claire Saul2 maanden geleden

    Love you Emma, I'm getting your merch for xmas xx

  39. Goran Jovic

    Goran Jovic2 maanden geleden

    amazing video

  40. Wht eves

    Wht eves3 maanden geleden

    I want emma to get bangs she'll look helladorable

  41. Mimi Raver

    Mimi Raver3 maanden geleden

    wow the makeup part was just too relatable

  42. ciaramify

    ciaramify3 maanden geleden


  43. juju wuhu

    juju wuhu3 maanden geleden

    does anybody know what lipstick she‘s using in 7:07 ?

  44. Kim Kai

    Kim Kai3 maanden geleden


  45. Milagros Palomino

    Milagros Palomino3 maanden geleden

    Does anybody know what lipstick she put on?

  46. Sana Ahmad

    Sana Ahmad3 maanden geleden

    when emma thinks she looks ugly when she would look like a goddess compared to me on my best day

  47. Koehli _

    Koehli _3 maanden geleden

    you need a boyfriend to... make out with. that's why you're so bored.

  48. Luca-blog888 Luz

    Luca-blog888 Luz3 maanden geleden

    "why am I always bored..." "well im not bored but im mean like kind of bored" wtf hahashahaha 😂

  49. Sam Winston

    Sam Winston4 maanden geleden

    11:45 is a BIG mood

  50. Makeupby Amber Webb

    Makeupby Amber Webb4 maanden geleden

    The thing now is adding multiple eyes, it’ll look mint

  51. Arya Dröttningu

    Arya Dröttningu4 maanden geleden

    The amount of burping concerns me. Do you have some type of gastro-intestinal disease?

  52. Noelle Ancona

    Noelle Ancona4 maanden geleden

    The end clip had me dying lmaoo

  53. Mikaella Broniola

    Mikaella Broniola4 maanden geleden

    11:45 when u spend 5 hours preparing urself and when it turns out bad.

  54. Smoothie Bowl

    Smoothie Bowl4 maanden geleden


  55. Anna S.

    Anna S.4 maanden geleden

    "Every smokey eye starts off a little sus...right?" LOOOL DKM

  56. Potato Potato

    Potato Potato4 maanden geleden

    I want to know what lipstick or lipgloss she’s using bc it looks nice

  57. Jordyn Sarom

    Jordyn Sarom4 maanden geleden

    Love you

  58. Hannah Garrett

    Hannah Garrett4 maanden geleden

    Emma your NAILSSSSS are so good

  59. Yvan Ventura

    Yvan Ventura4 maanden geleden

    Spent my long weekend watching ella's videos 😂👐👐👐

  60. Anna Fenina

    Anna Fenina4 maanden geleden

    This is a whole mood

  61. All Monti

    All Monti4 maanden geleden

    you are the only youtuber whose videos I rewatch whooop love your vids broski❤🧡💛💚💙💜💕🦄🍭

  62. iamlaurae

    iamlaurae4 maanden geleden

    A Gemini life 😂 relatable!!!!!! 100%