Fans react to NASCAR crash on last lap of Daytona 500

Ryan Newman is in serious condition after he was involved in a fiery crash in the final lap of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 17. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on NLgo:
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  1. vonsuthoff

    vonsuthoff21 dag geleden

    Not even one person thought.... "Bring the doctors and the trauma center to Newman!!!" Wow... dummies* *DOH!*

  2. Michael Murray

    Michael MurrayMaand geleden

    My dad and I both saw that wreck on TV that night and we both found it very cringeworthy. I mean that was a pretty brutal wreck that Ryan Newman was in. I’m glad he wasn’t badly hurt from that.

  3. Ourmando Is LIT

    Ourmando Is LITMaand geleden

    The comment section is complete satire

  4. Dave Bryant

    Dave BryantMaand geleden

    Am I the only person that thinks Nascar took advantage of this situation for some attention for their struggling sport. I mean they never identified one thing hurt on Newman other than "serious" and then miraculously he walks out the next day without a mark on him. A horrible looking accident but I'm thinking he could have walked out that night after a checkup.

  5. Lts Blast

    Lts BlastMaand geleden

    Crazy how he went from first racing in the Daytona 500 to the hospital just like that

  6. Mark Solarz

    Mark SolarzMaand geleden

    I can see Bill Mair making fun of NASCAR cause of one overly excited fan. The comments surely are! Washington Post is above such rual sports! It’s beyond them. Lots of video of this accident......they pick this one!

  7. D. Richmond

    D. RichmondMaand geleden

    Thank God he’s safe and well .

  8. Barsabus

    BarsabusMaand geleden

    Typical nascar fans

  9. Edward Pena

    Edward PenaMaand geleden

    Get him out of the car alot easier said than done!!!!

  10. lo lo

    lo loMaand geleden

    After watching Ryan walk out of hospital I believe nascar new he was found they just wanted the attention to a struggling sport

  11. dennis n

    dennis nMaand geleden

    It's always on the last lap. maybe they should slow down a little bit and be more considerate to the guy in first place. 🌮

  12. Braeden Leland

    Braeden LelandMaand geleden

    Everyone roasting the guy for yelling. But he feels passionate about this sport. So leave him alone

  13. Alvarez_Gamer14j

    Alvarez_Gamer14jMaand geleden

    news and people record yup the next coming years people will die from holding up phones

  14. Survivrs

    SurvivrsMaand geleden

    That guy in the stands yelling at them to get him out is hilarious. Was he that drunk that he thought his voice would be heard??? Oh God, that's hilarious. Then again.....I was yelling at my tv to do the same thing and I was not drunk.

  15. Survivrs

    SurvivrsMaand geleden

    There are a few drivers I can't stand, everyone does, but I would like to think that no matter who it is in a crash like this or Dale's crash 19 years ago, they are not critically injured or worse. I enjoy seeing the big wrecks, but only as long as the cars are the only things that are damaged.

  16. MailGmail

    MailGmailMaand geleden

    KKona Brother

  17. Lucius Jackson

    Lucius JacksonMaand geleden

    Who's here after seeing he was released from the hospital?

  18. Xavier Martinez

    Xavier MartinezMaand geleden

    Poor guy had his panties in a bunch.

  19. Xavier Martinez

    Xavier MartinezMaand geleden

    So you want to be an Ultimate Fighter!

  20. Shane Anthony

    Shane AnthonyMaand geleden

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - NASCAR driver Ryan Newman has been released from a Daytona Beach hospital after a horrific crash on Monday during the final lap of the Daytona 500.

  21. Karg45

    Karg45Maand geleden

    I know it is a big part of Nascar racing, but I really do not think it is a good idea to ride someone's bumper at 200 MPH. Fishtail waiting to happen.

  22. FalconerPhoto

    FalconerPhotoMaand geleden

    What a kook. Stressing everyone out around him. Put a cork in it.

  23. JUST ICE

    JUST ICEMaand geleden

    Wasn't gear oil. Ryan spilled his Pepsi. He drinks coke now!

  24. David Birks

    David BirksMaand geleden

    Love how the fans keep recording it all down to the flames. Jesus!

  25. David Birks

    David BirksMaand geleden

    @Barsabus Glad your in charge of everything. Keep up the great work!

  26. Barsabus

    BarsabusMaand geleden

    Why not record it? It's a good thing you are not in charge of anything.

  27. Ashley Wood

    Ashley WoodMaand geleden

    The gear oils leaking!!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

  28. RPG 808

    RPG 808Maand geleden

    WP, what crappy second rate coverage of a crash. What did you buy this off a general ticket holder? FAIL

  29. Licorice

    LicoriceMaand geleden

    Keep yelling dude I’m not sure if they heard you.

  30. E A

    E AMaand geleden

    “Get to him! Get to him” “get him out of the car!” .... obviously they’re just going to let him in there.

  31. Will S from Mass.

    Will S from Mass.Maand geleden

    Thank GOD Bubba was in the stands telling the rescue personnel to get Ryan out of the car. I’m sure they would have left him in there otherwise.

  32. Christopher Haas

    Christopher HaasMaand geleden

    Ironic that tech is now to the point wherein the drivers could drive their cars outside of vehicle next to their largely unnessessary pit crew. We could use googlebots vs. Amazon bots to throw football, run football, PITCH to hitters, fill in for racers

  33. lmfislb

    lmfislbMaand geleden

    Oh no! The thing we all came hoping to see happened

  34. indianapatsfan

    indianapatsfanMaand geleden

    "Get him out of the car!" Hold on a minute. Are you sure about that? Do we really need to rush this? I mean, couldn't it wait until tomorrow?

  35. WR ZL1

    WR ZL1Maand geleden

    It amazes me how little today’s NASCAR fans know about the cars or racing in general. Smh

  36. Shane Mcman

    Shane McmanMaand geleden

    Thought people came for the crashes

  37. Don Dee

    Don DeeMaand geleden

    Be strange if the announcer said: RYAN TAKES OUT RYAN. Ryan Blaney wrecked Ryan Newman. If memory serves me right RYAN BLANEY also wrecked JIMMIE JOHNSON at Watkins Glen.

  38. Rich Hlavaty

    Rich HlavatyMaand geleden

    So fuckin done with asscar......will not be watching no longer

  39. Tom Szymczuk

    Tom SzymczukMaand geleden

    "Get him out of the car" Damn.. I don't think I would've ever thought of that one

  40. Sid Gallegos

    Sid GallegosMaand geleden

    NASCAR HAS AMAZING SAFETY CREWS...why is this guy yelling for them to get out of the car?!? ITs their job to get him out bozo

  41. aaronkristofer18

    aaronkristofer18Maand geleden

    So drunk they're cheering putting him in the ambulance like that means he's alive.

  42. JJ Thomas

    JJ ThomasMaand geleden

    I think we all owe the gentleman yelling to get him out of the car a debt of gratitude today. Without his expertise, who knows what may have happened. Thank you, Captain Obvious

  43. Patrick Dickey

    Patrick DickeyMaand geleden

    I cried for a man I never met but watched him race for years.

  44. Frank Vacanti

    Frank VacantiMaand geleden

    The race was doomed cursed by that fat button dick draft dodging fat pig Trump. Brought to you by Fox State TV

  45. Dylan Mattox

    Dylan MattoxMaand geleden

    Uh oh the TDS strikes again. What a dipshit get some help please.

  46. SilverrulezGaming

    SilverrulezGamingMaand geleden

    Bunch of people watching cars turn left. The excitement!

  47. 671JH

    671JHMaand geleden

    We lost Kobe Bryant, we don’t need to lose someone from NASCAR 💔😭 Prayers go out to this guy and his family 💜🙏🙏💖

  48. Susie Gluxman

    Susie GluxmanMaand geleden

    671JH driving cars isn’t a sport , it’s mechanical greatness competing against others with those skills, it’s the cars with drivers skills, but not fitness agility and genetic superiority. Basketball, soccer those are athletes not skilled rivers and skilled mechanics etc. Apples and oranges my friend.

  49. Scott Hafele

    Scott HafeleMaand geleden

    Why should I care about a moron?

  50. Wes Rogers

    Wes RogersMaand geleden

    I was sad to hear that it was not Trumps car overturned. I was hoping this was the pace lap.

  51. Banjo Kazooie

    Banjo KazooieMaand geleden

    I knew i should have watched the race

  52. 123RTempleton

    123RTempletonMaand geleden

    Bro, i SO sorry this happend to you. I hope youll be ok.

  53. Kek

    KekMaand geleden

    Why weren't they cheering when it crashed? Isn't that why you go to those boring races?

  54. Super Buu

    Super BuuMaand geleden

    why do this look like when astion Dillon crash 5 years ago

  55. Mullet Man

    Mullet ManMaand geleden

    I would be screaming yea yea yea yea that's what I paid to come here to see

  56. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverMaand geleden

    Ah Oh... Joe Biden says he will look after Newman's daughters while he recovers Ah Oh.....?

  57. B R

    B RMaand geleden

    For real?

  58. William Tell

    William TellMaand geleden

    So the Washington Post proclaims, "Democracy Dies in Darkness" with their logo now? Maybe it should say, - we are the resistance, we lost the election, we are not getting our way right now so let's say democracy is dead, we will continue to provide 93% negative coverage of Trump and ignore all of his accomplishments. Sorry for Ryan Newman, good luck!!! Like our country, he's gonna need it.

  59. 11Infantrygamerworld

    11InfantrygamerworldMaand geleden

    Ty to the guy barking directions.

  60. frederick johnson

    frederick johnsonMaand geleden

    from a ex offroader this is the worst place in any race car you can hit the drivers side..

  61. joe mamuz but

    joe mamuz butMaand geleden

    good thing he screamed get him out of the car.. if not i dont think they would have

  62. The Winter Brigade

    The Winter BrigadeMaand geleden

    Update today expected more on newman, sending prayers.

  63. ღSwnsasyღ _

    ღSwnsasyღ _Maand geleden

    Man I'm so glad I moved out of Indy and down here to Florida. I mean why would ANYONE know what to do, outside of Indy, if there is a crash without this video guy not giving the what to do? *rolling eyes *...

  64. Brian Gonzalez

    Brian GonzalezMaand geleden

    what a dumb sport and huge risk for what? to drive in circles? i will never understand this "sport"...

  65. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverMaand geleden

    You are stupid that's why and ignorant.

  66. Heart 2020

    Heart 2020Maand geleden

    Some of you commenters need to relax your curlers ... people feeling HELPLESS at a moment like this can only do one thing - YELL !!! It’s human instinct glad the driver is ok..

  67. Swampcrawler LS1

    Swampcrawler LS1Maand geleden

    Gear oil can be recognized from 150 yards away apparently.

  68. illiterates 4 Biden

    illiterates 4 BidenMaand geleden

    Dont forget MSLSD viewers.. OMB!

  69. Trumpenstein

    TrumpensteinMaand geleden

    I don't go to anything where I run a high chance of having to listen to frantic women yelling "oh my god".

  70. RM

    RMMaand geleden

    Great example of stupid fans lol.

  71. K. Day

    K. DayMaand geleden

    People go to see a crash then get mad when they see one!! Weird.

  72. roan33

    roan33Maand geleden

    why are americans so fat?

  73. Non Ya

    Non YaMaand geleden

    Actually Kuwait is the fattest with Mexico coming in 9th

  74. Johnny Pena

    Johnny PenaMaand geleden

    Someone jinxed the race. Let’s guess who.

  75. حلی حلی

    حلی حلیMaand geleden

    الرياضة صحية

  76. DxnnyLy

    DxnnyLyMaand geleden

    My heart dropped so deep, and when they started cheering, I was so relieved, yet still a sunken heart. That's scary af.

  77. Patrick Dickey

    Patrick DickeyMaand geleden


  78. Black Queso

    Black QuesoMaand geleden

    That left turn really got um

  79. Vicki1058

    Vicki1058Maand geleden

    Glad that Ryan Newman was ok. It’s certainly isn’t the first time he skidded on his roof.

  80. sierra 117

    sierra 117Maand geleden

    That's a lot of inbred hillbillies

  81. Non Ya

    Non YaMaand geleden

    WoW reminds me of what Sigmund Freud wrote in his psychological projection theory, which is the mental process by which people attribute to others what is in their own minds. For example, individuals who are in a self-critical state, consciously or unconsciously, may fantasize about having sex with their mother, but blame shift that manifestation onto others.

  82. Cristiano Isidoro

    Cristiano IsidoroMaand geleden


  83. weenermeat

    weenermeatMaand geleden

    Breaking news: Driver dies in hospital due to consumption of gear oil. Experts say rescue crews didn't act fast enough to get him out of the car.

  84. Brian Hubbell

    Brian HubbellMaand geleden

    Was anybody else disappointed when you found out the coronavirus wasn't just targeting Mexicans

  85. Brian Hubbell

    Brian HubbellMaand geleden

    That's right .. white people are in control .. when you add Jesus to the mix how can this not go right?

  86. Subaru Love

    Subaru LoveMaand geleden


  87. ThirtyFiveEDU

    ThirtyFiveEDUMaand geleden

    I can’t wait for Tesla, Rivian, and VW to take over NASCAR. The sport will finally be quieter than the fans in the stands.

  88. Non Ya

    Non YaMaand geleden

    No one wants to watch an hour long pit stop while they recharge their batteries and Tesla car battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving.

  89. ThirtyFiveEDU

    ThirtyFiveEDUMaand geleden

    Your great-grandkids, The Fuzzy Pickle. That’s who would want it. They are the ones who have to use the planet after you’ve melted your part of it.

  90. The Fuzzy Pickle

    The Fuzzy PickleMaand geleden

    Why would you want that? I'd rather hear the engine over the constant whining and coaching from fans

  91. Dave Hittinger

    Dave HittingerMaand geleden

    Isn't this what everyone wants to see?


    JESSICA QUICKMaand geleden

    prayers going up