Exclusief: Duncan Laurence - 'Love Don't Hate It' (live)

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  1. T T

    T T2 maanden geleden

    ik was totaal verrast toen ik te horen kreeg dat Duncan Laurence dit nummer zong , hij heeft de stem van Sam Smith en het nummer heeft een Sam Smith vibe .....

  2. Paula Van Krevelen

    Paula Van Krevelen4 maanden geleden

    Great 👍 Met of zonder autotune 💕

  3. mathilde

    mathilde4 maanden geleden


  4. Leroy !

    Leroy !5 maanden geleden

    Haha deze zou eurovision gewoon nog een x winnen😂, top artiest!

  5. Yvonne Riedstra

    Yvonne Riedstra5 maanden geleden


  6. Amira Baniel

    Amira Baniel6 maanden geleden

    You're amazing😍! I love your song😍

  7. WlVending gt

    WlVending gt6 maanden geleden


  8. Στέλλιος Ν.

    Στέλλιος Ν.6 maanden geleden


  9. Ellie Van Bon

    Ellie Van Bon6 maanden geleden

    goeeeeeedddddd geweldigggggg fantastischxxxxxx

  10. Super Morče

    Super Morče6 maanden geleden

    I love you. You will ever have a concert in the Czech Republic please. You are my greatest idol. This is the best song in the world. I hope you'll sing for a long time. You're too talented. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Виктория Переярина

    Виктория Переярина6 maanden geleden

    В 10000 раз эта песня лучше чем Аркада

  12. Татьяна Звирянская

    Татьяна Звирянская6 maanden geleden

    It's amazing😍😍😍 To repeat again and again🙌🏼🥰 From Ukraine with love💙💛

  13. justine renotte

    justine renotte6 maanden geleden

    Incroyable ce nouveau titre 😍🇫🇷

  14. Bianca Boom

    Bianca Boom6 maanden geleden


  15. Saci Somlai

    Saci Somlai6 maanden geleden

    Duncan do not need autotune ... autotune need Duncan 😍😍

  16. nothing but trash

    nothing but trash6 maanden geleden

    i’m obsessed

  17. Floyd Monroe

    Floyd Monroe6 maanden geleden

    zelfs al is ie hartstikke schor klinkt het nog super ;)

  18. Dirksketches

    Dirksketches6 maanden geleden


  19. Idk a name

    Idk a name6 maanden geleden

    Ik had dit ook gwn op tv gekeken

  20. Rose Agaatsz

    Rose Agaatsz6 maanden geleden

    Sure this will be soon a number one song! 🎤🎧🎼❤️

  21. Jenny Logister

    Jenny Logister6 maanden geleden

    nlgo.info/video/qqSk0a2ot9W4o4s.html Dit is ook al zo'n geweldig nr van hem.. van jaren terug

  22. Ashley Mathews

    Ashley Mathews6 maanden geleden

    I LOVE seeing live performances that are equally as good, if not better, than the studio version

  23. Jensen Smith

    Jensen Smith7 maanden geleden

    Is he gay?

  24. Margaret Rose Laurence

    Margaret Rose Laurence6 maanden geleden

    Agree 😊

  25. Jensen Smith

    Jensen Smith6 maanden geleden

    @Margaret Rose Laurence I see. Because he is a little bit different. But nothings bad about it. Im proud of what he achieved in his career. He's good.

  26. Margaret Rose Laurence

    Margaret Rose Laurence6 maanden geleden

    Bisexual. Nothing wrong with it

  27. Joseph Li

    Joseph Li7 maanden geleden

    🎵🎵🎵 Je bent mijn engel😇. Vorige nummer zie ik ook dat je een natuurtalent hebt. Blijf zo door met nieuwe nummers maken. Want ik hoor ook graag naar jouw liedjes

  28. MARK Bougourd

    MARK Bougourd7 maanden geleden

    Great song!! after Arcade- well I am very surprized. Well done Duncan.xxx

  29. Bruno de Andrade

    Bruno de Andrade7 maanden geleden

    He’s an incredibly awesome singer

  30. i love sunflowers and clouds

    i love sunflowers and clouds7 maanden geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a> me neither ❤️

  31. Στέλλιος Ν.

    Στέλλιος Ν.7 maanden geleden

    A slow, accoustic version of this will be beautiful

  32. Στέλλιος Ν.

    Στέλλιος Ν.7 maanden geleden

    Loving this!!!!

  33. Gabriella van Berk

    Gabriella van Berk7 maanden geleden

    Dit nummer is ook zo goed 😁✌

  34. A.A.M. Javois

    A.A.M. Javois7 maanden geleden

    Ik: Net zo goed of beter dan Arcade wordt het nooit. Duncan Laurence: Zeker wel. BAMM hier is 'Love dont hate it' Ik: Zwaar uitgeluld en nummer op repeat.

  35. Lina

    Lina7 maanden geleden

    I wasn’t ready for LDHI in the top 40 YAY

  36. Potato Grace

    Potato Grace7 maanden geleden

    This song is emotional, but not as much as Arcade tho

  37. Michael Dornelas

    Michael Dornelas7 maanden geleden


  38. Ellie Van Bon

    Ellie Van Bon7 maanden geleden

    moooiiiiii xxx

  39. Стефания Овчаренко

    Стефания Овчаренко7 maanden geleden

    I really respect people, who keep make quality music after Eurovision. Duncan, come to Ukraine 😃🇺🇦

  40. Claudia V. Eck

    Claudia V. Eck7 maanden geleden

    Love it!!

  41. Oleh Lazarchuk

    Oleh Lazarchuk7 maanden geleden

    This is actually very good, I've been listening for 2 days on repeat...I would even say that emotionally it takes me as strong as Arcade did...Very good job Duncan

  42. car nis

    car nis7 maanden geleden

    Onpopulaire gedachte: Klinkt hetzelfde als Arcade... 👀


    MESUT DUYAL7 maanden geleden

    I wasn't ready for this I wasn't ready for my heart to drop The way that it did I can’t deny, I can’t deny I feel it in every kiss It’s slowly taking over every thought Have you been sleeping on it? Well so have I, so have I Look at us we could have it all So damn right that it should be wrong Let’s not complicate it If it's love don’t hate it Don’t pull back if you start to fall Let ourselves get a little lost Let’s not complicate it If it's love don’t hate it Look at us we could have it all Look at us we could have it all But if we don't try then we'll never know Lay your head on my chest I wish that we‘d be like this every night You don’t gotta be stressed Just close your eyes, close your eyes Feels so good to have you in my arms Really think it’s right were you belong Look at us we could have it all So damn right that it should be wrong Let’s not complicate it If it's love don’t hate it Don’t pull back if you start to fall Let ourselves get a little lost Let’s not complicate it If it's love don’t hate it Look at us we could have it all Look at us we could have it all But if we don't try then we'll never know If we don't try then we’ll never know Look at us we could have it all Look at us we could have it all But if we don't try then we’ll never know Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh If we don't try then we’ll never know If we don't try then we’ll never know Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh If we don't try then we’ll never know If we don't try then we’ll never know Look at us we could have it all Look at us we could have it all But if we don't try then we’ll never know

  44. annique van der pol

    annique van der pol6 maanden geleden

    MESUT DUYAL ik weet ook niet waar jij je tijd vandaan haalt

  45. Rima Bar

    Rima Bar7 maanden geleden


  46. Laurens RULKENS

    Laurens RULKENS7 maanden geleden

    De live versie is mooier rockt meer...

  47. Alejandro Dezag

    Alejandro Dezag7 maanden geleden

    An international superstar has just born!

  48. Marga H

    Marga H7 maanden geleden

    Weer een prachtig lied van Duncan 👍

  49. Esc Fan

    Esc Fan7 maanden geleden

    This was fantastic

  50. Jorge Velarde

    Jorge Velarde7 maanden geleden

    He is a great winner!!!

  51. Sanni Mörsky

    Sanni Mörsky7 maanden geleden


  52. M. Xavier

    M. Xavier7 maanden geleden

    I love this man.

  53. Eugène Petrov

    Eugène Petrov7 maanden geleden

    Je suis français, et je te veux pour l'esc 2020!!!

  54. Tiia Lähde

    Tiia Lähde7 maanden geleden

    Vrktuu. Muu. Siki. Ko👍👍👍

  55. mariska foks

    mariska foks7 maanden geleden

    zelfs met een schorre stem weet hij me te raken,,,,,prachtig

  56. All X Factor Stars

    All X Factor Stars7 maanden geleden

    Wow wow this is dopeeee performance 💚 💚 slay!!

  57. AB. B.

    AB. B.7 maanden geleden

    I suggest a return to the piano and the hidden choir - era!

  58. AB. B.

    AB. B.7 maanden geleden

    @Carlijn Kuiper My heart weeps at his misfortune NOT I've heard that poor excuse too often. If he was sick, he could and should've been so professional to cancel the tv show too. Its not as if it was a big show anyway. Conclusion: we heard his real poor voice and know why he was unknown for so long and will be for even longer.He'll remain the boy that won by not winning anything and then disappeared back into nowhereland. Do yourself a favour, find a new idol, plenty of much better Dutch artists around anyway.

  59. Carlijn Kuiper

    Carlijn Kuiper7 maanden geleden

    @AB. B. I'm sorry but I'm Dutch and he actually had to cancel two shows because he was sick and his voice failed him too... The show I went to was after his recovery and he sang much better

  60. AB. B.

    AB. B.7 maanden geleden

    @Esc Fan The inability to see someone fall from his very artificial and superficial pedestal isn't a Dutch exclusivity. Just what was great here? The fact that he can't sing that utterly plain excuse for a song? The fact that it becomes painfully obvious that it wasn't him, but his piano and his ikea lamp that filled the stage at ESC? ESC has had a string of totally useless winners, that fail to chart for very good reason and don't get follow-up releases outside their homemarket for even better reason. La Laurence confirmed by this "performance" that he's available for every gay pride no matter how provincial and every esc club gathering, at a bargain price. He won't have anything else to do. He'll be like that other beardlady, but without the voice or the skill to at least make himself get noticed.

  61. Esc Fan

    Esc Fan7 maanden geleden

    Ber P. I’m not Dutch FYI, if that’s what you were implying. I’m from the Uk and didn’t really love Duncan in Eurovision so I’m not bias at all, but can see that this was a great performance

  62. AB. B.

    AB. B.7 maanden geleden

    @AllAboutNightcore LOL, the famous Eurovisioncold? Was the song sick too? :)))

  63. Angela Heykoop

    Angela Heykoop7 maanden geleden

    Echt zo goed.

  64. Tom Lovren

    Tom Lovren7 maanden geleden

    Here's Duncan advising us to take a risk and saying we can have it all... after a half year of saying that loving is a losing game. Anyways, great song! ❤️

  65. Michael van der Heiden

    Michael van der Heiden3 maanden geleden

    @spamilton13 Arcade is a song about someone who is heartbroken and having a hard time finding happiness again. Inspiration for this song was a close friend of Duncan who died at a young age, still in love with the man who left her heartbroken.

  66. spamilton13

    spamilton136 maanden geleden

    Arcade is about how when Duncan was younger one of his family members sadly passed away🙁

  67. David Holmgren

    David Holmgren6 maanden geleden

    Red and blue are opposite colors too, if we look at scenography

  68. Kautar Rghioui

    Kautar Rghioui6 maanden geleden

    @Ηλίας Σπανοπουλος Specifically someone who died.

  69. Ηλίας Σπανοπουλος

    Ηλίας Σπανοπουλος7 maanden geleden

    Tom Lovren he said that loving YOU. So he referred to a specific person

  70. IronFromIce Y

    IronFromIce Y7 maanden geleden

    Dit iswel echt heel goed

  71. Maike Rhodé

    Maike Rhodé7 maanden geleden

    m'n schorre schatje

  72. Nancy Snoeij Kiewit

    Nancy Snoeij Kiewit7 maanden geleden

    Wauw heel erg mooi nummer duncan hartstikke goed steen goed 😎

  73. Justyna Kruk

    Justyna Kruk7 maanden geleden

    I'm sooo in love

  74. Zulal Monbebe’Army’Cravity’Atiny

    Zulal Monbebe’Army’Cravity’Atiny7 maanden geleden


  75. Brigitte van Helvoort

    Brigitte van Helvoort7 maanden geleden

    Hoe prachtig gezongen, goddelijk mooi

  76. crazy channel

    crazy channel7 maanden geleden

    Wonerfull💗 love youu💋

  77. Honella

    Honella7 maanden geleden

    Duncan, that was magic.

  78. Bianca Boom

    Bianca Boom6 maanden geleden


  79. henk

    henk7 maanden geleden

    Prachtig nummer. Maar waarom dat verwijfde achterover gooien van zijn hoofd? Geweldige stem trouwens, zelfs met een luchtweginfectie!

  80. henk

    henk7 maanden geleden

    @Lidia Lola Daar heb je ook wel weer gelijk in. Fantastische stem.

  81. Lidia Lola

    Lidia Lola7 maanden geleden

    Het is gewoon zijn manier van volledig in de muziek opgaan. Verwijfd of niet, het is zijn natuurlijke en authentieke zelf, wat maakt wie hij is. En daar mag hij trots op zijn :).

  82. Vilma Baubkute

    Vilma Baubkute7 maanden geleden

    Op mijn werk op het radio gehoord. Meteen kippenvel!love it! Goed gedaan Duncan!

  83. Jill Wesenbeek

    Jill Wesenbeek7 maanden geleden

    Ocharme dat die ziek was op dit moment. Geweldige artiest als ge dit kunt op zo een moment,hoor niets vals of iets,chapeau! Amazing performance

  84. Chemène vd Mast

    Chemène vd Mast7 maanden geleden

    Zelfs als ie een schorre kanarie is is t nog geweldig😍😍

  85. mariska foks

    mariska foks7 maanden geleden

    zeker weten! :-)

  86. indie label

    indie label7 maanden geleden

    Marry me Duncan

  87. mlinar

    mlinar7 maanden geleden

    Geweldig! Wij hou van jou Duncan!

  88. Tiffany Brys

    Tiffany Brys7 maanden geleden

    I love you Duncan, from Belgium 🇧🇪 🇳🇱

  89. Justina S

    Justina S7 maanden geleden

  90. Myro Zi

    Myro Zi7 maanden geleden

    Douze points!

  91. Ina de Frankrijker

    Ina de Frankrijker7 maanden geleden

    Wat een geweldig nummer.

  92. Willem Gr

    Willem Gr7 maanden geleden

    Gaat hem niet worden man, next!

  93. stef_classens _fan

    stef_classens _fan7 maanden geleden

    He is so good

  94. Happy Hawaii

    Happy Hawaii7 maanden geleden

    I really like this song, very important message. All the best for Duncan from germany.

  95. Linda Hoek

    Linda Hoek7 maanden geleden


  96. Today Skies

    Today Skies7 maanden geleden

    😍 song damn good, no words, cant wait for a concert

  97. סוניה כהן

    סוניה כהן7 maanden geleden

    so good !I love Duncan excellent singer

  98. El Ojo De Pajaro

    El Ojo De Pajaro7 maanden geleden

    this to Eurovision 2020. If Lena in 2011 tried to win twice in a row I think Duncan could try it too

  99. JESC The Neterlands

    JESC The Neterlands18 dagen geleden

    El Ojo De Pajaro and Corry brokken the first dutch winner

  100. Iris

    Iris6 maanden geleden

    El Ojo De Pajaro Winning eurovision isn’t something you can just ‘redo’ in my opinion. I don’t see why precious winners would want to try it. It’s a once in a life time experience. Plus it’s never fun to see the same country win twice in a row, let alone the same person.

  101. DogcraftMC

    DogcraftMC6 maanden geleden

    Weirdly4bbi3 nah. The only decent countries that year were Denmark and France.

  102. Weirdly4bbi3

    Weirdly4bbi36 maanden geleden

    I feel Eurovision 2011 was biased because they didn't want Germany to win again, Lena totally deserved to win in 2011, or at least get a top 5 spot, it's not bad and gimicky, it's technically perfect.

  103. The Black Cat

    The Black Cat6 maanden geleden

    Hope they won't. Other countries need some chance to win too and they wouldn't stand a chance against this :'D