Duncan Laurence Full Concert Germany Munich 6.12.2019

Full Show / Europe Tour 2019


  1. Ellie Van Bon

    Ellie Van BonDag geleden

    Het geluid kan beter van deze video!

  2. Marie-José Jansen

    Marie-José JansenMaand geleden

    So glad this video is back on NLgo! Thank you so much for that! It scared the heck out of me when I couldn’t find it anymore last week, because I love this whole show! Wasn’t able to see Duncan live (although I am Dutch, but all his shows were sold out very quickly) The musicians are great and Duncan’s voice is unbelievable in this show. The way he sings ‘Dry your eyes’ is so different from the way he sang it on may 1st 2019 at the ‘Zonnehuis’ in Amsterdam. Both are great versions , but totally different. Just like the song ‘Ice age’. Also very different from the version he did at Eurosonic (I thought it was) and also different from the version he did at the ‘Zonnehuis’. So again: thank you so much for this video and greetings from the Netherlands! Stay safe!