DIY With Ron Swanson - Parks and Recreation

Make way for Pawnee's greatest artisan.
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  1. mrbrockpeters

    mrbrockpeters16 uur geleden

    I wish I knew a real man like Ron Swanson.

  2. Henry Lister

    Henry Lister20 uur geleden

    What kind of program/provider (e.g. Netflix) is this show on?

  3. Yamayamauchiman

    YamayamauchimanDag geleden

    V A L V E S T E M

  4. Alfonso Saravia

    Alfonso SaraviaDag geleden

    6:06 Uh, even 4 edition its hated outside of D&d its seems

  5. Callie Johnston

    Callie JohnstonDag geleden

    Ron and Tammy, sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

  6. William Hunter

    William HunterDag geleden

    6:56 Dutch Van Der Linde enters the room

  7. Wej

    Wej2 dagen geleden

    6:57 I have a plan

  8. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi2 dagen geleden

    Anyone see Dutch from red dead redemption?

  9. Snowy

    Snowy2 dagen geleden

    I love John

  10. Angele Farrugia

    Angele Farrugia2 dagen geleden

    oh i miss this show

  11. Артём Абрамов

    Артём Абрамов3 dagen geleden

    Dutch is that you?

  12. Diego Marquez

    Diego Marquez4 dagen geleden

    The whole time I thought Ron was making no sense about the hole in the street, what is life.

  13. Jimmy Shaker

    Jimmy Shaker4 dagen geleden

    I never watched Parks and Recs Just come here for some Swanson

  14. Dylan Guerrero

    Dylan Guerrero4 dagen geleden


  15. Noah Palon

    Noah Palon5 dagen geleden

    6:57 Ron Swanson meets Dutch Van Der Linde (voice actor)

  16. Roger Guillem

    Roger Guillem6 dagen geleden

    I need to rewatch the entire series. BTw a golden idea a new series with 90% of the TV time is just ron swanson making swanson things

  17. kylevyrel97

    kylevyrel977 dagen geleden

    Me when I walk into a Apple store and the salesperson says “Our MacBooks are the best laptops you can find at the same price point!” 6:16

  18. Blue

    Blue7 dagen geleden

    6:55 dutch van der linde

  19. Liam Smurthwaite

    Liam Smurthwaite8 dagen geleden

    7:15 Dutch van der linde XD

  20. Leo Wicked

    Leo Wicked8 dagen geleden

    "I know more than you"

  21. sammy eagleson

    sammy eagleson9 dagen geleden

    "Are you gonna tell a man that he can't fart in his own car?!"😭😂

  22. Sepehr Moghani

    Sepehr Moghani10 dagen geleden

    I just realised the contractor in 7:00 is Dutch Van Der Line!

  23. Diamond Ace

    Diamond Ace10 dagen geleden

    He's the manliest man ever, man. 😂

  24. nawaf

    nawaf10 dagen geleden

    7:00 RON DIDN’t have FAITH

  25. Mr. Imarealsuperhero

    Mr. Imarealsuperhero10 dagen geleden

    09:50 Most proud dad evuurrr!!

  26. Minato

    Minato11 dagen geleden

    ww I love this whole video, just hope in reality ppl don't take their babies to places with loud sounds like that, could affect their hearing. The rat urine doesn't help either.

  27. Kakap0

    Kakap011 dagen geleden

    "Let me make you a canoe" ... and so he did

  28. Ritesh Singh

    Ritesh Singh11 dagen geleden

    I came across Ron through NLgo and then I watched the whole series just because of this character and now i don't have more Ron Swanson to watch so I'm watching him again on NLgo. 🤦🏻

  29. Gabriel Dangelo Louzada

    Gabriel Dangelo Louzada11 dagen geleden

    7:00 I have a plan.

  30. NiCk dearden

    NiCk dearden12 dagen geleden

    6:50 We just need more money, one last job.

  31. NiCk dearden

    NiCk dearden12 dagen geleden

    I've never watched this show, but this video has convinced me start. Just after I've finished watching The Office for the millionth time.

  32. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest12 dagen geleden

    I just want to say im a still a teenager and in many ways refering to this video i am Ron Swanson

  33. Iain Smith

    Iain Smith12 dagen geleden

    The man we should all strive to become...

  34. Jan Veidt

    Jan Veidt13 dagen geleden

    6:55 Dutch van der Linde!

  35. JamesThereNowWhat?

    JamesThereNowWhat?13 dagen geleden

    6:09 :)

  36. Mohammed Alyabis

    Mohammed Alyabis13 dagen geleden

    6:53 I think this is the voice actor for dutch van der linde

  37. Brother Alaric

    Brother Alaric14 dagen geleden

    1:23 . .is that Lucie Lawless ?

  38. Daniel T.

    Daniel T.15 dagen geleden

    This is how I used to imagine an older McGyver back in the day.

  39. Joe Tinkler

    Joe Tinkler17 dagen geleden

    The guy who asks ron what he's doing up on that floor that his crew is fixing is the vouce actor of Dutch Van Der Linde

  40. Mark Dissing

    Mark Dissing17 dagen geleden

    Man i miss that show.

  41. Mr. Meowgi

    Mr. Meowgi18 dagen geleden

    Dutch just go to tahiti and leave ron alone.

  42. Ben L

    Ben L19 dagen geleden

    .......... nope

  43. Abel Aguiar

    Abel Aguiar19 dagen geleden

    6:12 That sweet old man face just made my day

  44. Abel Aguiar

    Abel Aguiar19 dagen geleden

    People who buy things are suckers

  45. Knight Knowledge

    Knight Knowledge20 dagen geleden

    People who buy things are suckers.

  46. No hands no problem

    No hands no problem20 dagen geleden

    "People who buy things are suckers"

  47. sartorian darkstorm

    sartorian darkstorm20 dagen geleden

    im kind of surpriced andy knows that an open wire and water together kills you

  48. Rob Robinson737

    Rob Robinson73721 dag geleden

    Ron swanson looks like the sargon of akkad.

  49. Vale Cole

    Vale Cole21 dag geleden

    Wait. That guy at 7.05 has the same identical voice of Dutch Van Der Linde from red dead redemption

  50. Colonial

    Colonial21 dag geleden

    I just realised the guy at 7:00 is Dutch from Red Dead lol

  51. xXXDumbWordStupidNumberXXx

    xXXDumbWordStupidNumberXXx22 dagen geleden

    "Swanson chairs are handmade." "Yes! And now they'll be made by thousands of little Chinese hands."

  52. Lightzy

    Lightzy22 dagen geleden

    So... this is basically a tryhard walmart version of The Office ?

  53. martea17

    martea1723 dagen geleden

    i'm a simple girl. i see ron swanson and i press like

  54. Gnossienne N

    Gnossienne N23 dagen geleden

    This is it. This is the best RS video of all times!

  55. Nasser Albogmai

    Nasser Albogmai23 dagen geleden

    6:57 That man looks like Aiden O'Malley?

  56. Nerdialismo404

    Nerdialismo40424 dagen geleden

    6:53 Look, It's Dutch Van Der Linde.

  57. Andrei Apostol

    Andrei Apostol24 dagen geleden

    you will laugh and SJW's will shriek in agony, but Ron Swanson IS a real man and what every little boy should strive for.

  58. James Evans

    James Evans20 dagen geleden

    Andrei Apostol yikes

  59. Craig Tucker

    Craig Tucker24 dagen geleden

    i bet his poops are all above 9 and a half courics

  60. Ace Pencil

    Ace Pencil24 dagen geleden

    I came here after DEVS. 😂😂😂😂😂

  61. Baelor Mournfang

    Baelor Mournfang25 dagen geleden

    Oh Xena . . . You still got it!