Denny Hamlin wins Daytona 500 amid scary crash on final lap | NASCAR ON FOX HIGHLIGHTS

Denny Hamlin won the Daytona 500 for the second consecutive year, and the third time in five years, joining elite company. However, it was a somber victory as Ryan Newman was hospitalized following a fiery crash at the finish line.
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Denny Hamlin wins Daytona 500 amid scary crash on final lap | NASCAR ON FOX HIGHLIGHTS


  1. Sebastian M

    Sebastian M6 dagen geleden

    ryan newman was practically a sitting duck upside down in a car that's on fire and leaking gasoline. good to hear the guy's alright and doing good now also, dont boo at denny hamlin. just say "nice job winning again!" must be pretty hard for him to pull something off like that

  2. Ricky Edwards

    Ricky Edwards21 dag geleden

    Did that cheating stenhouse win again

  3. America

    AmericaMaand geleden

    hopefully this is the year for Hamlin to finally win a championship. best driver to not win a championship.

  4. 123456789colton

    123456789coltonMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> listen to the impact

  5. Douglas Smith

    Douglas SmithMaand geleden

    Looks like Hamlin caused that last wreck...glad Newman is Ok...Hamlin needs a fine...jmho...

  6. Railfan Owen

    Railfan OwenMaand geleden


  7. Erlend Banken

    Erlend BankenMaand geleden

    Shouldn't it be ”gentlemen rev your engines"

  8. John Foley

    John FoleyMaand geleden

    Stenhouse sucks always wrecking people at plate tracks

  9. thredzzzz

    thredzzzzMaand geleden

    are we just gonna ignore the fact that harvick passed like 2 cars below the yellow line at the finish?

  10. bob chance

    bob chanceMaand geleden

    blaney should be fined and disqualified from next 5 races. thats what the nfl does for targeting that caus injuries. oh but crashing is why people watch. best blood sport on the planet

  11. Cantoxii

    CantoxiiMaand geleden

    oh wow they're makin a left *TUURRNN*

  12. Ankit Bera

    Ankit BeraMaand geleden

    After 4 days, the president of the United States will be here in Ahmedabad inaugurating world's second largest stadium. 🇮🇳

  13. Bill Harms

    Bill HarmsMaand geleden

    Denny Hamlin caused this crash because he was behind Mr. Newman on the last lap. Denny put a man’s life at risk in order to win. What a poor winner.

  14. nitewing1124

    nitewing1124Maand geleden

    Congrats to Hamlin on another 500 win, glad to hear that Newman's okay after that crash.

  15. Joe Knapp

    Joe KnappMaand geleden

    just another staged win for the joe gibbs fixed race toyota bitches,,,,,,,,,,

  16. GSA

    GSAMaand geleden

    Newman got robbed !!! That fucking guy who took him out should never race again !!! Cockroach

  17. Pidgin English

    Pidgin EnglishMaand geleden

    What a shitshow superspeedway racing in Nascar has become. How did they get it so wrong by making these races so unsafe in their quest safety?! They don't need me to come from Ghana to give them the answer. The more you get these cars bunched up, the more they'd wreck. These drivers aren't going to lift when they get a run, and rightly. Time to unleash these beasts and make the sport safe again.

  18. Penni Bingaman

    Penni BingamanMaand geleden


  19. rick powell

    rick powellMaand geleden

    Seem like Police practicing Pit Maneuvers not Racing to Me. Jeez, it it only America that allows shunting to gain a win.!

  20. John Galt

    John GaltMaand geleden

    Blocking and bumping at 200 mph. Welcome to the automotive equivalent of wrestling.

  21. Giocattolo012

    Giocattolo012Maand geleden

    What a great bit of racing ruined by adults with imaginary friends. Grow up america

  22. Pyro Z

    Pyro ZMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1229">20:29</a> trust your instincts with pushing and causing Newman to crash.

  23. Pyro Z

    Pyro ZMaand geleden

    Joel Lundin oh 😔, I’m an idiot. My apologies to all.

  24. Joel Lundin

    Joel LundinMaand geleden

    wasn't Hamlin that turnd Newman around tho, it was Blaney

  25. Patrick Sears

    Patrick SearsMaand geleden

    Had to fast forward first minute and a half so I didn't have to see that fat, orange, dumb, pos some call potus.

  26. Matt Curran

    Matt CurranMaand geleden


  27. よこやましょうじろう

    よこやましょうじろうMaand geleden

    congregation TOYOTA

  28. Cashboss_YT _

    Cashboss_YT _Maand geleden

    Reminds me of Carl Edwards at Talladega Irony is new man was hit by the flying car in ‘09

  29. Cashboss_YT _

    Cashboss_YT _Maand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> Agreed

  30. william weatherby

    william weatherbyMaand geleden

    The whole culture has changed over the last 20 years. Shameful. Maybe the "experts" at NASCAR will finally come up with something more viable than restrictor plates at superspeedways. Having too many inexperienced drivers on the track doesn't help either.

  31. Broktovite

    BroktoviteMaand geleden


  32. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonMaand geleden

    "Wrecky Steakhouse"

  33. Alex Plumb

    Alex PlumbMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman. Get well soon.

  34. Alex Plumb

    Alex PlumbMaand geleden

    The Ryan Neman crash was just a product of bump drafting and close quarter racing. The drivers , teams , everyone knows there is always a big chance of the big wreck.Ryan Newman got the bump draft if u look carefully his wiggled and then he gets turned into the wall. Then flips ; then gets hit again and goes airborne. NASCAR HAS mandated re-inforced role cages around the drives and the HANS Device. There was a small fire a lot of sparks. The body's of the cars are sheet metal. It slid on it's roof causing a lot of sparks.

  35. James Schmitz

    James SchmitzMaand geleden

    Congratulations Denny . But we all know that THE DONALD won the race before it started . Go Trump.Go PATRIOTS.WWG1WGA . Flip the house RED

  36. Randall Banks

    Randall BanksMaand geleden

    easily one of the best finishes I've ever seen, any track. WoW. I was on the edge of my seat the last 40 laps or so.

  37. Duval In The Wall

    Duval In The WallMaand geleden

    It's amazing, you always gotta watch out for the #17, except now it's the #47

  38. Stone Object

    Stone ObjectMaand geleden

    looks to me like blaney was the culprit that put newman in the wall to keep him from winning. dirty tactics afoot

  39. LightningXA

    LightningXAMaand geleden

    Enjoy the win the crowd got what they came for 1 lap and a crash.

  40. Alex Golovchenko

    Alex GolovchenkoMaand geleden

    Celebration was inappropriate. You had a man down in the field of battle. You should have ran to him with love and concern and forget about yourself. Your victory will forever be marred with selfishness and a lack of humility. Shame on you.

  41. James Heckaman

    James HeckamanMaand geleden

    They need too make the tracks smaller so they don't go so fast

  42. James Heckaman

    James HeckamanMaand geleden

    Someone needs too smear Joey Loganos ass and into the wall

  43. Pete Bentley

    Pete BentleyMaand geleden

    Don't forget nascar check dumass denny's car after the race,he failed inspection and had to start from the back of the field but still came up and won the race now that's sort of makes you think whether nascar is really keeping a real good check on joe Gibbs cars or not right 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👎👌‼

  44. Steven Langford

    Steven LangfordMaand geleden

    Not racing can't wait till next week

  45. Richard Olson

    Richard OlsonMaand geleden


  46. Victor Vargas

    Victor VargasMaand geleden

    That was very unclassy by Hamlin. You have a felliw driver upside down and still celebrating. No considetation

  47. Stockcraft1011

    Stockcraft1011Maand geleden

    He wasn't aware of how severe it was. There wasn't much communication at the time

  48. Jordon West

    Jordon WestMaand geleden

    It's NASCAR and you're talking about class lol

  49. Current Batches

    Current BatchesMaand geleden

    Newman's alert and speaking with staff and family, according to reports of an hour or so ago. Bully for him, and I'm sure his family is relieved.

  50. junghyun lee

    junghyun leeMaand geleden

    Joey is an absolute ass pushing guys from the back like kyle and causing the big one

  51. BlackCobra

    BlackCobraMaand geleden

    I know it's bad already. But the whole car could have been a fire pit. You can see oil and gas leaking

  52. Jethro Brittain & JR TV Studios

    Jethro Brittain & JR TV StudiosMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman Tribute video made by me below please help spread it I would wish for Ryan to see it if possible 👇

  53. dicknodnfs

    dicknodnfsMaand geleden

    I'm going to just say it. Driving off your hood ornament you stupid fucks never works.

  54. Dawn Chiaravalli

    Dawn ChiaravalliMaand geleden

    I love you always Vinny.

  55. Brian Washington

    Brian WashingtonMaand geleden

    One of these days I hope NASCAR comes to their senses and dumps stage racing. Auto racing has enough natural breaks due to yellows for crashes, debris and oil on the track.

  56. josh jacobs

    josh jacobsMaand geleden

    asshat Logano needs to be parked permanently

  57. Chris Vanlue

    Chris VanlueMaand geleden

    get well soon ,Ryan !!!

  58. Chris Vanlue

    Chris VanlueMaand geleden

    it looks like the yellow car rubbed him ...

  59. FrictionP

    FrictionPMaand geleden

    I hope Newman can recover. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="592">9:52</a> rip that safer barrier :\

  60. Andy Pullar

    Andy PullarMaand geleden

    Just seeing that roof cave in made me sick to my stomach

  61. Andy Pullar

    Andy PullarMaand geleden

    Wow not a single cheer from the fans I can’t blame the fans at all

  62. jon ashley

    jon ashleyMaand geleden

    All of jgr can eat a dick

  63. Perogi Master

    Perogi MasterMaand geleden

    That’s kind of dumb because Ryan Newman should’ve won

  64. Stockcraft1011

    Stockcraft1011Maand geleden

    Perogi Master I mean Hamlin Blaney was smart with his moves it wasn't only luck.

  65. Perogi Master

    Perogi MasterMaand geleden

    If that didn’t happen then Newman would of won, Hamlin only won because Newman got turned over

  66. Jethro Brittain & JR TV Studios

    Jethro Brittain & JR TV StudiosMaand geleden

    true but blaney got him loose and around went newman

  67. Mark Hutchinson

    Mark HutchinsonMaand geleden

    nascar demo derby at its best!

  68. KD Wells

    KD WellsMaand geleden

    Denny spent the last lap trying to wreck Blaney under the guise of pushing him, and he pushed Blaney into Newman, it wrecked Newman and sent his car across Denny's windshield. Then Denny pretends he didn't realize the severity after driving around and seeing the 6 car mangled and on its roof. You could tell by the look on his face from the time he started undoing the window net / doing the fist pumps, then taking off his gloves, he was totally aware what he had done. From the time he crawled out of the car he was trying to manage public perception.

  69. Braeden Allen

    Braeden AllenMaand geleden

    Blaney won yellow was out when he was ahead

  70. Stockcraft1011

    Stockcraft1011Maand geleden

    Braeden Allen imagine being an unofficial offical

  71. Braeden Allen

    Braeden AllenMaand geleden

    @Stockcraft1011 I think you're just a sucky fan JackAss

  72. Stockcraft1011

    Stockcraft1011Maand geleden

    Braeden Allen man you must suck ass at your job then jackAss

  73. Braeden Allen

    Braeden AllenMaand geleden

    @Stockcraft1011 what if I am the guy that does it but can't finalize the call jackAss

  74. Stockcraft1011

    Stockcraft1011Maand geleden

    Yeah I'm sure you guys are better than the guys getting paid to review the footage frame by frame

  75. MajesticCowYT

    MajesticCowYTMaand geleden

    My man David Ragan got a great finish in his final 500 (probably)

  76. Jethro Brittain & JR TV Studios

    Jethro Brittain & JR TV StudiosMaand geleden

    @Christian Prendergast there is a possibility of that and I am sure Ragan would do it for Newman

  77. Christian Prendergast

    Christian PrendergastMaand geleden

    He might drive the 6

  78. stephen degraaf

    stephen degraafMaand geleden

    good ol wrecky stenhouse back at it

  79. jimmy lawrence

    jimmy lawrenceMaand geleden

    im gonna wreck him and win the race.what a croc of shit nascar is

  80. Rk0788 k

    Rk0788 kMaand geleden

    Dummy Hamlin celebrates Ryan Newman's crash.

  81. Andrew Beaudoin

    Andrew BeaudoinMaand geleden

    Make a Dummy out of Denny!

  82. cod11_30_01 !

    cod11_30_01 !Maand geleden

    They ruined it with trump

  83. KD Wells

    KD WellsMaand geleden

    /bat slap

  84. lo lo

    lo loMaand geleden

    Didnt watch until i new Newman would be Alright

  85. Political Incorrect

    Political IncorrectMaand geleden

    Toyota cup. Didn’t watch it heard about it. So Toyota won huh if coutse. NASCAR is no longer watched. Toyota owns it.

  86. TheSmilingNoob

    TheSmilingNoobMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> “WE LOVE YOU TRUMP!!!!!”

  87. Kevin Wise

    Kevin WiseMaand geleden

    I love the intro, there wasn't a single "booooo" to the president, I think I might be watching a little more nascar now!

  88. Kevin Wise

    Kevin WiseMaand geleden

    @Rivcu29 hmm, I think the crowd would be booing you, because all i heard was praise for #45 and so far the only one that has a different opinion is online

  89. Rivcu29

    Rivcu29Maand geleden

    Kevin Wise should have been tho

  90. Shane Humphrey

    Shane HumphreyMaand geleden

    Stop blocking

  91. RC RACER 88

    RC RACER 88Maand geleden

    You have too

  92. Matthew Potts

    Matthew PottsMaand geleden

    Basically Denny Hamlin caused the wreck and won the race.

  93. Stacy Dsiley

    Stacy DsileyMaand geleden

    That's what it looks like to me to. Hamlin pushed Blaine into Newman Causing the crash.

  94. Jethro Brittain & JR TV Studios

    Jethro Brittain & JR TV StudiosMaand geleden

    technically it was blaney who got Newman loose, only issue with Hamlin was celebrating too soon

  95. Lightningdalejr88 fans

    Lightningdalejr88 fansMaand geleden

    @Andrew Beaudoin he clearly didn't

  96. Andrew Beaudoin

    Andrew BeaudoinMaand geleden

    He sure did! Wreck him if you ever see him!

  97. stinkydoggy98

    stinkydoggy98Maand geleden

    No he didn't. Stop with that nonsense.

  98. David Indradat

    David IndradatMaand geleden

    Prayers to Newman! Toyota FTW!

  99. Doug David

    Doug DavidMaand geleden

    I think they should change both daytona and Talladega race tracks into rovals. That would break up the pack racing, and bump drafting. Then it would be an exciting race.

  100. Chpo Marc

    Chpo MarcMaand geleden

    Too bad trump wasn't in Newman's car when it crashed

  101. Chpo Marc

    Chpo MarcMaand geleden

    @John Millard All good here, problem must be on your end

  102. Ian McGinnis

    Ian McGinnisMaand geleden

    @John Millard he's just upset Trump will be president for another 4 years

  103. John Millard

    John MillardMaand geleden

    Wtf is wrong with you.

  104. Thought Challenger

    Thought ChallengerMaand geleden

    More roll bars will be added. Did you see it bend?

  105. BlackCobra

    BlackCobraMaand geleden

    It's supposed to bend a bit. Back when it didn't Dale died.

  106. Austin Lanier

    Austin LanierMaand geleden

    Did you see the impact that caused it to bend? That cage did outstanding

  107. Javier Santander

    Javier SantanderMaand geleden

    I hope Ryan Newman and his family are doing well

  108. Hooves

    HoovesMaand geleden

    All you Armchair Race Directors, go to hell. He didnt hear about how bad it was, there are crashes on the last lap every year at Daytona, you celerate quickly. Thye cut it out when they heard the seriousness of it, not for "looks" but becasue they were legitimatly concerened about Newman. You fruckin assholes forget these guys are Human too. That race is a total emotional roller coaster and that finish was the second closest in Daytona history, you wouldnt be celebrating? Fuckin liars. Take a step back and realize things happen, and they dont flood the radio with statuses especaiilay when the emergency crews still dont even know the situation.

  109. Can I Log In

    Can I Log InMaand geleden

    Daytona 500 on FOX + No _"Boogity Boogity Boogity"_ = Death of a NASCAR Driver