DaBaby - BOP on Broadway (Hip Hop Musical)

BOP on Broadway
DaBaby - BOP
Produced by Jetsonmade
Video Produced by Reel Goats
Dir x Reel Goats
Edited by Reel Goats
Shoutout every single dancer that came out to be great.Shout Cherry and Danileigh for the Choreography.
Much love to Paramount for letting us run wild on their studio lot.
Kirk Album Out Now. The Kirk Tour starts this weekend if you ain't got your tickets, go get them you bitch ass niggas.


  1. Alisa A

    Alisa A12 minuten geleden

    What it feels like to chew 5 gum

  2. Ryliah Doll

    Ryliah Doll17 minuten geleden

    My favorite part 2:23 ✨

  3. New User

    New User28 minuten geleden

    2:18 is what we're really here for, overall the video sucked

  4. Slw LifeYungsta

    Slw LifeYungsta28 minuten geleden

    Thefuturekingz is the first dance group🔥

  5. And I- Oop

    And I- Oop30 minuten geleden

    “White girls can’t twerk” yeah ight

  6. Xxtryhard V.2

    Xxtryhard V.231 minuut geleden

    the jabbawockeez killed it i went back like three times

  7. Thanos Neegah

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  8. Just Cesar

    Just Cesar35 minuten geleden

    Here before GTA ONLINE :)

  9. Nagi Stratos

    Nagi Stratos42 minuten geleden

    Nothing worst than a mayate

  10. 405 25

    405 2548 minuten geleden

    I really felt it when he said "She like... *h u h* "

  11. EazzyFN

    EazzyFN42 minuten geleden

    Sub to me please

  12. 405 25

    405 2548 minuten geleden

    I really felt it when he said "She like...h u h"

  13. michael mane

    michael mane56 minuten geleden

    What's the name of this dance called though??😭 2:34

  14. - kevin

    - kevinUur geleden

    *GTA 5* *Its real estate*

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  18. ZER0 Melly _

    ZER0 Melly _Uur geleden

    Glad there's diversity

  19. Minh Phan

    Minh PhanUur geleden

    I thought the taxi driver at 0:12 was French Montana lol

  20. Dylan Tumala

    Dylan TumalaUur geleden

    1:18 bro she just creased the ones

  21. Jayce Wiedmer

    Jayce WiedmerUur geleden

    This song makes my pp hard

  22. Benevolence 95lightning

    Benevolence 95lightningUur geleden

    What the jabawakees did in this video was illegal. They had no authority to go this hard😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I need to speak to a manager.

  23. Ghost Khaotic

    Ghost KhaoticUur geleden

    #Bay Area #Cali Team fasho Aww day nigkahs fuck wid Da Baby...... Up & Down E14 #InternationalBlade

  24. Jeremy Henry

    Jeremy HenryUur geleden

    I think we found the new Juice WRLD😭💔

  25. Robert Owens

    Robert OwensUur geleden

    I’m old school, that shit is jammin!!!!

  26. OrbitSloth

    OrbitSlothUur geleden

    this song being added to gta

  27. Hunter Magee

    Hunter MageeUur geleden

    Dababy look like GI that just got his promotion

  28. Lele Pierre

    Lele PierreUur geleden

    This was released on my birthday ... haha!!!!

  29. I don’t know YouTube wanted a name for me

    I don’t know YouTube wanted a name for meUur geleden

    whos here after that incredible snl performance man

  30. Max 12

    Max 12Uur geleden

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  31. JadenLee_ 294

    JadenLee_ 294Uur geleden

    Dababy made bop on Broadway now he is on broadway by being on famous tv shows.

  32. bereket abebe

    bereket abebe2 uur geleden

    song of da year

  33. Tyler Hasten

    Tyler Hasten2 uur geleden

    u can tell the guy walking buy at 12 sec inst part of the video

  34. mike harris

    mike harris2 uur geleden

    I been trying to find out who the fur coat girls were for 2 weeks 😭

  35. Val O'Neill

    Val O'Neill2 uur geleden

    I love the guy with the flute!

  36. b2k panda YT

    b2k panda YT2 uur geleden

    Tryna take pictures with niggas! What's your name? Get the Fck out the spot nigga😂

  37. Hor1Zon -

    Hor1Zon -2 uur geleden

    watch this be on gta online

  38. Rodrigo Henrique

    Rodrigo Henrique2 uur geleden

    Quem viu a peita do Ney no começo?! Kkk

  39. Slot Hulk

    Slot Hulk2 uur geleden

    I'm here before the GTA online people fly in from ifruit radio on December 12th lol

  40. Gamesforsmallz

    Gamesforsmallz2 uur geleden

    Yo the white girl at the end to the right messed the ending up no cap

  41. Humble Tay

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  42. Branden wood

    Branden wood2 uur geleden

    Brb going to church